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17 21 22 ♥

17. Whose fashion style do you like the most?
- namjoon (for obvious reasons), jimin (his new style is more mature and so sleek), and somewhat jungkook’s (his style is very casual and sophisticated when he wants it to be)

21. Name the feature you like the most about each member!
- Seokjin: lips/smile, Yoongles: eye-shape, Hobi: dimples/smile, Joonie: dimples/smile, Jimin: i… really can’t decide, i love everything.. his lips are so plump, his eyes smile so prettily, his hands are squishy, his nose is so boop-able…. Tae: smile+moles, Kookie: smile/teeth+those precious doe-eyes

22. Your favorite photo of each member?

- why wld u ask this of me ;______; i’ll do it, but these are just photos i happen to like at the moment NOT my all-time favs (bc that’s impossible my dude)





Jimin: i definitely don’t have a fav photo of this angel, but this is my fav gif of him

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i totally strayed from the “one photo for each member” policy, but i could not resist >.< thank you so much~!

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The third piece in my new “Tokyo at Night” series that I’m currently painting.

This time I used a photo I took while going shopping late at night with Kana. The bright alcohol shop with a lot of plastic crates and a neon sign caught my eye this time. Also, I always liked the red (and sometimes green) streets and crossroads that you can find everywhere in Japan and wanted to feature it in this series also.

I used some white, opaque paint for the lighting (window lights, streetlight in the middle etc.) and to add some light blue reflections on the wires.

Technical stuff: * Paper: HOLBEIN Waterford natural 300g/m cotton paper * Sketch: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil grade HB * Line: COPIC Multiliner SP 0.5mm * Colours: my main 48 colour Schmincke set * White details: Dr. Ph. Martin’s BLEED PROOF WHITE

新しいイラストシリーズ「東京夜行」の3枚目です。 今回はカナと遅い時間に散歩した時に撮った、酒屋さんの写真を元にして描いてみました。カラフルなビールケース、自動販売機や看板が何もない路地で目を引きます。 追加で赤いコンクリートの交差点と後ろの高い建物に想像が膨らむ¥。


ツール詳細 * 紙: ウォーターフォード水彩紙 ナチュラルホワイト 300g * 下描き: HB Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆 * 線画: コピック マルチライナーSP 0.5 * 着色: 48色のシュミンケ水彩セット * 白い絵の具: ドクターマーチン ブリードプルーフホワイト

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Would you have any recommendations for a beginner's camera for photographing outdoor adventures, scenery type stuff, the kind of things I see when I'm exploring? I'm looking to give it a try after seeing all the cool shots on blogs like yours!

It really depends on how much gear you want to travel with, and what kind of budget you want to work with, too. Since there are a LOT of different factors to consider, and since I’m not certain as to what specifics you’re looking for, allow me to share my personal experience with cameras in hopes that you (and others!) can find something useful here!  

I started with a little Kodak Easy Share DX6490 point-and-shoot, and while I was able to make it work for me, I was severely limited because it didn’t offer the ability to adjust shutter speed, white balance, or ISO like a DLSR camera will. Below is an example of the type of photo I was taking with the early Kodak. Notice how the colors seem flat and dull, the darker sections look grainy, and while the bobcat’s face overall seems to be in focus, it’s clear on closer inspection that everything is just slightly burred.

On the bright side, the camera was cheap, could take a decent beating, and didn’t require additional lenses or gear. In a fix, it worked well in proper lighting situations, but for someone serious about getting good photos consistently, I’d suggest a DSLR instead. 

I personally upgraded to an entry-level DSLR in the Canon Rebel series. We could have the “Canon Vs. Nikon” discussion for the next six hours and still not conclude which maker is the better of the two; but having shot both, I’m more impressed with the quality of Nikon’s lenses, and even more impressed with the quality of Canon’s camera bodies.

