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about last night (m)

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pairing: jimin x reader

genre: enemies to lovers | explicit smut, fluff and angst

length: 15k

summary: you had promised yourself; if you were to ever hook up with that asshole park jimin, it would be just a one night stand.

a/n: dis was a monster to write im so tired. i stayed up until 12pm to finish this and now its finally done :) also how does every new fic i write get dirtier and dirtier?? idk. 

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don’t you go (l.h.)

warning: mild violence and smut

word count: 7k+

songfic based on all time low’s “don’t you go”

I didn’t really know why I felt the need to get so dressed up for this party, it wasn’t like I was even going to be there longer than what would please my friends. They had begged me to come for days on end, claiming it was going to be the best party of the year. Considering it was a New Year’s party on a Friday night, I had a feeling it would pretty packed. I for one would rather be at home with my boring boyfriend, in my boring apartment, watching the boring broadcasting of Times Square as the ball dropped tonight. Apparently my friends had other plans, not allowing me to do so another year in a row.

My shaky hands were doing a surprisingly good job at applying the thin eyeliner, bringing out my eyes just enough for my liking. My outfit was a bit more dressy than I would normally choose. My top was black, the solid material cut off just above my chest and transforming into an elegant lace that traveled up to my neck, sleeveless. The skirt which it was tucked into was a light mint green that reached just above my knees, and black strappy heels. My hair was in light waves, coming down center back. I felt like I was wasting such a nice outfit on such an insignificant night.

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Now, in the midst of my own struggles, I often compare my self to the vastness of the ocean, the murkiness of the sea. I think of how far down I am sometimes and it terrifies me. I have fought my way to the shore and away from the life I was once drowning in, but there’s still an aching in my chest for the meaning to it all. Tears flow and I can’t hold them back any longer. They flow into a sea of all I’ve been longing for. I take a breath and close my eyes and go back in time. My thoughts are like a storm, a hurricane even. I cling to the shore, to the solid ground I’ve found. I pray I don’t get swept away in all that I know. I’ve been restless for quite sometime now, like I said before it’s like there are waves always breaking somewhere inside of me.
like flying, like falling

I got the loveliest @edendaphne as a part of a little gift exchange! I wanted to do something for sidekick!Adrien au, especially based off a few of her wonderful drawings! Thank you @powerdragonmoon for your help, and thank you @baneismydragon for pulling this together! 

“It’s just like flying, I swear.”

Ladybug eyes the motorcycle purring quietly away beneath Chat’s hands with doubt.

“When you said I was going to be entertained, this isn’t what I imagined,” she says, hands on her hips. Her eyes follow the blades of silver light running along the polished, black metal of the motorcycle’s solid frame, up to the point where Chat’s leather-clad leg bisects the view as he braces his feet against the ground. Her gaze travels up, instead, to the sleek leather of his tight pants, to the tailored, fitted cut of his bulletproof jacket.

The thing about leather is that it leaves little to the imagination- little, but just enough…

“Want to ride me?” Chat offers.

Ladybug can see the way her jaw drops open at the suggestion, reflected in the mirror-clean visor of Chat’s helmet. The visor slides up with a sharp click in the next second, revealing his green eyes, acid-bright in the night and comically wide in panic.

“Ride with me, with me,” he squeaks, voice cracking in his haste to correct himself. He coughs, and hurriedly adds, “It’s super safe, I promise.”

Except that Chat’s definition of safe is often way off base from her own. Ladybug still vividly remembers the one time he leaped off a building and landed on his moving motorcycle with a wild, exhilarated whoop that did not match the rush of sheer terror that jammed her heart up her throat at the time. She’s pretty sure he knocked off at least five years off her lifespan in that single moment.

Still, when his hand unfolds out toward her, she takes it without a second thought.

“Like flying, you said?”

“Hey, you’ve got your magical supersuit,” he laughs. “These are my wings.”

Ladybug can feel the moment she gives in as his eyes sparkle at her. She swings a leg over the motorcycle and settles in snugly behind Chat, wriggling until her front is pressed to his back. Her hands take their time ghosting up his hips and around his lean waist; even through the leather, she can feel his pulse quicken, can see when his breath hitches in his throat even as he slides his visor back down.

“Alright handsome boy,” she purrs into his ear, underscoring the heavy beat of his thundering heart. “Show me what you’ve got.”

The motorcycle stirs beneath them before awakening with a roar. Chat kicks off, and then only the wind catches Ladybug’s delighted shrieks as they race down the empty city streets.  

Riding his motorcycle always fills Chat’s veins with adrenaline, but Ladybug’s exhilarated laughter and warm, possessive hold around him makes him feel positively electric. The city passes by them in flashes as they travel along the lightning of the moment.

“Enjoying yourself?” Chat yells back at her.

Her grip around him tightens, and the way her hands splay over his chest is not entirely necessary for her safety, but is utterly capable of producing a flush that shudders over his whole body.

“Definitely!” she yells against the wind, the teasing grin audible in her voice. “But if you wanted flying, then I can do one better.”

- - - 

“This is falling,” Adrien argues. His helmet and motorcycle rest in a tucked away alleyway, safe from any curious passerby and woefully far from the high rooftop he and Ladybug stand on.

“You coming, chaton?” Her yoyo swings in lazy circles as she beckons him over to her with her free hand. He comes, irresistibly drawn to her like a magnet.

“My turn to show you how it’s done,” Ladybug laughs. Her yoyo snaps back to her hip before she turns around and offers her back, gesturing clearly for him to hop on.

He slowly steps right up behind her, savouring the way her muscles tense at his proximity. His breath ghosts along her neck, raising goosebumps, before he murmurs, “Ready?”

Before she can answer, he jumps up and wraps himself around her back, hooking his legs over her hips and slinging his arms over her shoulders. He laughs, a shit-eating grin on his face, as Ladybug curses and stumbles at the sudden weight. She quickly finds her balance again and straightens up, turning her head to the side so he can see the unimpressed look on her face. Mischief glitters bright in her the sky of her eyes though, betraying her amusement.

“Dirty trick,” Ladybug comments.

“Nothing dirty about it,” Adrien assures her with a wink. He chuckles against her neck as she turns to face the front again with a huff, a blush rising from the high collar of her suit. His hold around her tightens as she braces a hand under one of his legs and unhooks her yoyo from her hip with the other.

“Don’t scream,” she reminds him.

“Not a problem.” Then, as her yoyo begins spinning before them, he asks, “Do I even weigh anything to you?”

“Nah, it’s like holding a couple of grapes,” Ladybug laughs. Despite the levity of her answer, heat pools at the bottom of Adrien’s stomach as he marvels at her strength, at the way she effortlessly, easily holds him up. Before he can worry about the unexpected turn of his thoughts, her yoyo whips out, hooks onto a nearby rooftop, and launches them into the air, saving him from himself.

He’s watched her fly over the cityscape dozens, hundreds of times, through camera feeds he’s hacked into from his computer, and through the dark visor of his helmet when he rides out into the streets to help her. Ladybug is nothing but purposeful and sure in her every move, her every step. He’s seen it, over, and over, and over again.

But feeling it is something else entirely. Even with his added weight, she lands and leaps with total control, with an ease and confidence to be envied. They soar up into the clear night air, high enough until they seem like the only two people in the world with all the city laid before them.

The wind flying by on the long drop down claims Adrien’s wild, ecstatic whoop. When his eyes begin to water from the speed, he buries his head into the crook of Ladybug’s neck, laughter still spilling over in his giddiness.

