i like the little pokemon things on my desk

Pokemon (Season 1) : Sentence Starters
  • "That's pretty big talk coming from such a little lady/boy."
  • "I guess it takes a worm to love a worm."
  • "Aside from you, what are the other disgusting things?"
  • "It doesn't even have a face!"
  • "A strategy? So they've planned a new way to lose!"
  • "Whoever said beauty doesn't last must've been thinking of us!"
  • "If you're the master, don't act like you're scared of it!"
  • "At least you're right about the pretty part, thanks for the compliment."
  • "I left my motorcycle parked at the front desk!"
  • "I have no family. Consider me an orphan."
  • "...What do I look like, a vampire or something?"
  • "It takes a genius to realize a fishing net is the perfect weapon!"
  • "All of us true geniuses know, of course, that it was actually the egg that preceded the chicken."
  • "Um, _______, you mean 'stalker'."
  • "Our experience is nothing but losing."
  • "I guess our secret past is not a secret anymore."
  • "Bugs are one of the three most disgusting things in the world!"
  • "Yay! _______, _______, (s)he's the best!"
  • "Actually, _______, I was just about to compliment you on your flirtation technique."
  • "This is not the mansion! This little dog house is for _______."
  • "Prepare for trouble, whippersnapper!"
  • "I think I bit my tongue!"
  • "Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

I needed that post about not being ashamed for doing “childish” things. I have tons of figures and small plushies on my desk at work and I get so much shit for it (but on a white on white color scheme for the workstation - I need the colors or I will go mad). I also keep pokemon keychains on my backpack I take to work.

My bedroom is nothing but plushies, video game and book stacks, and figures and throw blankets and art supplies.

I still read comics and the like.

I also have cutesy little accessories that I wear with my work clothes (like a fairly plain rebel alliance necklace, achievement hunter pin, TARDIS necklace, Jason Bourne dog tags), etc. 

Why should I have to give up things I like and make me comfortable for the approval of people?