In the end, I actually based my purchasing decision on company ethics. This may sound a bit odd since I am myself a hunter and taxidermist, but at the time when I first got into DSLR photography, I was not. In fact, I was big into animal rights back then, and believed that all hunting was terrible, so it came as an offensive shock to find that Nikon - a company avidly supported by wildlife enthusiasts all over the world - sponsors the Safari Hunt Club, manufactures scopes specifically for trophy hunting, and supports other hunting organizations which actively encourage lawmakers to ease protections for threatened and endangered wildlife around the world

My thoughts on the topic of hunting have changed since then, but I still feel that it’s important to point this out, especially if your personal ethics differ from mine and would be better-suited to the purchase of camera gear which doesn’t aid in the killing of animals.

In stark contrast to Nikon, Canon proudly runs their “Wildlife as Canon Sees It” campaign to help raised awareness for endangered species and threatened ecosystems, donates to environmental groups, and does not produce products intended for hunting purposes. 

But let’s get back to the main topic here: My first Canon was a Canon Rebel XTi, which are currently available for as little as $90.00 used. The Rebel series has since put out much more capable cameras, and for a beginner, this is ABSOLUTELY what I would recommend, especially since many of the newer ones shoot video as well as stills. Don’t let the small price tag fool you. Shooting with a Canon 75-300mm telephoto lens ($150.00 street value), I was able to take wildlife shots such as this: 

And with the 18-55mm stock lens that comes with the Canon Rebel XTi, I was taking adventure photos like this: 

But I felt the need for something better - with more power, wider range of options in manual mode, and video capabilities, so I shelled out for a Canon EOS 7D (currently going for around $1,000 used) , which is what I now utilize for many of my adventure photos, including nearly all the images I take of Ivar and the wolfdogs.

The cons are that this camera is hefty - it weighs much more than the Canon Rebel, and takes up far more room in a camera bag or backpack. But! It takes incredibly vivid photos and video, and was even used for (some) of the filming of BBC’s “Planet Earth” series. 

This camera serves me well, but it’s absolutely the kind of thing you need to work up to. If you spend big bucks on a camera like this and shoot with automatic settings the whole time, you’re not going to enjoy and will likely become frustrated when your photos don’t turn out like they appear in your mind’s eye. 

My advice is to get an entry-level DSLR first, and shoot using manual settings for at least a year or so to get confident and familiar with them, before dropping money on a more professional body. 

Here are the kinds of photos I take with the Canon EOS 7D: 

Finally, I ended up adding a GoPro Hero5 Black to my arsenal, largely because I needed what I call a “grab and run out the door” camera. It doesn’t allow for the same kind of quality or control that a DSLR does - not by a longshot. And it runs out of battery a quick pace, too. Sometimes, the color or white balance is terrible, and I have to do more post-processing than I do while shooting with the Canon EOS 7D; but the bright side is that it’s tiny, waterproof, shock proof, and takes some pretty impressive photos, especially during quick road trips and in situations when I don’t want to swap lenses and/or unpack the heftier camera. 

As you can see, the GoPro makes for some cool shots, especially when you utilize the wide angle feature. The downsides are pretty obvious, but I enjoy the fact that its small, portable, quick, and easy to use. Mine was $200 on Craigslist, so I got lucky there. If the current $400.00 price tag is too much, just wait until the company produces a few more new cameras, and the price will drop like a rock. 

Hope this helps! 

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How do I participate in the FanArt Friday? Is it literally just tagging my art with #fanartfriday? Or are there certain criterias to be met? Is it only on instagram? Or can you post on tumblr and twitter too?

Good question!! So, what I like doing, just so I can be sure to credit everyone appropriately on my Insta, is to look into the Instagram photos I’ve been tagged in. That’s where I find all the artwork! So if you post your artwork there, tag me in it, and have your account so that I can view it (or have a friend post it and tag me, crediting you, if you’d like your Insta account private), I’ll most likely find it and include it! Thanks to Insta’s new swipe update, I can feature up to 80 pieces of art a week!

