i like the dark chocolate milk though

hey look some main four random headcanons that no one actually asked for and are probably really crappy but hey check ‘em out

  • Killua has tried to convince Gon and Alluka to help him build a palace of chocolate. If it weren’t for Leorio and Kurapika, they would have been flooded in a sea of melted chocolate, but it would have totally been worth it.
  • The only fashion trend that Gon actually caught was the mismatched socks and he keeps doing it and Killua HATES IT WHY GON WHY
  • I’m like 95% sure that when Father’s Day comes along, Gon and Killua just get Leorio presents or whatever they do on Father’s Day because their dads honestly weren’t the best. I mean, Gon calls Ging by his first name, and Silver tried to force Killua to be an assassin, c’mon. Still, Leorio is the closest thing to a father (or I guess he could be considered an older brother because he’s only like seven years older than them) to them that either of them have ever had.
  • Kurapika would know how to dance all traditionally and stuff, you know how they have all those sorts of dancing in anime that I still can’t find the name for.
  • I really don’t want Kurapika’s hair to get any longer, but honestly, I can see him having those long flowing bishie locks. He’s still prettier than me, let’s be real here.
  • As Gon and Killua grow up, Leorio is constantly on the watch to make sure that they don’t grow taller than him. Kurapika just laughs and sighs because he’s stuck at his height anyway.
  • Since Killua’s footsteps are basically silent, he’ll scare the living daylights out of the anyone who’s deep in thought. Whether he knows them or not. I have a feeling Kurapika has fallen victim to this on multiple occasions.
  • Everyone knows about Killua’s love of chocolate, but no one really talks about how much Leorio depends on coffee. Honestly, with med school and everything else he does in his life, the man just needs a cup. Ten bucks says he drinks it black. 
  • Kurapika hates black coffee and needs to add sugar to his. Or just drinks tea…
  • Now, if we’re talking about singing voices because I love music…
  • Gon probably just yells for the most part, but he hits the right notes? (( think Luffy during the Skypiea )) He gets the beat right, so he might try rapping or beatboxing or something, but he doesn’t really sing that much in the first place. When he does sing, it’s always happy, upbeat songs.
  • Leorio is a professional jazz singer and saxophone player and no one can tell me otherwise fight me
  • Kurapika doesn’t really sing that much with other people around, but if you do catch him singing, it’s usually ballads. And his voice is so smooth and nice~ sometimes, he’ll sing some traditional Kurta songs but those usually make him remember, which either makes him sad or angry.
  • Killua raps. No questions in my mind. This kid puts on that cool front and just lets out all of his emotions and thoughts in the form of rap, occasionally with Gon either beatboxing or rapping with him. But honestly, he also probably sings ballads on the rarest of occasions. Like, lullabies for Alluka, or a sad song when he needs one.
  • As he grows older, Gon will probably disappear to places without telling anyone, and he’ll go missing for like two weeks and come back having founded a town and he was made mayor in some random forest that he was strolling through and he’s dressed like caveman, but I guarantee you that Killua always finds him and Gon tells him all about his adventures.
  • I need fluff y’all. I need happiness and joy (( dAVIE )) in this time of hiatus.
  • This guys go on road trips sometimes (also with Alluka, because she be precious) and obviously, Leorio drives and Kurapika navigates and Killua, Alluka, and Gon are in the back either messing around and playing games. Sometimes, Alluka and Gon fall asleep and Killua just stares at them and out of the window and looks back on how lucky he’s been.
  • Killua listens (or at least listened to) Marianas Trench because he’s like that and I also love them they’re my favorite band, so this is also kinda a little shout out, you should go check them out some time, y’all.

- Admin L

(Casually throws in a my little snippets)

  • You cannot convince me that there was never a prank war between the main four. Like, come on.
  • Probably a given, but don’t give Gon coffee.
  • Kurapika likes dark chocolate, and Killua can’t comprehend why. Like, it’s so bitter? Milk chocolate is the only true chocolate.
  • Killua eventually gets used to eating dark chocolate and retracts his former statement.
  • On Father’s Day, if Leorio knows where Ging is, he’ll find Ging and just ever so lightly punch his face in again. This rarely ever happens, though, since it’s so freaking hard to find Ging.

