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how do i become more confident in my writing? i tend to feel very insecure about it and i hate it

Hey, ‘nonnie! So this is a great question because I know a lot of people struggle with this, myself included. Even with about six years of roleplay under my belt, I am still self-conscious about what I write and the words I use. However, I do have a few tips that can hopefully ease your discomfort!

For starters, I know that there are many reasons as to why someone would feel insecure about their writing, however, there are also several different confident boosters or small things that I do to even improve my writing!

  • If having proper grammar is something you tend to struggle with, there are a lot of helpful sites you can utilize for free. For starters, one of the methods that I prefer to use is Grammarly. This is a very cool Google Chrome add-on and it will process what you write. It’s a spell-check type of tool that is very helpful when it comes to punctuation, spelling, or word usage. Other useful sites for that type of stuff can be found in the following: jspell, online-spellcheck, and spellchecker
  • Vocabulary can be a tricky thing to get a handle on, especially if English is not your first language. All of that is understandable and I’m sure you’re roleplay partners understand that if they know it’s not your native language. In my case, English is my first language but I missed about three years of school so academically, this is where I fall short. It shows in my writing because my word usage can often be considered mediocre. When this happens, I tend to gravitate towards a thesaurus to find words more suitable. There is also a plethora of resources that are on tumblr that you can use in order to achieve better phrasing and a more eloquent sentence in general. Here, here, and here is a great post that gives you alternate word choices.
  • If you’re anything like me, you tend to write things that you know about to avoid this insecurity. But at the same time, you want to write about things you have yet to experience in order to learn — and that’s the key word. If you’re writing about a topic of a subject you may be unclear about, it’s best to do your research. Not only does it aid you from preventing potentially embarrassing mistakes, but it allows you to get the most out of what you’re writing. 
  • This happens to me a lot —you’re sitting at your computer, trying to think of something to write but you’re rendered useless to that process. A lot of times, people sit there, wracking their brain for a solution, staring at a blank page, and forcing a reply that you aren’t content with. When you do this, not only does it feed into your insecurity, but you stop yourself before you even get the chance to possibly come up with anything. In these situations, it’s okay to take a break from the computer and rest your brain. Sometimes all you need are those five minutes of watching a TV show for you to come up with some sort of inspiration. If taking a break does not seem like something you can do, then try to play some music or soothing rain noises to add ambiance. In times of trouble, this website has saved my butt from giving up too quickly. Along with these things, looking at muse blogs can serve a great purpose for you. Bonus: listening to slam poetry can sometimes get your brain working really well!
  • Stop comparing yourself. You do it, I do it, everyone does it and some point. However, comparing yourself to someone else can be very harmful in many ways. Not only does it feed you negative feelings such as “why can’t I write like that?” or “why is my writing so bad?”, but it also stumps you. Doing this can prevent your growth as a writer and hold you back. It’s okay to compliment another writer or admire the words they use, but comparing yourself to them is a dangerous game. My old Literature teacher always told me that everyone’s perspective is different, therefore, no one’s writing will be a carbon copy of another person’s. You naturally will have your own way of writing that is different than everyone else’s.
  • Don’t apologize. A lot of times, people tend to say things like “sorry this reply sucks” in a very casual way it can be damaging. When you say this, you are the only person getting in the way of success. Don’t even tag your reply with something like that because it most likely isn’t true because it’s a subjective statement. Don’t allow yourself to feed into your own insecurities because this is how they can potentially control you. 
  • If you’ve been denied an acceptance from a group, just remember, I have to. I’ve had my application denied multiple times before and it sucks. However, this is something that can come in handy. Asking the admin why you weren’t accepted can be a huge step towards becoming a better and more confident writer. getting constructive feedback is important and it is your job as the writer to accept this and take it all into account. It doesn’t mean you have to hold onto every word for dear life, you just have to listen. 
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Name: Lou
Age: 26
Country: France

Hello! My name is Lou and I live in the south of France. I am a soon-to-be student again, currently working at home and spending too much time in nature.

My interests include (but are not limited to): science (especially geology, astronomy and botany), archaeology, video games, travels, poetry, Star Trek, music, and a weird j-pop band called Kanjani8.

I am shy, awkward, but really friendly! I am also non-binary (they/them pronouns) and queer!

Preferences: I’d like to meet people from around my age (between 21 and 30) but if you think we can get along, I’m okay with anybody over 18!

