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Pinch Me I Must Be Dreaming

A/N: This is one of two collabs I’m doing with the amazing as fuck @criminal-minds-fanfiction. How would you like some smutty smut smut?

This was terrible. Like completely terrible. You couldn’t sleep at all although Spencer seemed to have no problem dropping off. You were going to kill Penelope for this tomorrow. 

You’d both been sent out of state to lecture at a teeny tiny college. The FBI was paying for overnight accommodation for you both but when you checked in a few hours earlier, apparently they’d messed your booking up. And apparently there were no other rooms available. And Spencer being Spencer had vetoed your suggestion that you drive the extra hour to the next town to find another hotel. You could share, he said. It will be fine, he said. Bullshit. It was not fine. 

The reason you suspected Penelope was because she knew about your not-so-small crush on Dr. Reid, and just minutes after checking in, she’d texted you telling you to “enjoy!” 

That girl had seen way too many rom coms. 

You’d relented. After all, you shared rooms with your other colleagues regularly so if you protested too much Spencer would get suspicious. 

Actually though, he wouldn’t. The amount of hints that you’d dropped in front of him only to have him just pretty much pick them up and hand them back to you was ridiculous. The boy was oblivious to your crush. And oblivious to the sleepless night you were having. 

It wasn’t fair. You couldn’t lie next to him and not imagine his arm around yours, pulling you close. Or worse, his head between your legs, his tongue lapping away at you. 

Fuuuuck. Why had you thought of that? Now you were ridiculously turned on and couldn’t do anything about it. 

Could you? Because, well. He was asleep. And his back was to you. And it would certainly help you sleep; you always felt tired post orgasm. You could he quiet. Right? You made you decision and let your hands start trailing down your body, tossing the cover off your body slightly. You hear the soft sounds of Spencer’s breathing and began to imagine what he’d be like in bed, what it would be like if it was his hands touching you instead of your own. Your eyes closed while you played out your little fantasy, your fingers slipping between your thighs and starting to rub yourself over your panties, the extra friction of the material adding to the sensation. Oh God, how you wished it was someone else doing that right now, someone who was lying next to you, fast asleep. 


You felt a hand cover yours, fingers intertwining with your own, a body suddenly a lot closer to your, the hot breath of someone hovering over you. Your hand stilled and your eyes flew open to see Spencer propped up on his side, watching you intensely. You opened your mouth to try to think of some feasible explanation for what you were doing when he spoke. 

“You were moaning my name Y/N,” his words were a whisper and he licked his lips as he waited for your reply. You couldn’t give one, your words somehow trapped in your chest. He spoke again, “were you thinking of me when you were doing that?” 

Who are you and what have you done with Spencer? These were not sentences you’d ever imagined him saying to you. Well… maybe you’d imagined something similar but this was real life. This was happening and not just in your head.

“Y/N?” He suddenly seemed to doubt himself and starting to pull his hand away.  

“Yes! Yes I was thinking of you!” You blurted out, seeing a small smirk lighting up face. 

“Do you - do you do that a lot?” he asked, his hand slowly starting to move between your legs. You pulled your own hand away, giving your thigh a small pinch. Definitely awake. 

“Sometimes,” you responded, moving your legs slightly further apart. 

“I think about you too, I’ve barely been able to sleep lying next to you.”  

“You do?” You pinched yourself again. You really were awake.

“Uh huh. Morgan had to wake me up one night because I was apparently moaning your name in my sleep.” 

“That’s….. that’s interesting.” So was what he was doing between your legs, his fingers ghosting over the fabric, barely touching you really but sending shivers through your body all the same.

“So tell me Y/N, when you say you’ve thought about me like this before, what exactly are we doing? Tell me what I’m doing to you in your fantasies, and maybe they’ll come true.”

Was this really real? This sexy, confident Spencer? This was not what you were expecting from him at all. But then again, people were often completely different in bed from what they were like in their normal, day to day life. Spencer lowered his head, nuzzling at your neck, nipping and sucking at the exposed skin, his fingers still dancing over the material of your panties. He moved his mouth to next to your ear, his words a soft whisper. 

“Cat got your tongue, Y/N? Or are you simply shocked that the sweet and innocent baby of the BAU is saying these things to you.” 

You nodded, your voice somehow abandoning you completely. Spencer continued, “I’ll tell you some of the things I’ve imagined then. I’ve imagined your pink lips sliding up and down my cock.” 

Oh dear God, he had?

“I’ve imagined sucking on, kissing, caressing and even biting those spectacular breasts of yours.” 

You were pretty sure your nipples had just jumped to attention. 

“I’ve imagined you riding my mouth, moaning my name.” 

You could get on board with that.

“And I’ve imagined fucking you, in every way possible.” 

You wondered how wet you actually were, certain your panties had to be drenched. Spencer raised his head again, looking you in the eyes. You could see something in them that you’d never seen before. Passion, fire, a desire. A desire for you. 

Finally finding your voice, you spoke, “well which one do you wanna do first?” 

“This.” Without any more delay Spencer lowered his head to yours, his mouth covering your own. His kiss was hot and heavy and you reciprocated with as much heat. Now that your lips were together, it seemed almost silly to think that there’d ever been a time when they weren’t.

