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You Smiled by @taggiecb with art from @londonfoginacup

It’s 1758, and on the eve of a battle with the French, Captain Harry Styles of the British army has just begun his appointment as a prison warden in Louisbourgh, Nova Scotia. Harry prepares himself and his guards for their prisoners of war, but nothing could have prepared him for the sight of the most beautiful man he has ever seen–who is now his prisoner.


Just then, the man looks up, and catches Harry’s eye. Harry freezes, feeling as though he’s the one trapped. The man doesn’t smile, just watches Harry watch him, until finally he lifts his eyebrows in question, and Harry somehow manages to release himself from the spell that he feels he’s under.

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Merlot: So if I went back to that night… the night we met.

Victoria: You could prevent it from ever happening.

Merlot: But then she and I would never know each other.

Victoria: Perhaps, but she would be alive.

Victoria: I… I need a moment to think.

Merlot: Take all the time you need.

Problem Pt 1

Natasha Romanoff x Female Reader fluff, featuring Bucky Barnes Fluff

Why does Bucky act weird around you and Nat?

You grinned and rolled your eyes as you watched Natasha dramatically fling herself onto the couch and let out an exaggerated groan. “I still don’t get why Rogers made me sit this one out!” she complained, throwing her hands in the air for emphasis. A light giggle left your lips, turning into a huff as you crashed down on the couch next to her.

“If I remember correctly, your ass got shot last mission.” You teased, fingers grazing the bandages around her right thigh as if to remind her. She heaved an exasperated sigh and buried her face in the crook of your neck in defeat. You couldn’t help but smile at her over-dramatics.

“It’s just a flesh wound, I still could’ve fought.” Her tone was high and whiney, leaving a slight hum against your skin. You rolled your eyes again and placed your hands on her waist, guiding her into straddling your lap, but remaining mindful of her still-healing thigh.

“C’mon, you’ve been on about this all day, can you at least pretend like you’re enjoying our day off together?” Natasha’s face softened.

“I am, Y/N, I really am.” she reassured, leaning in so that her forehead met yours. “I’m sorry for acting so ridiculous, I just really, really wanted this mission.”

“I know you did, but this is one mission out of hundreds.” Your hands found their way behind her neck. “There’s always next time, Nat. Ok?” She nodded and let you pull her down for a gentle kiss. Natasha’s fingers tangled their way into your hair, causing your lips to part, allowing her to deepen the kiss.

The sound of footsteps behind you caught your attention and Natasha to sat up straight immediately, but relaxed when whoever it was came into view. “Way to ruin the Moment Barnes.” She teased. He cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably from side to side.

“Tony sent me up to get you two. We just got back and he wants Natasha’s help with interrogating a captured Hydra member. Be down in 3. ” His tone was flat and his eyes seemed to try to look anywhere except you two.

“Yeah, uh, tell him we’ll be right down.” Replied Natasha, slightly confused. Bucky hastily walked off.

“What was that about?” She asked. You shrugged, but inside you knew what was going on. It’s not the first time Bucky’s acted strange around you. He’s a great guy and all, but any display of affection between you and Natasha earns a stare, or sharp exhale from him, he’s even flat out left the room on some occasions and Frankly it’s started to get on your nerves.

The whole elevator ride down to the hangar had you antsy How does someone even go about confronting someone about this kind of thing? It’s been years since you’ve had to do it yourself. The elevator doors opened, and snapped you out of your thoughts, leaving you and Natasha to go your separate ways; her to the interrogation and you to find Bucky. When you finally spotted him he had been chuckling at something Wanda had said. Taking a deep breath, you tapped him on the shoulder. “Bucky, we need to talk.” His smile fell slightly and his flesh arm scratched the back of his head.

“Y-yeah, um. Sure.” He stepped away from the others and followed you to where you could have a private conversation. “What did you want to-”

“What’s your deal Barnes?” You cut him off, thinking it best to keep things straight and to the point. His eyebrows furrowed, head cocking ever so slightly to the in confusion.