Title: “How much champagne did you have?” (Stark! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter and the reader are the two youngest at Tony’s party, a party full of alcoholic beverages that youngsters shouldn’t drink. 

Word Count: 1750

Warnings: Underage Drinking don’t do it

A/N: I love Peter lol we all know this. I hope you enjoy this fun lil stark reader imagine! 

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so you obviously ship katsuyu and I didn't even know there was such a ship (please forgive ignorance of kacchako shipper ^^") so I've got a question - what made you ship them? any specific moments in manga? cause your art kinda made me like them as pair so I want to know more about katsuyu :>

Hello! thank you very much for you kind words! ^-^)/

POST EDITED 10/05/2017 – 
POST EDITED  05/07/2017 –
POST EDITED 17/07/2017  –
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POST EDITED 22/08/2017     ch. 71 information added

edit 01: “Keep Reading” since the post is starting to be very long.
edit 02:  New hints. New wording.
edit 03:  High Katsuyu content, as much as spoilers if you are not updated.
edit 04:  Excuse my grammar, I’m trying to improve it
edit 05:  Anon, I’m truly sorry for turning your question into a Manifesto post TT

here we go then: 

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Outlook Beach House - Unfurnished Download

Thanks to a request by @shirley-sims and some excellent round table discussion via reblogs with @dramallamadingdang, @decat2, @sushigal007, @flowyfan and @celebkiriedhel I decided to put this place up for download - sorta!

Rather than offering it up fully furnished as pictured, this download is unfurnished. (I just couldn’t be bothered taking new photos without the furnishings, sorry). This lot is not CC free - all walls and flooring, windows and doors and architectural features are as you see them in the original photos. (here, here, and here). You also get all the outdoor landscaping, and I kept the patio lanterns on since they’re a little fussy to place. So you will end up with some CC stuff in that vein - a fair portion of the walls and floors are actually my own creations anyways. If you’ve been around the community for any length of time, downloading with reckless abandon like I have, you likely already have half the stuff included in here.

If there’s anything you’re curious about WCIF-wise that I used to furnish the lot in my own game that you see in the furnished pictures, feel free to ask.

An important note about placement of this lot:

Beach lots can be funny to place, because of reasons iCad explained better than I can paraphrase so read her post here SO please be careful where you put this lot. I built it on Twikkii Island’s terrain, in the picture below the lot circled to the right is the original. I placed it again in the circled spot to the left to delete the furnishings before packaging, and the only real difference I noticed was the beach chairs I had on the sand were a click or two lower. So I think most of that beachfront area on Twikkii, certainly on that side of the map, will be compatible for placement.

Last but not least……



Found this at my local newsagent. It features an article about Benedict. The text is in German and doesn’t contain any groundbreaking new info, but some of the photos are rather nice.

Should anybody be interested in a copy, let me know. I have a spare one which I’ll be giving away (if you’d like to be added to the draw, drop me a note until tomorrow, Tuesday 4th, 23h GMT).


New York Times Book Review - Ten Best Books of 2016

Here is the cover piece I did for the NYT Book Review, featuring their picks for the “10 Best Books of 2016″. The concept I went for was “here is a bounty of reading”, presented like a classic still-life. I was sent the book jackets to use as reference, but had to arrange the still life using my own books. I took a lot of ref photos and also painted directly from a set-up in my studio. It came together quite nicely! I also painted a bit of extra leaves and berries for the interior. 

The animation was its own challenge! I painstakingly drew each frame (using some of my own footage as ref), though I used the photoshop transform-tool to get the page text to look smooth(ish). 

Thanks AD Matthew Dorfman!


A whole lotta photos from last week’s New York Comic Con 2017!

Featuring awesome cosplays and some guy who sounded suspiciously like Dipper Pines!