“I still don’t know if I’d call this flying,” he says, his lips tracing her skin. He can feel her swallow as his words press on her neck, can feel the way she falters ever so slightly as she swings them both down to land on the solid ground of a rooftop. Emboldened, he gives a little nip, smiling at her quiet gasp, before humming, “It’s falling.”

Ladybug stills, her muscles tense, her breaths coming in quick and hot. That can be blamed on adrenaline and exertion- but not entirely.

Adrien murmurs, “I’m still falling.”

His steel-toed boots hit the ground and Ladybug turns on him like fire unleashed, grabbing his collar and pulling him down into a deep kiss that has him not flying, not falling, but floating and seeing stars. He wastes no time in winding his hands around her slim waist, his fingers tracing the curved red pattern of her suit.

“That was so cheesy,” Ladybug groans breathlessly as they break apart.

“It worked,” he grins as she pulls the zipper of his jacket down.

“If you’re free enough to talk, you’re free enough to make good on your promise to me earlier,” she reminds him, her hands diving beneath his jacket to trace hard muscle beneath the thin black turtleneck. Her fingers rake over his stomach and she grins as she feels him gasp at her touch.

Instead of coming onto her strong like she expects, Adrien lifts her chin up with a hand and captures her lips in a soft, slow kiss. The unexpected tenderness completely wipes her mind blank as she sinks into him, heat simmering low in her belly. His hand tangles into her hair and just as she begins to relax, he gives a sharp, authoritative tug, pulling a moan from her throat as her head rears back.

Ladybug’s hands bunch the bottom of his turtleneck up in frustration, but she gives as good as she gets as she hooks her fingers into his belt loops and pulls his hips flush against hers, startling a groan from Adrien.

Undeterred, his head dips down, lavishing attention onto whatever bare skin he can reach. He leaves a necklace of kisses and hickeys around her throat for her to wear. His grip on her hair tightens when she tries to lean forwards to kiss him again, leaving him free to take his time planting kisses along her cheeks, her forehead, the corners of her mouth, everywhere but where she wants it most.

He gets closer and closer then always denies her, until a frustrated whine finally escapes her.

With Ladybug’s short hair and long ribbons hopelessly tousled from his hands, her cheeks flushed a bright red, and her eyes burning fever bright in excitement and want, Adrien grins as he leans forward to purr into her ear.

“How’s that for entertainment?”

The Pawns And The Kings

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Smut

Plot:  The reader is kidnapped, left alone in utter darkness. Once the day of her auctioning comes, she’s given to the head of one of the worlds most powerful gangs, Jungkook. She was nothing but a gift to him. But her little soul turns out to have the power to turn the tides in the worlds angriest ocean. And it turns out, Jungkook isn’t the only man whom eyes have settled upon her.

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Fog (Part I)

Pairing: Finn x Reader, Balor x Reader
  His eyes, his normally oceanic eyes, were no longer the blues of the sea, but matched the attire he had on his body. His pupils were past being blown, the black covering his eyes almost entirely, save for the crimson red that had spider-webbed its way out from where his irises should have been.
Word Count: 3.4k
Warnings: Nothing I think in this part…? I’ll tag warnings in each individual part though.
A/N: So originally I had this as an idea in my head for like, a 500-700 word drabble… and whoops, here we are with what will probably end up being a series. The first set of text in italics is a flashback, the second set is a dream. Hopefully they make sense.

Also, this series is dedicated to the very lovely and dear @castielscamander. Without her, this may not have turned into anything and she has been such a huge help for me fleshing this out. Babe and Bubba forever.



Getting the word that not only was I being called up to the main roster, but to Raw specifically, was a dream come true. I remember Hunter pulling me aside at one of the NXT TV tapings and letting me know I had to pack my gear up after this last set because I was heading to the red brand and just… sobbing into his shoulder. Not my finest professional moment, but at least he knew how badly I wanted it. I made my debut a week before SummerSlam last year and put all the girls on notice, letting them know that things were going to be different now because The Ringleader was there to run the show.

After just over a year of being on the main roster, you’d think by now I would have gotten used to it all; the get-up-and-go schedule, the flights, the driving, the almost non-existent days off. It sure was a lot different than how things were in NXT, yeah, but having this career was all I had thought about since I was literally eight years old. It’s something that I felt was in my blood and a part of my DNA, so if that meant I had to acclimate to functioning on an average of three hours of sleep and living out of a couple suitcases, then so be it.

But one thing I still hadn’t gotten truly used to? The mercurial nature of Finn Balor’s eyes.

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This was my favorite part of living in the city.  Sexy men doing their daily run on almost every block–so many of them decently or super successful.  You can’t go wrong in a paradise like this.

Take Penn State here.  He doesn’t even notice me since I’m in my astral form, but I see him take a seat on a bench and lean down to adjust his laces.  He hasn’t even started his run, but he’ll be missing way more than the next hour.  Fuck me, depending on his job and apartment, he might be lucky if I give him back before the New Year.  

Right as he finishes tying those laces I rush him from the back.  His smooth, deep voice gasps out and I can tell he just shuddered.  He’s cringing and clenching his fists, still leaning down and facing the ground.  I’ve become ruthlessly efficient at this over what feels like hundreds of mini stolen lifetimes so far.  I feel my energy–my essence–flooding and dissipating into every part of him.  From those hairy and toned legs down those fine ass arms and all throughout his core until I surge up his neck and completely fill his brain.  

This stud takes one massive gasp for air before every single one of his muscles tenses at the same time and he goes limp, blacking out from consciousness.  Almost seamlessly, I begin opening my new eyes, feeling my rock solid new chest leaning against my bare knees.  

“Fucking nice…” I say as I sit back up, a look of mischief as I look out on this city I love.  I can feel men and women alike checking me out, and I decide to give them something to really enjoy.  

I take the shirt off and I can’t even help but run my hands along this chiseled perfection.  People around me are looking at me with confusion, but also a hint of thirst.  I give the twink gazing at me a wink, and smirk as he instantly blushes before hitting the pavement.  

Mile 1…mile 2…fuck me I’m on mile 7 and I’m not even tired.  I’ve been in some fit bodies before but this fucker is FIT!  My pace has been crazy though.  Shit my sweaty torso is getting so many lustful gazes.  But I’m feeling such a rush and such a high, I just start doing pushups right then and there, grunting gently as I pound past 100, but still going strong.  I stop at 200, amazed at my new body’s capabilities and amused to see the people watching me with either jealousy or lust.  I’ve got such a pump going on, and I make sure to give the crowd a nice show of my flexed chest and torso before reaching into my pocket and fishing out my new ID.  

Chad Fisher–Yeah I totally feel that.  Hell yeah, you can call me Chad Fisher.  I see my new address on my ID, and I actually know where it is.  Real swanky place, and it’s not too far, not that distance would be a problem for me.  I grab my pecs just to feel that carved muscle in my hands before hitting the pavement again, endorphins just adding to this insane high.  

The concierge greets me, but eyes me strangely.  I realize I’m still not wearing the shirt and pull it back on.  

“It was a little hot today,” I said, flashing my million watt smile.  

I guess Chad is usually more modest.  Or I should say was more modest.  I plan on using this body to its full potential.  

The anticipation is literally killing me as look at Chad’s keys and see “PH” on the key.  Holy fuck, this guy has the penthouse.  I hit the PH button and reach the top floor and I literally grin like a little kid as the key fits perfectly into the lock and lets me into this masterpiece of a home.  Immediately I can tell this must be at least 18,000 square feet right in the heart of the city.  

“What the fuck do you do?” I ask aloud, even though I know Chad can’t hear me. 

