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One Week

“The hotel is amazing,” Jack’s voice sounds almost awed, and Joe can’t help but smile as he listens. “I mean, it’d be better if you were here. But it’s still bloody amazing.”

“I’d love to have gone, but you know I couldn’t.”

“I know,” Jack sighs, “Because you have to work.”

“I’m sorry, babe.” Joe says for what feels like the hundredth time, but he still does mean it. He really did want to go on the holiday with Jack and some of the others, unfortunately his schedule just wasn’t going to allow it.

“It’s fine, I get it. Just, well, make sure you don’t work yourself too hard.”

“Me? Work too hard?”

“Joe, be serious. I’m not there to stop you from editing or filming or planning. And there’s no one to make sure you don’t stay up until half four in the morning. And no one to make sure you actually eat.” Jack’s voice has turned from awed to firm. “It’s one week. Take care of yourself.”

“I always take care of myself.” The silence that follows speaks more than any words would, “Alright,” Joe replies, “I can do it for one week. Now, go enjoy your amazing hotel.”

“I’ll call you tonight?”

“Sounds good.”

“Love you. And remember to eat!” Jack adds the last part quickly.

“Love you too,” Joe laughs, ending the call a moment later. As he tosses his phone onto the desk beside his computer, he glances at the video waiting to be edited.

Jack means well, he really does, and Joe appreciates him for caring so much. But this week is going to be busy, and Joe can already tell that there’s going to be little sleep happening.

One week, he tells himself, pulling himself closer to the desk, One week won’t kill me.

The week flies by, and before either know it, Jack’s back in London.

Joe would have forgotten, except for the fact that his boyfriend has texted him at every chance that day to say how excited he was to see him. And it’s not like Joe isn’t excited to see the other man, because he is. It’s just that he’s a little tired and overworked, as well as distracted by the video he’s editing.

He tried his best to listen to Jack’s instructions for the past week, but work and meetings got in the way, and so Joe didn’t get much sleep, or much to eat if he was being honest. Not that Jack knew, because each time they talked on the phone, Joe made sure to act as if everything was fine.

Because it was.

For the most part.

“Joe?” Jack’s cheery voice carries through the flat into the office, and Joe blinks at the computer.

Was it that late in the day already?

Pushing the chair away from the desk, he stands quickly, bracing himself on his desk as the world settles around him.

Stood too fast, he thinks as he heads for the doorway. Jack is already on his way towards the office, and his grin only grows when his eyes fall on Joe.

“Hey, babe!” He pulls Joe into a tight hug, who lets out a small oomph at the contact, but smiles and wraps his arms around Jack as well.

“Welcome home.”

“Come on, I have stories to tell you.” Jack’s hand slips into Joe’s, and he begins to pull him towards the living room. Joe glances back at the office, the video he still needs to edit is sitting on his computer, but he shakes it off, turning his gaze back to Jack.

He can just finish it later.

As Jack rambles on about the different stories, Joe does his best to pay attention, but the words float around him and his mind can’t quite grasp onto them. He still nods and smiles, laughing at what he’s sure are the appropriate times, if Jack’s happy look is anything to go off of.

“You would have loved it,” Jack chuckles, finishing his last story. “We need to go on holiday soon.”

“We will.” Joe assures him, giving the younger man’s hand a squeeze. “I promise.”

“You hungry? I was thinking we could order in, watch a movie?”

“Oh,” Joe’s eyes dart back to the hallway that lead to his office, “I had a big lunch. And I have a video to finish.”

He doesn’t know why he just lied to Jack, it’s stupid.

“Well, how about you finish the video, and then we can relax?” Jack tries again, but his smile has faded just a little.

“That should work.” Joe nods, standing from the couch, his hand slipping from Jack’s. “I’ll try to not take too long.”

“Make sure you don’t. There’s quite a few days we have to make up for.” The younger man smirks up at him, and Joe smiles, shaking his head as he turns and heads for the office.

“Joe!” He snaps back to reality, looking over at Jack who’s stood in the doorway, frowning over at him.


“I’ve been calling you for nearly five minutes.”

“You have?” Joe mutters, running a hand across his face.

“Yes.” Jack steps into the room, pulling the chair back from the desk before he leans over, hands braced on the armrests as he stares at Joe. “Did you listen to me at all for this week?”

“I listened to you every night.”

