i like the second part but idk about the first

so I decided to shy away from posting about my dieting and exercise journey for a while, in fact I didn’t even like to talk about it in person. Because honestly, it isn’t a huge part of my life, and it’s been difficult to see progress in my own eyes. Today however, I want to brag on myself for once instead talking shit. The first picture was taken at the beginning of 2016 and probably the least healthiest I’ve been. Second picture, was late summer. And the last was taken tonight when I weighed myself and realized I’ve officially lost 35 lbs and am only a few away from my ideal weight. I’m excited to start working on muscle training and feel even better.

Idk sorry if this post is douchey. I was just excited. Go, me!


Got the second part of SHIPMENT!!!! My bookshelf!!!! Idk every time I buy a new series there is something so therapeutic about rearranging everything!! (Besides size order) I arrange my books by favorites. So the higher the shelf, the more I like the book and then I place them by size. And my Illyrian baby is one of the first ones. *He’s always had a large wingspan* 😏😉🦇

idk if anyone’s done a post like this or if this is a really obvious thing or what, but I’m gonna make this post anyways.

So it would seem fusion detail consistency is dependent on the regeneration of the gem taking part of the fusion.

The first fusion we see (that is up-front regarded as a fusion the entire time we know about her, unlike Garnet where it was an unconfirmed popular theory before being confirmed at the end of the first season) is Opal. The second time we see Opal, she’s got some slight outfit alterations. Pearl has regenerated since they last formed her.

The next fusion we see is Sugilite. Again, the next time we see Sugilite it’s not just one, but both of the gems involved that have regenerated since they last formed her. Sugilite’s second appearance is very brief so it’s easy to miss, but the differences are definitely there.

Obviously, Garnet gets an outfit change after she gets poofed and re-formed during the events of the season 1 finale. Or, more specifically, after Ruby and Sapphire get poofed and re-fuse. (as a slight aside, I wonder what Ruby and Sapphire would have looked like had they not been poofed and been able to meet Steven on his birthday like planned. because being poofed means regenerating and having different details. but that’s not what this post is about, so anyways.)

Stevonnie, both times we see them, have the same detailing. Neither Steven nor Connie even have the ability to regenerate, but I wonder what would happen if Connie were wearing something besides the blue dress she had on both times..? Physically wearing different clothes while fusing is probably the closest they’ll get to gem regeneration. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Sardonyx also retains all the same details all the times we see her, and Garnet and Pearl don’t regenerate between any of the times they fuse.

Since the last time we saw Opal, Amethyst has regenerated. So chances are if/when we see Opal again, she’ll have different outfit details. Alexandrite, if we ever see her again, will also probably have different outfit details, seeing as Amethyst and Garnet have both regenerated since we last saw Alexandrite.