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my dash died recently so please like or reblog this if you want me to have a look at your blog! i’m looking for blogs that regularly post/reblog about at least one of these:
- red velvet (especially yeri)
- exo (esp. suho & kyungsoo)
- shinee (esp. onew & minho)
- loona
- twice (esp. dahyun & jihyo) 
- snsd (esp. sooyoung)
- dean
- sunmi
- exid (esp. junghwa & hani)
- hyuna

don’t interact if you think shindong is a good person or post a lot about k*isoo or got7

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the ss people overhyped rep and there is no way it is better than speak now or red #soznotsoz

i didn’t like how they said it was better than red because that set a standard where i would get an album just like red?? (because in my mind, the only thing better than red is another red album lmao) but i get that

song discourse!

My favorite thing is when an idol’s face shows up on the screen and the fans begin screeching, but the idol doesn’t know why they’re screaming all of a sudden, but then they go to look at the big screen and see their face and find out they’re the reason for the cheers and then they get all shy and don’t know what to do and-

omg just idols being loved and them being surprised/baffled at the amout of love shown towards them


I’m a serious artist, I tell myself, every day a little less convincingly


so uh, about aizawa,

Egotober, Day 06 - Sepsis

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

Didn’t really know how to go about this day so I decided to break out some good ole gross gore. Poor Anti isn’t really feeling well…


Henrik talking about the connection between him and Tarjei

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Ahhh the Captain America movies give me life, Fran. Like I could watch them around the clock and never get over how great they are. They aren't even just good superhero movies. 1 is a great war movie (so grateful the creators of Wonder Woman seemed to learn from that). 2 is a spy thriller. And Civil War is just everything the Avengers movies should have been. I could yell about it all day. And BUCKY. Cap and Bucky... I cry. So. Much. Have you ever considered a KiriBaku Stucky AU? I have.

Have you ever considered a KiriBaku Stucky AU”  BOI have I, that’s like the most fitting and most heartwrenching AU I’ve ever thought about anon you got no clue you know what here have some shitty doodles to go with it too

Kirishima’s backstory makes him a great Steve - he used to be weak but couldn’t stand back and mind his business anyway, picked fights left and right even though he always lost them, wanted to be a hero even though his body didn’t let him - Steve’s a definitely more extreme case, but Kiri fits amazingly in the role. 

As far as their past goes, Bakugou’s a bit of a loose fit for Bucky (even though you could shorten Bakugou into Bucky if you really wanted to… lmao), but moving up in the story their shared history is… weirdly fitting??

Getting kidnapped to be turned into a villain? Kirishima going against orders to go save him? That’s catfa’s plot in a nutshell, it’s amazing - and later on with Bucky being a hero seen by the whole world as a villain, that’s very Bakugou too. I can see Bakugou fit in the plotline of Bucky struggling with what he’s done as the Winter Soldier a lot too, and Kiri following him around the world and doing anything to save him and always, always, always being on his side? Refusing to fight him at the end of catws? Boi I die, if it didn’t include so much angst this AU would be my favorite thing, I’m not even gonna lie - ah, the Winter Soldier being into fire arms and Steve’s weapon of choice being a shield work amazingly for Bakugou and Kirishima too, don’t they? The bakushima make a perfect team in the same way the stucky do, too!!


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isabelle lightwood or clary fray


@cosultingpacha requested me quote 20: “Put some clothes on, jeez! We have company coming!” 

Pure and utter crack XD ….or is it?

….Bonus points for an implied Mystrade? :)

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lance asks keith what his favorite animal is and keith just Lights Up and starts going on and on about hippos like did you know they can hold their breath up to seven minutes lance?? did you know they’re one of the most dangerous animals in africa?? they can live up to 40 years lance did you know that?? and lance just listens to him talk and talk and is reminded of how In Love he is with this boy, this boy that loves hippos,


GOOD is not a thing you are. It´s a thing you DO. (x)