“Not that, I meant when I told you not to overwork yourself.”

“I haven’t overworked myself.”

“You can barely focus on me, and I know you didn’t hear practically anything I said earlier. How much have you slept this week?”

“Uhm,” Joe’s eyes shift to over Jack’s shoulder, suddenly not wanting to meet his boyfriend’s gaze, “Enough.”

“And your big lunch today?” Jack’s voice has turned soft, and Joe winces lightly at getting caught. “That’s what I thought.”

Sighing, Jack pushes himself up straight, running a hand through his hair.

“You can’t do this, babe.”

“I was just busy. I’m fine. Let me finish this video, and then we can eat.” Joe tells him, going to turn back to the computer, but his chair moves in the opposite direction as Jack spins it around. And when he’s pulled out of his chair, he’s too tired and surprised to resist, so he simply lets Jack tug him along.

Joe stumbles over his feet slightly, but he braces himself against Jack, who’s quick to wrap an arm around him, securing him.

“This is why I don’t leave you…” Jack mutters to himself as he leads Joe upstairs to bed.

“What are you doing?” Joe mumbles, brows drawn together as Jack begins to tug the clothes off of him. “Jack, please, I’m too tired…”

“We aren’t having sex, Joe.” The younger man rolls his eyes, pulling the shirt over Joe’s head. “But I don’t think you want to wear your clothes to bed.”

“Oh.” Joe replies simply, blinking slowly as Jack continues to strip him down. “Wait, bed? But my video…”

Jack stops what he’s doing, staring at Joe in disbelief. “Your video can fucking wait, Joe. You are swaying where you’re standing. Because you don’t know how to bloody take care of yourself. It was one week, I went away for one week, and you stop sleeping and eating. So I’m sorry if you’re video isn’t getting edited. I don’t care at this point. You are going to go to sleep, and when you wake up, you’re going to eat. And shower, because you kind of stink. And then you’ll sleep some more. Perhaps then you can finish your fucking video.”

With a small huff, he finishes stripping Joe down before nodding towards the bed. He then turns and heads to the bathroom, pulling his own shirt off along the way.

Guilt floods Joe as he climbs into the bed, pulling the blanket up around him. He watches the bathroom door closely, trying to fight back the exhaustion that has washed over him until Jack returns. But it’s proving difficult since his boyfriend is taking his time.

“Jack?” Joe calls out weakly, almost sighing with relief when the man in question reappears, crossing the room silently before climbing into bed.

“I’m sorry,” Joe says softly, inching closer to the warm body next to him, relaxing when Jack wraps an arm around him, pulling him even closer. “I should have taken better care of myself.”

“Yes, you should have.” Jack’s reply is tired sounding, but his touch is soft as his fingers run along Joe’s back. “I don’t like coming back to you in this state, Joe.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” Joe tilts his head back, finding Jack’s lips in the darkened room. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.”

“I promise to take care of myself more.”

“Like that’ll happen,” Jack scoffs, “But its why I’m here.”

“And I love you for it.” Joe smiles, kissing Jack once again. “Thank you for putting up with my stupidity.”

“You’re welcome, love. Now go to sleep.”

“Alright. Love you.” Joe tells him, closing his eyes finally as he tucks his head into Jack’s shoulder.

“Love you too, idiot.” Jack responds fondly, kissing the top of Joe’s head gently.

Head Canon #6

You have no idea how much I NEED a scene in a future Fantastic Beasts movie, in which Newt, Tina, Queenie, Jacob and Newtina’s little child are eating dinner one night and talking about wizarding schools. And the child suddenly looks towards Newt and innocently asks him, ‘daddy, is Hogwarts or Ilvermorny the better school?’ And for a split second Tina holds her breath, Jacob sighs like here we go. Newt and Queenie instinctively glare at each other, hands edging a bit closer to their wands and get into a heated discussion on why Hogwarts or ilvermorny is better. Tina is just trying to control the damage before anyone tries to jinx the other, by trying to butt in with ‘they’re both good schools!’, but Newt and Queenie ignore her and the kid just wide-eyed watches this debate going back and forth.

Night Shift (Jimin)

Okkkk SOOOO this story is in celebration of my new job at a store and this is what I think about when we have down time ._. Hope you guys like it<3


You sigh as you get out of your car slamming the door as you walk into the door of the corner store you work at. Tonight you got stuck on the night shift. From precisely 10pm-6Am. And to make it better you had it with no other then Park Jimin. You didn’t hate him… You just liked him. A LOT. Too much. And that made you want to beat his ass. 