“Look, I know you’re from the ‘40s and all, times were different back then, I get it, I really do. But if you’ve got a problem with Nat and I just tell me and we can talk this out.”

“Y/N, I don’t understand, why would I have a problem with-”

“Bucky,” your voice was slightly harsher than you intended, deep breath you thought to yourself, “are you homophobic?”

April 1st (Fred Weasley x Reader smut)

Request: Hello, can I make a request I’m sorry if they are closed but could it be Fred x reader smut where everyone is celebrating the twins birthday and after the party reader has a surprise for him because he says he feels ‘old’ please and thank you Have a nice day goodbye.

I’m a freakin slacker. It’s definitely not April 1st. Just pretended bc I think I’ve gotten a bit better at smut. But, keep in mind I’m still learning, it’s not the best but it was still fun bc I love Fred.

It was April 1st 2017, the Weasleys were gathered around the small dining room table in The Burrow.

Molly was holding two glorious chocolate cakes that she then set gently in front of her twin sons, who looked greedily at each other then at their beautiful cakes.

They were iced thickly with thirty nine candles and due to limited space, some softly floated above the rest.

You were sitting next to your husband, Fred, admiring his longing face.

You adored the way he still bit his lip like a teenager, awaiting the delicious chocolate cake.

Fred looked young for his age, so did his brother. He was starting to get flecks of grey in his flaming hair and had a couple laugh lines, but the childlike gleam in his eyes made him look as if he were 20.

The families sang and after cake they all sat in the sitting room, passing presents to the twins.

“Ron! This is from MY store” George groaned as he opened a box of sniveling snack boxes.

You laughed as you saw a chucking Ron earn a slap on the shoulder from Hermione.

Fred was opening a gift from his mother.

“Oh… Mum, you’re so thoughtful” He said flatly as he held up a pair of socks.

“All of yours have holes in them!” She stated, she leaned close to him and you barely caught what she said.

“They’re enchanted to make the wearer do an Irish jig” Mrs. Weasley giggled softly.

Fred suddenly stood and hugged her tightly.

George was ripping open another present. His face suddenly went white as he read the note inside, yours was identical when you realized he accidentally opened your gift to Fred.

His eyes flicked over to you, wider than you’ve ever seen them.

“That’s not for you” you whispered quietly through gritted teeth.

“Thank Merlin” He sighed, though still looking disgusted at what he’d just read. “Angelina’d kill us both”

Thankfully everyone was too distracted by the present from Bill and Fleur Fred was opening to notice your little scuffle.

“Oi, Freddie, this ones yours” George said, looking glad to get the note as far away from him as possible, and tossed it to Fred after he was done thanking Bill and Fleur for the new assortment of colorful handkerchiefs.

Fred, seeing it was from you, smiled and opened the letter.

His eyes widened much like his brother but his face became almost as red as his hair.

'I have on that lacey black thing you like, Happy Birthday, Love’

Fred gulped deeply, and quickly crumpled the note and shoved it in his pocket. You knew he secretly loved it when you would turn him on in public.

He locked eyes with you, a familiar mischievous grin sliding across his face.

“There’s more.” You said, giggling.

Fred looked back down at the gift and pulled apart the tissue paper. His jaw dropped, he grabbed and brought the tickets closer to his eyes to inspect them.

“Vat are those?” Asked Fleur, curiously.

“Tickets to America” Fred said breathlessly.

“You get to go on a muggle plane!?” Exclaimed Arthur, his voice full of longing.

You and Fred did okay for yourselves but we’re never able to afford trips. You’d been saving since last year to buy them.

“(Y/N)” Fred said looking up over at you, eyes full of disbelief.

“Well, now I wish I’d kept it” grumbled George.

Fred stood and walked over to you, engulfing you in a tight, loving hug.

“I love you” he murmured over and over in your hair.

“I love you too” you said back when he pulled away, arms still around your waist.

