i like the french croissant thing

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The taste questions for the ask thing because why not?


16. favourite fruit? strawberries!!! i love to cut them into hearts and put them in my lemonade!
17. favourite non-alcoholic drink? lemonadeee
18. worst thing you’ve ever tasted? probably coconut blehhh i probably tasted worse things tho
19. do you enjoy any unusual food combinations that others find unappealing? hmmm i remember once i put whipcream on a croissant and some fuckboi lost his shit over it. french fries and chocolate milkshake is good…oh!!!! people always lose shit when i eat bananas with my rice and chicken. like my family finds it normal but my friends are always like “what the fuck are you doing isamar” I LIKE IT OK LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!
20. what flavour gum do you usually chew? fruity stuff, i dont like minty unless i want my mouth to feel like antartica or if i have bad breath. im a slut for this gum:

thank you for sending one in leelee… :’o

- For @kiss-suki - IchiHime

Lafayette’s life was insane

Dude is all fired up to go to America so he gets his friend to enlist him as a major general when he’s 18, but then the french soldiers are told they can’t go and his father-in-law is like “you’re so dumb omfg go visit the British ambassador aka my brother and get your head on straight”

So he spends three weeks in London, nothing changes his mind about fighting for the American revolution, he GOES INTO HIDING from his father-in-law and writes him saying he’s still gonna do the thing

Congress doesn’t have enough money to get him there so he BUYS OUT A FUCKING SHIP and grabs some soldiers and is like let’s go cmon grab your croissants and rifles and let’s get this shit done I’m young and ready to fucking kill something

Meanwhile his father-in-law is furious so he convinces King Louis to be like “ay yo no french soldiers can go fight in America ESPECIALLY LAFAYETTE that little shit”

After some emotional back-and-forth dudeman finally sets off for America except the captain is like “I wanna sell some stuff at this one place” and Lafayette is so scared of being arrested he’s like “nah bruh I’ll just buy all of this cargo from you so we don’t have to stop lol *glances around nervously*”

All this from a guy named Gilbert

I’m fucking rolling I love him so much