I shed these sneakers and the shirt and find myself wandering from room to glorious room in these black socks and these shorts.  These ceilings are just ridiculous and he’s got everything.  Massive kitchen, living room with huge space for entertaining, massive TVs, super modern design, 4 huge bedrooms, and 6 bathrooms, a den, a balcony big enough to host dozens of people a second living room, and one hell of an office, and all with super expensive furniture.  I wander into the office and see a magazine featuring the hottest bachelors in all the city, and what do you know, I have pretty good taste–Chad here ranked number one.  Apparently, he’s the next hot (in more than one way) hedge fund manager, and he’s already worth north of $600 million.  

“Fuck me, I hit the jackpot,” I say as I collapse onto the masterbedroom bed–my new bed–and furiously rip off these socks and shorts, leaving me with straining wood against my underwear.  I can already tell that this is a long, thick dick, but my jaw practically drops when I pull the final waistband down and see this fully hard beauty.  9 gorgeous, perfectly straight inches of cut cock greet me, and it’s thick enough that my fingers don’t meet around its girth.  Chad left some pubes, but he’s perfectly trimmed and very clean down there.  Just the way I like it.  

“Ohhhhhhhhhh” I groan as I grab my stolen fuckstick and begin slowly pumping that shaft, grinding against my grip and using my free hand to explore this perfect body.  

“fuck yeah!  Hottest bachelor in the fucking city!” I yell out as I get more aggressive with my pumping and really begin thrusting against my grip.  

Chad is the most virile body I’ve ever been in!  I’m literally going all out and it feels amazing, but this level of stamina is just insane!  I’m literally glistening with sweat as I give my new meat the most intense workout I’ve ever had.  Fuck I know I could keep going with this body, but I start thinking of all the sexy twink and stud ass I’m gonna be pounding with this dick, and that’s enough for me to feel my balls tighten and begin to send me over the edge.  

“Oh shit oh shit Ohhhhhhh Fuckin’ AGGGGHHHHHHH GOD!! FUCK YEAH!” I roar in excitement as I thrust my hips in the air and feel my first shot of cum in this body launch clear past my bed and splash against the headboard.  

My eyes go wide and I shiver as I drop my hips back onto the bed and arch my back, still pumping away and feeling shot after shot launch out of me, splashing me in the face, landing all over the sheets, coating my chest and leaving a trail down my new abs before I gasped and milked one last drop out and let go of my new meat.  I was gasping for breath, ravenously smelling my new underarms and rubbing all of the cum on my face closer to my hungry new tongue.  

“So fucking goooooood!” I groaned as I scooped up all the cum on my chest and licked it up.  Fuck me I wanted to eat and taste every last drop, but I took the last of the cum on my abs and spread it across my torso and between my inner thighs–letting it soak in like lotion.  I wanted to smell like sex for the rest of the day.  

I was in pure bliss–post orgasmic bliss for several minutes–literally unlike anything I have EVER experienced.  I literally just touched my new body in bed for the next straight hour, smiling every second of it, and finding myself caught up touching my new scruff.  It was surprisingly soft in spite of being so thick and manly.  

True to my word, I didn’t shower–instead just pulling on a pair of expensive and flattering jeans, an expensive polo, tucked in and held with an Hermes belt.  Chad has quite a watch collection, but I settled on my favorite rolex (there were multiple), and topped off the look with some Ferragamo shoes that made me look like one hell of a bachelor.  

Scrolling through my new phone, I found the number of my private driver and had him here in an immaculate black car within minutes.  

“To the usual spot?” he asked.

I asked him to clarify, and he brushed off that I should have known as he named the ultimate rich straight guy bar where admittedly the women were gorgeous–but again..key word being women…

“We’re gonna change it up tonight,” I said with a smirk as I told him to take me to the hottest gay club in the city.

“Yes sir,” he said, looking confused, but he was too obedient to question me.  

I felt like king of this city.  I was attractive enough to walk in on my looks alone, but I still went up and slid the bouncer $1,000 in crisp Benjamins, giving his arm a brotherly slap before he nodded in appreciation before letting me walk right in. Hundreds of men and women gawked as I strolled in like the prince of the club.  I noticed a particularly cute twink, and pulled him from the line.  

“He’s with me,” I told the bouncer and he nodded before we both strolled in, this twink in utter shock.  

I slipped the hostess a few thousand bucks like it was nothing, and immediately this boy and I found ourselves in a VIP booth away from the mess of everything.  The drink service was virtually instantaneous as we slammed through several rounds, and I learned that this boy was a freshman at the top university in the city.  Pete was his name, and still 18 years old.  He was actually worried that his fake was gonna get rejected tonight while out with his new college buddies, but here he found himself drinking away with the hottest bachelor in the city.  I bullshitted my way through the whole hedgefund thing since I knew almost nothing about the actual job–I just made sure to let this kid know I was rich and powerful and that I wanted to dance with him.  I gave the waitress a few hundred bucks and told her to keep the change as this beautiful blonde college boy and I hit the floor.  

I saw his friends staring in amazement and jealousy as Pete and I got close and rubbed our sweaty bodies together on the dancefloor.  He practically melted into my strong arms, and I could tell this boy must have usually been shy, but the drinks had hit him in just the right way.  

“Let’s go back to my place,” I whispered into his ear before gently biting his earlobe.  

He just looked at me with longing eyes and that was when I immediately called my driver.  

We were a flurry as I closed the door behind us and we tore each other’s clothes off.  I think he was too drunk and turned on to really take in what an amazing penthouse this was, but that would be a fun morning conversation.  I was honestly in such ecstasy and bliss that it was like a whirlwind and before I knew it Pete was on his back with his legs resting on my shoulders as I pressed my lubed dick against his opening.  

“You ever done this before?” I asked.  

“N-Never with a guy…” he responded.

I tried not to laugh as I told him, “yeah well me neither.” I was obviously speaking on behalf of the rightful owner of this body I now enjoyed, but Pete didn’t need to know that.  All he needed was this dick giving him some sweet love.  

Pete scrunched his face and grimaced as I began pushing against him.  My dick was pretty massive for a first timer, but I knew he could take it.  

“It’s gonna hurt, but then it’s gonna feel so fucking good, baby,” I assured him with my deep, smooth voice.  “That’s right, relax and let me in.”

I watched Pete squirm and breathe deeply as I pushed even harder, finally getting the head inside him.  I was actually taken aback as I felt his hole snap back tight around my shaft.  Fuuuuuckkkk this boy was tight.  He was already very red in the face, and the veins on his neck were dilated.  Pete was biting his lip and groaning in pain into a pillow, but I kept pushing into him.  

“Ohhhhh FUCK please stop!” Pete yelled as he tossed the pillow and grabbed the sheets in his clenched fists.  

I eased and gave him a few seconds to catch his breath.  I assured him that he needed to try to relax as much as possible, no matter how weird it felt.  But I stayed right there with just about 3 inches of my dick inside him until I felt the breakthrough.  And Pete felt it too as he got his hole to almost fully relax.  We made eye contact for a brief moment before I slid the last 6 inches into him in one smooth motion.  

Pete’s eyes shot wide open, and I watched him squirm beneath me, struggling to catch his breath and tossing his head around as his cock instantly hardened between us and began leaking precum by the drop.  

“Yeah you fucking love this dick, don’t you?!”

Pete just moaned in response, so I leaned down and had him wrap his legs around me as I got close enough that our chests were rubbing together.  I wanted him close as I forced our lips together and explored his mouth with my tongue.  He loved the scruff, and I could tell he loved feeling so full of my cock, but he was about to love this even more…

“huuuuhhh,” he sighed as I slowly slid about halfway out and slowly back in all the way.  I actually felt his cock throb a little against me I could tell he loved it so much.  