You knew he would pick on you tonight. He always does when you two are the only one in the store. And because of your outfit tonight will be a long one. You didn’t wash clothes so what you did have on was tight white skinny jeans with a tank top that was black but it’s covered by the store smock you have to wear. Your feet covered with brown timberland’s and your hair falling over your shoulders a bandanna crossed into a bow above your head.

You sigh when you hear Jimin laughing with your other co-workers Namjoon and Suga. They exchange the registers getting you guys set up as Jimin helps them with the paper work. A requirement for every shift. When they see you all of them look at you with a smirk and you want to slap the dimples off of Namjoon’s face. 

“I’m going to the bathroom.” You announce turning around walking to the opposite side

“Hello to you as well!” Suga yells out to you and all of them laugh when you flip them off. You go in the bathroom looking in the mirror pepping yourself up. You push your bra up making sure your breast look good and you fix your pants where it twisted at the ankles. You turn your body around looking at your ass sighing when you just now notice you can see your blue laced panties through them. 

“I should’ve fucking knew it.” You sigh before trying to push the smock down over to cover your ass. You brought it a size big for these types of situations but when you saw the other girls with the tight smock’s on and Jimin’s eyes glued to their breast you wished that you would’ve got a tighter one. But oh well. 

You walk back out of the bathroom and you go back to the front stepping up behind the counter shutting the little door behind you as you walk beside Jimin. He looks at you as he leans over the counter by his register his eyes lingering on your body. You feel your cheeks heat up as you take in his body. He has on a long white T-shirt with ripped blue skinny jeans and brown timberland’s to match yours. His brown hair in a black beanie and a sucker in his mouth his tongue darting out a bit.

“W-where’s your smock?” You ask him and he smirks at you his eyes meeting yours. 

“I didn’t bring it. Sort of forgot it last minute. Trying to rush to get to you it slipped my mind~” He says with a smile and a wink. You roll your eyes leaning against the counter. 

“Save that lie for someone else.” You say as you glare at him. 

“Yah no staring at me right now! You have to do your cigarette check.” He says and you sigh looking around for the paper. 

“Right here sexy.” Jimin coes and you sigh walking up to him. He hands it to you his eyes staring down at you. You get a little flustered under his stare so you snatch the paper from him going to count the cigarettes. 

The first two hours are the same Jimin teasing you or making corny lines to get you to talk to him. You both get a lot of customers since it’s night and especially since it’s a Friday night. You catch Jimin eyeing you really hard as the store clears out so you cock your head to the side meeting his gaze. 

“Sir is there a problem?” You ask him and he nods his head the sucker long gone from his mouth. 

“Then fix it…” You mumble looking off straight a head. You feel hands turn you around and suddenly Jimin is in front of you looking down at you as he grabs your hips with his hands trapping you against the counter. 

“W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” You shout at him hitting his chest.

“Fixing my problem.” He mumbles bringing his face to yours. 

“J-Jimin no!” You say turning your head to the side. Jimin laughs as his face lands in the crook of your neck and he starts to suck a hickey into your skin making you squirm against him. 

“S-stop Jimin-ah!” You moan softly as he grabs at your smock pulling you to him. 

“You don’t really want me to..” He says licking a slow line from your neck to your collarbone. 

“I-I do. I don’t like you like that.” You say feeling your skin heat up from what Jimin is doing. 

“Oh really? So your saying that I’m the only one that’s thought about me fucking you? Hard against the counter even. Pounding into that tight pussy until your screaming my name. Your legs trembling as I fuck you hard. Maybe swipe my tongue against that pink clit?” He says his breath ghosting over your ear. 

“I-I mean.. Maybe.. I have but not at a store!” You admit with a shrug of your shoulders and Jimin give you a deep chuckle as he tugs on your earlobe with his teeth. 

“It doesn’t matter baby. Either way you will be screaming my name.” He says as he wraps his arms around your waist squeezing your ass. 

“Ahh~” You gasp as you turn your face to his and you feel soft lips against your own. You respond to the kiss instantly, pushing your body harder against his as his soft lips mold against yours perfectly. He gives you harder kisses and you except each and every one.