I also like to write letters so I’m looking for someone who want to receive mails or letters! 

close the movement of the heavens
black abide the blood horizon
floating on the trooping waters
torpid washing on the shore;
soothe him with a fleeting lie
Hypnos, harvester of sorrow
he is tired of the world
chased his spirit by commanders
of a million injustices;
coward, scared and broken Hector
sought to rip his heart apart
chased like frenzied deer to die
—  fall of Patroclus
Transcript of an Unapologetic Fanboy

Okay. I should never mock Dan for being a fanboy ever again, because I’m such a fangirl that I rewatched their video of them playing the RPG Phil made when he was 14 … just to transcribe every time Dan was an adorkable, (mostly) unironic fanboy in this video (you can’t really expect Dan to ever be 100% unironic, though when it comes to praising Phil he does it way more than usual). So here we go:

“I mean to say, that you actually designed that town. I am impressed, Phil!” *claps his hands*

“I love how, like, you’re 14 and you know nothing about making games, but just from playing loads of games you just knew what to do.”

“You even got the changing face animations! Phil’s coming for you, Toby Fox.”

“I love that you said that the bat ‘collapses.’ You’re not murdering any animals…”

“Phil, this is so creative…” (followed by the laughing—and very well deserved—criticism “but you really, like, the literacy levels, they need to be improved.”)

“Super lol random, Phil. I appreciate that.” (okay, possibly mostly ironic)

“I really think that 14-year-old Dan and 14-year-old Phil would have gotten along quite well.”

“Good rhyme!”

“That was some good poetry! I mean, like, if you showed your English teacher that, they’d probably encourage your creativity.”

“We’re playing this because it’s a game that you made, but I’m actually having quite a lot of fun. This is a fun game. … Does RPG Make have, like, an iPhone app? If so, that would be, like, I’d be so in for this.”

“Just draw it yourself, Phil. I’m sure it would be really good.” (okay, maybe this one was 100% ironic, because we all know how good Phil’s drawing skills are, but it was said so earnestly and kindly that I decided to include it)

“Did you make all your friends play this game? … Did they love it? … Oh my…, that’s so, like, nerdy and adorable but actually really cool.”

“Future character foreshadowing there! All right!”

“WHAT? Oh. My. God, Phil. This is some advanced … You just killed the main character!”

“What does this mean for the story? I’m actually surprised by how in depth this is.”

“I’m literally … this is the end of Undertale, guys. I’m about to start crying.”

“I’m actually surprised, Phil. You hit me with the plot twist when I was least expecting it.”

“You were 14 when you made this!”

“I am actually impressed. Please leave your comments with how impressed you are of 14-year-old Phil making this game.”

“I am hyped! I mean, you need the next chapter of this in your lives! Make sure you subscribe!”

The world seems to be spinning faster than usual. My head hurts a lot more. I told myself over and over again to not get my hopes up. I know that you moved on but part of you still holds onto me. I’m doing the same thing, I guess… I can feel it in my bones that you are going to come back to me with tired eyes and messy hair. I’m going to wrap my arms around you and tell you it’s going to be okay even if it isn’t. I don’t know how I feel about us anymore. You were the only thing I was sure about, damnit. Now I’m sitting on the floor of my room hoping you fight for me. You have me wrapped around your finger. I wish I could unwind myself, but I know I’ll never let go. You drive me insane because I think you love me, but all you want is to not. Love doesn’t work like that, babe. Drop the game.
—  We aren’t over.. Are we?
I wondered if you ever worried about me at all. If you ever looked at the bags under my eyes and thought maybe there was something keeping me up at night. If you even noticed that I don’t speak with enthusiasm like I used to, or that I don’t speak much at all. If you noticed that I’m always cold and tired, if you noticed that I never join in on the games anymore. If you ever looked at me a considered asking if I was okay. If you ever look at me, even for a second and considered that perhaps something was wrong.
—  darling my stars are falling

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helllooo! love your blog, one of my faves tbh. i was wondering if you would be so kind as to please do a music inspo thing for me (or even just a couple songs for each label)? i'm kinda stuck on songs for the benevolent/effervescent and for my other muse that's a bibliophile/baby doll. if you could help i would really appreciate it, please & thanks <3

i haven’t done this in like 5ever !! this is such a throwback 4 me honestmeme, but i’ll try this out for u again ! i hope u like it & enjoyyy !

