i like the right one more

This is a call-out post for Steve Allen,

the groundhog that lives under my shed.

You’ve got it good here, Steve Allen. When you started burrowing your way into my chicken coop every night I didn’t even disturb you, I just spent a day digging out all around the coop and burying cinder blocks so you couldn’t dig under the walls any more. You’ve got a compost pile full of food scraps—remember those apple peels the other day? Yeah, I saw you stuffing one long peel after another into your face like big pieces of spaghetti. You get to clean up the grain and oats the horses drop around their feed buckets. You even get water left out for you.

I’ve been nice to you, Steve Allen, and how do you repay me? Not only did you leave a giant pile of poop right by my car in the driveway the other day but then I discovered THIS!


This is the last straw, Steve Allen. You will no longer be known as Steve Allen the Groundhog. Forever more, you will be known as Steve Allen the Asshole.

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hello! i was wondering if you could explain exactly what tacky lesbian fashion is? i'm having trouble finding an explanation/examples of the term

lmao i have no idea why we do it, but we just wear like,, really weird shit that no one else would be caught dead in. and we pull it off because we’re lesbians and more powerful than mere mortals. 

femme tacky: harper from wizards of waverly place 
butch tacky: i don’t have an example but right now i’m wearing a striped tank top, a plaid flannel, a tie dye snapback, and gym shorts so


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Pairing: Harry x Reader

Request: It wasn’t it just came to mind

Warnings: Mentions of death and.. it’s basically trigger warnings I guess? 

A/N: I hope you guys like this :)

“I am not having this conversation right now,” I stated frustratedly

“Bloody hell, Y/N! Just answer the fucking question!” Harry yelled switching the gear

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Do you think there's such thing as soulmates? Do you think we have only one?

i believe we find parts of ourselves in others, there’s this familiarity that feels almost like coming home (it hits… it just feels right) you connect with someone so deeply that even silence feels like the most meaningful conversation. for me we have more than just one soulmate, different people represent different parts of us and this is beautiful.. it’s not about being the same but about that feeling of understanding 

kirishima eijirou aka shark boi

so uhh im trying to get myself to memorize his character design so ima be drawing him more often


Hey T!! I hope you are having a great day, because you deserve it!! So, you probably don’t remember me (and that’s totally fine) but my name is Maria. First of all, I am beyond thankful to have you in my life. It makes me so happy that someone as extraordinary and generous as you cares about me. Thank you for all the beautiful memories and moments you have given me. Because of you, I’ve met the most amazing people in this world and I wouldn’t change our friendship for anything. The picture on the left is from two years ago (you actually liked it on here) and the one on the right is from yesterday. As you can see, I’ve grown up so much!! I still have some insecurities but I am much more confident and happy. I am extremely proud of the person I am and I am doing my best at being the best version of myself. I really hope I can spend many more years by your side supporting you and hopefully one day give you the biggest hug ❤️

Wild World I - Good Grief

Pairing: Chuck Shurley x Reader

Song 1 of Wild World by Bastille

Warnings: major character death

A/N: Have a short first chapter of the Wild World series! I’ll be posting the completed ones soon, just…be patient. 

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Chuck Shurley remembered every single excruciating detail of what went down the night the love of his life died. 

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God. I’m taking a class about foreign languages and how language is acquired and how it impacts people across the world. We were talking about differences in language between girls and boys/men and women. The reading spent 10 pages talking about socialization between boys and girls, and how girls are interrupted more as babies/children and how it carries on into adulthood and basically the cycle perpetuates itself.

Anyway of course the class pissed me off because people were suggesting that girls get interrupted more because they’re naturally soft spoken and they aren’t aggressive like little boys who just want to fight and play in the mud lmfao

Also they concluded that if we make all language gender neutral then we will finally have ~*~*gender equality*~~~ lmfao ya right. Literally one guy is studying Kazakh where they only have one pronoun for everyone and wow who would’ve guessed the guy said women still are oppressed there.

people are so fucking dumb holy fuck i was so angry all class

I need your creativity for the project

As you may know I am working on a project at the moment. It consists in writing a scenario for each BTS’ songs. Which means that the scenario will have to respect the lyrics and the atmosphere of the song. So I am working on the plots and everything right now but it’s a long way to go.

That’s why I am asking for your help, could you help me finding the plots for the songs that are in bold ? (Please don’t go anon bc you won’t be kept informed and I couldn’t reward you in the future.

The ones that aren’t in bold are the ones I have ideas for.

And the others are the ideas I received from you.

  • 2 COOL 4 SKOOL

We are Bulletproof

No more dream

I like it

  • O!H! ARE YOU L8TE 2?



