i like the first two a little

I have this head canon that H&L have made a little video every year on their anniversary.

Something like:

“Hi, today is [insert month] 28th 2011 and we’re celebrating our first anniversary together, hope we can share it with you soon!”

“Hello, today is [insert month] 28th 2012, two years now, still here, see you soon”


“Hello everyone, here we are, [insert month] 28th 2017, celebrating 7 years together, still happy, still going strong, see you next year”

One day they will edit all the videos together and release them

i was rewatching the clip and i realized that this moment when she starts taking pictures of their conversation felt a little odd to me, as a viewer. because at first, you see her take a picture of a part of the conversation which we got to see, the one where sara talks behind vilde’s back. but then sana keeps scrolling up and, i mean, she clearly sees something, because she raises her eyebrows and she takes another picture, and this continues and she takes two additional pictures. and we don’t know what she saw, we’re watching her discover stuff that sara said, stuff that she thinks she could potentially use against her, but we don’t know what. and it feels odd, because in the skam universe, the main is supposed to be our eyes and our ears, we’re meant to see what she sees, know what she knows, but here it seems like we don’t, or at least not fully

Little Things

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam

Word Count: 1422

Warnings: fluff fluff fluff then boom angst  

Summary: The highlights of you and Dean’s relationship. Will that be enough for him to remember you?

Authors Note: this is for @jpadjackles double birthday challenge! I had Little  Things by One Direction. Trust me, it’s sweet! Feedback is always appreciated!  enjoy xx

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Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me

But bear this mind it was meant to be

And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks

And it all makes sense to me

You and Dean had held hands plenty of times, but the first time you paid attention to the way his hand felt in your was when the two of you were cuddled up in the couch. His hand engulfed yours as his thumb rubbed curled on the back of your hand.  

You studied his facial features as they became delicate in his sleeping state. You never noticed how many freckles he actually had, and they added to the things you love about him.  

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Vatanım Sensin appreciation post

THIS. I can’t describe how much I love this scene. Hilal giving Salih Ağa a pencil in order to receive letters from him.

“Write me a letter, okay? And [who knows] what more you’ll be able to write!” -“Of course I will!”

This is SO beautiful. Even if the scene didn’t pass 15 seconds, it was one of my favorite ones in episode 29. The symbols given here are A-MA-ZING. It kinda reminded me of the first episode.

Little Hilal, in the same age as Salih, CLEARLY in the middle of this picture, holding books in her little hand. I wish there would be more scenes like these two. Perhaps it’s the rareness of those scenes that makes them special but I so WANNA HAVE MORE OF THIS.

Not to forget that Salih said “You, too, don’t forget about me.” to Azize. Omg he made my heart melt so much there. Salih, even if they forget you, I won’t. We all won’t.

Okay I have to admit that I added the last picture only because of her beautiful smile. The look on her face is so cute I could not not share it. If I were a man, I'ld-

..anyway, she’s gorgeous.


STREAM PROGESS! Got some good starting sketches for the Indy Pop Con trading cards and lined the first two panels of the KEES COMIC. Tho I’m thinking of re… writing??? Editing? Lance’s reactions to be less anxious and a little more relaxed??? Idk I definitely make him more anxious than he behaves cause I PROJECT ONTO HIM LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS

and now I’m rambling. Time for bed

I Don't Want No Hate

So I have just seen Yurio’s expedition skate. And it is amazing. But I would like to address two things.

First, Otayuri. People are going to be mad that they didn’t kiss or skate with each other. OKAY. WE KNOW YOU SHIP THEM. But did you see what they did?! They created a masterpiece using their bodies. Yuri showed them who he really was. An angsty, angry teenager. Not this delicate little ice fairy. No, Yuri is a whirlwind of emotions. All. The. Time. He wanted to show people who he was, and he needed his new friends help. Yuri is only 15. From what we have seen, he hasn’t experienced romantic love. I doubt he and Otabek will skate together anytime soon, at least not like Victor and Yuri did. (There’s always season two you know)

Second. People keep saying Yakov will be so angry at Yurio. He may be angry, but I assure you he’s proud from some angle. His prodigy just showed the world what he was made of. That skating was incredible. Not one mistake. Not one fall. He skated from his heart, unlike Agape. Yuri Plisetsky is incredible. And Yakov should be proud of him! Maybe a tiny bit angry, but he’s still proud in some way shape or form.