- Admin A

30K Celebration: This Or That?

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Missed yesterday’s Favorite Things About Me? Click HERE!

1.      Lace or velvet? Velvet, and I’m not saying that just because I love red velvet cake….though that may have something to do with it.

2.      Paperbacks or hard covers? Paperbacks. That way, I can bend it if I need to while reading.

3.      Forest or beach? I prefer beaches; they feel safer to me. Sort of ironic because I can barely swim.

4.      Thunderstorm or sunny? Thunderstorms. Bright sunshine hurts my eyes.

5.      Vanilla or honey scented? That’s…that’s hard! Maybe vanilla? I really like the smell of honey, though…

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(thanks to @calmandcalculating and @phynali for the inspiration and the list of heroes/villains that are public enough to warrant drinks c: )


Kid Flash – a red eye (a cup of either brewed coffee or an americano with a shot of espresso added) topped with whipped cream and drizzle of choice.

Quick – definitely a miel (espresso, steamed milk, cinnamon, and honey) with an extra shot of espresso.

Vibe – toffee and salted caramel iced latte. Possibly a blended drink so it’s a little more like a smoothie/slushie?


Heatwave – with a name like Mick Rory there’s really only one drink that could be tweaked for this: Irish coffee. (brown sugar, espresso, Irish whisky and cream) I can’t choose, though, between one made with equal parts cinnamon and brown sugar with a bit of cinnamon on top or going kind of ridiculous and using whipped cream instead of actual cream and sprinkling crushed Red Hots on top.

Captain Cold – dark chocolate and mint syrups mixed with espresso and served either affogato (with ice cream) or as an iced latte. Optional mint garnish.

Golden Glider – either a dry cappucino with a shot of amaretto or a latte flavored with licorice syrup.

Weather Wizard – a black eye (brewed coffee or an americano with two shots of espresso) served over ice. Alternatively, if the Jitters crew knows about Mardon’s revenge deal against the Wests, they call all their babyccinos (literally just steamed milk with or without flavor syrup) Weather Wizards.

Rainbow Raider – a red eye served with just a bit of steamed milk on top. should be put together like coffee > steamed milk > espresso so the espresso stains the milk and makes it look a little like an eye.

Trickster – a flavored latte made with hot sauce instead of syrup. Not a serious drink to most people, but I bet there’s at least one weirdo out there who just loves it.

theamishpirate  asked:

32: 3 favorite girl names, 64: Favorite dipping sauce, 97: dark, milk, or white chocolate?

33. Eleanor! I wanna name a little girl that. Ellie is too precious. I also really like Lauren. One more…. Danielle is really pretty to me~

64. I don’t get any sauces! I’m really boring like that, I don’t dip anything but fries in frosties. 

97. All of the above! Milk is my favorite of the three but I’ll eat any. Milk and white together is my JAM though, gimme that for daysssss omg

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Do any of your ocs have a favorite food?

You bet!!

Dark looooves chocolates, there’s no food that satisfies him more than a nice bag of fancy chocolates OvO You may think he likes dark chocolates because of his nickname but he’s actually a HUGE fan of milk chocolates, especially when they have caramel filling~.

Madeline is a super secret fan of loving all things pasta. Sometimes she cooks a bunch behind Dark’s back and just scarfs it all down bKJNDFKJHN. If Dark ever finds her doing that though, she better share >:V

Dank isn’t too picky, they’ll eat just about anything ffFFF. There are a lot of vegetables they just can’t stand though, mostly eggplant. Fuck eggplants.

Meme loves him some sweets! Especially lemon flavor! A large part of his diet is sweets and junk food actually… No wonder he has all that cute chub!! Everyone saw it coming, but his favorite kind of chips is Doritos. Who would have gueeessed??

Scott is a little picky about what he eats, surprisingly. He’s also a big fan of pasta, but a few pastries and something spicy is always sure to catch his interest. If he were to choose one food he turns to the most, it’d probably be ice cream!