We on

If I ruled the world


Cypher pt1

The Rise of Bangtan

Satoori Rap


  • Skool luv affair

Miss Right


Boy in luv

Just One Day


Cypher pt2

Spine Breaker



  • Dark and wild

What am I to you?


War of Hormone

Hip Hop Lover

Let me know


Cypher pt3

Can you turn off your phone?

Blanket Kick

24/7 Heaven

Look Here

Second grade


  • TMBMIL pt1


I need u

Hold me tight


Boyz with fun

Converse high

Moving on


  • TMBMIL pt2




Whalien 52

Ma city

Silver Spoon

Dead Leaves


  • Young forever


Save me


  • Wings


Blood Sweat and Tears




First Love


Awake (Fluuf/Angst Jin had to leave smth behind for some reasons, he moved to a new place and he meets that girl next door that makes him feel alive) @sweetspring1



Cypher pt4

Am I wrong

21st Century girls (Fluff where a noona is feelling down bc of bodyshaming at work and V tries to cheer her up and tell her how beautiful she is from in and out) @sweetspring1

Two, Three!


  • You never walk alone

Spring day

Not Today (Fluff and funny where a member plans to confess but it gets delayed a few times) @dazzledminded

You never walk alone

  • Youth


Good day

Wishing on a Star

For You

  • Wake Up

The Stars

Wake up

  • Love yourself : her





Best of me

Pied Piper




IF YOU EVER WANT TO HELP, PLEASE JUST SEND A MESSAGE TO ME. I will be so glad to hear what you creativity is about.


Love you all, take care xxx

Good boy

This is because Kasttle keeps making itself present. It’s the trailer’s fault, of course it is. 

It’s nothing like canon. I wrote it in a non-Punisher universe, but it can be read both ways. Reader’s choice, really. 

Hope you like it. I dropped a Karedevil piece for this, because everything is pretty shitty right now, and Kastle makes everything better. Hopefully it will make someone smile. 

Much love. 

She couldn’t even ask him about it.

It was there. Clear as day. She knew it, knew it like she knew her own name, but she couldn’t ask Frank about it. The one time she tried, he looked at her with such a condescending look in his face, as if she was telling him a joke he didn’t find funny, but smiled anyway to humour her.

But she knew.

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Uh I'm a lesbian but my partner just told me they're a trans dude (they actually didn't tell me directly which really hurt me js) but I really love my partner still but like ? I feel like I love them differently now? Now our plans of the future feel kinda weird and more impossible

They (if he wants to be called he then use he but I’ll assume they) are going through some hard things right now and will need the support of loved ones. Thank you for not running away from them. A good relationship is also a good friendship, and yes you can love your friends in a platonic way.

If you find that you still love them sexually or romantically then you need to do some reflecting. You’d need to make sure that you really think of them as a guy, firstly. If you do then you’ll need to figure out if you are really 100% sure you aren’t attracted to at least some men. It could be that they are your one exception, however this does not feel very nice from their perspective (it can be invalidating) and you should not continue the sexual/romantic parts of your relationship with them in this case out of respect for them. It can take a while to switch your brain to thinking of them as male however so you don’t have to figure it out immediately.

I don’t know what plans you had, but friends can live together. The nuclear family is a terrible system and living with someone is absolutely not inherently a sexual/romantic relationship.

In short, be there for them. If you care about them, tell them so. Ask them how you can help.

-*Mod Star*

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Q, would you be down for a polyamorous relationship with the Landlady/other skellies or are you more of a monogamy kind of guy?

I’ll just go ahead and answer this one, lol, because I can confidently say that Q would 100% be against sharing with any of the other skeletons as of where the story is right now (chapter 22 of @tyranttortoise‘s SSLL and chapter 4 of SeM). Who knows, that might change down the road, but as things are now, his feelings on the other skeletons pretty much breaks down as follows:

Loathe: Sans

Dislike: Stretch, Red, Edge, Black, Mutt

Neutral: Axe

Okay: Crooks

Like: Papyrus, Blue

These will change over time, obviously, heh. That’s just where we’re at now with Q being pretty fresh out of the cage still. He doesn’t like any of them enough to share the Lady X’D He’s not against polyamory, just against polyamory with literally any of his ‘roommates‘ as of right now.

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So I'm mostly a Ravenclaw but different friends see more of one house than the other of me, ya know what I mean? Like a few of my friends will swear that I'm a Gryffindor, others a Slytherin, others a Hufflepuff, and others see a Ravenclaw. It's hilarious because we'll start talking about and guessing each other's houses and I'm usually right about everyone's and all of them get into an argument about mine. It's funny to watch because I'm mostly Ravenclaw but not everyone sees the same about me.