Spencer’s hand slipped from between your legs as he adjusted his position on the bed. Long fingers were now dancing over the thin material of your pajama top, his palms skimming over the curve of the your breasts as your tongues danced together.

This was Spencer. This was happening. After thinking about all of this, whatever the fuck this was, for so long, there was no way you were going to be patient about things. He was confident? Driven? Well you were too. And needy. Really fucking needy. Reaching down, you grasped your pajama top and pushed it up over your breasts. Your nipples had in fact shot to attention at his words. “I want your mouth on me.”

“Your wish is my command,” he said, chuckling against your skin. You gasped, feeling his teeth graze gently around your nipple while his left hand worked at the other breast. His tongue lapped at your skin and he moaned at the taste of you. Whimpering, you arched up into his mouth, reveling in the way his tongue lapped against your hardened peak. “You’re even more responsive than I imagined.”

Wow, he’d really imagined all this. He did say as much, but it was hard to grasp the concept that Spencer was not anywhere near as innocent as he seemed. As he moved his mouth to the other breast, you slid your hand into your panties, coating it with slickness and placing it near his mouth. The most delicious knot formed in your sex as he wrapped his lips around your finger and moaned. “That’s because of you,” you said. 

He hungrily dipped his head lower, kissing down your stomach and pushing your pajama pants down. The shirt needed to come off too. It was too restricting. When you moved to throw your shirt to the floor, your legs closed involuntarily, but Spencer pried them back open, running his tongue along your slit with one fell swoop. “Fuckkkkkkk.” He was a fast talker. You knew that mouth had to be good at other things.

“Come here.” Spencer flipped over and pulled your body toward his face. “I told you I wanted you to ride my mouth, didn’t I?” This wasn’t an angle you experienced frequently. You were completely in control. 

As his tongue delved deeper into your sex, you grinded back and forth. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.”

“Take what you need.”

Your eyes closed as his lips wrapped around your clit. He was moaning into you. You could tell he was saying something, but what it was you had no fucking clue. As your body began to shake, you couldn’t care what it was. 

Oh hell, he was really, really good with his mouth. 

When you came, he wrapped his arms around your legs and kept you anchored watching with heated satisfaction as your body shook above him. He said he wanted your lips around his cock and he was so good with his mouth that wanted to show him just how skilled you were in return. Frankly, blow jobs weren’t something you craved giving all the time, but with Spencer you couldn’t help but think about what his face might look like contorted in ecstasy with your lips wrapped around him.

“My turn.”

You crawled toward him and pushed his pants down below his cock, watching as it sprang forth and begged for your touch. Slowly, you grasped his length and ran your tongue over the tip. He groaned and slid his hand up you back and into your hair. The sound was amazing. You’d imagined him gasping at your touch before, but hearing it in reality was so much better than you’d imagined. 

As your lips created a suction around his cock, you bobbed up and down, taking more and more each time until he was fully sheathed in your throat. You couldn’t hold the position for long, but the strangled cry that escaped was enough to make you try. “Oh god, Y/N.”

You removed your lips from him and turned your body so you could face him, smirking against his cock. He twitched at the sudden sensation. “Why must you tease me?”

“Because it’s fun.”

“For who?”


Spencer grasped your hair and brought your face to his, hungrily exploring your mouth. “I’ll stop teasing,” you said. “Only because I’m impatient.”

When you returned to his length, you wrapped your lips around it immediately and moved up and down, rolling your tongue around the shaft until he pulled you off. “I need to be inside you. Now.”

How the fuck was this Spencer? You were definitely going to have a conversation about this secret side of him at a later date. But not right now. Right now, you just crawled toward the head of the bed and sat back, spreading your legs and inviting him to take you. “All yours.”

He kissed your sex before coming up to kiss you. You tasted yourself on his tongue as he placed himself at your entrance and thrusted inside you. You were already so turned on that he slipped inside you with ease. Reaching back, you grabbed the rickety bed post and arched your neck backward, silently begging him to leave lovebites on your skin so you could look at them later. “Oh fuck, Spence.” 

Your voice coaxed him on. At least it seemed to. He picked up the pace of his thrusts and covered your hands with his own. “Jesus, Y/N.”

“Come for me, Spence.”

The heat spread outward from your sex and covered your entire body. You arched up into him and ground against his pelvis, desperate to get closer. You wrapped your legs around his waist and used your lower legs to make him move faster.

Underneath you, the bed started creaking with the pace of your thrusts. You were both louder though. A noise complaint was definitely coming. But so were you. So fuck it. Who cared. “Fuck!” He thrusted inside you one last time before pulling out and releasing himself onto your stomach.

“We’re going to get a noise complaint,” you breathed. 

Spencer smiled and reached over to his side of the bed, grabbing a couple of tissues to clean you up. “Do I look like I care?”

You snorted at his matter-of-factness and pulled him in for a post-coital kiss. “I don’t either.”

“I’m going to have to thank Penelope for booking our room. I sense she did this on purpose.” 

Nodding, you excused yourself to clean up some more before returning to the bed with a yawn. Neither of you bothered getting clothed again. It was too much work and you had to get up in the morning to lecture at the local college. “I’d much rather stay in bed the rest of the day tomorrow,” he said as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Me too. Alas, we have to be adults.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Be a good boy at the lecture and maybe I’ll show you a little something else I can before we get back on the plane home tomorrow.” You had a particular position in mind that would give him a spectacular view.

