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red velvet literally made a song called peek-a-boo like peek-a-boo bitch we made a bop of this year, century and era and actually we always make god tier bops and y'all can’t even give them a proper amount of views and love and appreciation, humanity will rot in hell for sleeping on rv amen


Ask me why I multiship and I’ll answer…

Saw this going around in the SP fandom a while ago and really liked the idea of visualizing your ships.

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Still without a laptop, but wanted to get these little cuties out the way



Noctis watched as you put on your lip gloss coating, blue eyes blinking in confusion as you puckered your lips, smearing the goop further on your lips. You had stated it was because your lip stain was starting to dry and crack your lips, and you had to look beautiful for your Prince 24/7.

“Can I use some?” Noctis asked.

You blinked in confusion, holding out the ‘hydration stick’ as was so delicately written on the side. Only to stare in confusion as Noctis grabbed your wrist, was he expecting for you to put it on him. You gasped as he pulled you forward, pressing his lips against your own, only for the Prince to pull away with a smile, while your brain was having to restart. Forgetting that your Prince had moments of suaveness.

“Thanks.”  He called turning around to avoid you from seeing his blush.



He couldn’t stop bouncing, he was so excited, it had been less than 48 hours and it was absolute perfection!  Well, every moment that you were in his life was perfection but this was like an upgrade of perfection. 

DLC S rank Level perfection!

Anyone who had seen you two together, they knew right off the back that your relationship was built off of love, trust and understand, and a lot of kisses and nuzzles and some tears, mostly on Prompto’s end. 

Prompto looked down at his phone, seeing the text message from Noctis.

How’s the honeymoon going?

Prompto looked back up, his vision slightly blurred from the champagne that seemed to keep reappearing in the room. 

My wife’s in the kitchen, tipsy asf, making cookies topless
Being married is #Goals and Dope asf
” He managed to send back.

“Sunshine, I made too much cookie dough, help me eat it!”

Prompto didn’t need to be told twice! It was always amazing being married to one of your best friends.



Gladiolus stared down at you on the floor, his face impassive as you sobbed uncontrollably.

“Babe…” He began on to have you wail louder. “Babe.”

“I…I can’t see you anymore! I won’t let you hurt me again!” You wailed from the floor, on your yoga mat within your shared apartment.

Gladiolus rolled his eyes, every time, every single time, “It was a sit-up. You did one sit-up.”



“Darling?” Ignis called stepping into the apartment.

“Oh, Iggy-Dear welcome home.” You cooed standing up from the couch, rubbing a sleepy eye. “How was work?”

You suddenly noticed that your boyfriend was attempting to not stare at you, yet still, the pink blush on his cheeks was hard to not notice.  You thought that perhaps he had caught a cold, so you rose your hand, flailing one of the sleeves to expose your hand, resting a hand against his cheek. 

“Do you feel fine?” 

Ignis cleared his throat, his eyes roaming over the large creme knitted sweater that belonged to him. Held on your petite form, it covered the skirt you were wearing and the sleeve hung low covering your hands. The neck much larger on you, exposing quite a bit of your shoulders and neck.

“You don’t seem to have a fever.” You cooed, pulling back your hand, the sleeves going to cover your hands again. “I can handle dinner tonight for the boys if you’re feeling under the weather…Ek Ignis!”

The man wrapped his arms around you, sweeping you off your feet, his lips pressed against your own, only for him to break away whispering huskily in your ear. “You’re not leaving the room at all.”



They had to admit, when you had stepped out of Cor’s office earlier today, you didn’t seem upset, simply in deep thought your lips in a pressed line. This was hours ago, yet you still hadn’t said anything about it. Yet the silent glances between them and quick avoidance when you caught their eye was starting to annoy you.

“So what do you guys wanna ask me?” You inquired, setting down your fork, looking to the four men.

“Well, we wanna know…” Prompto begun, yet seemed to shrink underneath the look you were giving him. 

Ignis sighed, turning those green eyes toward you, “We wanted to inquire as to why you were called into the Marshall’s office today.” 

You burst out laughing, it actually startled them, as they were not expecting for you to do that. You attempted to get your laughter under control, yet continued laughing hysterical as you attempted to stop laughing. Only when you had developed a case of the hiccups did you finally manage to stop laughing and go into a giggle.