( ; the effervescent. ) — such a warm yellow light that pours over everyone present.

i. once in awhile / timeflies  – i live life like my blood type / B positive.
ii. sweet serendipity / lee dewyze  –   i don’t ask for a lot / no nothing more than i need / because i love what i got.  
iii. 3 little birds / panic! at the disco (bob marley cover) – don’t worry ‘bout a thing /
‘cause every little thing gonna be all right.
iv. you are enough / sleeping at last – you are enough / these little words, somehow they’re changing us. / you are enough. / so we let our shadows fall away like dust.
v. it’s not my fault i’m happy / passion pit – i know that it’s always something / i’m just working with what i’ve been given / it’s not my fault, i’m happy / don’t call me crazy, i’m happy.
vi. simple thing / the shins – you sure must be strong / and you feel like an ocean being warmed by the sun.
vii. something good can work / two door cinema club – let’s make this happen, girl / you gotta show the world that something good can work / and it can work for you.
viii. keep your head up / andy grammer – this is just a journey / drop your worries / you are gonna turn out fine.
ix. smile / mcfly – and if you’re love life ain’t cooking baby / there’ll be more fish around / oh you just gotta stay happy / so put away that frown.
x. be okay / oh honey – i’m wide awake, so what’s the point of dreaming when your life is great? / celebrate the feeling.

( ; the babydoll. ) — she acts so innocent but her eyes full of lust.

i. brooklyn baby / lana del rey  – i think I’m too cool to know ya / you say i’m like the ice i freeze / i’m churning out novels like / beat poetry on amphetamines.
ii. no scrubs / CAPPA –  but a scrub is checkin’ me / but his game is kinda weak / and i know that he cannot approach me / 'cause I’m lookin’ like class and he’s lookin’ like trash.
iii. sweet ophelia / zella day – believe me now you’re too young girl / cherry pie with your gold curls / growin’ up like a grapevine / wrapped around you in due time.
iv. primadonna / marina & the diamonds – beauty queen on a silver screen / living life like i’m in a dream / i know i’ve got a big ego / i really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though.
v. reading in bed / emily haines – sing from a book you’re reading in bed / and took to heart / all of your lives unled, reading in bed
vi. 17 / sky ferreira – she’s got so many older friends / they pick her up every Wednesday night. / she breaks the rules / she makes a fool of everyone / she won’t give up until she’s done.
vii. gold coins / charli xcx – that’s what i dream of in my head / gold coins everywhere / dollars up in the air / it’s a billionaire’s love affair.
viii. but i am a good girl / christina aguilera – the dress is chanel, the shoes ysl / the bag is dior, agent provocateur / my address today, LA by the way
ix. pacify her / melanie martinez – someone told me stay away from things that aren’t yours / but was he yours, if he wanted me so bad?
x. bubble pop electric / gwen stefani – i’m restless can’t you see i try my bestest / to be good girl because it’s just us / so take me now and do me justice.

Fall in love with him.

It will ruin you forever. He will become the story you tell your daughter when she comes home at 16 with a broken heart. He will haunt your dreams, no matter how many years have passed. To think of him will always make your heart hurt, it will always feel like you’ve lost him all over again. You won’t look at melted caramel the same way ever again because you could swear it’s the exact same hue as his eyes on a glorious summers day. You won’t be able to listen to the radio station that plays 90s rock songs because each one will remind you of him in the most peculiar ways and you will long for his voice crooning the lyrics out to you instead. You’ll drive out to spots where you used to go on dates together, or run into one of the boys he plays football with at a bar, or have him appear randomly on your Facebook feed because of mutual friends and likes. You will never be the same again, he will leave a mark so deep and so long on your heart there’s no chance in hell it’ll ever heal completely.

Let him ruin you.

For however long he stays, it’ll feel like flying. His voice will give you butterflies every time he calls you his baby. The grip of his hand on yours will feel like an anchor even during the fiercest of storms. Loving him will feel like running wild, like your heart is on fire, like there is nothing better or more freeing to ever exist. It will make you feel like you’re infinite. It will make you believe in every cliché and happily ever after. It’ll make you feel alive. And it’ll be a time to be looked back on with a smile and the familiar warmth of that summer and his embrace.

Don’t chase him when he leaves you.