Spencer raised his eyebrows. “Oh really? That wasn’t everything?”

“Not even close.”

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I've been obsessed with the band The 1975's song fallingforyou lately and I can't stop thinking about a supercorp fic where Kara and Lena are childhood friends and Kara has been in love with Lena since they were kids but Lena doesn't feel the same but then in high school or college Lena finally gives Kara a chance and they kiss at a house party that Lena throws or something and omg I had to get this thought out and you have so many great ideas so I thought I'd share my idea with you lol

i just realized i didn’t know if you wanted me to write this…i hope it’s okay that i tried!  💗

Kara has been in love with Lena Luthor for ten years—not that she’s counting.

When she first realized this it was easier. They were ten, trading brightly colored bracelets off their wrists and whispering secrets that were lost to the corners of Lena’s giant empty house. Kara would scrape her knees falling off of her bike, and Lena would laugh, braces flashing and eyes shining so beautifully that nothing else would matter; their friendship was enough.

(“You’re my best friend,” Lena had told Kara once, confidently, as they raced to get home before they lost daylight. “And you’re sort of like…my only friend. But it still counts.”)

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Wake Up For More

This is Part Two in “Heat Timing”
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:  1100

Warning: Smut, badly written A/B/O dynamics

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

           You woke up and felt that familiar cramping in your lower belly. Of course you were ready again. Of course you were needy again. You could still imagine what it felt like to have Jensen’s knot inside of you. But it wasn’t good enough. You needed him again. But you could tell he wasn’t in bed behind you.

           You slowly got out of bed and felt your slick coat your thighs per usual. You thought about getting some kind of clothes on, but decided against it. You only had one thing on your mind and you weren’t going to be able to do anything else until that one thing happened. You knew Jensen would understand.

           You walked out of the bedroom, searching for your new found Alpha. You didn’t have to search long.

           Jensen, clad in only a pair of boxers, was sitting in the recliner watching something on TV.

           His eyes immediately darkened before he even looked over at you. He could smell you, “There’s my sweet Omega,” he grinned.

           “Need you,” you walked toward him.

           Jensen nodded, “I know, Baby. Come here.”

           As you closed the distance between you, Jensen wiggled out of his boxers, now, sitting bare in the recliner.

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Popping Dilemmas  (Shyan)

A/N Something else I was working on should have been uploaded today, but due to the horrendous storm, I was unable to finish it. Worry not though! I found this little fic I wrote up about a month or so ago, I don’t know if I ever posted it on Tumblr, but it’s cute and fluffy. So why not?



It was late at night, Ryan can tell that much for sure, the twenty-six-year-old just threw on whatever was the closest to him at the point and walked out the door. He only had one place in mind, a store.

He didn’t care which store, he was just in a desperate need for one. Urging something he ran out of a few days ago.

The night was quiet, animals of the night scattering around under the moonlight. Ryan’s mind was still elsewhere as he walked down the street, hands in his hoodie’s pockets, and eyes staring blankly at the ground below him.

He wanted a calm night tonight, he spent his free day finishing up assignments and now he just wanted to relax his mind. The night’s air was fresh, cool, against his exposed face and neck, not too heavy.

Before he knew it, his hand was pushing open a glass door and Ryan entered a small corner store. Quickly he made his way down to the aisle which had his cravings stocked. Seeing it on the shelf, he gave himself a small smile as he walked over to it; eyes trained on the item.

He didn’t notice the other person coming up with the said item as well, reaching for it the same time Ryan did. The touch of someone else’s skin shocked Ryan back to reality along with the taller man. Their hands still placed on the item, it was the last of its kind on the shelf and the only kind Ryan tolerates.

A plain butter and salt popcorn box.

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My submission for @sunskittlex ‘s One Prompt for All Challenge! Sorry I’ve cut it so fine with posting I’m just a…general failure as a human lol 

The One Prompt For All was: 

“I know you. And you’re better than this.”

I’ve combined with a request I received too :)

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2300 ish

Warnings: Flangst, language, apparently angst heavy *shrugs*

My Masterlist!
~ Dean and forever tags are open! ~

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Wow I’m finally updating at a normal time (3PM) 

I will try to keep this supernatural!au shorter cuz I went overboard with Channie XD 

“Ms. y/l/n.” I gulped as Professor Jackson, who allowed us to call him by his first name, attempting to be cool, made his way to my table. I sensed danger and I knew I wasn’t going to be hearing good news when I saw his frowny eyes. 

“I’m sorry y/n.” He placed my test on my table, face down, but by his tone, I already knew the result. It took all my courage to turn the paper around and stare at the big 10/100 scrawled across the paper. I facepalmed, how the hell could someone only get 10 questions out of 100? That’s like impossible. 

“Hah, she’s the one who’s going to be leader of the pack once our alpha steps down? What a shame.” Hearing their words, I crumpled up my test, imaging it was their faces. 

“I don’t want that idiot telling me what to do, if she becomes my alpha, I’m leaving.” 

“I’m with you hon, I’m sure the leaders wouldn’t ever let her rule.”