This is all I have to say. Bye! (You need to watch Welcome To The Madness. It’s insane. And as an Otayuri shipper, I was very pleased.)

PotC: Dead Men Tell No Tales

So, last night I watched Pirates, and I’m gonna keep this review short and sweet. No spoilers will be in this, don’t worry.

First and foremost, I’m gonna start off by saying this: PotC5 is definitely my second favourite film from the saga. Without a doubt. It completely did a 180 flip from the lowkey hot mess™  that PotC4 was (and it lowkey was, c’mon).

Pirates 5, to me, went back to the rhythm that the first film held. Tons of action, tons of hilarious moments. There are a few plot additions that I thought were lovely, and honestly, like most people– I sobbed like a little bitch. You’ll know exactly what part when you watch it, ‘cause you’ll cry too.


I loved every minute of this movie– the two hours went by so quickly, and I was so sad when it ended. But overall, it definitely was an improvement, and I’m gonna see it again very soon.

Can’t Stand The Heat - First Day

Summary: Absentmindedly, I ran a hand over one of the counter tops as I made my way through; mapping the layout. The flow was amazing; in one door and out another. Storage off the back, easy access for B.O.H and little need for F.O.H to cross the line and mistakenly getting in the way. 

Warnings: Implied dirty thoughts. 

A/N: I feel like this might be classified as a slow burn.. It’s on the edge of it, but I promise as it gets going, it won’t feel like that. Also, this is more of a filler, the next part is just.. I’m not giving anything away, but I had it mapped out even before I got the first two part done.. Enough of my ramblings. Enjoy! 

Missed Part One? You can find it here!

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My alarm screaming, that’s what woke me the next morning. I was rolling over and about to hit the snooze when I remembered why I had to get up so early. I started my new job today. Years of hard work were starting to pay off, someone was actually giving me the responsibility of managing a whole kitchen.

Yesterday felt like a dream. I had to pinch myself when I got back to my car, just to make sure I was awake. My back of house team is absolutely incredible, they were all so warm and had nothing but encouraging words. Which made me think is a little odd, not too many cooks are that friendly. Then again that might have something to do with Jensen. He had been so kind when he was introducing me to everyone, it made me feel like I was in the right place.

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anonymous asked:

okay so i'm almost done with my first year of high school, and i have drifted a bit from some people which i'm fine with because they aren't the best friends. but now like 3/5 of my friends are always judging people like today they were talking about this girl and her underwear lines but also they said "it's disgusting the tight clothes she wears it shows all her fat" like i don't get it. they constantly judge and it makes me sad because i don't like that. what do i do? i wont have anyone :(

okay, i’m gonna tell you a little story. I was in the same situation my first year of high school.  I went into high school knowing absolutely no one.all of my friends went to different schools so I was alone. I met these two girls. They kinda took me under their wing I guess you could say. the lead girl dictated everything we did. we were to sit in the locker room during lunch. she always talked shit about everyone around us. she basically told us who we could talk to and who we couldn’t and if she wasn't involved with what we were doing we had to stop.she was a nightmare. but I stayed because I didn't have anyone else to turn to. then I got fed up. she was basically bullying me and everyone I cared about and I just got tired of it. I didn’t need the negativity. so I left. I stopped talking to her. I sat alone at lunch for awhile but it was kind of nice. and then some people offered to sit with me. then I went from a group of three girls cooped up in a locker room to a happy person with a group of friends I love. if you do decide to leave, I promise you it’ll be okay and it'll be worth it. you’ll be much happier without the negativity

Mutually Assured Dating

‘You were singing really loudly in the shower when I broke into your apartment but then i heard you slip and crash and oh god i should probably check on you in case i get done for murder instead of just robbery’ AU

It took all of fourteen seconds for Derek to realize he was in the wrong apartment.

First, he noticed the very large and scuffed up sneakers and boots ditched haphazardly kind of near the door but half into the living room. Cora was meticulous about her shoes and kept them neatly arranged in a shoe rack right next to the door. The only time they touched the floor was when her feet were in them.

Second, the stuff. There was so much stuff everywhere; clothes thrown over the back of the couch, dishes across the coffee table and all over the kitchen counters, books on every surface, a gaming console dragging wires across the floor and surrounded by games, in cases and out of them. Cora was an unintentional minimalist, in that she threw out anything she didn’t need and lacked a single sentimental bone in her body. Derek and Laura regularly made trips to wherever she lived to save family keepsakes and memories from her ruthless cleaning sprees.