Tiny (which is the name of the prey OC I made a whiiiile ago; xe’s half deer) doesn’t have a large selection of foods tbh. Xe mostly eats honey, partially because of the fact that xe has this little bee that xe thinks is xir friend and often asks if xe can have some honey.

wrathofabooklover  asked:

6, 9, 61, 72, 90

6 - What is your favorite song as of the moment?

26 by Paramore

9 - What chocolate is your favorite?

Milk Chocolate, and none of that super bitter Hersheys stuff, also mint chocolate

61 - What hair color do you prefer?

I prefer my natural hair colour of dark dark brown on myself, I do quite like burgundy coloured hair though

72 - Do you study hard?

Not when I need to because I procrastinate beyond belief and have zero motivation, but I’m a good crammer and it normally pays off

90 - Do you think all the pain is worth it?

No, but a lot of pain is and there’s more often than not a greater reason to endure the pain for.

Ask me these asks? :D

muffindragon227  asked:

6, 14, 25, 31, 32, 82, 88, 97

*cracks knuckles*

  1. describe your personality in 3 words or less

Funny, loving, vivacious

  1. if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?

Probably Japan; I was supposed to live there for a bit after college, but things fell through. I have been all over the US, but I think I would rather be over in the east. 

  1. what color socks are you wearing?

Jokes on you, I’m not wearing any socks! I do have silver holo polish on my toenails though :)

  1. 3 favorite boy names

Austin, Jarrett, Wesley

  1. 3 favorite girl names

Aurora, Savannah, Madelyn

  1. favorite ice cream flavor?

Cookie Dough or Coffee

  1. do you like it when people play with your hair?

I do not usually have people play with my hair, but I do like it when my husband does or when someone rubs my head.

  1. dark, milk, or white chocolate?

I don’t like chocolate at all, so if I am going to have chocolate it’s usually dark or filled with peanut butter.

seraphicwaterdragon  asked:

Omg you like Soymilk? How do you stand the taste! Also what are your thoughts or feelings about the last tozx episode in 10 days?

I like it. There are different kinds and flavors of soymilk, so just like anything else, drink the one that’s most to your taste. Plain soymilk is a little bland, but I like it the best when hot and my tummy needs something to calm it. I add syrup if it’s too bland (I usually add a lot :P) It’s best to have this fresh.

Most others offer flavored soymilk; I’m not particularly fond of chocolate, but I like the dark chocolate almond kinds, almond isn’t bad, and very vanilla is very nice in black tea. Soymilk is heavenly in muesli.

Honestly though, it all depends on what you expect to get out of soymilk. If you go in expecting it to taste like milk or, you know, have any expectations at all, it will always be “better” or “not as good as”, since you come in already with comparisons.

Funnily enough, this is also the same approach I have with the last TOZX episode. I haven’t watched the last few episodes because of Berseria spoilers (I’m still in the middle of my playthrough, so I don’t want to be spoiled) so I won’t be watching it.

I’m glad that it’s ending, because all things should. I’m sad that this would mean that there would be less people and creative activity in the fandom after the initial reaction and burst. There isn’t a 3rd cour announced, and, just like any fandom, it’ll slowly dry out and people will slowly drift away.

I’m excited to see what people will say about it, though I’ll be happily muting a lot of people since, again, I’m not interested in being spoiled. I can’t wait to finish Berseria and start binge-watching the anime though. It’s been a fun and interesting ride, and I want to know where it’ll go for the finale. I’m sure it’ll be fantastic and shiny.

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Random question(s): What is/are your favorite brand/type/flavor of tea and chocolate?

Ooh… This is an intriguing random question. 

My favourite tea is unflavoured black tea. I love Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast and Assam. I like tea with enough flavour to stand up to milk. 

I also really love orange spice tea. I typically have at least one cup of that a day, along with 3-5 of regular black tea. And maybe a cup or two of mint tea. 

I drink a lot of tea. 

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Chocolate! Lindt is fantastic. I like pretty much all of their bars, though the plain milk chocolate one is pretty bland. The white chocolate with coconut is delicious, as is the dark with orange and almonds. 

And on the other end of the spectrum, I like Twix bars and Reese’s peanut butter cups. 

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No More (Sequel)

Chanyeol One Shot Sequel (Angst)

Sequel to this: Clicky here

Requested by: Anon

Recommended: Listen to this because this song it gets me every. single. time. 