“They should’ve let her brother become the alpha, he’s the man, right?” After hearing those words, I stood out of my chair and morphed into my wolf form, knocking down chairs and tables. I heard the gasps and yells erupt from the classroom, but I couldn’t help my anger, a trait of a werewolf. From being from the royal line of alphas, my hair was a dark black, which helped me blend in at night and in the forest. It also helped evoke fear into everyone. 

I snarled again and soon I saw all of the wolves morph too, but none as big and powerful as I. I laughed at their fearful stares. I stepped back to gear up to run at them, but before I could launch myself at them, I was zapped back to a human, along with the group of 3 wolves who morphed. 

“I have no words for these foolish acts, straight to the principal’s office, all of you weres!” The anger still resided in my lower stomach, wanted to lash out, but I knew Professor was a powerful warlock and not going to let my alphaness pass. 

After the talk with the principal, it was an understatement to say I was in trouble. He called all of our parents, who were apart of the same pack. My pupils were still pitch black, a recurring action after I turned. The wolves were dismissed, but before I could leave, the principal spoke. 

“Miss y/n, I would like to have a word, privately with you.” The man stated, I almost growled, but I complied and sat in the chair. 

“Yes, Mr. Park.” The principal was a powerful, strong, and educated half vampire, half fae. A weird mix, but helped in battle. Before he could start talking, Professor Jackson entered the office. “Jackson? Right on time. I was about to talk to Miss y/n about her special punishment.” Wait…special punishment?

“What?! What special punishment? Those asswipes for wolves started it!” I could feel my wolf fangs growing. 

“Silence!” The principals voice boomed. And so I did, but it pained me to obey a vamp. 

“Well y/n, I’m sure you’re aware of you failing my class.” I gulped, growing nervous. Were they going to kick me out? “I told you you had to pass this test to bump up your grade, but unfortunately, you couldn’t.” I stood up.

“Sir, you cannot kick me out, I have to get an education to lead the pack. My father won’t allow me to leave!” I could hear the desperation in my voice and I hated it. 

“Oh y/n, we’re not kicking you out.” I grew confused and tilted my head to one side. Prof. Jackson cleared his throat. 

“I meant, that despite your wishes to not interact with other students, we have assigned you a tutor.” A…tutor? I felt uncomfortable with the idea of having to listen to someone, but as an alpha-in-line, I had to swallow my pride for the sake of my pack. 

“Ok, who is it?” I prayed to my ancestors, hoping I wouldn’t get a vamp, or even someone of my pack. Faes were usually the smartest among all, so I hoped I would get one, a submissive one. 

“Kim Woojin, I’m sure you’re familiar with him.” I internally groaned. I knew the boy, he was a were just like me, but he was half were, half human. He was a kind hearted guy, but too soft. Always being nice and bending his back to do nice things for people, I should’ve guessed he would be my tutor, and it’s a bonus that he’s not in my pack, but indeed a were. 

The only thing I didn’t understand about him was his need for to exceed in school and understand all cultures; it felt as he was betraying his kind. 

“You’re meeting at 3pm in the the hidden library, I assume you didn’t want other students watching you, so I was lenient.” I bowed my head gratefully.

“Thank you, Professor.” 

“Ok, out of my office, I have a job to do. And please, just behave y/n. You’ve been in my office too many times.” I nodded and left to my dorm. Though, for some reason, I couldn’t push away the bubbling anxiety in my stomach for the next day to come.

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Why are filmmakers and fans more concerned with plot twists over quality stories?

This is gonna be a long post, so get ready.

Let’s look at Star Wars. Personally, I really enjoyed The Force Awakens and Rogue One. I thought they were some great, fun movies with a lot of action, humor, drama, etc. in them. I thought the actors & actresses were great. The musical score was amazing. Rogue One also did a fantastic job at tying the prequels and originals together, bringing in Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Bail Organa, Grand Moff Tarkin, Mon Mothma and, although he was a Clone Wars character, Saw Gerrera. 

I thought both stories were well done and even though it seemed odd regarding the Skywalker/Solo family (Luke running away, Han & Leia separating and Kylo Ren turning to the dark side & idolizing his grandfather Darth Vader), I thought there was potential to expand upon it in Episode VIII and IX and give a realistic-enough explanation as to how these characters ended up where they were as well as find a way to include Rey in there, potentially as the secret daughter of either Luke or Han & Leia.

However, I am not a fan of The Last Jedi. I didn’t like it. And before you go off and say “Well that’s only because your favorite fan theories didn’t come true” or whatever bulls–t is said to TLJ haters, no, that’s not the case. There’s a lot of different reasons to dislike the film. All these different plot twists and surprises, most of which are completely unnecessary and they even destroy the characters we love from the original trilogy and The Force Awakens.

For example, they had Luke Skywalker - a Jedi Master who was the only one to believe there was still good in his Sith Lord father despite everything that’s happened in the original trilogy - try to murder his nephew because he could sense darkness in him but he wasn’t even fully dark yet. Luke could have tried to save him somehow. Maybe kill Snoke instead? After all, he was the one seducing Kylo to the dark side. Maybe bring Han & Leia over to spend more time with Kylo (since it’s been said Kylo feel neglected by his parents)? Maybe try to get in contact with Anakin’s Force Ghost so he can talk with Kylo (after all, Kylo idolizes his grandfather)? 

