i like the number 42 ok

got Tagged by @mythicalbug! ok! let’s do this

Age: 16

Biggest fear: heights, spiders, talking to people and mess up. the list go on. yep, I’m scaredy-cat!! XD

Current time: 15:42

Drink you last had: coffee with sugar

Every day starts with: “five more minutes…”

Favorite songs: tbh I like almost every song! 

Ghosts: boo?

Hometown: I was born in Portugal and I’m not comfortable saying my hometown

In love with: CHOCOLATE AND DOGS!!!

Jealous of: nothing

Killed someone: only on video games!

Last time you cried: yesterday

Middle name: I don’t have one

Number of siblings: only one! my big bro!! 

One wish: I want to make cartoons ‘cause they taught me great things and I want to do that to other people!

Person you last texted: mah cousin

Questions you’re always asked: “IT’S THAT ANIME??!!!11!!” “can you draw me/something for me?” “HOW YOU DRAW LIKE THAT??” (practicing) “YEAH, BUT HOW??”

Reasons to live: I dunno….chocolate? cartoons?? DOGS???

Song last sang: Blue by ken ashcorp

Time you woke up: at 07:00

Underwear color: It’s nanha! nanha your business

Vacation destination: I dunno

Worst habit: pealing skin off my lips (yah, gross srry) trust WAY to much on people

X rays?: I took a X ray of my teeth when I was gonna put braces.

Your favorite food: I love cari, yum!!l

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