I was Grunkle Stan

Dipper in the first photo: @intruderzim

Strong Bad (as Stan): @strongchad

Lemme know if you’re in one of these photos and want me to tag you, or if you want that photo removed.

Hey MTV, Welcome to (Nick’s) Crib

A few anons were interested in a masterpost of Nick’s house like we have for his old place (pour one out for the old flat - gone but never forgotten). I’ve put together this house tour based on what we’ve seen on instagram. I would absolutely love it if one day Nick was featured in some sort of interior design magazine bc he has such eclectic taste and his place is very nice imo!

OK hopefully I have the layout right - if you spot any errors let me know. Tour behind the cut.

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stars (ft. park woojin)

requested park woojin scenario!
highschool!au again

noona - dongsaeng :—–)

FLUFF. i hope-

  • today had been exceptionally wonderful
  • the school trip was not like any other trip you had during your highschool stay
  • although most seniors had been complaining about how the trip could have been exclusive for your batch
  • it didn’t matter to you because in all honesty, you barely knew everyone anyway so it didn’t really make a difference
  • you had a small clique within your senior batch and a few friends here and there around the campus
  • the planetarium was the absolute quacking bomb
  • you had enjoyed every bit of the night as it was the last stop and the school had also reserved the whole grounds for an overnight camp
  • it was heaven for you
  • and having two of your close friends as your tent-mates
  • polaroid photos slowly filling in your little album from most of today’s experiences
  • but that last thing to wrap up today’s itinerary was what you’d been looking forward to the most
  • was the show in the planetarium
  • seated between your two friends, Lee Suhyun and Kang Sira
  • Snapping another photo before the show starts
  • and enjoying every bit and every minute of how they laid out the universe
  • it was all beautiful
  • breathtaking
  • far more than you imagined it to be
  • the last time you had some planetarium visit was a small one in a mall that showed dinosaur life and same mall different theme for the second one
  • the universe tour for the planetariums were always sold out with older couples usually filling in the seats
  • and your parents ofcourse would disapprove of you coming home late at night
  • so anyway
  • here ya’ll are
  • being giddy over the show
  • the smile on your lips never leaving as your eyes barely blinking and your mouth never closing
  • the full 30 minutes had been what you considered the best and so far your favorite part in your life so far
  • yes you loved exploring the universe that much
  • that you lowkey believe in aliens
  • because they’re more possible than ghosts–
  • as you would often say
  • “the universe is huge. why would you think we’re the only living species?”
  • the show ends, and you tell yourself that you were definitely going again
  • maybe during college
  • but anyway
  • dinner comes, it was utter choas
  • good thing everything was by class and yes even the cooking
  • it was basically an MT than an educational fieldtrip
  • the teachers were around telling all students that they had 30 mins before going to bed
  • and you couldn’t find your polaroid camera even after dinner
  • you thought you had left it in the tent but it was nowhere to be found
  • until you remembered that you must have left it inside the planetarium showroom
  • 30 mins was enough time to walk to the building, find your camera and walk back to the camping area
  • you didn’t want to bother your friends so you went alone with only your phone, jacket and the small blanket wrapped around you
  • dim lights as you entered the place
  • walking over to your previous seat from earlier, hand patting underneath your chair
  • you sigh in relief as you feel your camera still there
  • but almost let out a shriek when something close to you moved
  • realizing it was another student you let out another sigh of relief
  • because as much as you didn’t believe in ghosts, it’s still different thinking you’re alone and apparently have someone else
  • like what if it was a murder or something
  • judging from the red sweatpants, it was a freshman
  • yes ya’ll color coded by batch so you can imagine it like skittles walking around from birds eye view
  • he seemed to be asleep and it was fairly dark so you couldn’t really see his face
  • but you shook him gently till he was awake
  • he sat up so abruptly and the fact that he was near your seat from earlier made you think back
  • but you were pretty sure the row you sat on were all seniors
  • “did you fall asleep here during the show?”
  • he still seemed lost as he stared at you
  • you held back a laugh because he honestly looked cute
  • until
  • WHaiT a minUte–
  • he seemed so familiar
  • “Oh. Woojin-ssi” you breathed out
  • he was still half asleep as he muttered back his answer saying no and a small ‘yeah’?
  • but the only reason why you knew him is because despite being a first year, he was in nearly every special performance from the school’s hiphop dance club
  • and he kinda
  • chingaling-linged a little bit into your attention
