i like the quote bc it sounded like wes

have some viktuuri headcanons
  • so before they move to russia they go back to japan and stay for a while, and end up spending through new years’ there
    • they invite yurio with too bc new years’ at yuuri’s is lit like literally there’s so much fireworks and while it’s nothing compared to big fireworks displays in st. petersburg, both viktor and yuuri know that yurio lowkey appreciates the small but close celebration
      • because he needs friends
    • you know the usual endings pre-episode 10? THAT
  • it gives them plenty of time to say goodbye to his friends and family
    • you can practically hear minako weeping
    • they’re all jelly because yuuri’s moving in with his beau heyooo
      • also: yuuri and viktor get to show off their matching rings to the rest of the fam besides minako and mari
      • “guess who got engaged in barcelona?”
      • the triplets are hounding viktor and yuuri for pictures and they don’t mind they’re just so happy to be together and skate together forever wow
  • they also spend this time looking at apartments/condos over there in russia and ofc yuuri’s clueless because he’s only been there once and viktor takes this time to flash his sparkling puppy dog eyes in excitement
    • he gets to show yuuri around st. petersburg and he’s never been more happy
    • they settle on a place by the beach, just around where viktor used to live before he moved to hasetsu bc it reminds yuuri of his place back in japan
  • on that note: cue the sappy tourist montages and instagram spam
    • lots and lots of couple pictures per viktor’s request (not that yuuri minds, of course)
    • lol imagine all the restaurants viktor wants to take yuuri to just to see him try the new food
      • it’s literally the cutest ever viktor will point out every little thing that reminds him of something yuuri will for sure enjoy
      • and it’s great bc st. petersburg used to be so dull– for viktor, it was the same thing every day but now he has yuuri and everything seems so much more lively and he can’t stop thinking about all the stuff they’ll do and see and try together
        • viktor’s just a giant sappy romantic okay 
  • and let’s not forget the most important part of moving into their new place……… the decorating. the shopping.

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melaninordie  asked:

my school is presenting me with a book of my choice and i was thinking of choosing 'we should all be feminists' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, but how long is the book? is it a short book or is it longer bc i haven't seen a hard copy of it before? hopefully it's longer as the price is only £5 so it sounds like it's a short book but idk :)

It’s an essay so it is “only” 53 pages long. Short for a book, long for an essay!


My one suggestion is that the value of a book isn’t always tied to the number of pages. Sometimes a single quote can change your life or help you understand the world much better. Like this quote:

“Some people ask: “Why the word feminist? Why not just say you are a believer in human rights, or something like that?” Because that would be dishonest. Feminism is, of course, part of human rights in general - but to choose to use the vague expression human rights is to deny the specific and particular problem of gender. It would be a way of pretending that it was not women who have, for centuries, been excluded. It would be a way of denying that the problem of gender targets women.”

If you are looking to get the most information possible out of the book you get, then it would make sense to choose something else. But from a value perspective you can’t go wrong with We Should All Be Feminists!


anonymous asked:

Do you still think ichiruki will end up been canon? I mean right now that renji told him that thanks to him rukia and him are together again, and ill be mean if he just takes rukia away from him now that he knows that, and to be honest i feel that theres been a lot of renruki and himeichi in this arc :/ even though no one wants to admit it. I dont know i just want some hope now that bleach is ending in 3 chapters :/ what do you think?

First off, kudos to you for writing ‘himeichi’ so it wouldn’t catch anyone’s blacklists  😂 😂 . 

Second, your whole argument is dumb (not you, the argument!!!) and it honestly sounds like a troll, but I’m gonna bite.

To answer your first question, yes I still think Ichiruki will be ‘canon’. I’m gonna quote your ask and reply to each sentence bc it’s easier for me to show you why i think IR is the only logical way.

// renji told him that thanks to him rukia and him are together again//

way to misinterpret what Renji said. According to MS scanlation:

Does “we got back to how we were” means they are “together like a couple” like you’re interpreting. NO. Renji and Rukia were really close, really close, before she was adopted into the Kuchiki clan. Renji saying that THANKS TO ICHIGO (let’s notice the emphasis here is put on Renji -> Ichigo) Rukia and him could go back to that level of closeness means just that. Ichigo made it happen, so renji is telling him he will go lengths to honor that. Isn’t that the most wonderful thing to ever happen. Renichi brotp ftw.

//  ill be mean if he just takes rukia away from him now that he knows that //

what does this even mean? “takes rukia” what. What would ‘take Rukia away’ entail? A woman has to be taken? Please educate yourself dude. Ichigo wouldn’t be taking Rukia away from Renji because they’re all friends and the notion that when two ppl are together they become isolated from all their previous relationships is dangerous and we shouldn’t be expecting that as a normal consequence. It also perpetuates the notion that women are taken and controlled by man and can’t decide for themselves. It’s also a notion that falls flat when you look at Renji’s feelings for Rukia. IMO, Renji’s romantic feelings for Rukia are still there, but Renji is just happy to have his previous relationship back with her and won’t pursue anything else. HE JUST TOLD ICHIGO HE’S HAPPY TO HAVE THAT BOND BACK. 

// i feel that theres been a lot of renruki and himeichi in this arc//

wait what do you mean by rr and ih here? Panel sharing? Alright. The rukia and renji interactions in this arc have been wonderful and telling of what i was trying to explain earlier: their friendship has been restored thanks to Ichigo and also thanks to them, bc they worked on it. Kubo has been anticipating us what Renji told us this chapter. As for the ichigo and orihime interactions, it has been crucial to Orihime’s awaited development and it was very welcome.

