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In today’s episode of the clock-verse we meet Orion’s sister and damn she takes no hostages

“Ah, sorry, I’m not much of a dancer.” Prompto mumbled to his feet after he once again stepped on the prince of Lucis’ toes. 
“Could have fooled me,” Noctis smiled warmly, pulling Prompto closer, “Do they not have balls in Niflheim?” 
Prompto paused, his face falling slightly as he lowered his gaze to the floor “Well…ah, no. Not really.” 

Insomnia welcomes Niflheim into their kingdom will a ball, and although Noctis usually hates any kind of social event, surprisingly this one has become a little more interesting. Another scene I had in mind for my Niflheim prince Prompto AU. I’m planning on drawing a few more things because I’ve received so much encouragement, I hope y’all like angst, cause thats where this AU is headed. 


I’ll give you guys a double Promptis post today!
Drawings for my bae @destatree that I attach to her fics when she updates miiiiiine <3 Promptis drawings will always be attached to her updates now and be posted sometime later when I can get around to it on a separate post because screw the tumblr squishing.

kim taehyung is limited edition vinyls and hidden thrift shops. black and white pictures and jazz music. he’s late night adventures and 3am giggles while dancing in the middle of an empty street. mischievous schemes and inside jokes that only you two can understand. he’s rain kisses after sneaking out of a formal party and random beach outings that leave you breathless from all the laughters. he’s the melting ice cream that drips down the palm of your hand and the cotton candy that makes your finger sticky. kim taehyung is the summer love everyone wants to have and the heartbreak that no one could really ever move on from. 

Tired Of Being Alone


You didn’t notice anything at first. Initially, you had just thought that he was stressed or tired due to all of his hard work and long days at the studio. You didn’t want to think too much into it. It took you a while, but finally saw how different he had become. He wasn’t the same person you fell for a few short months ago. He was colder, more distant than ever. You’d hoped that it was just a phase he was going through and that he would be back to normal in no time. However as the weeks came and went and those weeks turned into months, you realized that you were wrong, that Harry had become a completely different person.

It was hard to pinpoint the exact moment where everything had changed. It wasn’t that one day he woke up and a switch was flipped, making him turn into someone who was closed off and acted bitter towards you when he was usually so kindhearted and loving. No, it was nothing like that. Rather, it was the build up- the subtle changes that were exactly that, differences that were too small to notice. And when you finally realized he wasn’t the same, all you could do was make excuses for him, for the sake of your relationship.

He slowly stopped writing sweet notes to you before he left for the studio in the early hours of the morning. Which you concluded to be him being excited to get back to work, rushing out of your house as quickly as possible to get back to writing. Then, the usual texts and calls throughout the day became less frequent until they stopped altogether. This you put down as him being busy. You two began to bicker and fight a lot more than you used to, which you put down as you going through the “bumpy stage” of the relationship. Despite this, after a while, you had a hard time coming with reasons as to why your relationship with Harry was going down the drain, and it was even more difficult to try to salvage it.

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Ok but imagine George and possibly captain underpants meeting billy for the first time and just being like overprotective dads e.g "what is your intention with our harold" "what plans do you have for the future" "u hurt him, I kill u :)"

Honestly I feel like Captain would be super happy to meet Billy while George would be a bit ‘’over protective’’

just a bit

movie night with bnm boys


  • sits on the couch most of the time just enjoying the movie
  • laughs when things are funny and gets sad when things are sad
  • good conversations after the movie
  • is mostly there because he finds daehwi’s reactions funny
  • the type to make nachos for the movie
  • never the type to fall asleep


  • organizes the whole night
  • has a projector and pillows and blankets ready
  • has an array of movies to choose from
  • gets annoyed when everyone else comes late because he has a whole plan that’s time sensitive
  • side-eyes woojin for sleeping
  • intense theories afterwards


  • is there because donghyun forced him to come
  • also because there will be food
  • actually enjoys all the movie nights that happen
  • the type to say things like “that would never happen in real life” in the middle of the movie
  • also asks questions a lot and everyone else has to remind him to just watch the damn movie
  • would fall asleep watching from a food coma


  • makes all the food
  • has two bowls of popcorn ready and some trail mix
  • also orders pizza
  • the type to cover his whole face with a pillow, only leaving a small gap to sort of see the corner of the screen when watching a scary movie
  • the one that has the most animated and loudest reactions
  • woojin doesn’t like sitting next to him
I’ll give you something better to suck on

 Prompt: pastel!dan teasing the fuck out of punk!phil by making sure to always be sucking on something,, bonus points for daddy kink -from @zazzhowell

Summary: Dan seems to always have something in his mouth to suck on to tease Phil, but Phil has had enough.

Wordcount: 1k

Genre: Honestly is that even a question like this is a smut blog what do u expect?

Warnings: Umm, smut? Swearing. All that nice stuff.

A/N: Bonus points for daddy kink? Oh i’ll give you daddy kink (sorrynotsorry). Also this is like totally not another highschool au bc i’m trash. Lmao i’ve been writing this for weeks i’m trash i know. (also hi lil shoutout to my frens lmao u know who u r yes it is i u now know my secret shh) also i never proofread these bc i’d cringe too much but just tell me if i have any major mistakes.

There he was again. This time it was a lollipop. A red one, that left a sticky, glistening coating on Dan’s lips. Phil swears he’s doing it on purpose. Every day for the last week, Dan has been sucking on something. Anything. And the way he always look at his boyfriend with those sweet, innocent eyes, as if he was not in the process of sticking something down his throat. And he knew the affect he had on Phil. The way he’s been accidentally brushing his hands over his boyfriend’s crotch or squeezing his thigh when they were sitting down, or quietly moaning with a lollipop in his mouth as he was now. But the worst part is, he hadn’t given Phil any all that week.

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