“You’re a quick learner,” I teased him before backing up and putting his feet back on my shoulders and grabbing his hips firmly.  “So let’s dive right in.”

Peter yelped in shock as I pulled out just enough to leave the head inside him and then pistoned back in. 

I didn’t give him time to catch his breath though.  I was immediately out, and thrusting back into him, using my body’s full strength and endurance as I powerfucked Pete’s college twink body.  I knew he could handle it, and I was so right.  

“Ohhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!!  FUck that feels so gooooooood!!!! Yeah Fuck me HARDER!” Pete begged as I kept giving it to him with even more intensity.  All the strength of these stolen hips, abs, and legs were being used to give Pete even more and more.  

I wanted him so badly, I found myself leading us through a flurry of different positions.  For a few minutes I had him in the air as I stood and literally pistoned him up and down off my cock–and we both love that, but even a magnificent body like this one could only do that for so long.  I remedied this by pushing Pete up against a wall–getting a similar mid air effect, only this time I could hold Pete up against that wall way longer as I used him and thrust him full of my cock.  Eventually I was sweating so much that I just couldn’t keep a good grip on Pete so I grabbed him real good, still full inside him, and fell backwards onto the bed.  I leaned up and embraced Pete, holding him tight in my powerful arms as he took the lead and rode me there was no tomorrow.  I felt him hug me back as our sweaty chests rubbed together, and we locked our mouths together again.  Then I heard Pete really start to moan and I could feel his hole clenching.  Pete was going at it harder than ever and I knew exactly what was coming.  He let go of me and practically screamed as I grabbed his cock and began pumping him as he continued to slam himself full of my meat–and the pay off was just amazing.  His hole was going crazy as he began shooting out his load between us–coating both of our bodies as each thrust back onto my dick made him shoot out another ribbon of cum.  That was it for me–right as Pete was ending his orgasm, I was feeling mine ready to erupt, and this was going to be so much bigger than the one earlier in the day.  

Oh my fucking God, out of instsinct or maybe from all the testosterone in Chad’s body, I rolled us back over so Pete was on his back and just went at it like I didn’t even think was possible.  Pete was slackjawed and looking on the verge of consciousness as I used every last ounce of strength in this legs, hips, and core to pound and thrust harder and harder until I just started roaring with my manly voice–fuck, it was like I wanted the whole city to hear as I felt my balls tighten and I finally started erupting deep into Pete’s hole.  

I could tell Pete loved the feeling of my seed warming his insides, and I made sure that every shot was launched as deep as possible inside him, but I was cumming so fucking much that eventually it just started leaking out of him with each new thrust.  God damn, I kept pounding it into him though, finally slamming myself fully into him one last time before collapsing on top of him and pulling him into a ravenous kiss.  He wrapped his legs tightly against me to pull me close, and I loved feeling his still warm cum as our bodies rubbed together.  

I don’t know if I passed out inside him or not, but I woke up the next morning and heard the shower running.  Smirking, I got up and joined my sexy college twink right as he started lathering his hair.  

“Dude, your place is amazing!  And last night…”

“Was amazing,” I said, finishing his sentence as I smirked and got closer to him, lathering my body and washing his cum off of me.  Part of me was sad to see it wash away, but I knew this was just the beginning for Pete and me.  Obviously, I would bang more boys and men, and occasionally maybe I’d even let a particularly powerful man fuck my ass, but I knew I would have Pete as an option for at least the next four years.  Holy shit, I’ve never even stayed in a body for more than three months, but this is different…this body, this life, this penthouse, this power, this wealth, this twink in my shower…This is a long haul possession.  Regardless of how long it ends up being, I can assure you I will be Chad Fisher for many years to come–The city’s hottest bachelor.  Fuck yeah, that’s me.  

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Can you do a one-shot where naruto complains to sasuke on walking in on sasusaku making out which leads to sarada overhearing and asking both of them where babies come from leaving them both embarrassed to even answer??

I don’t think Naruto would hold back when it comes to embarrassing Sasuke, so I hope you enjoy ;D thank you for requesting!

“I’m only saying it so no one else sees it!”

“Dobe, I told you to stop,” Sasuke’s voice warned, but Naruto’s grin deepened. 

The red in Sasuke’s cheeks darkened the longer Naruto looked at his friend, and when Sasuke finally broke their line of sight, he began to enjoy the silence in the room. It was a mistake for inviting him over, especially with Sakura gone for the night.

“Just be more aware of where you’re lip locking,” Naruto muttered from under his breath.

Sasuke felt a wave of fury and a desire to knock the shit out of the dobe, but when a familiar voice chimed in, the Uchiha caught his temper and fanned it out.

“Papa? What does that mean?”

His daughter. 

Sasuke Uchiha’s precious daughter, standing firmly in the door way with her red framed glasses encasing curious eyes. He felt his throat constrict while his heart rate increased. All nerve in his body vanished while he stood over top of a grinning Naruto.

“What’re you talking about?” Sasuke opted for playing stupid. He straightened his posture and walked to his daughter. 

Sarada was seven now, the same age as Naruto’s own son. Her curiosity always got the best of her, and when a new term was bestowed upon her, she was always inquisitive.

“Lip locking,” she recalled perfectly.

Sasuke wrapped his single arm around around her back, lifting her to his eye level. He could feel his patience slipping.

Fucking dobe.

“Where did you hear that from?” Sasuke persisted. He knew that if he could work his way around this, both him and Naruto would be home free.

“Uncle Naruto said it!” Sarada insisted as her lower lip pouted out while fire flashed behind solid, black eyes. She looked like Sakura when she pouted, and for that, Sasuke couldn’t help but adore the fire in her eyes.

She wriggled slightly in his arm when Naruto’s voice chimed in, and it took everything in Sasuke not to throw curses at his best friend, insisting that the blonde quit talking and shut the hell up.

“Your parents were kissing, Sarada,” Naruto sat up, his hands squishing both of his cheeks in as he continued talking. “I caught them in the act, and making sure it doesn’t happen again. Lip locking leads to babies!”

The shock that went across not only Sarada’s face, but Sasuke’s as well, encouraged Naruto to continue. Sasuke placed his daughter on the floor again, causing her to run and settle her little arms lightly against Naruto’s knee. Her eyes held wonder, determined to learn more on the matter of ‘lip locking.’

Sasuke felt his nostrils flare while his darker eye dissolved to red. He could feel his calm composure fade, replaced with annoyance and a temper greater than Sakura’s herself.

How dare that dobe inform Sarada of this?

“Okay, that’s enough. Lip locking does not lead to babies, Sarada,” Sasuke intervened as he took his spot on the sofa. Sarada didn’t budge from Naruto’s knee, and the blonde’s smile faded, his sapphire blue eyes giving away that he was thinking of how to stoke the fire.

“Then how are they made, teme?”

Sasuke’s single hand found the bridge of his nose, pinching down tightly and rubbing the sensitive skin while his eyes squeezed shut.

This wasn’t happening. Sakura would kill him if she found out about this.

“It only happens when a boy stabs a girl with his kunai.”


He couldn’t believe those words actually fell from his lips, and when his eyes looked to Naruto, the blonde’s face was twisting into such a hysterical feature, that Sasuke felt his eyes narrow.

Sarada, on the other hand, had her mouth gaping open while she balanced her weight on Naruto’s leg. She was absolutely speechless, her eyes wide with fascination.

“So that means you stabbed mama with your kunai?!”

