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13 Days of SevenWeen

Word Count: 1952

Genre: Fluff, Comedy

Knock, knock, knock.

You tapped against the door thrice, pulling away quickly to adjust the sleeves of your Halloween costume. To your surprise, a werewolf with pointed ears and glowing eyes answered the door.

“Wow, Wonwoo, I can actually tell what you’re supposed to be this year.” You remarked.

“Ha ha,” He fake laughed, “I like your witch mask though. Oh wait…”

Giving him a quick slap to the arm, you walked past him and into the living room of Seventeen’s dorm. There, Chan was tying Seungcheol’s toga and Seokmin, who was completely covered in blue body paint, was shoving nine fake tails into Jihoon’s pants. Jun and Mingyu entered the room once Wonwoo announced that you’d arrived. Mingyu was fixing his hair in a bedazzled hand-held mirror and Jun wore a wig that looked like the thickest dreadlocks you had ever seen.

“What are you supposed to be,” You asked, pointing at Jun, “Bob Marley?”

“No,” He said, like an annoyed little kid, “I’m Medusa, obviously.”

Upon closer examination, you realized that his wig was actually made of fake, plush snakes.

“You know Medusa’s supposed to be a girl, right?” Asked Seungcheol.

“So? Zeus is supposed to be a good leader.” Jun retorted.

“Don’t talk to me like that you little fu-”

You cut Seungcheol off with a glare and a gesture over to Chan.

“Would you like to re-think that, honey?” You asked, a tinge of venom coating your words.

The mortal god pouted and sulkily made his way to the kitchen, from where Joshua was just arriving to greet you.

“Hey, Y/N. How do you like my new look?”

You looked at him and had a double-take. He looked sinfully good.

“Uhhh… Good, I guess? What are you supposed to be? Men in black?”

He chortled, pointing at his head. You followed his hands with your eyes, and made contact with the two red horns atop his head.

“Ah. You’re Satan.”

He scoffed, rolling his eyes, “It’s Hades, you plebeian.”

“Hey, Josh hyung, look who’s talking!” Minghao interjected before you could retort to Joshua’s snark.

You turned around and saw him drawing black vines up and down his arms, connecting to a large black ring around his neck. His face was made up elaborately, masked with blood red, and contoured deeply to portray something really evil. Your eyes trailed back down to his collarbones, where he had made stitch patterns and bruises, and further to his abdomen, where he was painted a mixture of red and black. 

“Minghao, I’m not sure what you are, but it is amazing.”

He turned his gaze from the mirror over to you and offered you a heavenly smile, much contrary to what he was dressing up to be.

“Really? Thanks, Y/N. I’m actually a daemon. I came across a video tutorial on YouTube a few days ago, and that’s what got me to do it. I’m glad you like it!”

An arm slithered its way around your waist, and you didn’t even have to look to know it was Mingyu. He had a weird habit of embracing his friends like that.

“Well, don’t you look…. More special than usual?”

“Shut up, Mingyu. At least I have originality and I plan out my costumes. You literally put on a fancy outfit and used all the hair gel to tame your wild, floppy hair, but you still look just as… Special.”

“Whatever. I know Y/N thinks I look hot. Don’t I?”

You rolled your eyes at him, shoving his hand off your side.

“You don’t even need to dress up to be Narcissus. You’ve got the personality all year round.”

Suddenly, Soonyoung walked into the room wearing a green shirt and matching green pants. For some unfathomable reason, his entire body was covered in green reflective tape. Jeonghan followed closely behind, wearing a dirty suit and a wet, long wig. He held a scratched up violin and its bow in either of his hands, though he occasionally used the bow to poke Vernon in the butt.

Vernon looked like he would on any other day, but when he turned his head to the side, you noticed that he had gold contacts in. When he saw you, he instinctively smiled, revealing a pair of fake fangs.

“What is this? A three-way relationship couples’ costume?” You asked.

“What do you mean?” Jeonghan asked in return, the three of them looking over each other in an attempt to figure what you were referring to.

“You guys look like ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’,” You clarified, “Because Soonyoung is going to blind himself with those tapes by the end of the night, Jeonghan will deafen everyone within a five mile radius if he actually plays that violin, and Vernon isn’t going to be able to speak a single cohesive sentence with those fangs.”

The room became silent for a moment as everyone processed your point.

“Why don’t we get going?” Seungcheol suggested.

You rolled your eyes as all the boys made a beeline for the front door. As you turned to leave yourself, Joshua suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“Wait, I think we forgot Seungkwan.” He said.

“I’m in here!” Seungkwan called from the bathroom.

You and Joshua went to check on him, opening the bathroom door only to find Seungkwan standing in front of the mirror.

“Gosh, Seungkwan, let’s go already.” Joshua urged him.

“Wait, I can’t.” Said Seungkwan.

“Why?” You asked.

Seungkwan didn’t respond, instead he simply gestured to his lower half, which was covered by a dark blue mermaid tail.

Exchanging glances then simultaneously sending death glares to Seungkwan, you and Joshua asked, “Seriously?” in unison.

As Seungkwan tried to shuffle forward, the back of his tail ripped slightly.

“At least you can walk now.” You offered.

Finally, after all the delay and meaningless banter, you and the guys were headed to your destination: Pledis Entertainment’s first annual Halloween party. Usually party invitees each get a plus one, but Pledis was notoriously broke, so each group got a plus one. And you were the one Seventeen chose to bring along.

