i like the gray suit

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“tony we’re gonna be late” “sorry pepper i’m just trying to figure out where i put my blush coral tie” “isnt it on the bed?” “no thats the blush salmon tie. i’ll look like a lunatic if i wear that with a feldspar gray suit!”

pepper is like “hmm this is red it’s great” and tony shrieks bc “PEPPER YOUR DRESS IS RED WITH ORANGE UNDERTONES AND MY TIE ISN’T WE’RE GONNA LOOK LIKE WE’RE FUCKIN DISASTERS” 

“tony, sweetheart, you wore sweatpants yesterday that had ‘gucci’ on the back in rhinestones. are you sure you aren’t already a disaster.” 

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I used to never know Robin's suit was so colorful, thought it was just black and gray like Batman's so I used to defend the Robin suit. Turns out in Red-green colorblind and now ashamed of my choices. #OnlyInGotham #SeriouslyRobin #BatmanYou'reSupposedToHelpHimMakeGoodChoice

Can he stop trying to @ me when I’m blocked lmfao

And why do we have to prove to him of all people that NaLu make a good couple? He clearly lives in the tag so wouldn’t he have found some information yet 💤💤

Do I even take the energy 😂 this seriously is just a matter of opinions, I can legit say Gray suits Lucy best

(But like that’s not true cuz Juvia is a clear winner, she taught that boy how to love again no doubt in my mind. They really learned a lot with each other, Graylu is cute but fr I only see them as brother and sister lmao they have that dynamic more than anything)

I complain that antis don’t do anything but spout shit about the pressure we put on Mashima to draw more NaLu, which hella exists

Some girls can really push their shit on him, but it’s really what Mashima wants in the end. If there’s anything I know about authors (since am one and want to work with them in the future) it’s that popularity sells? He can either write what he wants or decide to just emphasize what he knows will get attention, and NaLu gets hella attention. I wouldn’t have readers without it ;)

Legit it can happen in any fandom that fans will press an author to give them what they want, it’s ultimately up to the author to decide what to do with his or her story 💅

Not to say it doesn’t fit, is overdone, or people don’t respond positively. NaLu works really well, does not pull away from the main story or distract the overall sequence. If NaLu made no sense I would be annoyed. Antis say FT isn’t good because of the NaLu blowup, but?? If you don’t like it, pay attention to the plot?? There’s a looooot of it. Fairy Tail is not perfect (is anything?) but I think it’s bomb af lmao I love it, it rules, I love Earthland 😚

Can we just talk about how Natsu and Lucy were not immediate friends? Natsu thought she was kind if an idiot and didn’t care if she came with him on missions or not, but they’ve grown way above that. Lovers or not, their team is something that just? It works? It breathes? The amount of trust they share? It’s lowkey magical. They’ve grown a lot with each other uuugh I love the character development

When they save each other, fight for the other 😩❤ fucking heart nut (Which goes for literally anyone? Cana saving Lucy, Flare saving Lucy, Gray expelling the demon in Lucy <can we have some side effects in the sequel>)

Their bond is so strong, if Natsu got with someone else it’d be a lil?? Because, lovers or not, they have a strong bond, and personally I’d be like, where tf did you put those feelings?

<Lil note, a girl and boy who are friends may fall in love with each other, it may not be at the same time or at the right time or will necessarily work out, but?>

Future Lucy dying kind of tops it for me. Natsu is not an overly emotional character, rarely cries or talks about why he’s upset. I’m curious to know what he was talking about with Gildarts in that silent chapter. I know some say it might’ve been about the fact that he had to leave Lucy, but he just lost Igneel after meeting him again. Seriously so heart wrenching to watch him have to go through that. Back to my main point tho, he just cares so much about her. Same thing when Gray tried to kill himself, Natsu was begging with tears not to lose him. Can we talk abandonment? After Lisanna died and Natsu grew closer to Lucy, saw her fucking die, I feel like that just hit him, made him realize just how much he cared about her. I don’t think Natsu likes or wants to lose anyone. Lucy is so current and present in his life, I don’t doubt he wants to keep her safe.

Lucy learned a lot and gained a lot thanks to Natsu bringing her to the guild <which she acknowledged> She wanted to protect his future too. She fought to protect him. I think it’s foolish to ignore their strong bond. I adore it, whether or not Mashima makes them canon, I swear no other two people could have such an amazing connection.

Again, the nakama view can be applied. Things come across differently to other people, whatcha gonna do? Personally, I think their love can grow beyond friendship. It’s a nice way to think. Certainly, I have friends that I love more than life itself and we have 100% a platonic relationship.