He nibbles on your bottom lip his tongue sweeping against your bottom lip asking for entrance. You open your mouth gladly letting his tongue sweep in against yours to taste your wet cavern, your hands going up to tug his beanie off as you pull at his hair. He moans as his tongue wrestles with yours for dominance. The taste of his cherry sucker lingers on your tongue.

He opens your legs with his as he starts to grind his member against your, his erection pressing against your clothed wet pussy. You roll your hips back letting him dominate the kiss as he flicks his tongue against the roof of your mouth. He trails his hands to the front of your body his fingers skimming over the button of your jeans. You jump a bit as he pulls at the button before he pulls away with a groan wiping his mouth as he goes to the other side. 

“Customers.” He says deeply and you shiver as you look out of the window.

You see a group of guys come into the store and you turn around to wait on them. They get beer and chips before walking to the counter. 

“Hey sexy lady.” One guy says to you leaning over the counter. 

“H-hi.” You say your cheeks heating. Not from this guy or any in the group but from how stiff Jimin is as he watches you guys. 

“So what a guy like me got to do to be with a girl like you?” He asks licking his lips. 

“I’m sorry I’m not looking at the moment.” You say bagging their bags as they give you the change. 

“Why you taken?” One asks you eyeing your smock. 

“Yes she is.” Jimin says as he pulls you to him. You whine softly as he kisses you but you kiss him back as the guys scoff and walk off. 

He pulls on your smock unbuttoning them as he pulls it off of your body. He sets it on the back counter as he comes back to you kissing you again. He pulls at the button on your pants again undoing it before he unzips your pants pulling them down. 

“J-Jimin not here!” You squeal as he pulls you panties down to rest on top of your pants pooling at your ankles.

“No one’s here baby. Besides if anyone comes they won’t be able to see behind the counter.” He says as you allow him to push your legs apart his fingers running up and down your slit slowly, your teeth starting to tug on your bottom lip. 

“A-and the camera’s?” You ask in a small voice when his fingers skim over your clit. 

“Jin will take care of that. Baby your so wet. And it’s all for me? I have to make you feel better baby, we wouldn’t want to have to walk around with soaked panties all night would we?” Jimin asks you as he slowly slips one finger into you pulling a gasp from your lips. His finger starts to move slowly in and out of you. 

You shake your head side to side not being able to say words as he starts to move his finger faster. Jimin smirks as he watches you pant against the counter your cheeks red from embarrassment it makes him want to tear you apart. He decides to add another finger, his pants getting extremely tight. Especially when you start to moan his name, your pussy tightening up on his fingers. 

Jimin starts to stretch you out scissoring his fingers inside of you his lips connecting with yours to covers your little mewls and cries of pleasure. His thumb starts to rub your clit in slow hard circles and he breaks the kiss to watch you come undone. 

A car pulls up and you both see it. Jimin swears making you giggle but it’s quickly cut off when he curls his fingers hitting your spot. He smirks at the choked moan that escapes your mouth. He pulls his fingers from you sucking them as he turns you around but he doesn’t pull your pants up. 

“HI!” You yell at the next customers who walk in and they look at you laughing before greeting you. 

You feel Jimin’s body leave yours and you groan in frustration and embarrassment from how you have to lean over the counter to keep them from seeing you.

Suddenly you feel hands pushing your legs apart a bit and then you feel a tongue sweeping against your core making you bite your lips hard as Jimin traces his tongue up and down your slit. He hums against your pussy sucking on your clit with his plump lips. You try to close your legs as you see the customers coming to you but Jimin grabs your inside thighs hard with his hands, his nails digging into your flesh. 

You have to pause in between talking to the customers while ringing them up. They purchased so much and they wouldn’t stop asking you questions. All the while Jimin is shoving his tongue deep inside of your pussy making it harder for you to even focus on these people let alone not moan. Giving them the change was the hardest. You had to stay bent over while you gave them their bagged items and things. They asked you were you ok because of the cry that left your lips and the rest of your head against the counter. 

“C-CRAMPS!” You shouted at them tears filling your eyes as Jimin continues to abuse your core his fingers and tongue now pressing against your spot hard and fast better then any vibrator you ever had. The couple bids you farewell and when they leave Jimin pulls from your shaking body. 

“Baby you taste so good.” Jimin says as he turns you to him licking his lips. 