But what they did was absolutely stupid and an absolute disgrace to Luke’s character. Not to mention what a horrible plot twist it was. Why are filmmakers and fans so much more interested in plot twists and surprises than good, quality stories? Why? Why? WHY?!!!

Star Wars fans are usually like “Well I don’t want Rey to be a Skywalker because it’s so boring and predictable! I want her to be related to this character because it’d be so surprising!, “I don’t want Snoke to be revealed as some other character because it’d be so dumb! He should be his own character!”, etc. But why are these fans - and the filmmakers as well (e.g. Rian Johnson) - so interested in plot twists and big surprises? Why can’t we focus on good stories?

If you ask me, had Rey been revealed as a Skywalker or a Solo instead, I think that would have made a terrific story and a great way to push forward the story of the sequel trilogy. It would mean she is the granddaughter of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. She now knows why she is so powerful. She was destined to learn the ways of the Force. Not only that, but if she was Rey Skywalker (daughter of Luke), it would create an interesting, emotional, heartwarming story-arc for Luke & Rey as father and daughter would reunite. The same would also apply for Rey Solo, the daughter of Han & Leia. Rey’s grief over Han’s death would increase, knowing he was in fact her father, and we also would have gotten to see a heartwarming mother/daughter reunion between her and Leia.

It would also create an interesting story-arc for Kylo Ren as Rey would be his cousin or sister and as a matter of fact, her being left on Jakku may somehow be connected to how he turned to the dark side. Maybe he felt guilty for what happened to her (thinking she was dead) and blamed Luke, Leia, Han and himself. Snoke used this pain within Kylo to manipulate him and turn him to the dark side. And when watching The Force Awakens, it definitely seems that Kylo has a familial connection with Rey. He Force-chokes a First Order officer when he brings up how a girl helped Finn and BB-8 escape Jakku (”What girl?!”), he took his helmet off for both Rey & Han and he noticed how strong she is with the Force, as strong as he is if not stronger. In The Force Awakens novelization, when Rey picked up the Skywalker lightsaber from the snow, Kylo looked at her and said “It is you”, so it seems he had come to the realization that this girl in front of him was in fact his long-lost cousin or sister. He even offers to teach her the ways of the Force during their duel. He wants the other grandchild of Darth Vader by his side to rule the galaxy. Just like how Vader wanted Luke (and later on, Leia in ROTJ) by his side to rule the galaxy.

And there was also potential to create a story-arc for Snoke that would connect him to the Skywalkers somehow. My personal favorite theory is (or rather was) that he is Darth Plagueis and the creator/”father” of Anakin. There’s already some pre-sequel trilogy information about him in that scene in Revenge of the Sith where Palpatine and Anakin are talking about him. It’s said that he was able to use the Force to create life and it’s even hinted that Anakin’s miraculous birth could have been caused by Plagueis. Maybe Plagueis used the Force and impregnated Anakin’s mother in an attempt to create the Chosen One himself. Then when the time came, the Chosen One would be found and Plagueis could seduce him to the dark side, making him a very powerful and very worthy Sith apprentice. It’s possible he may have even wanted to treat Anakin as his own son since he technically did create him.

But of course Palpatine had different plans and decided to seduce Anakin himself. So he killed Plagueis. Or did he? Perhaps Plagueis successfully faked his death and watched over Anakin/Vader, watching the rise and fall of the Empire and then once Anakin redeemed himself to save Luke and died, Plagueis saw it as an opportunity to come out of hiding and recreate the Empire as the First Order. If Plagueis wanted to treat Anakin as his son as much as he wanted him as his apprentice, then it makes sense: Plagueis/Snoke did it all for Vader. He did it for his creation/“son”. The Imperial officers, Stormtroopers, etc. He even seduced Vader’s grandson to the dark side and made him his apprentice. He created the First Order in Vader’s memory to finish what he started and rule the galaxy.

Then it would have all came full circle: Anakin Skywalker’s family (Luke, Rey, Kylo & Leia) had to face off against his creator/”father” and finally bring balance to the Force. You might not agree, but I think that would have made a terrific story. A great way to tie together the originals, prequels and sequels and a great way to end the Skywalker Saga so that Disney and Lucasfilm can make new stories about new characters. Three trilogies about the Skywalker family. A beginning, a middle and an end. Then it’s over. Time for new characters and new adventures in the galaxy to explore.

But unfortunately, that never happened. Instead, we got what The Last Jedi gave us. A bunch of unnecessary plot twists and surprises (some of which ruin the characters of both the original and new trilogies), the Skywalker bloodline is pretty much dead; the only survivor of the bloodline being Kylo Ren who turned to the dark side for pretty much no reason other than disliking everyone in his family besides his grandfather. Oh, and because Luke suddenly decided to kill him even though he didn’t do anything wrong yet and there were in fact ways to save him.

The characters were ruined, the Skywalker legacy has been destroyed, Snoke died without us finding out his backstory, Rey’s parents are nobodies (and we don’t even get a good enough explanation about them; it wasn’t something like “Your parents were students of Luke’s Jedi academy. The First Order attacked them and they left you on Jakku to keep you safe. They were going to come back for you, but they were killed in the fight before they could”. Instead, it was “Your parents were junk dealers who sold you for drinking money.”) And the new characters didn’t even stay there too long. DJ turned out to be a traitor and we’ll probably never see him again. Admiral Holdo (who was completely unlike-able during the entire film) sacrificed herself, so we’ll most likely never see her again. And Rose, well… if you’re gonna get rid of 2 of the 3 new characters, you might as well get rid of the other one.