A soft wind knocked gently on the glass window of your room, whose only light was the one of the moon. Nights like these were your absolute favourite. A big bed covered with a messy duvet and many pillows, and on top of them; two lazy bodies that were exchanging sleepy talks and giggling due their fatigue. 

“I am so tired..” he whispered into your hair after you had pushed him away playfully for hugging you too hard.

“Hey, guess what’s good against that?”

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1. What is the most obscure thing (show, game, band, etc.) you are into?
I guess the band “tsar” ? no one’s heard of them ‘cause they’re awful bless them. major nostalgia though

2. What’s your favorite flavor?

mango? matcha? I’m not sure

3. Coke, Pepsi, or Dr. Pepper?


4. If you had to choose, would you rather play a board game or a card game?

A board game. They last a bit longer and are more colorful lol

5. Dark or milk chocolate?

Dark forever. if you don’t like it that’s fine, it’s more for meeeeee

6. If you could write or rewrite one canon story for a preexisting series, what would it be, and for what series?

ok you know i have to rewrite the Naruto ending because it’s atrocious and there’s so much that needs to be fixed

7. Birds or owls?

…..owls are birds……

8. What’s an obscure fact you know that not many others do?

I know the names of Gabe Newell’s sons and their favorite video games????

9. What is your clearest (happy) childhood memory?

Any summer camp. 

10. You can make and add one word to the English dictionary. What is it and what does it mean?

radititude and it means when u use a cool persona to conceal difficult emotional stress

im not tagging more people because it’s laaaaate and im tiiiired ;_;

aizawa shouta (4)

(the first few weeks of school, and another cameo from the baby cockatoo.)

“Are you sure you still want to go?”




“Even though you’d just be in General courses?”

“Mom, it’s a good school either way…and the financial aid came through.  And there are opportunities to get into the hero course throughout the school year.”

Ones that don’t involve robots, he adds in the privacy of his head.

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Say hello to Part 2 of Potate-sama’s shitty cooking rut. I decided to not be a fucking loser and give up so easily, though, so instead of doing another easy as fuck recipe, I decided to grab some random fuckin ingredients from around the house to make a delicious little dessert/snack inspired by my Queen and savior, Kiryuin Satsuki. 

As most you you KLK-weebs know, Satsuki-sama’s a powerful fuckin goddess with radical eyebrows who is not all that she seems. Also she is all about dat tea. 

So I decided to make this dish resemble her in a few aspects. The thing we’re making today is an Avocado Double Chocolate Mug Cake served with oversteeped and accented Chamomile Tea.

The reason I decided to go for an avocado chocolate mug cake instead of doing plain old double chocolate is because, like Satsuki, this cake is not what you think it’s gonna taste like. No. It doesn’t taste like fuckin avocados you sad motherfuckers, it tastes moist and delicious and real talk, you’re gonna want more by the time you finish the mug. The added dark chocolate, along with the cocoa powder gives it a nice little kick that’s smoothed down with the vanilla.

And of course, we have the tea. I decided to oversteep it because Satsuki recalled that she initially though the tea tasted bitter, so I went with that. However, it also seemed like something that soothed her, which is why I decided to go for Chamomile. This isn’t any plain tea though, I accented it with a few other ingredients so that people who are scared of drinking plain tea because they’re lame nerds might also appreciate this greatness. So get psyched losers, because we gon’ make some food.


Avocado Double Chocolate Mug Cake with Chamomile Tea-
(serves: 1, because, like Satsuki, while you may have followers, you’re still the one and only Queen)

Ingredients for Cake-

  • 4 ½ Tbsp all purpose flour
  • 4 Tbsp granulated sugar
  • 2 Tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 Tbsp milk chocolate finely chopped
  • 1 Tbsp bittersweet dark chocolate, finely chopped
  • 3 Tbsp mashed avocado
  • 4 Tbsp milk
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 2 pinches of salt 
  • ¼ tsp vanilla

Ingredients for Tea-

  • Chamomile Tea packet
  • Water (enough to fill a small tea pot)
  • ¼ tsp vanilla*
  • ½ tsp lemon juice*
  • 2 tsp raw honey*
  • 1 splash of cognac*

***these are all optional. I actually prefer my tea plain, but if you want a nice little twist to it to combat the bitterness, try this out.