“Where In America?” Asked Hermione.

“New York City!” Your replied, excitedly.
“I’ve never been there but I’ve heard it’s amazing”

“Is it a big city?” asked Arthur, sitting, obviously very curious.

“Very, its full of sky scrapers, lights and people”

“Confounding” he murmured to himself.

“You sure at his age, Fred’ll able to handle that?” Ron chuckled, lightly pushing his older brother.

Seeing the sharp look from Fred, Hermione whispered a threatening “Ron” through gritted teeth.

Not getting the clue as usual, Ron continued.

“I really should have gotten you some hair dye for that grey, but I guess it happens when you get old-OW!” He shouted as Hermione jabbed her elbow into his ribs.

“Well, as much as I’m thankful for you all being here I’m going to have to retire to my flat” said Fred, standing.

You could tell he was upset by the way his face twisted, trying not to show his feelings.

“C'mon Freddie, its only 10” Ron said grabbing his brothers shoulder.

“I guess my age is getting to me” Fred snapped, shrugging off his hand.

“Love you all, thanks for coming” and he aparated to your flat.

The room was quiet for a moment.

“Guess that’s my cue” You said with a chuckle, trying to clear a bit of the tension.

You kissed Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, and Fleur’s cheeks and hugged Mr. Weasley, Ron, and Bill.

“Goodnight, thanks for coming”

“Bye, (Y/N)”

Everyone waved as you aparated away.

You felt the pressure from aparatting fade as you appeared in your flat.

“Fred?” You spoke softly.

“(Y/N), You-you don’t have to worry about it, I’m fine.” Fred stuttered.

You saw him sitting in his large chair in the sitting room.

“You know he didn’t mean anything by it” You said as you walked over to him and took at seat comfortably across his lap, your legs over the arm of the chair.

Fred let his head rest on your chest, feeling the soft expansion and depression of your lungs and and the rhythmic beating of your heart.

“It’s true” he stated bluntly.

He heard your breath catch, you guided his chin to look up at you.

“Fred, it’s not true.” You said just as blunt back.

You looked deep into each other’s eyes for a moment then you lightly pressed your lips to his round, freckled nose.

He shuddered at the sensation.

“If anything I love your more with a bit of gray, it’s sexy” You whispered as you kissed his temple

“Oh yeah?” He asked chucking “You think an old man is sexy?”

“Love, I’m the same age as you, do you think I’m old?” You asked as you kissed his cheekbone.

“Of course not!” He said defensively.

He paused and looked at you.

“I’m kinda starting to see your point”

You laughed and and finally kissed his lips deeply.

He moaned softly, bringing his hand up and brushing your hair behind your ear and then rested it on your cheek.

You then moved your legs to straddle his lap.

He brought his hands down and rested them on you bum.

You deepened the kiss by dramatically turning your head, brushing your nose gently across his cheek.

You both parted for air.

You looked in his bright eyes, running your fingers though his hair.

“I guess if you’re such and old man, you won’t be able to fuck me on the kitchen counter.”

His eyes darkened, the same boyish smirk you knew since Hogwarts appeared across his face.

He stood, still holding your bum and carried you over and sat you on the counter, then immediately dipped his head down to collide his lips with yours.

Your fingers were knotted in his locks and his fingers glided under your shirt softly caressing your hips.

You felt his erection growing in his kakis on your thigh.

You brought a hand down and rubbed him through his pants, his mouth causing his breath to hitch.

He pulled from your lips and kissed down your neck, stopping to suck and nibble on your skin.

“Fuck, Fred” You moaned as he found a particularly sensitive spot.

He pulled away causing you to let out a cry, he grabbed both your cheeks with his large hands and looked in your eyes.

“I love you” he whispered, looking desperately at you, as if he were afraid you didn’t feel the same.

You replicated his movements and brought your smaller hands to his cheeks.

“I love you” You repeated.

Fred was satisfied with this and a huge smile grew on his face, his crows feet crinkling as he looked at you.