Naruto’s laughter filled the room in an instance. The loud chuckling and watery eye blonde infuriated Sasuke, but instead of ripping the dobe from his place on the couch, and hauling his ass outside for an ass beating, he looked back to his daughter and sighed.


“Did you hurt her?” Sarada continued.

“Tch, no! I’m sure Sakura hurt your dad though,” Naruto laughed out. 

“All right, party is over. Naruto, go home. Sarada, it’s time for bed,” Sasuke picked his daughter up once more before nudging Naruto’s leg with his foot - rather roughly in fact. 


“Now,” Sasuke ordered, his eyes narrowed and lips pulling into a firm line. Naruto did as told, said his good byes to both Sarada and Sasuke, and left them alone.

Sarada’s beautiful, innocent eyes found Sasuke’s and when he placed a gentle kiss to her cheek, she smiled.

“Good night, papa.”


Sasuke found himself submerged in one of his weapons books while Sakura scurried around the kitchen. He could tell she was in a hurry, not only because of her quick pace, but with how clumsy she was being.

And it didn’t help that Sarada was underfoot most of the time. 

Their faint conversation was background noise to Sasuke as he turned the page, involving himself in new information on kunai knives.

“I know where babies come from, mama!” Sarada’s high pitched voice kicked in.

Sasuke felt his stomach turn, flip and roll while his body heat dropped instantly. Sakura’s voice only added to his sickening stomach, but when her eyes found their way to his, he lifted his book up higher, covering his single eye.

“Oh, yeah?” Sakura’s voice was now hoarse, dry and low.

“Yeah! When a boy stabs a girl with his kunai, they have babies! I’ll make sure to stay away from boys and kunai!”

Their daughter’s high pitched voice echoed through their quiet home now. It was a perish song, high and loud. Sasuke swallowed heavily before lowering his book slightly. 

He could already see Sakura’s emerald green eyes on him, filled with livid, molten anger.

“That’s great, baby girl. Who told you that?” Sakura inquired.

“Papa did!”

And just like their daughter, Sakura’s mouth was gaping open. Sasuke knew he was dead. He knew before that conversation even started, in fact, that he was dead when he told Sarada just how babies were made.

And although it was a lie, he wouldn’t go down alone.

“Naruto started it.”

Darkiplier History lesson..

Okay, do you understand Darkiplier, you should probably know his origins as a character. Well, when Mark made those creepy videos for the sake of being creepy, it cause a few fans to basically go, “Hey, that’s super weird, we should make the creepy dude in the back a character!” so they did, and as a separate being from Mark, he had to have a name.

And that was basically the birth of Darkiplier. And he wasn’t immediately a romantic figure like people say, at first he was only used in horror fanfiction for stuff like SCP and things like that. He was originally supposed to be animal like, he was like a feral dog that would bite without warning. But as he started to grow, and more and more people started to jump on the Dark train, he got more and more diverse.

One person could describe Dark as a Demon that would kill you without thought , and another would say he’s a cinnamon roll that just needs a hug. And that was how it was, we didn’t have a solid character because there was no solid content for him, I think the most popular vision of him was the Emo dude, always wearing a hoodie , with black eyes and red pupils. But then Mark got more involved, and it just reinforced the Emo image, and he was kinda the laughing stock of the ego community.

But then a Date with Markiplier came out, and the entire community was fliped on its head. The Emo image didn’t fit anymore, we all had to recreate him into this sauve upper class looking man, and we ate it up. As Mark said, he’s a social manipulator, he takes our affection and devotion and uses it. And recently, with ‘Who Killed Markiplier’, he’s getting a lot of sympathy because of his back story, and again, we all eat it up. This is what he wants.

This is what Mark wants, he knows we can’t help but feel sorry for the “Lost soul” thing, and he’s going to use it against us somehow. Dark knows we want to help, and he will use that advantage. He’s not our friend, yes, he had a tragic past, but that doesn’t change the fact that he will use us.

*might do one for Wilford, not sure*

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{Vampire AU} They Bite You Without Consent- Part 1 (Namjoon, Yoongi, & Hoseok)

*Authors note: I will do the rest of the members soon! I just have a little writters block at the moment! Also this is a little dark, just a warning!


It started off as any usual night, you invited your best friend, Namjoon, to hang out and watch movies with you. Everything seemed fine until you noticed your best friend starting at you. “What? Do I have popcorn on my face?” you jokingly asked. Usually, something like that would get a laugh out of time but tonight he remained silent. You turned to fully face him to ask him if anything was wrong when you felt two hands grab your arms and pin you to the couch you bother were sitting on.You have never seen your best friend like this before.His eyes were not the color they normally were, they were a solid black. Scared to move you stayed still “Namjoon…?” you whisper lightly. He looked deep into your eyes, even though they were solid black you could sense his mind is torn between two things. Before you knew it, he wrapped his arms tightly around you, positioning his mouth on your neck. “I’m sorry___” was all you heard before you felt a sharp pain in your neck. You let out a blood-curdling scream with tears in your eyes. As much as you tried to get away you were glued to the couch due to Namjoon’s body, you felt your heart begin to beat slower causing you to pass out beneath him. Once he felt you pass out due to blood loss he retracted his teeth from your neck and laid a bloody kiss where he had bit you. With tears in his eyes, he curled up against you rubbing your neck softly, “I hope you will forgive me”.


You were walking home from the bar with your best friend, Yoongi. All night he has been acting weird around you, he was never one to talk much but tonight it seemed he was actively avoiding you even though he has agreed to accompany you to the bar for a fun night out. It was going to be a bit of a walk until you were home so you decided to ask him what was up, figuring he just had a bad day at work and didn’t want to talk about it. Under a street lamp, you stopped in your footsteps and turned around to your best friend only to find he wasn’t there. In a fright, you yell out his time to see if he was anywhere near you. “____, I’m over here” you heard the familiar voice some echo from the alleyway you had just passed. You laugh and begin to walk over to the sound “Yoongi, what are you doing? It’s not the time to play around!” you exclaimed. When you got to the entrance of the alley you felt two strong arms pull you in, placing you against a wall where there was no light shining. “Yoon-“you begin to say before a hand covers your mouth. “I can’t let you see me like this” your best friend said before you felt immense pain at your neck. You tried to scream out but his hand tightened leaving you only able to create tears. Yoongi felt your tears creep onto his hand. He couldn’t bear to see you in pain, you were his everything, that was one of the reasons he chose to do this somewhere dark. He slowly pulled back taking your unconscious body into his hands, tears falling from his eyes onto your neck. “I love you ___” he whispered while carrying you back home.


Your best friend was ignoring all of your calls and texts, you had no idea why. Beginning to worry you called again finally getting him to answer his phone. “Hobi! You’ve had me worried sick, are you alright? You’ve been avoiding all my messages” you exclaim. On the other end of the phone, you could hear a slight giggle which came out deeper than you were used to “Haha. I’m fine ___, I’m sorry to make you worry. I’ve just been dealing with some stress due to the album we’re working on”. You being his best friend you knew something else was up, “Hobi do you want me to come over and bring you anything? I can get you ice cream if –“ before you could even finish your sentence you heard a scream on the other side of the phone “NO___, DON’T COME HERE.” .Your eyes widened at the sudden change of tone in his voice “But hobi I –“ you were cut off again “PLEASE ___ Don’t come over here tonight. We can hang out tomorrow okay?” With that last line the called ended abruptly. Worried about your best friend you ignored his warnings and decided to walk to the next block over to his house to see if everything was alright. To your surprise, his door was unlocked so you let yourself in. Something didn’t feel right. “Hobi? I know you said not to come over but I was really worried” you stammered. Suddenly you felt two hands grab you by the shoulder and push you into the wall. You moaned in pain and looked you to see your best friend pushed up against you. “I-I told you not to come here. It isn’t safe here” he stuttered. Gripping onto your shoulders tighter our eyes widened and that is when you noticed his eyes, they were not as they were before, they were pitch black. Before you could let what you were seeing sink in you felt enormous pain in your neck. You screamed out in pain, you felt as if your flesh was being abruptly ripped apart. After a few moments, you began to feel dizzy and moved all of your weight onto Hoseok, before you passed out you felt his tears rolling down your neck. Once you were unconscious Hoseok lifted your body and placed it gently on his bed, he held your face in his hands while he cried “I told you not to come, I did not what to hurt you”.