“Okay…Ok.” You giggled. “So, he asked me to stepped into his office, and I was told to stop calling fellow members of the Glavie ‘Fake Hos.’ The only person I call a Fake Ho is…”

“Furia.” Gladiolus chuckled, as you begun to giggle again.

“Freakin Chad, told the Marshall I was calling him a Fake Ho, after he zapped me twice in training.” You cackled. “That Fake Ho.”

I love everything about this scene. Martin throwing food and doing that little ‘whoo!’ thing. Gripps dancing his heart out. Cross having found a mallet already and having buns in his hair (who did that and didn’t film it, guys? I wanted to see that happen). The guy in the Kellum Knight box helmet thing doing the little dance.



Soulmate color AU with SouMako

(left side is Sousuke’s POV and right side is Makoto’s POV)


do you ever think about all the dumb arguments Yuuri and Phichit get into over the years tho like,,

“Yuuri, darling…”

Yuuri looks up from his homework to see Phichit smiling sweetly, eyes crinkled shut. It’s his Imminent Death To You face and Yuuri frantically tries to recall if there are any chores he forgot.

“Yuuri,” Phichit says again, smiling like the unforgiving sun. “There are two ways you can put the toilet paper in. You can put it under, or you can put it the Correct way-”

Yuuri tries not to groan. He mostly succeeds, though his irritation is plain as day. Phichit trails off, but his smile doesn’t leave.

“I’m not doing this,” Yuuri says firmly. He pats the couch beside him. “You can tell me what’s really bothering you, or just take the hugs, though.”

Phichit takes the hugs, toilet paper dispute soon forgotten.


“How can you eat that,” Yuuri demands, nose scrunched in disgust.

Phichit pauses with the slice of pineapple pizza halfway in his mouth. He sets it back down and stares at Yuuri, disbelief etched across his face. “Pineapple pizza? Is amazing??”

Yuuri gags.

“Yuuri.” Phichit takes a deep breath and readjusts his world view. “You eat anchovies.”

“Are you going to suggest I don’t put them on my anchovy potato pizza?!”

Phichit opens his mouth, but gives up before he can muster up any words. He shakes his head and then shoves half the pizza in his mouth, staring Yuuri dead in the eye.


…but when they’re in agreement:

“Is not.”

“Is too!”


“No!” Celestino clamps a hand over each of their mouths, brow knitted together in frustration. “Those,” he grouches, glaring at the iced muffins clutched against their chests, “are not.” He blows out a breath of hot air. “You cannot substitute a cupcake for breakfast!”

Phichit licks his hand, unrepentant as Celestino yanks his hand away in disgust. Phichit takes a huge bite of his muffin, icing smearing onto his nose adorably, and speaks through a mountain of delicious carbs. “We told you, these are muffins.”

Celestino huffs. Yuuri takes advantage of the distraction to slip out of his grip and slide into Celestino’s blind spot, happily gulping down his own iced muffin and starting on a second. 

“Iced muffins are basically cupcakes,” Celestino insists as he makes a swipe for Phichit’s.

Crumbs spray from Yuuri’s mouth. “Are not!” he protests.

“You can’t eat only cupcakes for breakfast!” Celestino makes a swipe for Yuuri’s muffins and Phichit takes the moment to shove a whole muffin into his mouth, cheeks bulging out like a hamsters. Yuuri ducks around Ciao Ciao and Phichit poses, Yuuri proving to be the best friend in the world as he snaps a pic for him.

Celestino gives up. Even his hair seems to wilt as he stares at Yuuri and Phichit eating nothing but sugar. “Please.” Celestino doesn’t beg, but it’s close. “Please tell me you idiots have eaten more than just those.”

Phichit and Yuuri stare at him blankly, cheeks bulging with their contraband muffins.

Celestino groans and grabs his jacket. “I’m taking you idiot children out for breakfast. Now.”

Behind his back, Yuuri and Phichit grin and high five each other.

“I saw that!”

i’ve been asking this forever and i still GENUINELY want an answer to it because i want to understand the reasoning. if nonace or “allo” means “experiences sexual attraction”, how are ace-spec identities like demi/gray ace not also nonace? since they are considered ace, what is the actual “amount” of sexual attraction someone is supposed to have to not be asexual or ace-spec?