i like the filters

i don’t get why it’s such a hard concept to accept there’s certain things you can’t say because of who you are.  like as a white person, there are some thing i know i can’t say, and i know i may here poc use those words or phrases, but it’s just not for me to use and that’s chill.  it’s like if you had a roommate you shared everything with and they were like “sorry you cant touch/use this one thing because it’s special to me” and you just go “oh alright cool”, you wouldn’t be shouting at them about how it’s unfair that you let them use all the things you have so they aren’t allowed to have any personal things.  That would be considered “being an asshole” and so is telling people you want to use terms people specifically told you not to use all because some other people are allowed to use it.  Like grow up, it’s not that hard to take a few words out of your vocabulary, because if you have any empathy and respect for people, you wouldn’t be using those words at all anyway.


TBH if someone was making me live in some strange isolated place for an indefinite period of time…gotta take the essentials.


My favorite scene from “With Good Intentions” by @anirrahn PLEASE go read and give many kudos and comments on it! :))

(Sorry if its hard to see some of the panels, there is NO way I’d post each one individually lol)