i like the pink doe


Anthony Kiedis and Flea by Andy Warhol, 1985


↳companion romances | sole survivor x preston garvey

“have you ever thought of us being more than just friends?”
have i… you mean… you also…?

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you

Eric told me I could post all the doodles I liked as long as they were spoiler free so beware the floodgates have opened and I’m gonna be brushing up a ton of my StreetSmart sketches 


PUNK/PASTEL AU, for the carry on countdown!

“I can’t believe the new kid has pink hair, like who even does that?” Simon Snow scoffs to his friend Penny at lunch.

“I don’t know Simon, but you seem pretty obsessed with Basilton lately,” Penny suggests, head tilted.

“What are you implying?” Simon asks.

“Oh, nothing,” Penny says. “Just–hey Baz!” She waves at the new kid.

“Penny,” Simon hisses, pulling her sleeve, “what are you plotting?”

But Basilton was already starting to make his way over, eyeing the other students in the dining hall with caution.

“Good afternoon, Penelope,” Basilton says, and Simon quickly notices the posh accent (apart from his pink hair and bored gray eyes, of course).

Then Basilton turns his eyes to him and says, “Hey, Snow.”

Feeling at a loss for a proper response, he flaps out, “I like your hair.”

Penny rolls her eyes, but Basilton smiles softly, his cheeks turning the same color as his hair.

if mark’s hair is like this

does this mean the music video for chewing gum was filmed during nct life in paju and before firetruck??

We interrupt this irresponsibly-late night with SUDDEN UNREPENTANT VANITY

YOU KNOW with all the stuff I despise about my brain and personality it’s kind of a relief that I love my face so much.

(Also if you have curly hair that you scrunch and you haven’t tried Miss Jessie’s yet you should really try Miss Jessie’s)

Okay, I know I should wait until I track down my actual camera, and charge its battery, and get some natural lighting in which to take a good photograph…but I love this too much and I can’t wait. Besides, the crappy fakeout version that I painted on Photoshop from my badly distorted pencil sketch has got SO MANY notes, and that just cracks me up! (Thanks for that, though, everyone. I hope you like this one even better - I certainly do!)

So here’s a photo of the finished watercolor painting - taken with my phone, this morning. I edited that photo to fix contrast and color, trying to get it to look more like it does in person; I also erased the pink-tinged background (artifact of the phone’s flash). Other than that, it looks about right. :)