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Roommates (Part 1?)

Summary: When you’re forced to rent out your extra room, Im Jaebum was the last person you expected to have to share your living space with… luckily, he keeps things interesting.

Genre: romance, hot roommate (I think i just made up this genre???), prbly smut later tbh (sorry)

Word Count: ~1000

A/N: Hey guys/gals/all!!! Okay so this is my first ever like real original content so it may be a lil rough but let me know what you think and all that fun stuff!!! I’m thinking about continuing it and adding some… ya know… but it will all depend, so for rn it’s all pretty chill.  Also special thanks to @jaybleep​ bc Julia helped motivate me enough to do this and I 10/10 recommend following her if you don’t already!! 

UPDATE: Part 2 is now posted! 

UPDATE (AGAIN): So is Part 3!

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“No, really, it’s fine Jen. I completely understand. I could never ask you to turn down a job offer like this,” y/n said, sighing into the phone.

“I’m so sorry,” Jen began, “I feel awful backing out on you like this, especially knowing how steep the rent is going to be without me”. She allowed her fingers to absentmindedly trace the rim of the coffee mug sitting in front of her while apologies continued flooding through the phone. After being inseparable since 6th grade, the two were both excited to finally share a small house together. It took months of searching, but eventually they stumbled upon the perfect place… well, what was the perfect place.

“It’s only for a little while, I promise. My boss says the move will be a year, max. Then I’ll come back and we can live the way we’ve been planning to!” Jen chirped, her speech optimistic and excessively bright. Y/n knew her friend’s overly happy tone was just a strategy she was implementing as an attempt to cheer both of them up, but it did bring her some comfort regardless. 

“You’re right, you’re right. I think I can manage for that long,” she teased, trying to hide the still-lingering disappointment from her voice. Jen had been working in the same accounting firm for a few years now, and had been offered a higher-paying position if she was willing to temporarily relocate to Cincinnati. The idea of being without her for such an extended period of time was difficult to think about, but y/n knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime for her best friend. 

“Thank you so much for understanding, y/n. You’re the best. I have to go, but text me if you need anything.” The friends exchanged quick goodbyes before hanging up on one another. She cleared her mug and now-empty plate from the table, dumping the remainder of the lukewarm coffee and rinsing her dishes off before placing them in the sink. Silence filled the air around her, and morning sunlight streamed in through the windows. Although the house was already beginning to feel a little more like home, y/n was quickly beginning to realize it wouldn’t be the same without her best friend there to share it. Deciding not to dwell too long on the phone call, she surveyed the floor littered with boxes before walking over and plopping down in the center of the chaos.


Four hours and twenty boxes later, a majority of the unpacking was done. Filled with a sense of accomplishment, y/n stood up and strolled to the freezer for a well-deserved serving of ice cream.  As she passed her phone sitting on the kitchen counter, she noticed a series of texts left over two hours ago from Jen.

I don’t know how, but I totally forgot to mention that I found someone to take my room in the house!! I’ve got so many things going on rn, it must have just slipped my mind. 

His name is Jaebum. I don’t know him, but he’s my older brother’s friend from college and needs a place to stay for a while I guess.  

Apparently he’s pretty cool and won’t cause too much trouble for you. He’s looking to move in tomorrow actually (sorry I literally suck, I have no idea how I forgot about this???), so just lmk if it’s alright with you and I’ll give him the okay

Y/n’s thoughts were soon clouded with worry. Before she’d even been given the chance to fully process the idea that Jen would no longer be her roommate, she was already getting a new one… and one of the opposite sex, for that matter. The idea of a guy living in such close proximity made her uneasy. After all, she had been expecting to lounge around in her extra large pajama shirt all day on Sundays, and be able to walk freely down the hallway without pants on. Surely she couldn’t do those things with a stranger present. Even worse, the possibility of him being a horrible human being loomed in her mind. Granted, Jen’s brother usually had nice enough friends, but there was no saying what this one would be like. Before y/n got too lost in her own thoughts, she punched out a simple “sure” to Jen, deciding it would be best to let him move in tomorrow instead of waiting anxiously for a few more days. Fear overwhelmed her, and she nearly threw her phone across the room after hitting send, not wanting to look at Jen’s response and face the reality of it all. 


