i like the reindeer best


I sometimes draw my followers when they ask me to. (Okay, so I always draw them when they ask.)

I was asked, by this Stud Muffin right here, to draw him in a holiday picture. I’m not sure what he was expecting, but I basically just played dress up. I hope that’s cool. I’ll probably finish out the rest of the holidays doing this though just because jesus, I’m always drawing him anyway, right? Anyway, sorry for the crappy coloring, It’s late and I want to open presents already.

Special shout out to his girlfriend who lets me hit on him and draw him in sexy outfits without hating my guts! You guys should go follow her, she’s a sweetie and a delight to follow. Actually, follow them both because they’re pretty cool and you need new people to follow.

Merry Christmas!