  • but you never really had /that/ kind of crush on him
  • nearly everyone in the school knew him actually
  • but yeah, it was because of dance
  • because he literally grabbed all the attention during the last school fair performance and as much as the song was get ugly, every single student who performed were all gorgeous
  • it was unfair
  • “what time is it? is dinner over?” he asked in a completely groggy voice
  • and you were
  • Sh O oKe th
  • because wow
  • you didn’t expect that voice to come out of that face
  • but it suits him
  • “yeah. weren’t you able to eat and–” as you glanced down on your phone
  • your eyes widened
  • it was exactly 11pm
  • and as if on cue, the lights changed into dimmer ones
  • and the click on the huge ass doors could be heard
  • don’t they clean up and check before locking up???
  • but then you remembered they did right after the show was done
  • “shit–” you hear him curse under his breath
  • you were both locked in
  • and aha, how convenient that there was no phone reception inside
  • plus the fact that earlier they had reminded everyone that the tight security cameras were being replaced so even if you wanted to wave and dance around infront of one,
  • guards were manually roaming around every three hours
  • “guess we’ll be stuck here for a while” he groaned making his way back to the seat and comfortably lay there
  • both of you aren’t even panicking
  • nor trying too hard
  • like
  • is this normal?
  • ya both stuck but you both don’t seem to care that much
  • “did you eat dinner?” you had asked, concerned ofcourse
  • there was no food and no water and dinner had been long over
  • “I already did. What about you?” he asked back politely
  • you’re both going to be together for a bit so might as well make conversation
  • instead of being awkward
  • “I did… but  if you ate already… what were you doing here?” asking out of sheer curiosity
  • and he was sleeping too in there…..
  • “did you know this closes at 11?” you had added in, although you weren’t really scolding him
  • to you it felt like that abit
  • “yeah, I just wanted to be alone for a while but then I fell asleep” he answered non nonchalantly “what about you? why are you here?” he asked back looking at you
  • “I came to get this” you showed him the camera that was now slung around your neck
  • now the atmposhere turned kinda awkward as the conversation just seemed to have died down
  • you pursed your lips as you thought of something to say
  • or how to open up the conversation when he suddenly spoke
  • “aren’t you Sira noona’s friend?”
  • “uh.. yes… you know her?”
  • “oh well yeah we’re 2nd degree cousins”
  • and you were shOoktEth again for the 2nd time in less than two hours
  • “oh” was all you could say because you’ve known Sira since junior high and during the time as seniors, she never really mentioned knowing “the” park woojin
  • “she mentioned once you believe in aliens?” he didn’t sound as awkward as you did
  • infact, he sounded pretty chill
  • another surprise
  • except that he sometimes sounded like he was stuttering but
  • it sounded cute
  • you don’t normally just spurt out how you believe in the universe’s other life forms
  • because as much as you could basically sound very informative
  • and honestly convincing
  • majority of people would just look at you like you were a nut job
  • you didn’t really care but sometimes
  • it was tiring being made fun of things you believed in
  • “uh well.. yeah..  I do” you answered back quietly
  • and to your surprise
  • you could see in the corner of your eye his lips tugging up into a bigger smile
  • “I always wanted to find a friend whom I could talk to about it!”
  • you didn’t expect him to be a believer
  • but somehow
  • you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face
  • and lets just say
  • time felt like it moved so quickly that, there was a hint of disappointment in your voice when you checked your phone and it was almost 1am
  • meaning
  • the guards would probably be coming over to finally find you
  • you should be happy
  • you were getting out and about to get proper sleep
  • but you’ve never met someone who greatly liked the universe as much as you did
  • and woojin too, he enjoyed your exchange of stories
  • the sightings, theories, how they helped people in the past and possible proof
  • in a span of a little over two hours
  • you felt like you found a really genuine friend you could share things with
  • he had also been so sympathetic over your experiences about basically being bullied for believing in something
  • and within the almost three hours
  • you both basically had shared each of our life stories
  • and when did you start believing in such
  • 1:14 am, the digital clock on your phone read
  • you could see woojin hugging himself as the air grow a tad bit chillier
  • there was still no one coming through the doors
  • he was yawning already, trying to cover up the tiredness he felt from all of today’s activities
  • you had both been seated by the wall next to the door, as you waited
  • just when you were about to speak up, he beat you to it
  • “you know it’s not always I get to meet someone like you. I mean” stuttering over his words again as you chuckled at how cute he kept on sounding