When you entered the party, the music was already blasting from the speakers all around the room and the other Pledis groups were already mingling. The boys immediately split up, Mingyu, Seokmin, and Seungkwan making a beeline for the food in the back of the room while the unit leaders and Joshua went to talk with some of the Nu’EST members. The other members effectively dispersed throughout the room and you tagged along with Vernon and Jun as they made their way over to the tables set up on one side of the room, greeting some of the Pledis Girlz as you passed them. 

You settled down at the table with the Jun and Vernon, talking with them and anyone who stopped by for a chat. You laughed at Vernon when some of the snakes in Jun’s “hair” hit him in the face as Jun tried to greet Lizzy and Raina as they passed by. 

“I’m going to go request a SHINee song!” Hoshi exclaimed as he excitedly ran up to your table in his blur of neon green, hurting your eyes in the process as the party lights bounced off his face. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner!”

“Neither can I.” You muttered under your breath and Jun stifled a laugh at your words. 

Being the overly excited SHINee fanboy he was, he missed your comment and ran off to the other end of the room where the DJ’s booth was located. 

“We should probably go mingle.” You told the boys at the table as Hoshi ran off.  They nodded and stood up as you headed off to go find some of the other Seventeen boys to see what they were up to. 

As you started heading over to the buffet where you could see the red face that belonged to Minghao standing next to the tall dork named Mingyu and a Seokmin in bright blue body paint, you heard the familiar, eerie sounds of SHINee’s “Orgel.” 

Looks like that blob of green got his request granted. 

As you continued to walk through the crowd towards the 97 liners, you felt chills run through your body and a creepy atmosphere fall over the room that had been a hubbub of noise and festivity. You remembered “Orgel” being a creepy song, but not to this extent. 

The room quieted and the air seemed to go frigid as all you could hear were the haunting notes being sung by Jonghyun. 

Suddenly, everyone around you started to change. Hoshi, who was still over by the DJ booth was starting to glow a bright green that with a light that couldn’t be credited to the reflective tape covering his body as his limbs disappeared and he turned into a floating ball of light. 

You rubbed your eyes, were you seeing correctly? There was no way in hell Hoshi just turned into a bright orb. 

Right as you thought that, there was loud crackling noise from the other side of the room. The floor was cracking opening with blue flames emerging out, Joshua was standing besides the large tear in the ground admiring the fire. 

Everyone else around you was completely calm as you panicked and looked around the room, no one else seemed to be bothered by this. All of a sudden, Vernon threw himself at Wonwoo. Oh no, you figured. They were morphing into their costumes.

Chaos erupted. Once you looked to your left, you saw Jun staring right back at you. His awful dreads for snakes turned into real slithering creatures. You were in a trance, you couldn’t look away from the snakes’ eyes. 

You were frozen and unable to move yet you still had your vision. You watched the madness unfold. D.K was floating in the air, missing his lower body which was now just a swirl. 

Dino looked like he was being pulled away by a shadow figure, to which he didn’t resist. 

Seungkwan seemed like he was flopping around at the base of the D.J’s stage, Jeonghan stood there with his arms crossed and looked displeased at the mess in front of him. 

S.Coups and Mingyu were now arguing over something that you couldn’t hear, lightning bolts occasionally lit up the windows. 

Woozi now joined the fight between Wonwoo and Vernon, siding with Wonwoo. Woozi’s nine tails flared behind him as he pounced on the taller member, tackling Wonwoo to the ground as Vernon runs over to Joshua to hang out.

The8 calmly shrugged as he observed the scene, without any other words to the other members he jumped into the fiery crack that led to the Underworld. 

You were trying to absorb what you were saying, but literally nothing made sense. Your head started to hurt, and you wondered if being turned into stone would kill you. 

“YO LADIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! THIS IS YOUR STORYYYYYYYY!” You shot up with a start, your head barely missing the roof of the car as Seungkwan’s voice entered your head.

“Ow! Hyung!” You heard Seungkwan whine as someone hit his head to get him to shut up.

“Y/N, we’re here.” Seungcheol said as you blinked in confusion. You rubbed your eyes and found that you were in the car in front of the Pledis building as some of the boys were already heading in. “The party’s already started!”

It was all a dream. Quickly unbuckling your seatbelt, you followed the boys into the building ready to have fun, when you heard Soonyoung’s voice.

“I’m going to go request a SHINee song!”

-Written by Admins Chorizo, Sea, VK, and Cali

Im papalogia trash, and its all @acnologias-ass and @drxgonkeep ‘s fault! Now im in papalogia hell and I cant leave!!

((what if the angrier acnologia gets the brighter his tattoos will glow??))

Imagine if they had a family photo, it would probably be something like this!

bonus: We’d all know who the real star would be though

Steven Universe Theory- Lion

Alright so I think we’re all in agreement that Lion has something to do with Rose, even though it’s never been formerly stated in the show.

So why is Lion here? Why is he so loyal to Steven?

My idea is that Lion is a broken/corrupt gem that Rose was able to tame.

Look at the silly baby.


Just like Steven and the Centipeetle. He was able to partially tame it.

And if Lion really is a corrupt gem like I think, that would explain why sometimes he is (seemingly) randomly aggressive.

Headless horseman Piece for A wow contest Ending literally the day i’m posting this, hopefully i can still enter.

Anyway i have a lot of fun making this piece, though i wavered a little in the middle, i think it turned out quite well.

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Needless to say i do not own this character , he belongs to Blizzard entertainment