*as for the cognac, I usually add that if I’m feeling sick or have a sore throat, since it’s a weird russian method of taking care of shit. It also adds a nice kick to your tea, so if you’re up for some booze, go for it.


Procedure for Cake-

  • Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. I prefer combining all the dry ingredients first before adding the wet ones. Mix together with a small whisk or a fork.
  • Spray down a mug of your choice with a cooking spray and add the batter to the mug
  • Cook in the microwave for 1 ½ minutes. You’ll see it poof up and rise a little, which is cool, so don’t flip out.
  • While it’s still hot, you can add some nutella to the top if you want.
  • Once it’s cooled down, you can also add whipped cream

Procedure for Tea-

  • Boil water in a tea kettle over medium-high heat until it starts whistling. Remove it from the heat and pour the tea into a tea pot of your choice.
  • Dip the tea packet into the water and allow it to steep as you prepare the vanilla honey.
  • Combine the vanilla and honey in a small lil bowl or plate or whatever. You can add cinnamon if you want but it’s not mandatory.
  • Wait until the water is a deep brownish yellowish gold color before taking the packet out. Add the lemon (and cognac if you’re using it) to the tea and stir to combine.
  • Add the vanilla honey to the tea mix until it’s all incorporated into the liquid.
  • Pour into a hella cute teacup and drink that shit with your cake before battle.


Dang son. We done. We fuckin did it. We made a delicious god damn cake and some fabulous fuckin tea.

AND YOU KNOW THE BEST PART?! Since it has avocado in the batter, you can totally tell your family that you ate some greens today, because technically you did lmao. You’re welcome, nerd.

So yeah, go make some fuckin cake. Drink some tea, plain, sweet, or boozed up or whatever. Have a ball. You deserve it you piece of trash. 

So last week I was at a cafe that specialized on food and drinks with chocolate (and different kinds of it white, milk, dark). So I decided to have some waffles, and this is what they looked like:

Whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce. Very unhealthy, you know. The waffles had some bits of apples though. So I imagined that if Sportacus and Robbie went to a cafe like that, Sportacus would look at those waffles with terror in his eyes, and Robbie would point at the apple bits and say: “Look, it has apples! It’s not all that bad!”.

The healthiest thing in that cafe were fruit pieces that you had to dip in different kinds of melted chocollate, ha.

badreturns replied to your post: AXEL! I got ya a chocolate tart! no thanks t’…

Yeah, yeah, whatever ya say mate. ‘ere it is! It’s dark chocolate and like idunno milk ‘n’ shit. [totally not just a tart base filled with vegemite. no no.]

   …Something’s wrong.    [BUT WILL TAKE A BITE ANYWAY BECAUSE.. well.. could be chocolate!] 

   [Spiiiiiiiiiiiits it out immediately though and tosses the tart back at Digger] 

BLeeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhh why is it so stroooooong and groooossss And why are you such a diiiiiiick–  [spit spit spit spit…. spit]

forlorn-kumquat replied to your posthow did you know you were a supertaster?

Please share the superfood rant. Please.

Okay so…I am for educating people about nutrition and raising public awareness of foods that provide it, and I believe almonds are a great source of nutrition in general. For me they’re especially great because I’m allergic to peanuts (god bless Snickers for making an Almond version of my favorite candy bar on the planet) and almost anything that has peanuts in it can have almonds in it instead. 

But whatever you think about the concept of superfood, and some nutritionists I know have a LOT to say about it, once something is redesignated as a superfood it can never be seen as anything but healthy. Even if it’s not that healthy. It is now Healthy.

I suspect that a lot of the designation of almonds as a superfood had to do with the Wonderful Company, a multibillion dollar California agricultural interest, getting into almond production and simultaneously beginning the destruction of California’s water supply as they invested millions in a secret reservoir, but that’s a conspiracy theory for another day. 

The problem with a food being designated as Healthy is that it then cannot be combined with food that is not designated Healthy. It has a brand to protect. 