And that last scene with the little boy playing with a broom and looking at the stars. WTF?! What is the point of that scene? Is that little boy going to be in Rian Johnson’s new trilogy? Is he supposed to represent the younger Star Wars fans who use toys, brooms, etc. and pretend they’re lightsabers? Is he supposed to represent that whole message people are passing along saying “Anyone can use the Force, anyone can become a Jedi or a Sith” (even though half of the people in the galaxy are actually NOT Force-sensitive and therefore they cannot become Jedis or Siths if they wanted to).

And besides that, if you really want a Force-sensitive hero who isn’t a Skywalker, there’s always Finn. Yes, it’s been hinted in The Force Awakens that Finn is in fact Force-sensitive and if he & Rey got together, they would not only make such an amazing couple but also a very powerful couple. Plus, if Rey was a Skywalker or a Solo, Finn could have married Rey and adopted one of the two surnames. Finn & Rey Skywalker or Finn & Rey Solo. So there you have it.

All these stupid plot twists and everything, all this unnecessary filler, etc. I’m sorry, I just really needed to get it all out of the way. They had a lot of potential with this movie and this whole trilogy. But they threw it all away. The Last Jedi was not worth the two years of fans arguing with each other over Rey’s parentage, Snoke’s identity, etc. It really wasn’t. It’s the worst Star Wars movie ever in my opinion. And it’s also sad that people don’t even care about good, quality stories anymore. They don’t wanna go into the movies and watch a heartwarming parent/child reunion or a well-written explanation as to why a specific character is on a specific side of the fight. They just want plot twists, surprises, etc. To them, it doesn’t matter if it changes the entire story for the worse. As long as their jaw drops, that’s all that matters to them.

Lost in the In-Between

Ghost AU

Pairing: Richie/Eddie

Words: 2,943

“No way, Bill, I could never do that.”

Richie jumps up to sit on the counter, studying Eddie’s face as he speaks. It’s been a while since Bill has called, Richie wonders if he goes and hangs out with him rather than calling.

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Characters: Dean Winchester, Neal (OC), Alice (OC), Reader, Sam Winchester (brief)
Word Count: 3,896

Warnings: Language, insinuated sexy times, patented Dean Winchester snark, smoking
A/N: My dear, precious, beautiful @pinknerdpanda requested a Christmas fic using the song “Fairytale of New York” by Dustin Kensrue. You can listen to it HERE. I know it’s after Christmas and that it took me forever, but I hope you all enjoy it. I hope that the title makes sense once you start reading…if not…well…I mean, I don’t know. hahah

Beta’d by @pinknerdpanda (because I can’t not show her things early, even when they’re for her) : “Lystjblhisjfh we yxmvpyskgxiskh itoskhc”

and @masksandtruths, because I had her workin’ overtime yesterday. -wink- Thanks, babe. “THANK YOU SWEET BABY JESUS! someone said it! For such an intelligent human, Dean has a lot of trouble with this simple fact.”

As usual, tags are at the bottom. If you’d like to be added, please let me know. :)


I groaned, my head aching as I turned on the hard surface I was laying on and squinted at the old man across from me who was singing obnoxiously loud.

Hi di-diddly-idle-um, diddly-doodle-idle-um, diddly-doo-ri-diddlum-deh
Hi di-diddly-idle-um, diddly-doodle-idle-um, diddly-doo-ri-diddlum-deh

He gave me a nearly toothless grin and I groaned again as I squeezed my eyes shut.

“What the hell are you singing, and why?”

“It’s Christmas time, m’boy. Will pro’ly be m’last one, and it’s m’ favorite tune. Thought I’d serenade ya good and proper.”

“That…that isn’t a Christmas song.” I rolled back over and tried to ignore him, my head pounding. I don’t know what the fuck I did or where I was last night, but being in the drunk tank of some podunk town was not exactly where I wanted to be - especially on Christmas. Sammy was gonna kill me.

“Oh, but fer ya, ‘tis. Ya don’t recognize where ya are, do ya?”

“I’m in some town in BFE, when I should be…well, anywhere else. I’m guessing I tied one on a little harder than I planned. And now here I am, trying to ignore some old man trying and failing to sing an Irish ballad and wondering where my brother is so he can get me the fuck outta here. Does that sound about right?”

“Well, son, ya ain’t wrong. But that ain’t what I was talkin’ about.” He slid over closer to me and I rolled back over to look at him.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Why don’t ya sit up and take a good look, see where ya are, and then mebbe I’ll tell ya.”

I groaned and sat up, if for no other reason than to shut him up, and I leaned my head in my hands. Jesus, what did I do? “Okay, I’m up. What am I looking at?”

“Just look.”

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K, so ya girl made the trip to see Anastasia on Broadway because WHY THE FUCK NOT also I needed a much needed vacation lmaooo (RIP MY $$$ but I’m here for a good time, not a long time!!! And worth going to see the show alone!)