Pairing: Priestly x Reader

Word Count: 1200

Warnings: Swearing I think

Prompt: Priestly and Y/N close up and clean up the sandwich shop after being short staffed. They break the silence by playing a game of truth or truth, ending with some feelings being expressed.

Originally posted by kendaspntwd

You smiled at Piper, taking the cleaning product from her hand. “Go home,” you encouraged, knowing Noah and Julia were there waiting for her. She wasn’t typically one to work late, but Jen called in sick and Tish was- well being Tish. That left you, Piper, Trucker and Priestly.

“Yeah, you too, Trucker,” Priestly said, motioning for Trucker to hand over the spray bottle and rag. “I think Y/N/N and I can handle it.”

Trucker gave Priestly a look, as if he really didn’t believe Pries could hold down the fort.

“Don’t worry,” you assured, noticing that look, “I’ll be here too.”

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anonymous asked:

If you're still doing the Peter/Spidey drabbles, 1,14,&22 maybe?

I’m still taking requests, but thanks for double checking! :)

  • “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”
  • “Take. It. Off.” 
  • “You can scream if you want.” 

WARNING: swearing and smut (You can’t give me lines like this and assume I’m gonna keep it PG!)

Note: This one does get pretty scandalous, so I’m gonna hide it under the break. Sorry guys. :P

But, if you’re interested in a song suggestion: I listened to Fire by Barns Courtney on repeat quite a bit while writing this.

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How’s Your Throat?

Originally posted by aomg-jaypark

Pairing: Simon Dominic x Reader
Warnings: ???
A/N: Originally posted on KpopPantyDrop

Have you ever been backstage at an AOMG concert?  No?  Well, it is just as crazy as you can imagine.  Someone will end up chasing someone or they’ll be arguing over something stupid and/or irrelevant.  And please whatever you do, do NOT mention the NFL or the Seahawks.  Unless you want to hear Jay go on and on about the strength behind the 12th man.  

But tonight’s conversation, wasn’t the worse you’d been apart of with the boys.  But it was definitely one of the most interesting.  Kinks.  One second Jay was talking to ELO and Pumkin, next thing you know everyone is sitting together discussing kinks.  

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Gun Aesthetics approved by @Kasaron

Black+Burnt Bronze/Gold/TiN with a tough of Dark Gray. Clean smooth lines, with an obvious eye towards form being determined by function. Looks “solid” or “contained” as opposed to “complex,” but avoids looking/feeling “blocky” by adding chamfers or some angularity. Preferred Aesthetic™.

White, Gray, Orange. Almost too many gubbins, sweeping or angular paneling. Likes to advertise how special it is/complex it is. Unafraid of being garish/over the top.

OD Green+Black+Silver/Gunmetal. A smooth as possible, no extra bits, minimal additions, sleeper/stock look. Shouts “I swear to god I will kill you if you violate the NAP.” The kind of gun that looks like it was built up by someone who sees it as being a tool, and nothing else. 

High Polish Blue, Wood, Brass. If you don’t hear either the 1812 overture or a quiet overture from a Clint Eastwood movie, it’s not quite right. A subtle mix of robber baron and cigar-chomping desperado with more money than sense. A gun out of time, but yet a gun which is timeless. 

Add more and I’ll tell you if I approve. Pics (either of these aesthetics or any others you wanna add) appreciated.

Rainy Days- A BATIM Fic

I have waited literally all day to post this. But yeah, literally for the last week it’s been rainy and dreary and while I normally love the rain, I had to go out in the rain and work, which is not fun. Anyways, another fic in @doodledrawsthings Hell’s Studio AU, about the first time the toons saw rain and I fudged the timeline a bit so they could all do it together because I like the trio together discovering things and it’s my story so :P. Anyways, enjoy!

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Reader X Peter Hale
Song inspo:
Acquainted by The Weeknd
Baby you’re no good
Cause they warned me ‘bout your type girl, I’ve been ducking left and right
Baby you’re no good
Think I fell for you, I fell for you, I fell for you

Originally posted by nudev

Peter smiled as you struggled to get the cereal on top of the fridge. He’d purposely placed it there knowing you couldn’t reach it. Even on your tippy toes, your fingertips only brushed the edge. “Trouble?” he took a sip of his tea and pretended reading the newspaper. You turned around and crossed your arms. Peter expected you to beg him to get the cereal but you had other ideas in mind.

Peter heard you come close to him but he did not anticipate what you were going to do next. He took a sip of his tea just as you moved the hand where he was holding the newspaper and straddled his lap. Peter was startled and began to stammer. You grabbed the cup from his hand and took a sip while maintaining eye contact. Then you set it on the table by shifting slightly, his member now sat underneath your clothed heat.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pouted. “Can you maybe get the cereal for me?” you batted your eyelashes as you spoke in a soft, sensual voice. Peter tried so hard not to harden while your sweet sex pressed into him. Getting impatient, you leaned into Peter and rested your lips on his neck, “please, Peter,” your tender lips and hot breath moving against the sensitive part of his neck forced him to drop the newspaper and gently hook his fingers into the thin fabric of your shorts. It was an effort to relieve the pressure of you on his semi-hard bulge. “Okay,” Peter strained to keep his composure. He couldn’t let you believe you had won even though it was true.

Peter grabbed the cereal box with ease and handed it to you. You grabbed the bowl on the table and pushed it towards him. Peter sighed as he poured you your cereal then the milk. You took a spoonful and moaned loudly while rolling your eyes to the back of your head. “This is so good, thank you, Peter.” Peter nodded and left to his bathroom. He gripped the sink as his claws stretched themselves. His eyes turned blue and his semi-hard bulge was now fully erect and straining to be free. Derek warned Peter that you were cunning and we’re more dangerous than anything they’d come across. He didn’t take it to heart, he got close, close enough.

You got me puttin’ time in, time in
Nobody got me feeling this way
You probably think I’m lying, lying
I’m used to bitches comin’ right 'way

“I’ll be bait”
Everyone looked at you. The pack was having a meeting on how to destroy a rogue wendigo or at least stop him. Scott wasn’t about to protest because you were trained as a child for this. Better than Chris and Allison combined. Peter, on the other hand, objected.
“Sure, let’s all throw you in the lion’s den and pray that you’re as lucky as Daniel was.”
“Do you have a problem with me being bait?”
“No,  I just made that reference because I wasn’t getting enough attention, yes I have a problem with you being bait”
“Peter, Y/N is qualified for things like this, she can handle herself,” Derek cut in.
“For werewolves and buck, yes, but this is a wendigo we’re talking about. It could kill her before she has time to escape, or leave her seriously injured”
“Then we’ll raise it to a vote. Who thinks Y/N should be bait?”
Everyone except Stiles, Lydia, and Peter raised their hands. Peter scoffed.
“That settles it, Y/N is bait. We leave at sundown.”