Then he noticed the manly warble coming from somewhere deeper in the apartment, and Cora’s favorite topic of rant floated lazily to the forefront of his mind.

—but my neighbor, oh my god this guy! I’m going to kill him if I ever see him in the hall! His bathroom shares a wall with my bedroom and he sings in the shower, every shower, at all hours. Literally all hours, like 4am, and he only sings Christmas carols at 4am. I’ve have Jingle Bells stuck in my head for a week! 

Shoes, stuff, singing.

This was not Cora’s apartment.

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Finally I’m able to contribute something to the new Thor movie!~ I’ve been working on this for almost two months now.

The picture was kept mostly plain and gray on purpose, to better highlight the colored parts like the eyes and the facepaint.

I admit that I was a little shocked when I first saw the new changes on the character Thor in Ragnarok. I did not very like them, especially that they cut his hair… Actually, I still have to get used to the short hair part (that just doesn’t look like Thor…).
But at least it inspired me to draw this piece!~ :D
(I hope the metallic thing in the front can be recognized as the dreadful tool scissors that cut Thor’s majestic hair.)

But nonetheless I’m still excited for the movie!

Thanks for taking a look, I hope you like it!~ :)

Little Jeremy Heere headcanons I’ve been thinking of/writing

  • Jeremy has the wORST BRAIN TO MOUTH FILTER EVER (and when him are Michael are dating it KILLS Michael cause he just randomly blurts things and its like ‘dude wtf stop being sexy with what you say’ and Jeremy’s just all ‘I’m noT TRYING??? WTF’ (credit to @groovymutants for Michael’s reaction))
  • The absolute worst at remembering to eat (especially when he’s not feeling great)
  • Asked Michael to prom by getting them matching Player One and Player Two bowties as well as pacman chocolates 
  • Cannot do laundry to save his life he always lets everything pile up 
  • You know this boy has like 10 million star wars shirts and theyre all slightly different 
  • When he first realized he was bi he was all ‘man if i could just date a dude who’s exactly like Michael that would be perfect’ ‘im gay, man’ ‘HOLY FUCK’
  • I feel like this dude would either be a computer science major or go into video game design (either the programming side or the art side I havent decided)
  • Totally stuck with theater bc you know that boy loves it
  • Is EXTREMELY easy to fluster like holy shit that boy goes red in a second 

I might make a part two when I think of more

Cover Letter Template PDF

FYI everyone I did up a two-page cover letter template for job applicants. Page one explains the content, page two is an example. 

Sorry it’s in PDF form but that’s a little more stable and a little less likely to show up in random google text string searches. 

Certainly there are many, many ways to write a cover letter; this is just one of them. The bona-fides that accompany this template are that the format and structure have actually received commentary from hiring managers – I’ve had at least two tell me I made it into the first round of phone screens based on the quality of my cover letter. 

A kind person asked me to post some of my older works so here’s a little compilation! The top row is “frontal, hands behind back, pencil only” drawings, middle is the dawn of digital art, and bottom are my most recent pictures.


Crooked Kingdom: This was the kiss he’d been waiting for. It was a gunshot. It was prairie fire. It was the spin of Makker’s Wheel. Jesper felt the pounding of his heart— or was it Wylan’s?

ok but tater sticks by Bitty’s side at every falconers event after that family skate. he says it’s so he gets first pick of all the food bitty brings, but he sees the way a few of the guys eye little b and zimmboni. he makes sure THEY don’t get any pie until they politely introduce themselves to B like normal human beings. best pie on earth is reserved for good teammates only.