“Shut up and fuck me, I need you.” You growl at him grabbing him by his shirt smashing your lips against his as he presses his body to yours. You taste yourself swirling your tongue around his in a rough heated manner. You drop your hands down to his pants trying to undo his belt and zipper but Jimin has to help you because your fingers keep slipping. 

Jimin pulls his pants and boxers down to his knees and you grab his dick stroking it fast and hard getting a moan from Jimin when he breaks the kiss. He turns you around bending you over the counter, grabbing your hair as he pushes into you slowly. 

“Gnn~” You moan biting your lips as he feels you up. Jimin pulls at your hair harder once he’s buried inside of you, your insides squeezing tightly around his thick cock and that makes him more turned on. 

Jimin pulls out of you before he slams back into you, holding your hips with his free hands. He starts to give you slow thrusts making sure you feel all of him buried deep inside you, making sure it hurts but in a good way. He rolls his hips into yours pulling a cry of pleasure from your lips as you claw at the surface. 

Jimin pulls you back by your hair until you have to brace your hands against the counter to hold yourself up. He starts to bite and suck on your neck grinding his hips into yours he lets your hair go. Jimin moans your name hotly against your ear making you tremble as he trails his hands under your shirt pulling your breast out of your bra so he can grab and play with your nipples. 

“Your such a dirty girl. Letting me fuck you in the open like this. Your so horny for my cock you couldn’t even wait.” He teases noticing how a wanton moan slips past your lips as he talks dirty to you. 

“You like the way my cock stretches you? How your tight little pussy throbs because of me?” He asks roughly slamming into you as he holds your breast. 

“OH GOD YES!” You shout out throwing your head back against his shoulders. 

“I would love to take my time and break you down slowly but I’m afraid I’ll save that for another day. What would people think if they saw me fucking you like the little slut you are hmm? And besides I don’t want anyone else looking at what is mine.” He says as he lets your breast go slapping your ass. 

Jimin pulls out of you, and turns you around smiling deep inside as he sees how quick your chest rises and falls sweat already dripping down your face. He pushes you on the counter before he pushes your legs up making you bunch your knees as he keeps your pants and panties at your ankle. He comes between your bent legs one hand grabbing at your waist as the other tangles into your hair. 

He pushes inside of you moaning as he watches himself slip in and out of your wet pussy that clings so tightly to him. He fucks hard into you not giving you a chance to adjust. He pulls your hair back making your head tip back so he can mark your skin over and over loving the cries of his name that falls from your lips. 

You grab at his biceps that are clothed by his shirt as he switches angles to land on your spot. You beg him to continue to hit that spot but he slows down teasing you, his forehead against yours. 

“Please Jimin.” You groan wrapping your arms around your neck. 

“I’ll clean I do the paper work I’ll do whatever you want but please I need you to fuck me!” You whine feeling your orgasm so near as he slides slowly into you and everything is to much. 

“Even date me?” He asks deeply pecking your lips as your roll your hips up to his. 

“Y-yes" You say looking in his chocolate orbs that almost make you cum from just looking at him. 

Jimin lets your hair go grabbing both sides of your waist as he gives you what you want pounding deep into your walls reaching your spot over and over. You cry his name so loud you think people may hear it down the street but you don’t care the only thing that matters is Jimin being inside of you. 

“J-Jimin I’m close!” You warn him with a groan. 

“Me too baby. Cum for me. Cum all over my dick and shout it out who owns this pussy.” He says with a growl as he leans one hand down to rub your clit. He claims your lips one more time and teeth skims against teeth as lips mold together and tongues get bite. You tighten up around him as you feel your toes curling in your shoes your orgasm approaching you. 

“JIMIN!” You cry out your body shuddering as he fucks you into an orgasm your body arching to his, voice cracking from your throat being so dry. Jimin groans feeling your juices seep out onto his length. He feels himself start to pulsate inside of you, so he grabs your hair making you watch him slip in and out of your wet folds. 

“–!” He cries your name as he fills you up, he continues to pound into you until he is emptied out his hand finally moving form your sore sensitive clit. Both of you breath heavy as you stare at each other. 

After sometime he pulls out of you and you both clean up, after helping each other dress up acting shy and blushing from simple touches you both being more shy now then what just happened. 

“I’m.. Gonna go clean the bathrooms now.” You say softly as you see two customers come in. Jimin grabs you pulling you to his body as he kisses you again. 