You’ll never be able to run fast enough to keep him. And you’ll be embarrassed when you see in the distance that he’s in love with someone who isn’t you. He won’t look back, and he won’t come back. So don’t chase after him down a path that ends abruptly with a do or die ultimatum. Do yourself a favour and run as fast as you can the other way before you throw up over the thought that he could give up and go on so easily.

Allow yourself to fall in love again.

When a boy comes along and makes your heart want to escape between the bars of your ribs, your cheeks grow flattered and your mind swirl with possibilities. When a boy who cares enough to pick you up when it’s raining so you don’t have to walk home and knows your favourite type of flowers without asking and who doesn’t have to ask how you are to know you’re not okay, don’t let the boy who ran away come crawling back into your mind the minute happiness seems like a possibility with someone else, don’t even let him waste an inch of space in your heart. You’re allowed to be happy AND still love the boy who made your heart feel like it was on fire, just don’t forget that you got burnt bad. It’s okay to let yourself fall for a boy, a wonderful boy full of possibilities, and trust him not to break your heart again. It’s okay to love him too.

- a game we all know too well // Part I

—  s.a.s
It was never you (poem)

One day someone will love me the way I deserve to be loved
But that someone isn’t you
That someone isn’t you
It would be so easy for us to go together
Our hearts are like mirrors, an equal reflection of each other
Over flowing with love
Dripping with affection
Beating with passion
But that isn’t enough
We believe in love
And so do the other billions of people walking this earth
You don’t know what you want though
You put your mouth where your hands can’t reach
And you speak words to heights you cant achieve
Broken promises and sweet nothings fall to the ground like dead, autumn leaves

I’m 110% entitled to the love I deserve
We all are
I’m aware it may not be anytime soon, and that’s okay
I’ve been working on me and practicing self love anyway
Love for another will come when the time is right
You know how to play the game
You know how to lead me on
I wasn’t even in search of love or like
But you played with my mind

No rush
I’m not focused on it, but,
One day someone will love me the way I deserve to be loved
But that someone isn’t you
That someone isn’t you
It was never you


So um hi. I know I only have 104 followers and my blog isn’t really that popular but I want to try something.

Okay so… Can everyone who sees this post send me a prompt to write either a poem or a one shot with the ship of your choice. It can be from either books, anime, shows. I don’t really play a lot of games though but i feel like this will help advance my writing skill over the summer.

Thanks in advance. 😊

comicbookworm  asked:

zeus, athena, hermes and apollo. was that too many??

Nope! that’s not to many at all! :D

okay, so first up

athena: what are your favorite classic novels?

I really like Beowulf, full of action and adventure! Not only that, but it also inspired many future awesome video games and books, like Lord of the Rings and Skyrim!

hermes: where do you want to travel that you’ve never been before?

OOH! Tricky one, I’ve always wanted to go to Rome,Italy and Sydney, Australia, I also would really like to go to Universal studious theme park. Harry Potter world? Yes please!

apollo: what are your favorite pieces of poetry?

I LOVE “The road not Taken” by Robert Frost, and “Deaf Donald” By Shel Silverstein

Thank you for asking friend! XD

Greek Myth Asks

I was tagged by @ash-lander to do this and i love music asks so im really happy about it

RULES: List 10 songs you’re currently vibing to, then tag 10 mutuals

  1. Akua Naru - Poetry: how does it feel (I found this song and artist very recently and i legit get excited when i listen to this song)
  2. Jurassic 5 - What’s Golden (one of my all time fave jams, i’ve been listening this for 7+ years and im not getting tired of it, actuall the whole album Feedback is so good like listen to that 100%)
  3. Y’akoto - Without You (I love Y’akoto and she is doing a tour through germany this october and i’m like 110% sure to be when she is in Berlin!!)
  4. Paramore - Hard Times (luv this song, nuff said)
  5. Herbie Hancock - Chameleon (It’s a really long track but so good, also listen to the whole album its only like 4 songs but you have to listen to the whole thing to really get it)
  6. Schrottgrenze - Glitzer auf Beton (It’s gay, it’s good, and I need to see them live)
  7. The Roots - Dynamite! (can’t make a vibe playlist without including the roots tbh)
  8. Moop Mama - Liebe (idk who recommended this to me but it was one from the german discord chat and im really grateful for it)
  9. Jan Delay - Klar (this song makes me so happy and nostalgic and i love it okay?)
  10. GRiZ - Wicked (one of my fave songs from one of my fave gay artists, seeing him live is but a dream)

