i like the style loads lmao

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Oh my god you should do a part 2 where months later Harry comes back ans he regrets everything and talks about wanting 'us' back to the reader but the reader is Just like "there was no us" lmao I would die

girl don’t die on me but here ya go
masterlist // there’s no us

The day had been busy, like most of your days were lately. Ever since Harry left, doing just fine on his own, you picked up your work load and rarely had a day off. And now with award season around the corner, you found yourself drinking a glass of wine and going through photos of several outfits and accessories for your clients to wear over the many events coming up. You were in the middle of finding the perfect shoes for a Fendi dress when there was a knocking on your front door. 

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Hey, this is a weird question, but wcif a shit load of clothing that is wyla’s style? Like what are some items you love and you’ve used and that are her style

ohhhh god there’re so many lmao! uh honestly she doesn’t have a specific style??? i just cruise around on lana’s til i find some stuff that i like! :-)

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2, 6, 15

2. Least favorite main character and why they’re you least favorite? 

i dont think i could name one, like stan is fucking adorable, kenny’s badass and adorable, cartman’s voices in the first couple seasons were gold, i think i didn’t like kyle for a while, but that died off when he was becoming self aware of his cliches also he’s like really fun to draw and ya gotta love the way he just *clenches fists* beats the crap outta cartman

6. Any characters you feel you can relate to?

Tweek, i drink loads of caffine, i also have adhd, social anxiety, and im beginnning to realize how much i stimm lmao, but also craig because guinea pigs are a gift tbh

15. List as many SP ships as you can think of in order of fave to least fave!

ohhh oh boy here we gooo uhh

  1. Creek
  2. Style
  3. that’s it

thanks for the ask man :DD

Oh and totally off topic but… okay, not as much… I just remembered Claire’s weird story about Martin’s s4 hair and the more you think about it, the more you realise what a load of bs that is because if John’s s4 hair was styled the way it was just because Martin’s other character had it and he liked it… then why did Culverton have exactly the same hairstyle lmao? Why do people buy all this stuff and then get angry about it (I am calling myself out too btw cause my first reaction was similarly salty)