i like the flower

flower boy asks 🌻

foreword: what’s your favorite late night drive destination?

where this flower blooms: 3 things that make you feel pretty

sometimes…: what song describes you best?

see you again: have you ever had your heart broken?

who dat boy: 3 words to describe yourself

pothole: long drives or long walks?

garden shed: what’s your go to hiding place?

boredom: do you get energy from being by yourself or being with others?

i ain’t got time!: when do you feel most confident?

911/ mr. lonely: do you believe in soulmates?

droppin’ seeds: favorite flower?

november: describe your happiest memory

glitter: who was the first person that made you feel important?

enjoy right now, today: what are you most looking forward to?

bonus: what’s your favorite track on scum f🌻ck?

Flowers for the loved ones

Uhm hello again :) There is a little one shot about “Evil Queen's” and Snow White’s fights.

It was nearly impossible for Richelieu to like Bielke. No, he wasn’t bad nor ugly or evil. He was just smiling. And that forced First Minister of France to hate him. This and the fact Bielke was Treville’s formal husband. Someone could say it is illegal and terrible. Yes, it is but also it is the only way to be friends with Sweden. And Richelieu knew it.

He was jealous. Yes, he was jealous. He hated Bielke for his relationship with Treville. They had everything Richelieu ever wanted to have with Treville. And this was not the worst. He always tried to look like he really doesn’t care about Bielke and Treville. The only thing he needed was the marriage, no matter if it was good or bad. But he was still jealous and that Swedish jerk knew it! And he certainly loved it.

There were times when Richelieu couldn’t hate him more. One of these times was just in the beginning of the spring.

Bielke was walking through the gardens of Louvre with two servants right behind him. They were carrying a lot of flowers and always when Bielke stopped by someone he liked, he gave them a flower.

Richelieu just had one of these moments when he could be with Treville alone. They were sitting with some plans and letters in a gazebo in the middle of huge hedge labyrinth. Discussion about Sweden and France came as unexpectedly as Bielke. He just ran into a gazebo and hugged his husband.

„Lovely Flower day,“ he cried out and made a little smile.

„A Flower day?“ Richelieu asked angrily because Bielke just kissed Treville on his cheek.

„Yes. My family celebrates this in Sweden and I thought we could celebrate it here in France too,“ Bielke smiled on Richelieu and sat in the last free chair. „It’s about that you give a flower to all you like or love. Who are important for you. I couldn’t find you. But finally.“

„Are you going to give us flowers?“ Treville asked and looked at Bielke. The White haired man shook his hand and servant gave Treville a big bunch of roses.

„I hope you like it. We give roses to those we love,“ Bielke explained.

„How romantic. I thought you said that you have flowers for the both two of us. I didn’t get any,“ Richelieu noted with a little smile on his lips. He just caught Bielke doing a mistake. It was wonderful how some little things could make Armand happy.

„Yes, I said that. You didn’t get any?“

„Unfortunately not.“ Bielke started to look around and then he asked the two servants. They told him, that they haven’t lost any of the flowers he gave them. Bielke frowned and sent them away.

„I am sorry. My mistake. Here.“ He took one rose from Treville’s bunch and gave it to Richelieu. „Rose for our lovely First Minister.“

ok I somehow actually did the fucking quilting by hand and now Im dead

this is the top side

and this is the bottom side

it all lines up I just fucked up on taking the pictures bc my hands are shaky. anyway now I just have the edges to do and this monster of a project will be finished

self indulgent boyf riends playing ds in the woods

Baby’s breath

Soft summer boys~ :3c