I also saw it twice because I’m so Extra™. But anyway, here be a reallllyy looooooong ass flail-y recap and thoughts for prosperity!!! I’m also combining both nights because I can!!!

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Episode 9 thoughts

I am writing as i am watching the episode

No leslie you made molly an orphan how could you?

Why did you drag tina into this?

Originally posted by blisteredblue

Wait did molly get her powers from those rocks?

How did molly survive the fire?

They did not back the computer up WTF

Daddy dean acting like an adult so the kids can be kids

Originally posted by rejected-on-a-cosmic-level

No this godbye wasn’t weird at all

Leslie is suspicious of these too

If janet would’ve put chase first she would not be in that marriage any more

But it’s a sweet scene

No chase don’t hug the rapists

Yeah gert stop telling everyone chase and karolina made out please for gods sake stop .


But no karolina wants to talk

Oh runaways for the kids they could not save

From Alex?

Eiffel being a bitch great

Yo gert you go girl i was never so in love in with you like i am in this moment

Jonah being a fucking creep piss of you piece of shit take your hands of amy

Why does jonah warn tina of teenage amy?

Geoffry does not let any one walk over him unless this anyone is his wife

Why does this thing look like a rocket?

Why is the only black guy in that place a moule for the gangster leader

Molly is back!!!

A ghost video from the past

I am not crying because of mollys parents your are

Nico is so smart

Yeah chase they are digging are a hole genius

That was great quote daddy dean i feel very powerful too when i know more then the characters and i also feel anxious when i know something bad is gonna happen anyway

Chase being so proud of his mom thinking he is good looking

When did chase spend time with karolina ? Except the rooftop kiss

Yes he got the hint but i still feel for him for getting rejected

Chase talking about gert and smiling like a emoji

Nico looks so pretty

Does mister minoru not know how to knock?

Now Alex says after someone talks about taking pictures i said it first

Yes nico don’t give a shit

I love the positivity of the yorkes molly is not there? Probably because her life is so great! but no

Yeah Graciella for the win

Mollys elefant survived in the fire and molly herself

When gert cares so much about the inverement why did she ride alone in such a big car?

Yeah old lace

No gert please do not dress pretty for any men

I am going to ignore that they made the feminist dress pretty to impress the jock

Why does gert confess her feelings for chase first?

Eiffel and the rapists i don’t feel comfortable with that

Why did they go upstairs to dance?

No chase you did not allways see her rember the pilot or any scenes with her and karolina anywhere near you?

Why are they having sex?


These ocean eyes is going to be one of my favourite song for the next time people i live with you now have been warned

Shit jonah knows everything

All the parents on the inside

Originally posted by blisteredblue


You were the only one who knew

Originally posted by soyoudonthavetobebrave

Why would they call you jonah you make them kill people ?and constanly threaten them

The group everytime they should call jonah

Originally posted by f4ndom-qu33n

Are they going to runaway now?

The gang boss has a pregnant girlfriend

You go pregnant lady you will not raise this baby alone . She is promoting healthy eating and anti drug abuse in her five minutes screentime

Originally posted by trapstrblog

What does alex bring to the table key cards

My girl karolina saves their ass

DADDY DEAN you seem so creepy

With jonah by your side WTF

Originally posted by daniellerenucci

I am very upset right now

I even gave him a nickname

Gert and chase do you have to have DTR right now?

And gert has to wreck everything with her isecurity as always

Originally posted by spnfans

Molly we all have you…. even me who was not involved let’s just ignore this part

Parents vs Children face of

They are a family

Leslie didn’t know about karolinas glow powers?

Why is she afraid?

What did you think would happen if you screw a glostic Leslie?

So many questions

First Christmas

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Words:   909
Requested by Anonymous:  Could I please get a Christmassy Gabriel x Reader one where the reader is alone for Christmas because Cas and the Winchesters are busy so she asks Gabriel to visit and he helps her decorate and creates food like gingerbread and candy canes for her, and when she’s setting up a nativity scene she asks Gabriel to tell her about what the first Christmas when Jesus was born was like for him? 

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.
A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.

         You knew Dean and Sam weren’t really into Christmas anyway, but it sucked that they were states away on a hunt during your favorite time of the year. Even though you had so much loss and sadness in your life, you still loved Christmas. It was a time when you somehow found hope that there might still be some happiness in your life.

           But the Winchester’s and Cas were busy with the hunt. So, you were going to have to decorate your apartment alone. And that was not how you wanted to spend your Christmas. That was not going to bring you happiness.

           You had another option. You never really thought about it before, but you were willing to give it a try.

           You prayed to Gabriel. Maybe the archangel with a sweet tooth would spend some time with you for the holiday. And who better to spend time with at Christmas than the angel who gave the news to Mary that she would be having a baby who was the Messiah?

           “You prayed?” Gabriel appeared in your living room, smiling from ear to ear, “Hi, Cupcake.”

           “Hi, Gabe,” you couldn’t help but smile when he was around. Gabriel’s positivity was contagious for sure.

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Hello,due to a mistake I had to post this again, sorry for the trouble


This is my secret santa present for @whisperbinder

I’m sorry for any trouble I might have caused but I hope you like this and that you have a merry christmas (even if it’s early for that)

The music was blasting on Saeyoung’s house making Vanderwood wonder if it had actually been a good idea to listen to the redhead’s invitation for his Christmas party, he should have known that the former agent obnoxious personality only seemed to raise with the ambience the parties provided.

