i like the flickering

You know what I want from a Nancy Drew game? A supernatural occurence, that can’t be explained by Nancy. I want a game where Nancy goes away from a case unsure of what really happened and have her question her skepticism. For once, I want Nancy to say “That’s one thing I can’t provide evidence for and actually could be a supernatural being.”

I want an ending where it’s not perfectly clear and where a ghost is not explained as a “hallucination caused by lethal furnaces”.

Just once, I would like a mystery to still be somewhat unsolved.

now i’m drunk again;;

how rude of me to bring my thoughts into your bedroom
is it condescending to be so scared i might hurt you

(a deetress mix)

song for a guilty sadist - crywank

  • i slap your face too lightly when you ask me to make fists. // kiss me softly do not bite, we can explore like naughty kids. // you say you’re bored, want dominating, and i just stare and flinch. 

what ever happened? - the strokes

  • i want to be beside her, // she want to be admired. // you say “please don’t make this harder.” // no, i won’t yet. 

jonathan - fiona apple

  • kiss me while i calculate // and calibrate and heaven’s sake // don’t make me explain 

mezzanine - massive attack

  • i’m a little curious of you in crowded scenes // and how serene your friends and fiends // we flew and strolled as two eliminated gently // why don’t you close your eyes and reinvent me 

naomi - neutral milk hotel

  • your prettiness is seeping through // out from the dress i took from you, so pretty // and my emptiness is swollen shut // always a wretch i have become

the less i know the better - tame impala

  • oh my love, can’t you see yourself by my side // no surprise when you’re on his shoulder like every night 

mistaken for strangers - the national 

  • but you do everything that they ask you to // ‘cause you don’t mind seeing yourself in a picture // as long as you look faraway, as long as you look removed 

drunk again - reel big fish 

  • cause now i’m drunk again // the means to my end // and i’m scared of myself // cause now it’s the same the faces and names // and i’m scared of myself again 

i’ll kill her - soko

  • she’s a bitch you know, all she’s got is blondness // not even tenderness, yeah, she’s clever less 
Hacked (Sombra x reader)

A/n: to the anon who requested some awkward Sombra, I hope you like it ^^ thank you for the request

Edited 12/20/16 by @shadowbolt64

The lights flickered as the underground subway made its first turn out of the subway station. The old thing squeaked and sputtered in protest as it continued down the rusted tracks. Your eyes glided across the many faces of the early morning commuters who were taking the early subway to work.

Most of the bodies on the train were covered in dark heavy coats and thick scarfs, as the subway could not hold the heat inside of the old passenger car, even if it was ten feet underground. The winter morning was definitely the worst time to commute on a subway.

You held tightly to the old leather strap that was attached above your head, you tried to keep your balance as the subway went over another bump. You groaned in protest as you quickly grabbed your phone out of your pocket to look at the news.

You could see your own breath as you slipped your hand from one of your gloves to scroll through your newsfeed. You lazily looked over the passengers in front of you. Trying to find something decent to look at while you were waiting for your stop.

Suddenly a message popped up in the middle of your screen, your eyes squinted at the message. It clearly read that your data usage was almost up and that data should be turned off.

You scoffed loudly as you quickly exited out of the news app and went into your settings. You crossed your fingers that there was an unprotected Wi-Fi somewhere that you could use. It wasn’t exactly legal, but who would catch you?

As the phone searched for a signal it immediately picked up on a unprotected network that had three bars in your area. The Wi-Fi was named S0mbra1. Curious you tried to connect to the network and sure enough it worked. Your eyes lit up with delight as the network allowed you to browse your favorite apps.

It was an incredible network, it loaded all photos and videos on the app in an instant and would never buffer. Your smile widened as the network continued to do its magic.

Suddenly, the subway came to a halt, you looked up to the old blinking sign confirming that this was your stop. The light in your eyes faded away as you slipped your phone into your pocket and continued to your work.

You threw your belongings on your small desk as you quickly sat in your office chair. Your spun it around a couple of times before you turned on the tower hiding underneath your desk as well as the monitor. The painfully familiar blue screen clicked on with the usual request for a username and password. You rolled your eyes as you quickly typed it in. You navigated to the online service and typed in yet another login. Your job was one of the worst out there but hey, money is money right?

You slipped on your usual headset and clicked a button on the side; it immediately directed you to a call. You cleared your throat and introduced yourself.

“Hello, this is y/n with tech support. How may I help you?”

The voice on the other line belonged to a Hispanic woman who casually talked to you in a rather calm tone.

“Yeah I had a question about my computer, the monitor seems to be glitching out and the mouse isn’t appearing on my screen, what should I do?”

Before you could answer you heard rather fast typing on the other end. It seemed rapid and well placed as if the person knew what they were doing.