In the car, Peter grumbled to himself about the whole plan. You turned to him and gave him a smile, “Peter.” He turned away to look out the window. “Do you like me?” Peter shook his head no. “I think you do.” Peter looked at her with strict solid eyes, “you can’t heal. If he attacks you, it’s over, that’s why I wanted someone else to do it.” You leaned across the seat and placed a sweet, warm kiss on his cheek. “Then save me.” With that, you walked out of the car and headed inside the building.

Isaac held your hand and you watched his veins turn black your pain subsiding. It had been an ambush. Four wendigoes were waiting for fresh blood. The pack was sure of two of them max. The pack had been fighting them off while Isaac popped your dislocated shoulder and mended your cut just the way he saw Deaton do at the clinic. You tried to get up and get back on the fight but Isaac stopped you. “You’re hurt, let them handle it.”

Peter crawled on all fours then lunged at one of the Wendigoes who attacked you. He was seething with blind rage. Scott and the others were too busy to pay attention until it was too late. “No!” Scott yelled. Peter stood above the creature and without a second thought, he brought his claws across its throat. Peter looked back and shrugged his arms, “oops.”

Peter carried you into the loft and laid you down on your bed. He checked your bandage and gave you water to drink. He’d never felt so protective over anyone the way he did tonight. Once he heard you cry out, he hopped out the car and dashed your way. Peter wanted to take care of you but he let Isaac do it so he could kill the Wendigo. He kissed your forehead and let you drift off to sleep. She was just a girl. What made her so different?

You got me touchin’ on your body
You got me touchin’ on your body
To say that we’re in love is dangerous
But girl I’m so glad we’re acquainted

Peter banged on your bedroom door. Tonight was a dance at the school and your date was waiting downstairs. The kid was nervous so he tried to hold a conversation. “I like the place, it’s very cozy looking” Peter cut his sandwich in half then went to pour himself a drink. “So are you like Y/N’s guardian?” Put the drink away and returned to his plate. “I’ll have her home early and I’m going to take good care of her.” Peter sighed and went upstairs. “Y/N hurry up!” You threw on earrings and looked for the shoes, “Just a minute!”

Not wanting to go downstairs, Peter leaned against the wall, across from your room. The door clicked and you slowly opened the door to reveal your outfit. “Does this look okay?” Peter drank in the sight of you and nearly passed out.

Your hair brought out the glow of your skin, the cutout bandage dress exaggerated your curves, the heels defined the shape of your legs, you appeared as a deity hiding amongst humans. Peter could feel his heart pump blood at an extreme rate. “Peter? You’re making me nervous, say something,” he awoke from his trance and held your hand, guiding you downstairs. “Something,” you swatted his arm and smiled.

The tool waiting downstairs nearly dropped his phone when he saw you. He hung up on whoever he was talking to and took your hand, Peter let go so you could leave. Peter clutched the boy’s shoulder hard enough for him to cry out, “If you hurt, ditch, or make her uncomfortable, I will beat you bloody, understand?” The boy furiously shook his yes. Peter let go and patted him on the back a little too hard, “great!”

The car was perched up on the hill, an overview of the city. The radio softly sung all night by Beyoncé while JC kissed your neck. He was handsome, occasionally worked out so he was toned but also built, a gorgeous smile and his hazel green eyes blended with his tan skin.  JC was a sweet kid but you just weren’t feeling anything. Truthfully be told, kids your age could never satisfy you because they were still growing, still trying to figure out what to do.

“Can we go to the dance?” JC pulled back to meet your eyes. “Am I doing something wrong?” His voice was so unsure. He didn’t want to disappoint you. You lifted his chin with two fingers and smiled, “No, I just want to dance with you. I don’t want to do” You pointed around the scene, “this.” JC nodded his head then laughed. “You’re teasing, right?” You furrowed a brow. “You wear this sexy ass dress and you’re telling me you don’t want to have sex? You almost got me, Y/N.” JC ran his hand up your thigh and attached his lips to your neck. You grabbed the back his head, collected a fistful of his hair then brought his forehead down to meet the steering wheel. JC howled in pain, you opened his door and kicked him out.

Peter laid his legs out onto the coffee table as he watched another episode of his favorite show. The loft was quiet without you. That’s how Peter had enjoyed it before but ever since Derek let you, an orphan slash refugee, into the loft, he’d become accustomed to your frequent singing and dancing, popping out of corners, joining him to watch TV uninvited, and sleeping on his bed whenever you felt like it. He wasn’t going to say he was in love. That would be most unfortunate and inconvenient for the both of them. Instead, they were two people who enjoyed the partial company of another.

You walked through the door, dropping your heels behind the couch. You plopped down next to Peter and rested your head against his shoulder even though he’d ask her times before, not to do that. “How’d it go?” Peter took a sip of his beer and tried to focus on the TV. “Why don’t you smell me and find out?” Peter sniffed the air to catch scents of jasmine musk, Victoria Secret, and that fuckboy from earlier. “Gross,” you got up from the couch and made your way to the shower, removed your jewelry, took a quick lather and rinse, filled the bath with lavender water, a couple of flower petals, and a dash of vanilla. The water had a pretty purple color as you sank into it.

“Peter… Please come here,” you waited for him to arrive. Peter crossed his arms and leaned against the doorway. “I hear baths are disgusting, just sitting in your own filth.” You sat up and smiled, “baths naturally detox the body from stress and instill peace in the mind.” Peter rolled his eyes and walked in a little further, “What did you want?” You pointed at a stool nearby and some oil. “Please touch me, I need to relax,” Peter’s cock twitched in response to you asking him to touch you, but understood you meant massage your neck and shoulders.

Without usual protest, Peter pulled up the stool and settled behind you. He instructed you to tie your hair up before he got to work. He began to rub his hands on your shoulders, dipping into the base of your neck and rolling over your collarbones. You sighed in appreciation to let Peter know he was doing good. He applied slight pressure, unintentionally warming up the oil. The warm sensation made you sensitive to his rough but soothing touch. You rolled your head back when he got to your neck, eyes closed, a look of pleasure spread across your face. Peter tried so hard to keep his claws in so the wolf wouldn’t take over and make him do something that he’ll probably regret afterward. You opened your eyes to meet with Peter’s, and with a husky voice, you whispered, “harder.” Peter mustered all his strength to keep himself from wolfing out but you made it so difficult. Instead, he did what he does best and evaded the situation, “sorry, you’ve officially gone overtime. If you want more, you’ll have to pay the lump sum.” Peter got up and left the bathroom, leaving you in an aroused state. Big mistake.

I got you touchin’ on your body
I got you touchin’ on your body
I know I’d rather be complacent
But girl I’m so glad we’re acquainted

Peter laid in bed horny and frustrated. He had to be strong. He was an alpha and he couldn’t let you push him down a few pegs. A knock fell at his door and he groaned. “Y/N, goodnight,” a pause then another knock. “Y/N, please?” You opened his door and walked in. Peter wanted to be angry but was too enticed to be. You wore a thin robe that clung to your body. It moved with you as you walked. “Y/N…What are you doing?” Your ponytail was strategically placed as you bit the tip of your index finger and swayed gently. “I’m ready for my next session,” you dropped your robe and revealed your naked body to Peter. His breath hitched and he closed his eyes to prevent you from seeing his ominous blue eyes. “I’m willing to pay in full and up-front,” you crawled on the bed in front of Peter, you widened your knees and dropped a hand to play with yourself. As soon as your fingers brushed your clit, you let out a satisfied hum. Your other hand massaged a breast, nipples in-between your fingers. Peter’s breathing grew heavy as he could get a whiff of your tempting wetness not too far from his nose, and the sounds of your self-pleasure were driving him over the edge. His eyes fluttered open when your moans became louder. The beautiful sight of your head thrown back, your fingers disappeared in your treasured garden and a hand on your breast broke him.

