i like the stripes better on him anyway

I am so fucking, hecking proud of this drawing, you have no idea! I literally just started using Paint Tool SAI today, and I am IN LOVE. I’m using the trial version right now, but you better believe I’m gonna be buying this puppy as soon as I can. Like, WHAT THE HECK, IT’S SO GOOD? I know that it isn’t perfect, and I messed up a few details on his outfit, but I did the best I could. It’s not as clean as I would like it to be, but it’s a lot cleaner than I EVER expected.

ANYWAY, this is my sweet blue boi, I love him so much and I don’t even really know him yet. I’ll try to draw him some more, although those stripes on his outfit piss me the hell off, so much! Anyway, I still had a blast making this, and I can’t believe it turned out this good. My first DR drawing ever!

I’m definitely going to try to draw my OCs while I have this program in my hands. I NEED to get them finished.

Just Like You

A/N: Have some midweek Dad!Fenris, Mom!Hawke, because I’m tired of studying.

Characters: Mallory Hawke, Fenris, introducing Ava Hawke

Rating: K+/PG

Genre: Family, fluff, hurt/comfort

Summary: All this quiet is starting to drive Hawke insane, luckily between her broody elf and his mini me that’s their daughter things are never completely boring.

Sometimes on these quiet days, Mallory didn’t know what to do with herself. After years of one disaster after another, in a time of relative peace and prosperity she was at a loss. In theory she had a job, a commission from the king and queen of Ferelden. In practice with no wars to fight, after they had decided she made a terrible teacher for the now free mages, she and Fenris had titles but no actual jobs. Alistair occasionally liked their advice, but Elizabeth was prone to put her head in her hands whenever Mallory chimed in. Apparntly killing everyone in their path wasn’t the queen’s preferred method of dealing with Orlesians. Or really, Mal suspected that the queen was smothering laughter, because that was her first thought too, only she had the political finesse to pretend otherwise.

It was a bit bewildering.

Of course there were always slavers to hunt down, but with Ava just three years old and a new baby on the way, it made that a little bit difficult. Besides that the Inquisition had gotten into the business and who really wanted to compete with them?

No, if she wasn’t sitting around court, advising, and terrifying people into submission, (that was one job the court’s first mage got to partake in, thought Mallory suspected the queen had wanted Anders for it they had been friends back in the day, but everyone was still a bit miffed with Anders for the whole chantry thing) she wasn’t doing anything at all.

Not that she really missed sleeping in the woods and being dirty and constantly waiting for someone to try to kill her for being an Apostate or for being Champion of Kirkwall or trying to kidnap Fenris for his lyrium markings. She certainly didn’t regret Ava or the new baby, even if he was in the habit of sitting on her bladder, but she was bored.

At the moment she was prowling (or rather waddling) around their house. Fenris was reading, one eye on Ava who had spread her paints out across the floor.

“Mama, paint with me.”

“Soon Mama is going to be too fat to fit on the floor,” she said, joining Ava and taking a brush.

Fenris rolled his eyes at her over the top of the book.

“What are we painting?”

“Dragons. You paint the mama and I paint the baby.”

“You may be slightly overestimating my artistic ability.”

Ava poked her with her brush. “Make it purple, Mama.”

“As my mistress commands,” Mallory said, dutifully dipping the brush in purple and swirling something onto the paper.

Fenris snickered.

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Tiny Yahoo!Japan haul – you know, the kind where you won the auctions before you knew you’d need to be spending $$$ on camera-related purchases in the very near future… Oh well, too late now, guess I’d better enjoy them anyway! ._.;;

Wig is for Dom! It’s the “wet” version, not the Isao default one, so we’ll see how it looks. If it works, I’ll probably still be on the hunt for the other one, too, because I really like him with braids. Both shirts are by Honey So Sweet. The purple striped hoodie is for Joce (it’s for SD13 boys, so it’ll be oversized on him, but that’s okay), and the green-gray one is for Jer (probably).