Lol, my friend group can relate. Everyone can pretty much agree that I’m a Ravenclaw (because I’m “smart” as those uncultured, non-Tumblr swine put it). There’s one guy who we just can’t decide on because it doesn’t seem like he belongs in any house, I swear. There’s one girl who fought against being a Slytherin, but we all knew she is one, especially after considering the fact she was so determined to prove us wrong that she asked me to set up a Pottermore account for her and find a bunch of Tumblr posts to compare herself to. She accepted it eventually. 

Anyway, I’m getting way off track here XD 

Your house is what you see yourself a part of, in the end. 

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do y'all know if there are any fics about roman, patton, logan,or virgil-post-accepting-anxiety feeling like they don't fit in with the other sides?

This may sound a little self-aggrandizing, but the only one I can think of at the moment is this one I wrote off of a prompt a few months ago. I’m 110% positive there are more (please reblog with more, I’d love to read them too!), but that’s what I have for right now.

~Mod Kira


I need to stop it with all these OCs dang it…. @felostheir 

These are my new OCs, Thana and Bittan!!

Thana is the leader of a pirate crew called ‘The Tenebris of the Sea’!! Her crew is infamous, for its rumored that every enemy that has encountered them, is never left alive, except for one, so they can tell of the story! Her crew is made up from the rejects of society, criminals, and even those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else!

Bittan is her right-hand man, assisting her with taking charge of the crew! 

For More info about them, please look below cut!:

Also, if yall want, you can join their crew, just DM about your OC first >:3cc!!

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Okay I’ve never played Bendy and the Ink Machine and don’t really plan to, but am I the only one who thinks Bendy doesn’t look like a demon at all? He IS supposed to be a demon, right? But the way his head is shaped doesn’t look like horns to me. He looks more like some weird cat thing. Or Mandy. Whose hair I also don’t understand.

Seriously what is going on here.

Fragments: Part Two

Pairing: Dean x Pregnant!Reader

Summary: Just when things couldn’t get any worse they do. Not only has the reader lost her memory but it seems like she is doomed to forever more forget Sam and Dean.

Warnings: Language, amnesia, angst, pregnancy.

Word Count: 2,056

A/N: As you can see I decided to write another part. It’s not as good as the first but I hope you guys like it. It may seem a little repetitive therefor boring. But if you guys want another piece I’ll be happy to write one. Please feel free to leave feedback and I hope you enjoy.

Catch Up Here: Part 1

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“No no no. That can’t be right.” You shook your head in denial. “You’re wrong. You have to be. I don’t even look pregnant!” You looked down at your stomach.

“We just found out before the hunt.” Dean tried to take your hand again.

“No, it can’t be.” You jerked away from him.

“I know this is a lot to take in but it’s true. Please trust me.” There was a pain in Dean’s eyes as he watched you jerk away.

“Ok so if this is true, and I’m not saying it is, what made you take me on a hunt? Do you not care for the welfare of your unborn child?” You shouted, anger and disbelif roaring through your veins.

Dean ran his hand through his hair. “You can be quite stubborn when you want to be and no matter how much I tried to persuade you, there was nothing I could do to stop you.”

You looked at him in disbelief. You had managed to accept that these men knew you and perhaps that you were even married to Dean, but the pure stupidity of what he was saying made you question the trust you placed in them.

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Bristol did decide to head straight over to Darius’s that day. After all, he decided that if he wasn’t going to spend time in a lesson at school, he might as well spend the time on a magic lesson. Between Sage and Darius, his magic education was going pretty smoothly. And to think that he used to slack off!

Darius wasn’t in his room when Bristol arrived, but that was quite alright - Bristol could keep himself busy. Besides, there were plenty of books he previously hasn’t seen scattered around the room. It was like striking a gold mine!

Bristol: I’ll just get started on this big one first. 

He happily plops down in the chair, makes sure the natural light from the window is hitting the pages just right, and starts reading. So far, all of Darius’s books have been highly intriguing and only piqued his curiosity more. 

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First of all I LOVE your new pro pic!! Ryohei looks so adorable (like always) Anyway I was wondering: when and how did you first start liking Ryohei? Like did you just happen to stumble across him in an anime or were you looking up seiyuu and found him there or..? I'm just curious! (Its nice to know someone else is obsessed with this beautiful seiyuu like me!)

Oh God.. this will be one annoying-long post that people would hate to read it ahahahha XDD

But first THANK YOU !!! i know right.. he is cute !!! i cant resist that one after 1 year ignore it in the end I bought it pfffttt and Thank you so much for liking almost every my new-est post, that means a lot for a trashy blog like mine hahaha, thank you once again.

When and how did I start to liking Ryohei-san ?

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