I tag uhhh @egoisticalgoat @nudelherz and every other mutuals who wants to do this I really love getting song recommendations and yes please okay?


its probably not even your bday anymore in the uk and im sorry but yeah 

i love you and normally i don’t write long shits like this cause i’ll know you won’t read it but its more for myself. 

idk why I’ve grown to love you and admire you this much. your not gandhi or buda or jesus or einstein or neruda but all your stupid tweets are like poetry to me. you may not have done a big action to humanity worth noticing, but you did leave a mark on me, you teach me that being weird its okay, being different doesnt mean that nobody will never accept you, that you can be a cool nerd with interests in politics, video games, complicated word and social media. 

and honestly you and phil, doesn’t matter if you’re not together, you will forever be the best fairytale I’ve heard. i mean you showed me that real friendship does exist. that you can find someone with who yan can share almost all the aspects of your life. 

its simple, i love you. i LOVE everything you do, i support every step you make and you make me happy, and i don’t even know you but you are one of the most important persons in my life, in many life’s actually. 

happy birthday. i wish you the best. 

I hope she sees galaxies in your eyes and
I hope her hand is warm when you hold it
I hope she laughs when your jokes aren’t funny, because your jokes are never funny
I hope your friends adore her and say “she’s the one”
and I hope she drives you to your favorite restaurant without saying a word
I hope she writes you love letters and I hope she has a big nose and I hope she sings you to sleep
when it’s cold, I hope you wrap your arms around her from behind and whisper “I love you” in her ear, the way you all to often did for me
I hope she’s ticklish and if she’s not I hope she fakes it for you
I hope she mixes your drinks just right and I hope when you tell her about your father, that she knows better than to say anything or pass judgement
i hope she preorders all the right video games and sits through your ridiculously long tournaments like I did
I hope she kisses you gently but fucks you like tomorrow may not come
because tomorrow may not come
I hope she’s everything I’m not, and everything I never could be
—  excerpt from the novel i’ll never write
INFJ Stereotypes

Warm and affirming by nature: Well, if and only if you warm up to me too. I don’t do good with strangers or even acquaintances. It’s an automatic response to care for people. It’s a drive to help everyone in need and to assure them to make them feel good inside. And that makes me feel good inside.

All about the “perfect” relationship: Depending on your definition of perfect, my perfect is just simply loving someone for who they are no matter the circumstances and your S.O. to love you the same in return. Easier said than done I suppose. But a good blog post once said, that in the end of the day everyone will hurt you, you just got to know who is worth the pain. But yes I have high standards when it comes to this especially when I have actual ideal relationship goals (that are actually pretty realistic if you ask me).

Sensitive to others feelings: In a way, I can feel other people’s feelings. I can tell how they are feeling at a given situation, better so if you are close to me. When the mood of the whole atmosphere changes, you can bet on it that I feel it at maximum level and I’ll do my very best to keep it at its equilibrium form. I always watch the words I use and how I say them to make everyone feel comfortable.  

Good communication skills: To me, it takes a lot of effort to express myself verbally in a very orderly and easy to understand manner since that requires careful thinking. My colleague once told me that I have really good writing skills and I can explain my ideas better on my reports. Sometimes I wish I could speak better though.

Take their commitments very seriously: When I commit to something or someone, I will give my all, no exceptions. I do things with heart, and if I have enough heart to do something, I can make it happen. The only drawback that if I lose that drive, I will falter so it’s important for me to keep it consistent and alive.

Have high expectations for themselves and others: I have high expectations for myself, and sometimes, it’s too unrealistic. So when I under perform, it stresses me out greatly that I always want a redo but that’s not how life works. I try to keep my expectations for myself realistic to keep myself sane. But for others, I don’t really expect anything from anyone as I think that their life expectations is clearly their own. 

Able to move on after a relationship: This really depends on how important that relationship was for me. Bad relationships are easily forgettable. I just door slam them and keep them there. But some relationships that I think are savable are the ones that are hard to let go. Eventually I’ll get over it because time heals all.