It’s really dumb when antis say that Natsu just harrases her when she tells him to stop or doesn’t want him in her home? I think you’re ignoring how good of friends they are at that point. I most certainly also have a level of intimacy when it comes to my friends. I personally don’t mind intimate friendships, Natsu and Lucy have an intimate friendship.

Back up to Brandish and Natsu laughing about how weirdly fun it is to mess with Lucy? He just loves it, it’s part of what makes them them. Nothing current from Lisanna can give me those vibes. Maybe Erza, but again, older sister point of view, where she helps him think and learn when it comes to a situation. Erza, Natsu, and Gray grew up with each other so it’s like they’re a little family in my eyes. She loves and cherishes them @ Gray vs E.N.D

Lucy helped Natsu grow emotionally and Natsu helped Lucy realize just how strong she is. Fire Dragons Claw and Regulus Lucy Kick all over Fiore.

I invite my other NaLu binches to spill some tea because? If he really wants discourse and information, fucking hit him with it

Kaley Cuoco. “Oh baby. I thought they would never leave. My jacket got a little tight. You don’t mind my unbuttoning it do you? I knew you wouldn’t. Do you like the brassiere? I thought it would go with the dark gray suit. I know you like when I say ‘brassiere’. Can you see my nipples? Come sit with me. I need your lips. And you need mine and what they’ll do for you. Let’s see what we can do in front of this mirror. I’ve got the camera here. Oh baby….

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Just wondering, the "get fluffy" thing is still open ? If not, don't mind me.

6. To see my muse’s favorite secret place
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Pop Team Epic #10

I was waiting for Episode 11 to show up on Crunchyroll, so I rewatched last week’s episode.    Since #11 still isn’t up, I’m guessing they skipped a week or Crunchyroll’s having issues, or some other damn thing.   So I’ll write about Episode 10.  That oughta kill some time.

I guess I was the last man on earth to notice, because when I went on the tags last week everyone was talking about how Pipimi and Popuko were married in the “Ginza Hostess Detective” segment.   Turns out they were wearing rings the whole time.  I guess you could try to argue that they’re not necessarily married to each other, but come on.   This isn’t even the first episode to depict them as a married couple.  

No, the only thing that I can’t understand is how their marriage ties into the backstory established in this segment.   Pipimi is a veteran hostess, and her employees pitched in to get her a reservation at an inn.  They also sent Popuko to go with her, since she had done such a great job for a rookie hostess.  The implication here is that they haven’t known each other for very long, since Popuko would have just hired on.  

But they’re wearing wedding rings, even in this scene.   You’d think the other girls would know about this, and they’d send Pipimi’s wife along because duh.  Instead, it’s for a completely different reason, and Popuko seems genuinely surprised about it.   

The only rationale I can think of is that their marriage is something of an open secret.  Pipimi hired Popuko to work in the club so they could be together more, and the other hostesses are using her good job performance as a pretense to send her along.   I mean, I don’t know exactly how hostess clubs work, but I get the sense that business would suffer if they went around broadcasting that the hostesses are all gay. 

(I mean, I like to think that the guy on the left in the gray suit wouldn’t mind.    He’s under no illusions.   Dude just comes here to relax after a hard day of whatever it is Osomatsu doesn’t want to do.  Checking spreadsheets, baling hay, I don’t know.  He knows the hostesses are only pretending to be interested in him for forty-five minutes.  Yeah, the club manager and the new girl wear matching rings, do the math, but so what? The drinks are real and the atmosphere is nice, and it’s a better view than the inside of his studio apartment.)

Anyway, I like this, because it adds some depth to the mentor/sidekick role established by the main story.   After Pipimi exposes the murderer, she invites her to the club for a drink on the house after she gets out of prison.   I think it’s sort of implied that if the murderer needs a job, Pipimi might set her up with one.   So that makes me wonder if Popuko did some shady stuff prior to meeting Pipimi. 

Alternately, the rings were a deliberate subversion of the mentor/rookie trope.   Popuko is supposed to be fairly new to all of this, to make her a better sidekick, but that flies in the face of all the other PTE scenarios where they’ve known each other their whole lives.  So maybe the rings were just a way to thumb their noses at the role.    Sort of like Pipimi having a 25-year career at anything while she still looks 14. 

And… there’s episode 11, so I’ll see you later.

Gray throughout his pre-teen/midteen years in Fairy Tail
  • Gray: Erza Scarlet??? Naw she's scary af, what a bitch what a - [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of Erza spill out of his jacket] I don't even like her, I-I, these aren't even mine I'm just [gathers them up frantically, sweating] listen I [magically loses his jacket] just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of Erza scatter across the floor] shit fuck I'm holding them for a friend jUST LISTEN-