  • “we really are into the same thing and… the chances of being locked up here with you” letting out a small laugh of his own
  • you could feel your heart picking up pace over his words
  • it was probably nothing, but still, they sounded nice
  • alittle too nice that you were thankful for the dim lights
  • because you felt your face heating up
  • “Want to take photos? I have a few more films in the camera. Might as well make it like a memorabilia” you blurted out, wanting to eat back the words
  • but his reaction made you freeze a little bit
  • his smile had grown so wide you couldn’t help but smile back
  • “really noona? I mean… well. It’s just that I wanted something to remind me of today”
  • “do you want me to take a photo of you?”
  • “oh… no. well, I was thinking more of a photo of us”
  • asfhakghakjga
  • “whAt-”
  • you could see his features changing into a shy expression
  • “It doesn’t seem like it but I’m quite sentimental. I wanted to ask a photo together but my phone’s battery is still alive but barely breathing”
  • you were suddenly so unsure of what to say
  • you had grow incredibly shy over his words that words were completely failing you
  • “oh sure… here” was the only sentence you could force out as you gave him the polaroid cam. He had longer arms and would be able to take a photo of both of you better
  • you got conscious about how you looked all of a sudden
  • you had washed the make up off and you wanted to cover your face so badly
  • “one, two–”
  • then a sudden flash, you were just thankful that you were able to smile
  • the film slowly slipping out as woojin holds onto to it.
  • “should we take one more? a copy for me” you state, making him look at you like
  • ???? !!!!!!
  • “I was going to ask you to send me a photo of this” he quietly said, although evident in his voice he would love having it to keep
  • “you can have it” you smiled, reaching out to pat his head
  • blushing again when you realize what you’ve done
  • drawing your hand back immediately but he didn’t seem to notice
  • “yeah lets take another one” the smile never leaving his lips as you both posed again for the camera
  • the second photo coming out nicer that the first, since you felt prettier and more ready in the second
  • you had been able to talk to woojin to trade
  • but also because you liked the first photo more since it had him infront
  • which showed more of his face
  • keeping it in his wallet, you couldn’t help but melt
  • you suddenly felt as if you’d been treasured
  • yeah sure close friends and family make you feel extremely loved but
  • ofcourse this felt a little more different
  • “Noona… I don’t want to sound demanding but… I was wondering if… I could snap a photo of you and keep it”
  • well
  • your heart just made a somersault 
  • and it felt like his face landed face first on the ground
  • how could someone affect you like this in a matter of minutes
  • and as he tried to click, apparently there was no more film
  • he felt disappointment and so did you
  • “I have a few solo photos of me in the tent… maybe I could give you one”
  • his smile made you feel like the whole dim room was lighting up and you just loved it
  • “promise?” he asks holding out his pinky
  • it was childish but
  • super cute
  • “promise” you answer back wrapping your pinky around his
  • but what you didn’t expect was
  • him leaning in to kiss your hands
  • to seal the deal
  • and you just went
  • asdfghjkasffa
  • “I don’t think we’d be able to wait till 2am for someone” he had stated, rubbing his eyes as sleep had came back to him
  • you were starting to feel your eyelids dropping too
  • “come on noona, we can just sleep on the chairs” he stated, getting up first to help you afterwards
  • you liked how his hand felt in yours
  • you’ve dated before sure
  • had a lot of crushes but
  • maybe the fact that you were both interested immensely in something similar pulled you towards him
  • “goodnight noona” he whispers, seated next to you with arms around himself again
  • pushing the arms rests up, its not like you wanted to snuggle closer but the blanket felt a little small
  • he moved in a bit towards you when he felt you wrap him up, to share the cloth together
  • you wanted to look at him like a little brother but
  • “you can rest your head on my shoulder noona, it’s more comfortable”
  • the words he keep spurting out just really made him look more like a man than the boy he was
  • silence for a few minutes
  • 1:30 am
  • it was just breathing between the two of you
  • your head on his shoulder
  • and his cheek resting on top of your head
  • “can’t sleep?” he mumbles again
  • “yeah”
  • “me too. but I feel really tired”
  • “same actually”
  • “noona”
  • “hmm?”
  • “I was wondering”
  • “what is it?”
  • “would it be okay if I got your number?”
  • “w-what” pressing your lips toegther as you tried to keep your wits intact
  • “well it’s because… like I said, I don’t get to meet someone like you alot. I wanted to keep in touch and…” his tone drifting away softly
  • you cold hear his feet shifting and shuffling on the floor
  • “and?”
  • “well I obviously want to keep intouch and maybe…. bring you to go stargazing”
  • that was surely an offer you couldn’t reject