“Keep the cleaning supplies close. Your going to need them much more then once.” He whispers giving you a wink. A whine leaves your lips as his eyes give you the promise and you walk off blushing once again in embarrassment when the customers watch you limp away. 

You decided that maybe night shifts were a good thing. As long as you tell Jin to destroy the tapes.

I Don’t Understand

Freshuary Day 11: What’s a mother to do with her child?

“I… don’t understand,” Fresh said slowly. “Why… would anyone… be all up and mad at their kid? For something they can’t help?”

Alaina sighed and rubbed her head. How to explain… well. There wasn’t really a way to. She started slowly. “Sometimes… parents say things… they don’t really mean. Or kids hear things out-of-context-”

“Ma. I’ pretty sure I heard it all right. They were fighting over stuff. Saying Deccys at fault,” Fresh said, interrupted. Then his eyes widened and he added, “Sorry ma, didn’t mean to be all rude and interrupt ya, that’s totes not cool.”

“Hrmmm. Just don’t do it again, okay?”

“Right ma,” Fresh replied quickly. 

He paused, waiting to see if Alaina would continued. When she didn’t, he asked, “Ma. I totally get it if ya can’t comment on someone else- if that the case, then I’ll drop it. Wouldn’t want to be all un-cool and pryin and all that jazz. But I- don’t know if ma question is, iz all.”

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Enough of the Rowan meeting Rhysand AUs for a second (though they are very pleasing)

Imagine Aelin and Feyre meeting.

The High Lady of the Night Court and the fire-breathing bitch queen of Terrasen, in one room.

Aelin sizing Feyre up like she might be some kind of threat to her Rowan, and Feyre raising an eyebrow at Aelin as if saying, “I have the most powerful High Lord in Prythian as my mate. You can have your warrior Fae.”

Aelin and Feyre starting to warm up to each other when Rowan and Rhysand get caught up in their “no-i’m-a-much-better-mate-than-you-alpha male” competition, their eyes meeting and both of them sighing because sometimes their mates can be cute but sometimes they were just exasperating.

Aelin coercing Feyre into helping her prank the males by disappearing into town for a few hours without telling them and watching the explosion of worry and Fae paranoia explode from afar.

Feyre painting and offering Aelin some advice on her tattoos and Aelin taking her out shopping and them binge eating chocolates and start telling each other anecdotes of the ridiculous situations the Fae territorial bullshit has gotten them into (Aelin couldn’t stop laughing when Feyre told her about the time Rhys almost choked Cassian to death because he decided to make inappropriate moaning noises while he and Feyre played cards in her room)

Aelin helping Feyre explore the book world by exchanging titles of the novels Dorian let her borrow and all of the books she read as the King’s Champion.

Aelin playing piano for Feyre because she told her about the time Rhys sent music to her down in her cell Under The Mountain to keep her from breaking.

Aelin and Feyre opening up to each other about the tortures they went through, Aelin talking about Sam and her parents and Arobynn and Endovier and Feyre talking about Tamlin’s betrayal and Under The Mountain.

Both of them looking at each other with tears in their eyes, forming an understanding that neither of them were monsters for the things they did; they were desperate, and that was something both of them knew.

Aelin and Feyre learning to care for each other as much as sisters.

A High Lady and the Queen of Terassen being the most badass tandem of all time.


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2K

Warnings: Arguing and language –but it’s mostly just fluffy

Summary: You and Bucky don’t get along –at all. But as Steve commands you to pair up for a mission and you get stuck in a cave, you finally have a change to get to know each other better.

A/N: I wrote this ages and ages ago –this was actually my first Bucky fic and one of my first fics ever. Since I’ve been blocking crazy badly for ages already, I thought that it would be fun to post something from the abysses of my files and well, here you go x

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anonymous asked:

Lego batman or Fifty Shades darker

Tony: Personally I wouldn’t pick either, but if we had to…Lego Batman.

Bucky: I’d rather spend money on somethin’ fun for Tony and I to do. 

Tony: But if you really had to go watch one or the other. Which one would it be?

Bucky: Lego Batman. What’s Fifty Shades Darker, I don’t know her.

Tony: My god, you spend too much time on here.

Bucky: But the mee-mees Tony. 

Tony: Honey, it’s memes…

Bucky: Is it?

Tony: *sighs* What am I going to do with you.

Bucky: Take me to see Lego Batman, babe.