Tend to hold back; keep secrets: Yes, your secret is safe with me. Because usually, I’ll forget them if they are not of concern. But when it comes to myself, I try not to tell anything about myself or at least keep it to the minimum. Usually not a lot of people know me for who I am, actually, there is only two people alive that know me as I am. But I will tell the truth when people ask me personally if they really want to know. Sometimes keeping people in the dark unnecessarily will have its consequences.

Not good with money or daily necessities: Yes, this is sadly true. I suck big time when it comes to keeping my money in check. I suck at keeping stuff too so I lose a lot of money by replacing those stuff back, hah.

Extreme dislike of conflict/criticism: Extreme is such a strong word. I think conflict and criticism is good in making the best decision, provided that all parties are in the same page of things and is more concerned of the greater good. I don’t mind getting criticized even if it would kill me a little inside but that’s the only way we can truly improve. 

Possesses deep complexity: To me, life itself is a great paradox. I tend to overthink the most minor of details to the greatest depth of human understanding of things. I find it enjoyable and liberating. But does that make me deep? Hmm. Debatable.

Creative: If I collected every plot I can think of since I was a kid, I would have a library filled with amazing adventures for all of us to enjoy. I love theorizing and therefore, I love stories. I used to write poetry too. But in all practicality of life, I am good in thinking of new ideas for a lot of stuff if needed be especially in thinking of game ideas (yes, I love being a gamemaster, it saves my soul).

Future-oriented: “Always have the end in mind”. This is a mantra I strive on because what is the freaking point if you don’t have the end in mind. I have goals, like those #goals you see on instagram (but the realistic and meaningful kinds, okay.) I live for the future but at the same time, it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy the present because if you think about it, your present is the foundation of your future. Remember this well my friends.

Intuitively understand people and situations: To follow your intuition is to follow your GUT. And damn, it is usually right. I think the mind and heart has this algorithm that synchronizes everything around you in a split second that will give you an AHA! moment. You just seem to know what’s up even when you don’t understand it yet, that my friend, is your psychic powers. Use it wisely. Ps. It works. (Okay, what I mean is, you understand people. That is your psychic powers. SEE THE TRENDS MY CHILD, SEE IT IN YOUR CRYSTAL BALL.)

Social Media Disease

Following and unfollowing
don’t get me started
oh no, say it’s not so
did I actually like something
I shouldn’t have hearted  
jurors out the wazoo 
judging and begrudging 
this numbers game
has grown a bit lame
social media disease
is where sanity ends
so if it’s okay with you
I’ll just hang out with a few
dear special souls
I’m blessed to call friends

5.23.17 6:10am

I am sick all over the floor
My tears are bleeding down my face is nailed with pain and pulling in 6 different directions like an ugly game of Twister
I go in and out of consciousness
But even my dreams are screams and shrieks trying to exorcise your devil from my spirit is finally free and I shake me awake, slapping me, tossing water
“He’s gone. It’s okay now.”
I hear you but my heart is miles below my head and your words ran out of breath and so my heart is still caged
It will come around

i wonder who here wants a tumblr bff?

i don’t care how many followers you have, or how far you live away, or how awkward and shy u think u are okay haha (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

we can talk about everything and anything you want (◠‿◠✿), small talk or deep stuff or shallow stuff, problems, love, poetry, books, video games, fandoms, whatever. I’m pretty open-minded.

if you’re down for this, you can shoot me a message, or just like/reblog this so i can give you one! (▰˘◡˘▰)

I loved you
And you didn’t feel the same
But that’s okay, I said,
Because I figured that this way,
I could begin to fall in love with other things

Like Sunday rain,
Watching my little cousin’s soccer games,
Relationships with no strings,
Parties where everyone drinks,
That tea place across the street,
And me.

And I’m proud to say I tried,
But I’m still in love with you
Especially on nights like these.
And if God forbid, you ever see my poetry,
Please darling, don’t pity me.

—  e.r.h.

Ninety percent
When you said you were fine
And I saw through your lies
Because neither was I
Ninety-two percent
Because I promised to have your back
But you let yourself be torn apart
To protect mine instead
Ninety-four percent
Because you knew the difference
Between a yes
And my silence
Ninety-six percent
For your stupid blue eyes
And your stupid neck kink
And the way your lips part, just for me
Ninety-eight percent
For telling me ‘You were amazing’
But then I saw you, hurt, scarred
And still you looked at me like I was your answer
And I suddenly realized 
You’re at one hundred.

                          - Because home isn’t a place but a person,
                            When you’re by my side.