“Are you going to do something?” You asked raising your eyebrows, your cheeks starting to turn pink at the way he was staring at you.

He let out and chuckle.

“I just still can believe you’re mine”

Before you could answer he kissed you passionately, only parting for a a second for to pull your shirt over your head.

You worked at his magenta, paisley button up shirt that clashed magnificently with his red hair.

He pushed his tongue in your mouth as you slipped his shirt off his shoulders.

He explored fervently as he pulled your jeans down, revealing the tight, black, lacey panties that drove him wild.

He moaned at the sight and before you could, quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled off his pants.

He ran his fingers across your stomach as he pulled away, kissing down you chest then removing your bra, eagerly.

He sucked on your nipples, twirling his tongue causing you to let out a strangled moan.

You reached your hands down and pulled his rock hard erection from his boxers and started to stoke it up and down, feeling the pre cum dribble down your hand.

He groaned and pulled away, tilting his head back.

He slipped two fingers into your panties and felt your warm, wet heat.

“So wet for me” he moaned softly in your ear “Always so wet for me”

He entered his fingers, stretching you out quickly.

You stroked his cock faster causing him to bite his lip.

He pulled his fingers out of you and rubbed your swollen clit, spreading your juices. You writhed, bucking your hips against his fingers.

Then without warning he pulled your panties aside, still wanting to feel them when he fucked you.

You gasped at the cold air hitting you warm core.

You let go of his penis and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Please, Fred” You begged and he rubbed his tip up and down your folds.

He entered, barely filling you, then pulled out, causing you to whine.

He loved to make you beg.

“How much to your want my cock?” He asked, his voice rough in your ear.

“I’ll do anything” you begged, trying to wrap your legs around him to pull him closer.

“Anything? I guess I can’t refuse that.” He stated and shoved into you deeply.

You both groaned loudly, the feeling of this throbbing erection buried deep inside you was like no other.

He gave you open mouth kisses on your neck as he started to thrust in and out slowly.

The pace was agonizing

“H-harder” you stuttered the command, and Fred followed orders immediately.

His pace went faster, and faster.

The sounds of skin slapping and moans of both yours and Fred’s filled the air.

You felt the knot in your stomach growing and you knew you were close. By the look on Fred’s face, he was too.

Then he hit the special place in you that gave you insane pleasure.

You screamed his name as he hit it over and over.

“I’m close, love” he said with staggering breath, his face was heavenly.

“Me too” You squealed.

You clenched around him tightly, you could feel his cock twitch and the sweet sound the left his lips as he finished inside you caused the knot to burst.

Moans fell from your lips as you leaned forward, pressing kisses to his neck and chest as you both rode out your orgasms.

When he pulled out completely, he wrapped his arms around you and pressed your chest to his in a tight hug.

You tangled your fingers in his hair and nestled your nose in his neck.

“I appreciate you a lot, and I don’t know what I’d do without you” he said, muffled from his lips being on your shoulder.

“And I’m excited for that trip” He added.

“Me too” you agreed, humming softly.

“And about that 'anything’ you said you’d do…”

You giggled.

“ Yeah, what about it?”

He looked embarrassed at you, his cheeks turning a bit pink under his freckled skin.

“Could you, um.. swing by mum and dad’s and pick up the rest of that cake?”

You laughed loudly, rolling your eyes your boyish husband.

“I got so mad, I forgot to grab it and it’d be embarrassing going back to get it after I stormed out” he said looking down at you with a small smile.

You pressed a finger to his lips.

“Consider it done.”

Okay, I know I’m really late to the party on this one, but can I just say one thing about the Crystal Kingdom arc?

When Magnus- with his 10-foot-tall personality -says to Kravitz, “Tell Julia I said I love her,” and then thanks him, all in the smallest, saddest voice I have ever heard, I had to pause the episode because I couldn’t hear anything over the sound of my heart shattering.

