i like the idea of

when it comes down to it, I feel like the difference between Lup and Taako is essentially the difference between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral


i have 0 excuses okay i just saw @joliemariella‘s tags on my silly drunk Pap animation and 

look at all those friends

c’mon Sans, gotta carry ‘em for SCIENCE (and friendship)

The Donald Duck Weekly’s Instagram posted this on Father’s Day and honestly if you’re not following this account you’re missing out.

Now excuse me while I just… lie here on the floor, consumed with duck feelings.

Y’all can thank @auro-cyanide for the Teru in hair barrettes….

Although you can hardly tell they’re there in these doodles. But ah well.

Ok but.. imagine German Bastion. They were (assumably) made in Germany and were there for most their life, so it would make sense that they would be able to understand the language.

  • Torbjorn getting Bastion a new voice box so they can speak and getting suprised that they speak German. He then proceeds to install English files on them as well
  • Bastion finding out that Rein and Angela also speak German and getting excited bc look!! someone who speaks my native language!! and they eventually become buddies
  • Bastion yelling/cursing in German whenever they’re angry, frustrated or ranting/venting about something. Rein and Angela are the only ones who understand and the former is like ‘who let this large metal child swear’
  • it was rein
  • Rein telling Bastion about German culture and traditions because they never really got to see all of that and maybe taking them to a festival or two?? he’s bummed out that they can’t try the foods though

feel free to add on!!

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The Hak and Yona relationship, IMO, is not a relationship filled with mutual understanding and respect where both party supports and gives. It's a one way relationship with one person doing all the supporting and giving while the other takes, demands, and uses. It's obvious which is which. No one's expecting them to be perfect from the start but outside of Yona's feelings for Hak turning romantic, there has been no change or real growth in the relationship they share. What am I missing?

Ngl anon, when I saw this I immediately started typing up this massive reply where I first went through every arc to show where Yona respected, understood and supported Hak and then began explaining how this was all connected, how they’ve both changed together as a result of these occurrences, and how their thinking has changed. I’m… not even kidding, here’s a screenshot of part of the original draft:

But, then I realised a little way through that the fact that I could find evidence in every single arc of development between the two, could point to moments in canon where they specifically say that they mean a lot to each other and want to support each other, and that they are so obviously not the same people they were in the first few chapters, made me come to the conclusion that maybe you are just missing something anon. And I don’t want to mean that in a nasty way - after all, we all read stories and interpret them differently and find different messages. But, if you’ve read 140+ chapters of this manga and can’t see a change in Hak and Yona and their relationship, then there’s nothing I can do. That’s honestly the bottom line for me. And, if my praising of them annoys you so much that you want to message me and point out your opinion every time I comment on them, I think it’s best that you un-follow me. Or, if you already don’t follow me, just ignore my blog. Honestly, it’ll save you a lot of annoyance, save me from constantly having to spend time defending a viewpoint you will probably never agree with, and we can part ways as unlikely friends. As a start to this unlikely friendship, here are three random facts about me:

  1. I hate lime flavouring in candy. It’s icky *pulls face*
  2. I have 15 mobiles/wind chimes hanging in my room because I love chimes and people like to gift them to me.
  3. My dad makes the best unbaked cheesecake. 

Message me three random facts about yourself anon~

Tsukikagehina hc #8

Mermaid au!! (to go with my art bc why not)

• bright orange short tail, glowing orange hair

Those who have glowing hair are very rare and are rumored to be “gifted” with special talents and such. Although for Hinata so far it’s only been his ability to swim super fast and practically light up the whole sea with his smile. Since he’s super bright and orange (and sometimes stupid) his nickname is Goldfish.

• blue, average length tail (glows brighter when he’s excited/happy)

He doesn’t have many friends, when asked the merfolk usually say he just looks kind of boring or in a bad mood all the time. But when Hinata starts forcing a friendship to happen, he realizes that Kags is like some sort of genius when he hunts, never missing when he throws his spear.

• faint silver, very long tail, glowing golden eyes

Glowing eyes are more common than glowing hair (but still very rare), and they allow him to see the world a bit differently (like he’d be able to tell right before someone was about to get sick, so he’s a little more than very perceptive). His tail doesn’t glow that bright anymore though, because he was attacked by sharks when he was six years old.

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Random question but I do enjoy your commentary ^_^ so, many of the "pit bull" bites and attacks we hear about come from bully breed mutts, well, lately I've been hearing more and more of severe attacks, (not bites) and on strangers (not the owners themselves) and I've been hearing this for over a decade now. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, could there be some sort of genetic human aggression being passed down? I know the APBT doesn't have it but what of these BBMs?

hmm. normally id assume it was the usual problematic ownership issue where you have people with these dogs who dont really exercise, train, and stimulate their dogs appropriately, and with BBMs you would get that paired with the fact that many of these dogs are shelter pulls who will already have behavioral issues for a variety of reasons so you get pretty unstable, uncontrollable animals

but thats honestly a really interesting point! i think its safe to say that the majority of the BBMs you find in the country are extremely far removed from actual APBTs by now anyway (especially since real pit bulls are actually pretty uncommon LOL ive rarely encountered true blooded ones at least). i wonder which of the bully breeds have actually been going into these mutts to be honest. its pretty possible that they could have been inheriting genes from some human aggressive breeds/individuals 

however i am not american nor am i savvy in the bully breed circle, so i cant say with too much certainty what is going on there

My gorgeous, talented writer friends.

Sooooo the awesome person I usually sound my stories off against, works in the evening now, probably right around peak idea time for me….

There’s a small chance that I might wanna borrow someone’s brains and throw some chapters of WALD at, and maybe tell them my ideas and have help linking things up….cos whilst I have ideas of where to go, I’m not always sure how to get there. Not necessarily today like. But….

Leave a reply if it would be okay if I randomly rock up in your inbox messaging for help?

You’d have to be honest with me though.

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Is it me, or does Lance, like... "Oof" after his little "WOO HOO" in the trailer? Like, the visuals change to Voltron posing, but the audio... Did Lance crash off-screen? Was that a failed attempt at flying Red? --Nika


lmaooooo oh my god you are absolutely right this made me laugh :’D maybe he was like “oh hell yeah i’m going fast” and all of a sudden the wall is already in front of him because he is going fast. this is so funny asmfndnkfsndm i can’t wait for the new season <3