Peter dove for your neck. He licked, sucked, and bit you until you were begging him to take you however he pleased. You removed your hands from their place and explored his body. This prompted Peter to move forward. He tore off his shirt and forced you to lie down. His head immediately disappeared between your legs. You bundled up the sheets as you tried to breathe. Peter’s tongue worked artfully as if he was painting a masterpiece inside of your sensitive sex. “Peter…” Your cries threw him into a lustful manic state. He shoved two fingers inside you, pumping until your body shook with an orgasm so good, Peter could feel the vibrations at his fingertips.

By now, the room increased in temperature. You pushed Peter down and pulled off his belt. He was so impatient that he helped you take off the jeans that was binding his solid erection. You tugged down the waistband of his boxers and watched as his member slapped against his stomach. Peter sighed at his newfound freedom. You grasped the base of his cock and licked a line up his shaft. When you gathered enough moistness, you slid him into your mouth. Peter groaned and involuntarily bucked into your mouth, “shit, Y/N.” His cursing became constant as you bobbed up and down, then swirled your tongue in ways no one ever has. For the first time in his life, his engorged sex violently twitched, enlisting him to shoot powerful shots of cum into your mouth without an obvious forewarning. Peter growled at the sudden intrusion.

The wolf was released. It practically snatched you up and pinned you underneath it. It’s claws poked your thigh as it pushed one leg back and rammed itself into you. You screamed in pain while it ravished you beyond any fantasy you’ve ever had. This punishment soon gave you pleasure, feeling his thick length, run up and down your walls. Peter struggled to gain control but the wolf knew what it was doing. It allowed Peter to go deeper than he’d been and harder than he could. The wolf amped up the pleasure by hooking both of your legs onto his shoulders. This position allowed it to probe your g-spot while it brought a thumb to your clit. Immediately, you came around him, overwhelmed by the stimulation.

The constant contractions of your walls as you orgasmed, induced Peter to moan. “You feel so good, baby…if you keep squeezing me like that, I’m going to cum…oh fuck.” Peter’s thrusts grew hungry, you could feel your stomach twist into knots as another orgasm approached. His grunts were animalistic, his skin grew hot, just like before, his body contorted strangely. Peter wrapped a clawed hand around your neck, poking into your skin, threatening to slash it open with a flick of a wrist. “Peter…” Your back arched at the same time Peter’s cock twitched. The two of you moaned, yours being hoarse and raw, his unearthly, as you both ripped through an exhilarating, breath-taking release. His hot seed burned you with a desire that you could never feel with anyone else.  The room began to spin as you both collapsed into each other.

Baby you’re no good
But really if I could
I’d forget about you, 'get about you, 'get about you

Peter pried his eyes open, feeling a warm glow on his eyelids. The sun shone in the room through a crack in his blinds. He turned away from the light, in hopes of seeing your face. He was disappointed. Peter felt like his body was buried in cement as he walked towards his shower. All cleaned up but still sore, Peter went downstairs. You were sipping a cup of coffee while reading a book. “Alert the media, we’ve got a reading millennial over here!” You looked up from the book and chuckled. “That was some night, wasn’t it?” You cocked a brow and closed the book. “Peter, we passed out for three days.” Peter choked on the coffee he had just sipped. “Three days?!” “We’re lucky Derek was out of town for the weekend, otherwise, we’d be in deep, deep shit.” Peter had never passed out from sex ever in his life. Sure he’d blackout but this was new.

He sat down in awe of this fact. He was so distracted he didn’t notice you get up from your chair and move towards him until you straddled his lap like you did last week. “Care to share what you’re doing?” You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck, “we never kissed, I’m curious to see how you–” Peter beat you to it by entrapping your top lip in between his. You melted into the kiss, parting them to welcome him to a dance with your tongue. Preferring to keep the kiss intimate and sensual, you pulled away before he could continue any further. You hopped off his lap and picked up your bag. On your way out, you gave Peter a wink. This wasn’t love, Peter tried to convince himself.


A Kiss for A Fool

Request: “could you do a sirius x reader that they’re having a date and go to a karaoke bar and in the end of night, he says ‘I love you’ for the first time?”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.1k

“C’mon baby, I believe in you!” Sirius squeezed your arm, his dark eyes twinkling under the rotating lights. “Look,” he demonstrated by lifting the shot glass to his lips, taking the firewhiskey in one gulp, “easy.”

“I know how to take a shot, Sirius,” you punched him lightly in the arm, “I’m just rational enough to choose not to subject myself to momentary discomfort.”

Sirius chuckled, the alcohol warming his veins. “You’ve been putting up with this discomfort for a very long moment.”

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Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday Crew, welcome aboard! This is my first try at a soulmate AU so I hope you like it! Tagging @tox-moxley, @oraclegazes, and of course, our stalwart captain @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

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I always thought DAO was such an ugly game until I realized (for me at least) the default graphics setting was the lowest. I cranked it up, and now it’s so pretty! I feel like I’m playing a whole new game and just marveling at the prettiness. Also I was always confused about the eye color option in the character generator because on low graphics all eyes are just solid black. Lol 

Magnolia Seven-Seven

Chapter One: Just Peachy

Summary: Magnolia is like every other city, full of traffic jams and hoards of people. When Captain Gajeel and Detectives Gray and Natsu get involved with a shady crime boss that seems to have the whole crime ring in his back pocket, they need a little more backup to bring him down: i.e ADA Lucy Heartfilia, Evidence Technician Levy McGarden, and Caffeinator Juvia Lockster.

Rating: M for adult situations and language

A/N: This is all Alisha’s fault. Blame @rivendell101 for this monstrosity. Buddycop!AU conceived after eating 22 Reese’s and no sleep…after how many months of not writing. 

Gray mentally promised to strangle whomever decided shove glitter and peppermints down this car’s dashboard vents. It wasn’t even hot out and yet the car smelled of mint and tiny rainbow glitter blinded him if he turned his head the wrong way.

Plus it made the dashboard look like a wayward unicorn shat all over.

Of course his captain got first pick of the undercover cars and of course he picked the coupe, leaving them with the SUV with the atomic glitter explosion all over. He wondered if there was regrets, anger, maybe bitter acceptance when the poor soul turned on the defrost and met his sparkled fate. At least the car forever smelled of peppermint, the candy caked into the bowels of the car for eternity. No amount of body odor or bad burritos can ever clear it. He turned the air conditioning to maximum.

“Batman can totally beat Aquaman. Remember he is the night AND a billionaire.”

Oh, right. Before his intense pondering of the dashboard, he and his partner had been in an intense debate.

Natsu Dragneel. Gray had no way to explain him properly. Who could? He supposed Natsu felt the same way about him, despite being rivals in the academy. Pink hair aside, the man had grit for an idiot. He was the only one Gray would trust with his back…and their captain too.

“Nah, Aquaman has Batman beat.”

Natsu tensed, flashing his signature ‘eat shit’ look. It was kinda like a constipated face, but with more rage in his brows. Honestly, how did he make Detective? He was a bag of half eaten, dusty Reese’s: useless to everybody and, with as much affection as Gray could muster, totally gross in theory.

“You know what Gajeel said. ‘Back up yer opinions’,” he said, mimicking Gajeel’s gruff tone. Huh, he even did the little lip curl characteristic common for Gajeel. “So, back your wrong opinion up.” He changed the A/C dial back to maximum heat.

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