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Hi, I was wondering if you know any fics like text talk? I really really enjoyed it but the only others that I can find are WIPs. Your blog is absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for all the recommendations

Hello Anon!

Text Talk is such a great fic!! I wasn’t sure if you were meaning for your request to be for Modern!AU and Muggle!AU’s or not but I’ve compiled a list of texting and social media fics for you. There are quite a few WIP’s at the moment in this type of fic, so here are some completed ones.

Hope you enjoy!!

Texting Wolfstar

Aging Gracelessly

angryspaceravenclaw | G/PG | 13,280 words

Remus is being dragged into the modern century by his son in the form of a brand-new smartphone.  He means to text Teddy, and ends up accidentally meeting, and sharing his plight with another person in the same boat as him.  Though Remus thinks it’s just a passing moment, little does he know what wheels have been set in motion.

Despite the Lightning

Obsession137 | Teen and Up | 1,804 words

Muggle!AU. Remus and Sirius are dating. It’s the first day back at school and Remus just wants one thing.

The Green, Green Grass of Home

basscymru | Teen and Up | 30,597 words

Sirius runs away from home to stay with James, in his parents’ house on the Welsh coastline. Through his friend, Sirius meets a rather intriguing local.

Love Online

NeonDomino | een and Up | 2,627 words

Sirius is in love and wants nothing more than to finally hold his on-line boyfriend in his arms. James is convinced that Remus is really a fifty-year-old man who is misleading Sirius and refusing to meet because Sirius would find out the truth.

The truth is much more simple.

Remus is in love, but scared that if Sirius finds out how much time he spends in hospital, Sirius would leave him.

Texts From Last Night

christabellamotte | Mature | 1,013 words

(Sirius): I woke up in your kitchen with my ID in my hand and my nails were painted electric blue. Dude…. never let me have firewhisky again.
(James): The nail polish was Lily’s. You insisted it brought out the sparkle in your eyes.
(Remus): For the record: it did not.
(Sirius): It does too!

The Wrong Number

NeonDomino | G/PG | 1,062 words

AU in which Sirius texts the wrong number and is pleasantly surprised. Alternatively - Remus replies to a text and realises he’s never going to have a quiet moment again.

You’re Safe With Me

wolfstarpatronus | Mature | 14,035 words

“(10:32) Hey babe what are you doing right now?

(10:39) You’re calling me “babe” now? What ever happened to sugarplum and chocolate cherry?

 (10:39) Haha, don’t you like being called “babe”?

 (10:43) I hate it, call me sweetie, or one of those other weird names you come up with from now on.

 (10:42) Ok sweaty ;)

 (10:43) Oh god please no, don’t

 (10:43) Don’t what? Call you sweaty? I bet you’re hot when you’re sweaty

 (10:45) You embarrass me.

 (10:46) That’s what I live for my sugar sweetness. SO what are you doing right now my bunny?

 (10:47) Bunny. Omg. I hate to admit this but that is cute, keep doing that. “