Tony: But you said you’d rather do something else.

Bucky: I know, but now I actually want to watch it…don’t look at me like that! 

Tony: Alright, fine. We’ll go, it’ll be better than seeing the other movie.

Bucky: Good, ‘cause that one is garbage. 

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I'm so happy finally Namjoon gets recognition, but then Jin and Hoseok are being pushed to the side?? Like??? What do you think?? I don't know. Also, I have absolutely fallen in love with watching Namjin is real, bc they just make my heart melt. Okay I love your blog BYYEE XXX

I’m with you on this one, I just wish they were all equally recognised and appreciated ;-;

Jin got like, what two lines on Not Today? Hoseok didn’t even get any lines on Spring Day (unless you count the background vocals in the chorus) and I don’t think it’s fair ;-;

Unlike some others though, I know it’s not the members’ fault, I just hope the producers will actually even out the line distribution next time *sigh*

(Not Today is still such a jam, and Spring Day is still amazing though, I just wish the line distribution was better)

Also, thank you! Thank you for stopping by as well ^_^

Sleepover Sunday! ^_^

Sigh, okay, I should be actually studying but I really want to get this off my chest. I used to make and upload booktube videos and post pictures on bookstagram but I stopped. On the one hand because I did not have much time to do so but on the other hand because I feel like both of them are shit. So yeah, I wish I could be better at them but I am not and that makes me sad

I think tumblr is full of the most understanding and kind and supportive people. No matter what your political stance is, or what your preferences are, its clear that we all want to feel better and help others do the same. Its where the randomness of one becomes the highlight of someone else’s day. It doesnt matter what it is or whats going on.
I wish the world was like tumblr

Teenagers Iorveth Cedric and Ciaran

This is shortly after they got their tattoos. I couldn’t make Iorveth look better so let’s pretend he got hotter when he got older okay?

Btw I really like how Cedric turned out he’s definitely the best looking one of them


Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Rating: Mature
Genre: Slightly smutty
Word count: 4,201

A/N: Request for Anon!! I hope you enjoy it! 

You lean against the doorway, arms crossed and exhaling with a heavy sigh at the sight before you – Jeon Jungkook, lady/man killer, manchild, and ruthless lawyer sprawled out on the bathroom floor. He’s got his face pressed to the porcelain base of the toilet, one arm dangling lifelessly over the open bowl and the other twisted at his side with his phone in a loose hold. He’s fully dressed (unlike the last time you found him like this) excluding his socks, but you decided it was better if you didn’t question it. He’s out cold, dead weight that you wouldn’t be able to move even if you wanted to. He had come home about a half an hour prior, dragging his feet and giggling as he stumbled out of the entrance way. Jungkook had come to where you were lounging on the couch, pressing his cheek against the top of your head and slinging his limp arms over your shoulders in a makeshift hug. He muttered into your hair something about a peach and a hot guy before abruptly pulling away. He raced off to the bathroom as quickly as his jelly-esque legs could manage and you thanked god that his meal wasn’t on your head as he hurled into the toilet.  

With one last glance you turn on your heel, shaking your head “Nope. Not dealing with that,” You mumble as you find your way back to the couch. You were determined to finish the newest episode of your favourite anime before sunrise. Perhaps it was mean to leave him there because he would definitely wake up more than sore and probably bitch you out, but he had it coming; He ate all your snacks in the cupboard, and you don’t take lightly to those who eat what isn’t theirs.

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Avengers academy is basically fanfiction gold and i dont think enough people see the huge amount of potential that this universe holds

It is literally highschool au avengers but like avengers hogwarts where they all have their powers and learn how to use them and make them better

They have dorms and shit like seriously there arent enough avengers academy au fics

Like seriously the avengers as dumb teenagers with all there powers and everything all in one place

And like you can basically throw in any other marvel characters too!!!