After a long night, y/n was jolted awake at 7:30 by the chiming of the doorbell. Dragging her feet, she shuffled down the hall, wondering who in their right mind would want to move in this early in the day. When her hand finally brushed against the brass knob of the door, she flung it open.

“You know,” she began while yawning and clearing the sleep from her eyes, “you didn’t have to…” her voice caught mid-sentence as she suddenly forgot how to breathe. Standing in front of her was a man slightly taller than average height, combing his dark hair back with his fingers, which were adorned with a few silver rings. Although he was dressed in a simple blue t-shirt and dark jeans with a black backpack casually slung over his shoulder, he still looked like something out of a magazine. He waited to see if she would finish her statement before awkwardly clearing his throat and offering his hand.

“So… I’m Jaebum. You must be…”

He was stunning, almost too much to take in at once. His even skin was a light toffee color with a slight pink tinting the full lips that graced his face. She noticed several hoops peppering his ears while his narrow, deep brown eyes gazed intensely at her, waiting for the response she should have given thirty seconds ago instead of observing him like he was a piece of classical artwork.  

“Y/n,” she replied, practically choking on her words.

“Y/n…” he repeated tentatively, lowering his outstretched hand and giving her a concerned look. “Well, uh, nice to meet you I suppose. Is it alright if I start to move my things in, or are we going to stand in the doorway all day?” he chuckled. After a few more silent moments, she wordlessly stepped back and raised her arm, motioning him inside. 

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I just googled what "black man with albinism" and I agree whole-heartedly with your Soul headcanon. But now I'm imaging Soul growing up in New Orleans now with his love of Jazz because of it. You're thoughts?

Oh dear, oh gosh, this ask got me really fired up, give me a quick second to regain my existence.

well, this whole fandom has had a thing with calling soul an “albino”, right? it’s widely accepted, in fact. but “albinos” aren’t a race by themselves; albinism is a genetically inherited disorder that can affect anyone regardless of their race. but a lot of black albinos get a lot of shit (killing them off as infants for instance, but if they live they are often shunned a lot of places too)