There's Nothing Artificial About Artificial Intelligence

Junior year, I changed my college major from computer science to philosophy. My parents were far from thrilled. I told them I needed a change, that I wasn’t getting anywhere with CS. I couldn’t tell them the truth. I couldn’t tell anyone.

The previous year, I had been selected for an incredible clandestine internship with the U.S. government. I hadn’t applied to it, filled out a recommendation, or done any of the usual steps you would when trying to get an internship. The day after I presented my artificial intelligence research at a large conference in the Midwest, I received an email that explained the internship and told me not to tell anyone, in the usual confusing government jargon. I don’t remember exactly what it said, because it deleted from my inbox automatically about five minutes after I read it. The head of my university had been informed, and called me into her office to congratulate me and urge me to keep the news a secret. I couldn’t even tell my parents.

The job was with the U.S. Department of Defense. I can’t tell you where or when, only that it was in an unbelievably nice building. The other interns and I had accommodations in local residences. There were four of us. Two have since committed suicide, and as hard as I’ve tried, I can’t track down the other one. The other interns’ names were Parker, Craig, and Ila. They all had impressive CS backgrounds–probably much more compelling than my own. Like me, they’d been picked rather than applied for this internship; also like me, they had no idea what we were supposed to be doing here.

We went to a briefing meeting in a long room, where the head of the program–Dr. Lacey–explained the project to us. The entire project was an intensive study, backed, of course, by the U.S. government. “This,” Dr. Lacey declared, “will be the greatest breakthrough in modern history. We are going to study the nature of the relationship between artificial intelligences–more specifically, discover whether a bond, like humans feel, can occur between AIs.”

We started working the next day, writing the programming for two highly advanced computerized robots. We were going to name them “Adam” and “Eve,” but the people from the government equivalent of HR thought that was too tacky. So we went with Chase and Misha. If the uncanny valley gives you nightmares, don’t worry–they weren’t even remotely humanoid. They were vaguely human-shaped, but retained the color of their original metal. We set up communications systems under the Open Systems Interconnection model, for all the basic computer languages, English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. The end result was two six-foot-tall robots that looked like stone monoliths, each equipped with a highly advanced supercomputer.

Both robots had nearly identical programming, and it was very cutting-edge. We mostly used Haskell, filling in some gaps with AIML and Prolog. The result was two robots who could engage in a conversation with humans, and also answer almost any question they were posed by plying their built-in computer. A circadian clock was built into their systems, and the robots “rested” from 11PM to 7:30AM. We used their programming to regulate their behavior and instill some semblance of understanding of human culture and interaction, but we didn’t write anything about Chase in Misha’s or Misha in Chase’s. Two human agents–Robert and Maria, I think–acted as their primary caretakers, engaging the robots for six hours every day. At night the robots retreated to the room they shared. While their communications were all run through a third computer in the main office, and video cameras tracked their movements, they received no direct human interaction at this time.

Right away, things got weird. We noticed that the robots, by the second week, exhibited contrasting personality traits. Chasie, as we had endearingly come to call him, was quiet, obedient (albeit good-naturedly cantankerous), and a master of the deadpan. (I feel ridiculous just typing that, but it’s true. Chase the robot could’ve played the straight man in every SNL skit.) Mimi, our nickname for Myesha, was riotous, outspoken, and funny. Chase also adopted his “big brother” role over Myesha, becoming very protective of her. By the tenth day, they had adopted noticeable vocal inflections–that is, they talked like people, emphasizing certain words, increasing or decreasing their cadence and tone based on what they were saying (e.g. they spoke more slowly and with a higher voice when they were asking questions). As they had exactly the same directives and day-to-day experience, we were thrilled and thought that the personality deviation could be a huge scientific breakthrough. We would dissect their data and seeing what imprinted on them to create personality. There was only one problem: when we pored through their output, nothing accounted for the personality changes. It didn’t make any sense. We couldn’t see how Chase and Misha were acting so anthropomorphic, and in the data there was no explanation.

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