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.:Imagine your first time being with Han:.

Request for anon, @coffee-with-a-winchester, & @starpotter07

“Han x virgin reader?”
“Can I request some Han solo smut? Maybe something like kind a rough and stuff with some cute after care and cuddles?”
“Could you please do a Han x reader smutty imagine, but at the end he’s all fluffy? I imagine he’d be quite firm in bed but then soft and cuddly after? Thank you!! Xx”

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I have like three more virgin reader requests. You noodles were all in sync when you asked, it’s fantastic. I’m sorry but I really do suck at smut. I’m pretty good at angst and other stuff but smut, not so much. I’m sorry

I smut. You smut. He she me smut. Smut, smutting. Smutology?? The study of smut?!!! It’s here noodles.

Han was holding your wrists up by the headboard if your bed while he attacked your lips. You both knew what you wanted, even if this was your first time, and so far, he was happy to deliver.

He released your lips and ran his tongue down the side if your neck. You could feel your naked self become frustrated and wet. You rubbed your thighs together to ease the feeling but Han had other ideas.

“No, no, princess. Not yet, I’m not quite finished with you yet.” He said devilishly. His naked, fit, form was laying on top of you, in an almost possessive way.

He kissed and licked, worshipping your breasts, still holding your arms above.

“Please let me touch you, Han. Please.” You whined, you were desperate.

He looked up, silencing you with a sloppy kiss on your lips. “I’m gonna fuck you now, Y/N.” You nodded. He gave you a worried look, “I’m not scaring am I, y/n? I would want you to tell me.”

“I will tell you Han, just fucking start already.” He smirked and winked at me, lining himself up at my entrance, letting go of my arms he slid in.

I let out a large moan and ran my nails down his back. “Oh my god, Y/N. So tight… Agh. Tell me when you’re ready, ok princess?”

“Now’s fine Han. Just move!” You said arching your back, desperate for more.
He nodded and began to move, which withdrew a hoarse whine from you.

He moved slowly and you could tell he was holding back. You knew that this was very slow and possibly uncomfortable for him, and you didn’t want that.

You angled your hips and met with his thrusts, “Go faster Han. Please. Faster!”

He nodded and passionately took you. Lips never leaving yours, both moaning at each other.

You both were so very close when Han left your lips and started whispering under his breath. “Doing so good, Y/N. Taking me so well. Doing so good!”

“Han I’m, I’m gonna, fuck!” You whined. Your legs began to tremble as your first orgasm ran through you. Han dropped his head, moaning as he released as well.

He pulled out and kissed your forehead. “How are you doing?” He asked looking down at you with admiration.

“I’m amazing. Already a little sore, my wr-”

“Shit, you’re bleeding a little. Hang on.” He left the bed and quickly got a towel from the bathroom. He came back and cleaned you up, apologizing. You assured him it was okay. You both trusted each other and you made sure that you would’ve told him when it was too much.

He finished cleaning you up and kissed your wrists, pulling you into him and holding you firmly.

“I-I love you, Y/N. I have for a long time.” He said kissing your forehead and leaning his cheek on it.

“I love you too, Han.” You smirked. “Thank for doing this.”

“Thanks for asking me, princess.”