Suddenly, your monitor went white before revealing the screen of another computer. Your eyes went wide with shock as you quickly shuddered into the microphone.

“H-hey, I’m going to need to put you on hold for a second, my computer isn’t w-working properly.”

Suddenly the typing on the other line paused, the sound of a moving chair could be heard as the women continued to speak.

“Oh, that is me, I hacked the server your company is currently using with your IP to show you what is happening, I thought it might be easier for you to se-”

“And if you know how to hack a private network do you really think you need tech supports help?”

The awkward tension grew as the silence was dragged on. You heard the woman tapping her nails on her desk thinking of an explanation for her actions. She finally took a deep breath and answered.

“Yes, b-because I need assistance with the monitor a-and I don’t know how to fix it.”

You’re rolled your eyes before quickly saying something to stop her from rambling on forever.

“Ok, thank you very much for calling tech support, you have the number on your phone already so call when you have a real problem ok?”

Before you gave her a chance to respond you quickly ended the call before she could continue. You leaned back in your chair letting out a long drawn out sigh.

Your monitor sputtered and clicked a bit before displaying a rather suspicious purple coding. Soon your computer was automatically transferred to a Skype call to a women with electric violet dyed hair and rather vibrant clothes. She spoke up before you could freak out about her being on your screen.

“Ok listen, I’m sorry for all of my fussing. But when I saw you on the subway you looked really cute in that winter coat so I wanted to get to know you. So I decided to help you out with the Wi-Fi network and I wanted to talk to you, so that’s why I made the call and that’s… why I am … here.”

Her face suddenly became warm as she scratched the back of her neck waiting for a response. Your first reaction was a loud laugh before you looked back at your screen.

“You seriously hacked my computer just so you could talk to me? Ha! That is just hilarious.”

Her nose suddenly scrunched up while you continued to have your laughing fit. She crossed her arms before responding.

“You really think I was just going to walk up to you and say hi, this was way more elaborate then anything anyone else could do.”

You finally got you composure back and cleared your throat before responding.

“Oh no! That is very elaborate… and I thought it was cool, it’s not often you meet someone who can hack a server just to talk to someone, we should talk more often.”

Suddenly the woman’s eyes went wide with shock before she let a smirk fall on her face. She wasn’t actually expecting you to comply with a wave of her hand she did her best to cover her blush before responding.

“Perfect, I’ll keep in touch. Talk to you later.”

Before you could reply your screen went back to its usual blue hue. As if it never even happened. You slumped in your chair and let out a tired sigh. You realized that before she left you never even asked for her name.

Suddenly your phone dinged with a message. You looked over at it and saw that a new contact by the name of Sombra was added to your phone, and the number already sent a message.

“Did you think I wouldn’t get your number before leaving? That’s what happens when you join unprotected networks.”

You let a smile creep up on your face as you leaned back in your chair and responded.

“As I said before I would love to chat more, Sombra.”

(Forgive me if she seems cheesy! I don’t know her well enough yet ;-;)

abloodneed  asked:

........... why are you telling me to stop and then talking about magical daggers i cannot believe you. fuck imagine that. imagine these sharp glowing ethereal things settled in his hands, these unreal weapons cut straight out of all of that sparking blue, knives that look like they don't exist but when they sink into flesh they very much are, oh they very much are

oh my god please just kill me now. i’d like to think they’d flicker and shimmer, ethereal like you said – and also, the way they might shift and change in his hands, growing longer or shorter, because they aren’t actually solid weapons, they’re fluid and adaptable just like he is, and he’s always going to have control of the flow of the fight as a result.

(but also imagine alec by his side, twirling a seraph blade of his own or picking people off with an arrow. that cocky look he has when his bow is in his hands ruins me each time.)


my existence—
a pale, flickering light

like paper
i folded myself

until my body disappeared

out of all things,
i am most familiar with

the ache of
a closed
the sensation of silk
on my cheek


others speak
like words

are water that spills
out of them, while i

remain a sad-eyed animal


Traversing the darkened caverns of Ruby Falls
Sprayed in scintillating sight of silent seclusion
Will fear of dark enclosures consume these thoughts?
The catacomb sealed shut in Poe’s gothic fear
A flying bat deprived of natural habitat
Deliver me from the terrors of my “raven” soul!
All these night terrors cast upon cavernous walls
Darkened shadows with the visage of death resounding in my ears
My mind escapes to the celestial land of Eldorado where gold pours through fingers as wine
Will the fear of pervading darkness suffocate my flickering light
Or will I, like Prospero, embrace faith to challenge the Red Death

(Response to @definegodliness for weekly writing prompt)


shadowhunters meme || (2/9 dynamics) » simon and raphael
↳ “I’ll look after Simon.”