  • black families often feel a lot of pressure to be seen on equal fields with other races, especially white people
  • it’s often said that a black person will usually have to work twice or three times as hard as a non-black person to get even half the recognition for achieving the same damn things
  • and this pressure is REALLY shoved down the kids’ throats especially
  • even more so if the parents are in a higher social standing
  • (as a biracial kid in a black family myself i can preach on this at length)
  • so overall, in my eyes, having the evans’ as a black family makes sense 
  • the family is full of prominent musicians
  • SUPER prominent in classical, which is mostly seen as a genre that only white people can participate in and it not seem weird, and it’s also considered the “elite” of all genres of music so double whammy right away
  • (i’m just gonna say fuck it and say that wes is an albino, too. he and soul are supposed to look nearly identical, so why not)
  • so the evans family now has this albino son and that doesn’t look good
  • so they groom wes into the ultimate classical musician. they go all out and give him the best teachers and tutors, and the kid’s a natural, so it works out
  • (plus, the family can say they support those foundations and charities that are dedicated to erasing albino stigmas and assisting in the medical aspect as well, so that’s also good publicity for them)
  • so then soul comes along, another albino, and they just shrug and say “we did this once, we can do it again”
  • except soul is nothing like his older brother wes. he’s (slightly more) immature, reckless, not as disciplined, more wicked in his soul (lol get it?)
  • and he’s just so different that it naturally creates this tension between him and his snooty family bc dammit, kid, you gotta act a certain way to be accepted by these people
  • but soul’s just like, no thanks, and doesn’t enjoy having to fight these stereotypes surrounding him and his family while on top of being from a black family, he’s albino (the black sheep i guess you could say)
  • to top it off, he doesn’t even like classical music as much as jazz, which is a big no-no if you want to saty in the good graces of these fancy schmancy white people
  • there’s no way he can ever please his parents, not when wes was such a goddamn prodigy, the perfect son, even if they do suffer from the same disorder
  • and then he finds out he’s a weapon???? aw hell no, too much, brain overload, 404 error, identity not found
  • soul then says, “screw this” and bounces out to the DWMA
  • maka steps in and accepts him, accepts him as his whole self without knowing any of the extra baggage he’s already got behind him
  • he strips himself of the evans’ name, his classical pianist teachings, his race, his albinism, becomes soul eater. just soul eater
  • so, yeah, taking soul as he is and adding in “black albino”?
  • all that tension with his family?? how he doesn’t ever feel like he can live up to wes’ legacy?
  • and being wary of getting to know other people due to the fact that other people (probably his relatives) didn’t know how to deal with his albinism???? 
  • makes a whole lot of goddamn sense, okay. 
  • and also, 
  • AND ALSO, since you mentioned NOLA and jazz music, let’s go all the way 
  • LET’S JUST SAY soul’s family established themselves way back in the day as musicians in the south bc why not??? well, everyone knows that jazz and blues are trademark southern black music styles, and the birthplace of jazz came from new orleans (ayyyy hometown babe)
  • so they start out as blues musicians but move north and assimilate into the classical genre to get ahead in life
  • fast forward a few generations and they’ve got money, status, power, connections, life’s good
  • then soul comes along
  • and of course a family as wealthy as this has houses in all the major music hubs, so new orleans is one of their lowkey fave spots
  • imagine soul being a lil kid, brought around the french quarter where all these musicians are playing their trombones and trumpets and clarinets and tubas and the noise is so LOUD but so FUN and UPLIFTING
  • imagine soul with wes during mardi gras where those same musicians are playing ahead of the floats and there’s beads and candy and streamers and everyone is ALIVE CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW ENTHRALLED HE IS???
  • (as an added bonus imagine wes picking him up and putting soul on his shoulders so he can see over the crowds and the world literaly opens up to him in an instant)
  • imagine some of the workers at the evans home (i’m picturing a mansion in the garden district, there’s almost never one without maids or butlers or whatever) having a little impromptu gathering while the adults are out of town
  • soul happens to still be there and sneaks into the room while the servants are getting loose, and there’s dancing and trumpets and all that good music playing again
  • then suddenly everything just stops as someone fingers the piano and soul is just AMAZED
  • like??? how can a piano do something like that??? pianos are meant for pretty music, soft music, music that make his parents nod, music that gets him awards at recitals, but this???? this music is nothing like he’s ever heard
  • it’s bouncy and fun, but also deep down, it’s haunting and sad, and it tugs at his heart, his soul, his very being and just like that he’s a jazz musician
  • imagine him pestering the staff for someone, anyone to teach him how to play the piano like that until one of them finally gives in
  • he’s a natural, the guy says, a prodigy in the making
  • now, soul has never heard his name and “prodigy” in the same sentence unless “will never” and “like wes” are in there somewhere
  • and it feels good to play like this, so good
  • for the first time in his short life soul finally feels the music way down in his gut, not like the classical pieces he had to memorize for his parents
  • for the first time he smiles while he plays
  • but one day his parents find out
  • (idk how, maybe he starts writing out his own piece to show wes or his mentor and his parents find the sheet music or another staff member snitches)
  • the staff member who taught soul is fired and he doesn’t know why
  • soul isn’t allowed to visit the new orleans home anymore; in fact the whole family changes the main house to the one in new york or something
  • all his time is taken up with “a proper teacher” who shoves bach and mozart and bethoven down soul’s throat until he can’t breathe
  • his parents and other family pressure him to “get serious about his profession” but he’s just a kid, he shouldn’t have a profession yet
  • but he can’t tell anyone this, can’t explain why his soul craves jazz instead of classical. not to wes, no never.
  • so he shoves it all down as best as he can, plays the part, acts the “second son” role as best as he can
  • but then a few years later he feels like he’s dead inside
  • and conveniently that’s when he finds a book on weapon history and also some folders filled with the history of the evans family with (shocking!) family members who were weapons
  • and sure enough soul figures out he’s got a weapon’s blood in his veins 
  • he packs everything, leaves a note for wes, and heads to death city to join the DWMA and the rest is history
  • i get really excited about this could you tell
  • but yes, black boy with albinism soul eater evans is now my one and only headcanon and no one cane convince me otherwise thanks