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and wow this sht got long omfg



really long.


  • you’re both awoken at 4am by one of the janitors
  • good thing because students were going to be woken up at 6am
  • and if your teachers don’t find you in your tents
  • you were in a whole lot of trouble
  • you woke up with woojin’s head still ontop of yours
  • and both of you sharing the same blanket
  • him smiling down at you as he greets you a good morning
  • sadly needing to part ways to go back to your respective tents
  • but as you lay down inbetween your sleeping friends
  • your phone vibrates
  • “park woojin” it says on the screen
  • “noona. it’s woojin, don’t forget the photo okay? I’ll be looking forward to it later. sleep tight : )”

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namJUNE 2017

A remake of my first photo set featuring this spread. I wasn’t fancying that one, so I remade it, and I’m not completely disliking it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For this one, I actually went all out with taking the photos and I actually took A BUNCH before coming to the photos that you see above. The layout of the third one featuring my somewhat weekly spread was actually not even planned like the rest of them, so I guess that goes to show that I should just let it be natural lol. 

These are actually the first pages of my bullet journal so it’s kinda all over the place. Please don’t judge loool thx. 


🌸🍃Free Mayor Cards🍃🌸

I want to practise more with editing so I was wondering if anyone would like a town card. The photos above are ones I made of my own mayor. The artwork of my mayor wasn’t made by me though.🙊

If you’re interested in this please read below! Contact me through a ask or a message. Also, feel free to reblog this so others can see.

Info I’ll Need:

🍃I’ll need a clear, up close photo of your mayor. I’d like this to be done through the ‘ambiio camera’ feature on your New Leaf title screen. I’d prefer you’d use waifux after you do that but I don’t mind doing it.