Things that the Kaiba brothers definitely do I swear
  • Hiccup when they laugh
  • Have a really annoying half-smirk
  • Spoil their friends rotten… secretly
  • Go 6 days without sleep and then crash for a solid 3
  • “Are you ticklish?”
    • both Kaibas, tucking their elbows into their sides “…no”
  • Cry at Disney movies. Neither of them can make it through Dumbo without shedding a few (read: lots of) tears
  • Go to orphanages and just kinda… kidnap them all… and take them to the toystore and say “get whatever you want, forget the price tag, I own this joint”
    • They do this independently and often unplanned
    • Once Yuugi and Jou were at Toys R Us and saw Seto in the middle of the card aisle, throwing a game against a 6 year old; two aisles over, Anzu caught Mokuba in toy handcuffs with two little girls pointing Nerf guns at him.
    • Mokuba just gets worse as he gets older. By the time he’s twenty he’s turned into a veritable Bruce Wayne and starts going up to Seto like “bro can I adopt this one”
  • Eat pizza with a fork
  • Hit ‘eject device’ before removing a USB
  • Can quote the entire first season of Avatar from memory
  • Paint their nails
    • Mokuba likes going with purple
    • Seto’s normally end up a shade of blue or white
  • Have full conversations in morse code
    • From separate ends of the house
    • It’s the only language they speak when they text
    • Sometimes Seto will be sitting at his desk, typing an email. Mokuba will be playing a game. They’re both silent, but they’re talking. If you follow the pattern of Seto’s keyboard and listen really close to the buttons on Mokuba’s console, they’re telling each other about how Kelsey in Algebra was a bitch today and they should have pizza for dinner
  • Are constantly each other’s dates for things
    • Business party? Sorry Angela, I’m going with my brother. School dance? Fuck off Kaitlyn, I’m bringing my kid sibling
  • Are attracted to pretty people who beat them at things
    • “Hey you looked pretty blushy around Yuugi today Seto” “Shut up Mokuba”
    • Mokuba, who just got beat up in gym class “SETO HOW DO I ASK SOMEONE OUT”
  • Have the voices of angels
    • At Karaoke? Don’t make Seto sing, he’ll charm the pants off everyone in the room
    • Mokuba was pretty much dragged out of band and into choir at school because let’s face it he was shit at trombone but he can sing higher than our sopranos and w e   n e e d   t h i s   c h i l d
AU: Uni Shawn - Thoughtful

a/n: This imagine similar is to Playful because it has 4 different scenes regarding thoughtfulness in a relationship. Thank you to everyone who sent ideas in for this imagine. I was only able to use one since I already had the other three ideas written, but I really appreciate your suggestions and I may use them in the future, so thank you! 

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On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you start your job at the front desk of the library at seven in the morning, which is a bit too early for your liking. This morning in particular is a rough morning for you. You were up until nearly three in the morning trying to finish a paper so having to be awake at 6:30 wasn’t at all enjoyable.

The library is nearly empty this early in the morning, which makes it even harder for you to be able to keep your eyes open. You’re doing some work on the library computer, and out of the corner of your eye, you notice someone enter the building. You don’t even look up from your computer, too tired to bother shifting your attention away from the screen in front of you. Only when the figure stops at the desk do you bother to look up.

You’re thoroughly surprised to see your boyfriend standing there. His hair is messy, like he didn’t bother to fix it before he left his dorm. Just the sight of him half asleep, but standing there in front of you brings a smile to your own tired face. “Morning y/n,” He says, when you don’t say anything right away. Despite the tiredness in his eyes and the fact that he isn’t used to waking up so early in the morning, he still is smiling brightly at you.

“Good morning baby, what are you doing?” You whisper to him leaning over the desk.

“I brought you coffee.” He responds, holding out the venti starbucks cup that you were too distracted to notice until just now. 

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can i just say that if we don’t get a trimberly sparring montage in the sequel (which will be fucking happening, damn it) i will literally start a riot??

come on, we got to see trini put zack in a headlock and jason teach billy some punches, so we know they do canonically spar together, but like after the scene at the coffee shop?? like could you imagine what trini and kimberly legitimately sparring would actually look like?? on film??

it would be like a fucking ballet or some shit, graceful and clean, and playful and flirtatious as all hell. i’m talking actual documented eye-sex when they dodge and weave, taunting each other like “come on, trin, i’m right here” and “gonna have to try harder than that, princess”

and stupid little puns like back in the old show??

trini blocks one of kim’s punches – “denied”

kim sidesteps trini’s crescent kick – “not even close”

trini backflips onto a ledge a few feet above kim – “get on my level”

kim moves at the last second and – “are you even trying to hit me?”

and the guys are just watching like with fucking pen and paper and like a stop watch and a video camera to slowdown playback, waiting to see who gets the first hit to document the win but neither of them actually ever land a hit?? even when they get a chance, they fake it out with a smirk a little “got you” or give each other little love taps like “ha! two for flinching” 

i’m just?? i have needs okay I NEED THIS