To close this ask: why do i think ichiruki is gonna happen? Because renruki won’t have more developments and IH is still as one-sided as ever. I even think that one sided love will have resolution soon. And besides, all nakama have had their moment, all except Rukia. So that’s coming very soon. Look forward to it

foolishgolds  asked:

So i just recently found out that you freaking talked to THE Connor Hutcherson in German? Is that true???? omg can you please tell me all about it!?!?! Was Josh there too??? ishdkjshfdhskjhfkjshd i am so late I know but I want you tell how it was omg

Where have you been??? How do you know? Muuuahah! Yes, it was me! Ok, well… Just imagine the SOHO Club House in Berlin (where the main cast, Flaw and Nina lived), down the street from there was the Munich Hofbräu House (to drink classic german beer) with a public screening of the FIFA World Championship and the ALEXA Shopping Mall with the MJ unit base and also a public screening. A friend of mine and I we choosed the ALEXA to relive some MJ feelings and to enjoy the game GHANA vs GERMANY. We were dressed really cool all in black-red-yellow (cowboy hat, flag as a cape, hearts on our cheeks, scarfs, Jersey, Hawaii flowerchains - everything in our german colors). Right after the game we went to the SOHO to take the trains back home from there, so we waited at the station and looked forward to see every fan again the next day bc it was our very last day to use our chances to get pix or autographs.

A few days earlier when I arrived at the SOHO other fans occupied the entrance and they were all around someone. When I got close I saw it was Josh and all the fans couldn’t get enough - they asked for pix with him, and another pic, and more pix and uncowntable autographs. I had no chance to get my pic with him signed by him bc they blocked me everytime I tried to see something. They had their fun with me and I stood there like an idiot. A few times I was able to catch Joshs eyes, but that was everything. While I stood there I realized I stood right beside Joshs brother, Connor, and Andre. I was so suprised to see Connor. Then I grinned like an idiot. None of the others registrated them, they just wanted Josh. So I used my chance and greeted the other guys, said HI to them when the bodyguard had enough of the other girls and forced Josh inside. Damn! But the last glance I got was from Josh, at the last moment he looked back … AT ME, quitly confused maybe why I was there but didn’t “want” something from him, or I dunno.

While waiting for the tram at the station I saw 4 dudes on their bicycles coming closer from down the street. I did wonder bc one of the guys looked like Connor (the third in the row) and the last one like Andre. I looked more closely and then I said “Ey look, the second one looks like Josh!” (with his new hair cut), but then I recognized his bodyguard on the first bicycle and then squeed: “THAT IS JOSH!” We left the station and crossed the street (hopefully not to get caught by a car) when the bodyguard, Josh, Connor and Andre came to a halt to use the back entrance of the SOHO. I just couldn’t believe it and said very quietly “Josh!” but all four did hear me and they looked at us. When we came closer they waited and then we stood in a circle – me, left side the friend of mine, to her side Andre, then Connor (across from me), the bodyguard and then Josh (to my right side). We looked at each irritated bc WE ALL WERE IN BLACK-RED-YELLOW. Omigaawwwsh! Josh’s face was completely painted in our german colors, he also did wear a flag as a cape and a german jersey. Connor too and he had german flags painted on his cheeks, Andres face looked a lil like Mel Gibson in Braveheart but in german colors. We looked like crazy german fan girls and they looked like obsessed german fan boys! OMIGAWSH! They also were at a public screening like we were. Omigawsh! Still I had to ask if they saw the game… I didn’t know where to look at first – at Josh or at Connor. I smiled at him bc of the last time when I met him and so Connor answered my question IN GERMAN!!! I was shocked even more. He said, it was an exciting game with lots of twists, but sadly it was just “ein Unentschieden”. I just gaped at Connor, from the fuck did he knew such a complicated german word! Even Josh looked to his bro! It was so funny. So I talked in English and Connor in german. Josh was somehow lost in words and nod here and there! Oh gosh! The next game was supposed to be Germany vs the United States and I asked them if they are going to see it and I told them that game frightens me bc it somehow was conclusively which team will reach the next round. Josh said the german team is incredible and Connor said in german he would root for US bc he is American, so I said I’m going to root for Germany bc I’m german! Stupid me, muuuahaha. It sounded like the Dirty Dancing quote “Ich habe eine Wassermelone getragen”. But they all were confident that Germany is going to win the championship this time and we german girls were just like AWWWWWWWWWW, THANK YOU. The bodyguard then looked at his clock and said it’s time to get in, so they said their goodbyes and how cool it was to talk to us and then shoved their bycicles through the small backentrance door. And the friend of mine and I stood just there watching them leaving and didn’t quite know what the hell happened. Before they disappeared completely I came back to my sense and asked if it’s possible to get a picture maybe. But they couldn’t move, the door was too small, all their bycicles where in their way and they just looked back at us and and and… it was impossible, the question came too late. Josh said he’s very sorry and waved at us goodbye, even Andre looked back at us with a sorry face.

Omigash! Even with no picture proof – really, you all would have loved Josh and Connor faces and how they looked – it was so amazing. But bc we had no photo with them we never really talked about it openly… no one would have believed us. I’ve told some of my friends and here on Tumblr. Now and then I mentioned it in some posts. Later Connor tweeted about it and I freaked out!!! OMIGAWSH!