🍃Info you would like on your card. (Ex: Town name, friend code, dream address, ect)

🍃I’d also like to know what style of town card you would like. If you would like something similar to the ones I made or a background of your choice. If you’re interested in the ones that look like ambiio cards I have different colors to offer as well. I can also add villagers, town fruit, etc. Be as specific as possible. ●u●

**Please do not alter/delete or self-promote or you will be automatically disqualified**

Hello, so the dazzling Hayley (@survivhal) and I, Liz (@captivahted), wanted to do a collaboration with each other. Not for any reason in particular, other than just the excuse to have fun by hosting our first network together! So with that in mind, Hayley and I present to you, a showcase revealing Tumblr’s Hidden Gems :) 

  R U L E S :   

💎   Must be following Hayley on her blog here, and Me, here.  PLEASE don’t lie or unfollow because we will know.

💎   Likes will not be counted and will only be used as bookmarks. Must reblog once, in order to be considered.

💎   We will be choosing 12 Gemstones (as they are hard to find) 

P E R K S :

💎   New friends (us of course:))

💎   Be featured on a cute page (that’s currently under construction)

💎   Promos of your choice, once a week

💎   Queues upon request 

💎   More followers :)

H I G H E R C H A N C E S :

💎   Reblog this post more than once

💎   Talk to Hayley and I, here or here, we won’t bite and we’d love to make a new friend.

💎   Reblog a lot from us, so that your url will stand out

💎   Send us a message on why you feel like you should be chosen

C A T E G O R I E S :

💎    Sapphire x1  //   Best Icon

💎    Diamond x1  //   Newest Discovery

💎    Lapis x1  //   Best Add Ons + Blog Features

💎    Moldavite x1  //   Best Colour Scheme

💎    Kuznite x1  //   Loveliest Blogger

💎    Rutile Quartz x1  //   Best Posts

💎    Opal x1   //   Most Unique Blog

💎   Citrine x1  //  Best Icon

💎   Andalusite x1  //  Best Url

💎   Garnet x1    //   Best Overall

💎   Rose Quartz x1 // Hayley’s favorite

💎   Morganite x1 // Elizabeth’s favorite

O T H E R S :

💎   Photo found on Google

💎   Banner made by our friend, and the lovely Kealani and her blog can be found here

Raptor Bughead Fic Rec of the Day #5

all I ever knew (only you)
Written by:  sopaloma
Rating: T
Status: Complete


It’s like this every day - both of them watching, both of them pining - and Archie is sick of it. Office Au

Why You Should Read It:

It’s the Office AU you never thought you needed. It’s a light read and well-written. There’s mutual pining, a pinch of angst and I guarantee you’re going to be a big puddle of goo by the end of it. The author is also relatively new to the fandom, so you probably haven’t seen much of her works yet but she’s SO good. You need to check her out! 


Help me out by reblogging to get this circulating around our fandom for the hiatus. Who knows? Maybe your fic might be featured some day and I’m sure you’d enjoy that signal-boost :)

And of course, if you like the fic, be sure to leave a comment and some kudos. The author will appreciate it!

Photo Source: stock photos


Hello friends! Because Taylor has not been doing anything lately, I noticed my icons page was looking very outdated. While there are still no new pictures to use, I decided to update my page by making some icons featuring all sorts of different photos of Taylor. They include fetus Swift, candids, photoshoots, concerts, and some more random things thrown in there. There are over thirty new icons with many different colors and backgrounds and sorts, so I hope you are able to find something you like. :)


I worked hard on these, so I would appreciate it if you could check them out and reblog this post, regardless of whether you use an icon or not. If you do choose to use one, thank you in advance and please like this post!


The Way Home (Part 6)

Summary: AU. Two hearts are broken after reader makes the difficult decision to leave home and pursue her dreams. When her older brother Steve asks her to come home, reader is forced to confront her past and the life she could have had with her ex, Bucky Barnes.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,079

Warnings: language, angst, fluff?

A/N: I’m not really sure if this is good or not, because I have been a mess over Carrie and now her mama. Can’t even believe it. Hug all your loved ones tonight. Anyways, this is definitely my the most angst I’ve ever written in my entire life. Part seven will be the last part! As always, thank you for reading!

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

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