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Oooh. I wanna hear more about this cult AU. Sounds really interesting!

ok so i made a basic premise for this au. im turning it into a circus cult au now

shinguuji, who is the ringmaster, recruits/collects people that are naturally different, so to speak! like conjoined twins or synesthesia, that sort of thing. the circus is to show them off, really!

meanwhile angie, who is part of the circus but disagrees with shinguuji’s way of doing things, collects/recruits people who are more supernaturally dangerous to make her cult. she believes she can use their “god-given gifts” for the betterment of humanity.

for example, shuuichi, a cult member, has abnormally sharp teeth while kaede, a circus performer, has chromesthesia!!

if u buds have any suggestions for the rest of the class as supernaturally dangerous cult members or odd circus members, i’m open to suggestions!!

Here’s a little snippet of what I imagine when I’m listening to Danger Days!
-Done in water soluble wax pastels-

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Kaito as a fortune teller with three eyes, and the third is on his palm.

whipped this up real fast!! i don’t kno what fortune tellers look like, so it’s that fortune teller machine thing dude and kaito’s outfit combined!!

And no one listens to her because she doesn’t have a pretty face to match her pretty mind.
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What do you think about the criticism of the Princess Diaries? People think that Mia’s transformation scene was offensive because “every girl with thick curly hair and glasses gets changed because she’s ‘ugly’” and that it’s offensive to people who look like that. My thing is, the consensus was that the look just didn’t suit her, not that the look itself is bad. I say that as a person with an afro who wouldn’t consider going out with it in that state (don’t need to look like a Jackson 5 member).

i didn’t realize there was specific criticism about the princess diaries but i’ve heard people say stuff about those scenes in general AND IT’S FUNNY because i was watching miss congeniality yesterday on netflix and i’m pretty sure they straighten her hair too in her transformation though it’s definitely not to that extent asdfasdf

but i think the problem is most people who watch these movies won’t think “oh they’re saying she’s ugly because she wears glasses/has curly hair but that doesn’t mean i can’t be beautiful with glasses/curly hair” they’re just gonna directly relate themselves to her because that’s what we all tend to do off the bat alksjdf especially when we’re young

it’d be nice if mia could’ve just been a princess with naturally curly hair and glasses to further emphasize that you don’t have to make physical changes about yourself to find love and find your place and find confidence. not that that’s what the movie said, but her physical transformation is definitely a visible marking point between her being shy and dorky and insecure and then her becoming more assured of herself. so i guess i think the criticism’s right like let’s fight for more protags who deviate from conventional beauty

Serving you looks this holiday season 👀


Since it’s #choicetumblrmeetup I’m gonna posting one of my selca (+ my bias in the group. No, it doesn’t mean i didn’t like the others, it’s just Park Junhee… yea.)

Hello! Halo! You can call me Kiki and I’m 17 y.o. from Indonesia!
I really wanted to tell you guys about how I met A.C.E (through internet, ofc) but I’m lack in English (ಥ ̯ ಥ) so just say I met them by accident and then I found out that I watched their cover of Blackpink - Playing With Fire before (when they aren’t debut yet). I was like, “oh? I already watched their video? When? Why don’t I remember anything?”

… yeah. That’s all I can say. ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭


A.C.E SHOULD BE PROUD OF ME!!!1!1!111!1!1!!!!! (ʃƪ๑・౩・๑)

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Team Mosk/Eran, because they have BOTH suffered and experienced colossally traumatic experiences already.We don't really KNOW them yet.Right now we're seeing all of the things that make them different from one another but Eran & Mosk have BOTH lost their people due to whatever Davix and Olphix are up to.They have that in common.Theyre just dealing differently. Mosk with self destruction and Eran with throwing himself into finding who is responsible and bringing them to justice.Love for both.

While I am all for people picking sides / teams, this ask made me really happy.

And yeah, it’s easy to focus more on what Mosk has lost because that’s the mystery, and Eran - we know from like the first few paragraphs and his mystery is done. He also doesn’t really show grief or post-trauma in the same ways, and for the most part, is just a very tired but mostly stable fae.

But…I’m looking forward to sort of…showing the places where Eran isn’t okay, and for it to become more Team Mosk/Eran vs. Team ‘one side only.’ We’ll see what happens. Mosk has been through a lot of stuff Eran hasn’t been through, but trauma isn’t a competition.

And yeah you hit the nail on the head. Mosk is dealing with his stuff via self-destruction, but Eran is dealing with his stuff via giving himself jobs to do. When he runs out of things to do…well, we’ll see what happens then in a few chapters. :)

It’s Thanksgiving, and I love Swedish pancakes, so of course I’d get the idea to pair them with cranberry sauce this year for a nice seasonal touch.

Also known as, now I know how Yuri feels in that one Tales of Gekijou short after Reid and Leon rope him into make more crepes.  At least in this case, everyone had plenty to eat and no one got stuck as the Leon, lol.

             remember when roleplaying didn’t revolve around pretty graphics and/or real small and pretty icons? because i do.