Lol, no Orihime WORSHIPERS, just don't

Say, quote: “orihime and ichigo ends up together because they love each other~ they deserve each other~”, please just, don’t. Ew. LIKE WHEN?! -One sided yeah- Heck hoerihime doen’t even deserve ishida (really ishida? You can do SO MUCH BETTER! OK? I mean you can sew, you kick ass, you’re hella loyal, you’re gentle, you suave, you ain’t just talking *hit.. You showin you meant business, you’re mature, you kick butt, your piercing gaze are hot, you use your arrow like a boss, in fact YOU.ARE.THE.BOSS! Tho cuz of the sudden crappy ending your significance are not shown *sigh*)

Really hoerihime just reminds me of this ‘friend’ that yeah, you like like this guy friend and that this 'friend’ knows that the guy like like you back (like obsess over you quote: “Kuchiki-san changes his world”, or “Kuchiki-san brings his spirit back”) but this 'friend’ like the same guy friend too and instead of moving on tell you to go to him cause he likes you back and let you two finally be together, this 'friend’ still wants to win him over because of what?? (Yeah I still don’t know the reason hoerihime fall for Kurosaki-kun in the first place)

Please she ain’t a friend, she’s a term that people call A B***H. Sorry not sorry.

Francis and Mary's Theme
  • Francis and Mary's Theme
  • Trevor Morris
  • Reign: Season 2 OST

Your mother would say we are stained with such choices, such brutal and difficult choices we’ve made but we can only do our best. Can we not make another choice? One equally hard but so important. To commit our hearts to each other, no matter what?
If only it were that easy.
It isn’t. It’s terrifying. And nearly impossible. Especially if we think we can save each other. We can’t. We can only love each other.

Francis and Mary’s theme, composed by Trevor Morris, is featured in their most prominent scenes throughout the show (especially in Season 1). This version in particular was played during their reunion love scene in the Season 2 finale.

Marx x Kamui x Ryoma 
Commission for @lizapow

You thought they were jesting, at first. But when they both came to you, dragging you along to the sparring field and practically forcing you to mediate their spar, you knew it was serious.

Which you hardly believed, yourself; that your former brothers were dueling for your hand in marriage.

“You two, please tell me you aren’t serious!! This is ridiculous!” You protested, knowing your words were meaningless to the boys. You could see it in their eyes when they faced each others. Their swords were drawn, and their intent clear; they were going to fight for you.

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Some WIP’s I drew while I was away on my hols last week.

Don’t know if to actually finish them. Also have one involving Hux and his hat that another artists has drawn way better than me, so don’t know if to finish that as I hate feeling like I’m copying from others even if it’s accidental. Had a fun yet bad week (one reason I had to go away for a bit on a holiday with sis) so may be my mood effecting how I’m seeing my drawings right now. What I wouldn’t do to have a different style and be a better painter, pencils are easy, painting is HARD *sigh*

On the fun side I spent last week with sister going round the wildlife parks in my region. I have to share my otters eating meal worms video sometime as it cracks me up. I also got to see a pack of white wolves, they were so amazing.

Vengeance (Part 4 - END) - Silver Lining (Reader x Avengers)
Word count: 1336

A/N: I did a bad/good and wrote all of this on my phone while at a Mother’s Day shenanigan thing. *sigh* I JUST WANTED TO GO HOME AND WRITE. Warnings: Mentions of vomiting, nothing descriptive.

“You’ve improved. I thought you didn’t like physical combat.” Krait narrowly dodged one of your strikes and stumbled back. If you were any other person you would think that he hadn’t been affected by your assault, but you knew better.

His stance was weak. It was taking him longer to reset. One of his cheeks was beginning to swell and it was definitely affecting his eyesight. You might have ruptured one of his ear drums, his kicks were a little unbalanced.

You would have never known how to read Krait if you hadn’t been his partner. At least there was a little silver lining.

On the other hand you weren’t fairing much better. The adrenaline shot was quickly wearing off and your body was very, very quickly realising how hard you were pushing it. You were at your limit.

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“Just forget about me, Dean.” You sigh quietly, looking down at your shoes before finally looking up at him. “We’re both better off without each other.” 

You find Dean staring at you. His anger is gone. “Never.” He simply answers. “We can’t give up just like that, Y/N.”

“Why not, Dean? I mean everything in the universe just seems to want us apart.” You fight back, hoping to end this argument now. 

“But I don’t want us apart!” Dean raised his voice. “Unless.. Do you want us broken up?” 

“Course not..” 

“Then let’s fight again. Let’s prove to the damn universe that we can make it through. Let’s prove to everybody that two hunters can live together, are capable of keeping someone by their side!” Dean takes your hand and pulls you closer. “Don’t give up on me, please.” 

You nod and hug him tightly. “You’re right. I’m sorry.” 

“I love you.” The first time he’s ever said and by his tone you can tell that there’s meaning behind those words.