He stood uncomfortable in one corner smoking from his cigarette, from his current spot it was easy to get a general hold at the party, the woman with short hair seemed like she hasn’t gone to a party in her entire life he observed in mild entertainment as she was drinking and dancing. The actor was singing in the karaoke crying how he needed love into his life. 707 was jumping over the blonde boy asking him for a piggyback ride and the blonde boy complained how heavy the former agent was. 707´s brother was in a similar fashion as him observing everything from a corner, and maybe it was just his skills but Vanderwood could have sworn he saw the ghost of a smile on his lips. The CEO was pouring wine on a glass complaining how childish their attitudes were.

Vanderwood wasn’t good with names, everyone had a code name at the agency more often than not composed by number or keywords, he never had the affinity with anyone to actually care about learning their name. Even in missions he stuck with basic nicknames as an alternative most of the time instead of learning the target’s name.

He felt a small tap on his shoulder, with a scowl thinking it was agent 707 who was going to ask him to clean he turned his sight and lowered his cigarette only to see a young woman standing by his side. Her hair tied up, he couldn’t recognize her name either but her could remember she was the one who joined Saeyoung to that cult and impromptu rescue mission.

-Merry Christmas- she smiled, Vanderwood furrowed his eyebrows and stared at her up and down she had another bag now hanging from her elbow as she had her hands busy with a small cheetah printed box

-We were supposed to bring presents? -He asked perplexed, fucking 707, of course he would prank him with something like that.

-No, not at all! -The young girl beamed -But it’s Christmas everyone deserves a present- she pushed the present closer to his face, with a scowl Vanderwood took it from the girl’s hands taking a look at the label with his name and the girl’s in it.

Opening it carefully he found an empty wallet in it. He looked at it with curiosity, opening it to be sure there was nothing inside of it.

-Do you like it? -the girl asked, -I thought that since you are making a new life you’ll probably need a wallet-

-It’s okay I guess- he said as he placed it in the back pocket of his jeans.

He could observe her smile drop for a second, probably because she couldn’t get the reaction she hoped he would have. However, said smile returned in an instant and wished him a merry Christmas. Just as he was going to return the gesture, no matter how useless he thought it was the sound of glass shattering filled his ears and he only saw a flash of red before hearing the blonde one complain about it.

-You should look after your boyfriend- he commented pointing at the redhead who was now hiding in the most stupid place Vanderwood could have thought of.

-Who? Saeyoung?- The girl glanced at Saeyoung laughing for his antics -No, we are just friends. We agreed that would be better- She commented shrugging -I have to give these to the others, happy holidays Vanderwood- She raised the bag and walked towards Jumin who seemed to be the calmest at the moment.

Vanderwood shrugged turning of his cigarette making his way towards the entrance, this was going to be a big mess and he was not going to stay there just so 707 could sleep while he cleaned.

The next time he saw the girl he was quite surprised.

He had gotten a new job in an office and he got bored too quickly of it so by the end of the first week he quitted and went for a job on a bar Saeyoung recommended, at least he would get to kick drunk’s asses.

On his first day he bumped into someone on the way inside, just as he was going to help the new person to standup he saw a pair of eyes staring at him and a soft smile gracing the mouth.

-Vanderwood, hi! You’re the new guy the boss mentioned?- she questioned lifting herself from the ground.

-What are you doing here?- he questioned as she stood in front of him with a purse on her hand.

-I work here- she said with eyebrows furrowing and her lips curving in a smile, he raised an eyebrow -What are you doing here? -she questioned back following his path as he traced towards the manager’s office like his main intention was to get away from her.

-The redhead sent me here, told me this place wouldn’t question my background- MC nodded understanding that, Vanderwood would certainly be appropriate for the job, they needed someone who would be strong and willing enough to take out the drunks during the busy weekend hours.

-Good Luck! -she put her hand on his shoulder and finally exited through the door, he stared at her with furrowed eyebrows as he made his way to the manager’s office with a fake I.D in his hand.

Seeing her became a common occurrence for Vanderwood, whether it was on his way in to his shift at the bar or when she was having a sudden change on schedule and working in the night shift alongside him. Vanderwood discovered she was a entertaining companion for easy conversation, she never pried too much unless he unknowingly gave her the clue that she could.

It was unknown to him when the feelings of comfort and commodity evolved into something more. Something he didn’t dare to admit and had been forbidden ever since he was a teenager. He knew questioning Saeyoung would only bring laugh into him at Vanderwood’s expense, even if he got along better with the redhead it was still something he was unwilling to allow.

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take this pain & turn it into gold

“All of a sudden everything is too much and he falls.”

Or, survivor’s guilt is the actual worst and Rey is REALLY stubborn. Damerey-ish (main part of fic is pre-relationship), PG-ish, and also on ao3. Title from “Champion” by Barns Courtney.

In some ways, he dug his own grave.

Poe learned early that some of his traits were more valuable than others, more likely to get him attention or status or whatever else he wanted. And most of those traits being strengths, he learned to play them forward. As time went on and he grew into himself, he wove a web to hide behind and a mask to keep him safe, but now… now that all feels like a mistake.

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