Milk Chocolate is Not Healthy, because it has sugar in it. Dark Chocolate, which does not contain the one thing that makes chocolate edible, is Healthy, because some random study a trillion years ago said dark chocolate increased your happy blood sprites or some damn thing. And also because the culture we live in was founded by Puritans who believed if it was good for you it couldn’t possibly be pleasurable, and vice versa. 

Therefore, it’s okay to eat almonds in dark chocolate, even though this RUINS THE ALMONDS and means that you can’t actually buy milk chocolate almonds. Why would you put almonds in something so…unhealthy.

You can get nearly any other nut you can name, slathered in milk chocolate and selling for like, ten cents a pound. Chocolate covered peanuts are double-dipped. Meanwhile, almonds only come in dark chocolate and cost more than I would spend on an entire chocolate mousse pie. Because almonds in dark chocolate, despite not actually being that much healthier than your average sack of peanut M&Ms, are Healthy. 

And whether or not we as a culture have bought into this, the purchasers for most grocery stores clearly have, because I cannot find almonds in milk chocolate for love or money in any of the FIVE GROCERY STORES AND FOUR DRUGSTORES I have easy access to. 

And yes, I know this sounds incredibly entitled coming from someone who has easy access to five grocery stores when Chicago is cursed with multiple food deserts. As someone who used to have a food budget that was so small it didn’t allow him to buy chicken, I’m appalled at how frustrated this makes me.

But every time I walk past the candy racks above the freezer case at Trader Joe’s and see four kinds of almonds in dark chocolate, in a store whose entire economic model is based on selling only one or two versions of any given item, I experience an irrational rage and a simultaneous powerful craving for almonds in milk chocolate. 

Which I can’t get anywhere, not even in Walgreens, where they sell cashews in milk chocolate next to a FULL RACK of almonds in dark chocolate. 

ETA: BEFORE YOU SUGGEST A SOLUTION, please understand that a) I’ve heard most of them and b) I don’t…really need them. I am a pretty resourceful guy and if I really have a hankering I can find them, I mean they do exist in Chicago in the format I desire. This rant is less about the difficulty of acquiring them, less about my haplessness at where they might be, and more about the cultural forces which make it difficult, the essentially irrational behavior of people who can’t seem to get outside the binary box of Healthy And Unhealthy to comprehend that nutrition is way, way more complicated than we even understand and that food is a flexible medium. 

I know about M&Ms Almonds (I can’t GET THEM in this town, but I know about them) and mail-order bulk candy, I promise. :D

anonymous asked:

okay let's settle this once and for all: what are les amis' fave chocolates ? (+ the girls + marius of course)

*cracks knuckles*

  • Enjolras : Is forever annoyed by the fact that the best chocolates are either Belgian or Swiss, not French. So he sulks, eats Nutella, remembers it’s Italian and sulks some more
  • Combeferre : Intense dark hot chocolate (like himself *wink wink*)
  • Courfeyrac : Either cookie dough filled milk chocolate or caramel filled ones
  • Grantaire : Pretends to love bitter, 90% dark chocolate (”cause I can relate”) but is actually a sucker for creamy, heart-warming milk chocolate
  • Joly : Claims it’s raw vegan chocolate because the local health God has a reputation to preserve here but he actually loves white chocolate even though it’s the less chocolatety chocolate there is
  • Bossuet : Is a sucker for chocolate-covered almonds but always ends up with chocolate-covered raisins by mistake
  • Musichetta : Kitkats cause they come in pairs, just like her boys
  • Feuilly : Ferrero Rochers because they remind him of Christmas and family gatherings he now gets to have with his friends
  • Bahorel : Triple chocolate, full fat milk with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and caramel sauce hot cocoa. Go big or go home son
  • Jehan : Chocolate truffles are their ultimate weakness, that and the layer inside Oreos
  • Eponine : Chilli spiced hot chocolate cause “it’s both a kiss on the cheek and a falcon punch in the face, like me”
  • Cosette : Ferrero’s Mon Chéris. Everybody else detests those and they gladly regift all the boxes they get to her
  • Marius : Anything involving mint and chocolate at the same time will do the trick. After Eight ice-cream sets him on edge
Why The World Can’t Afford To Sugarcoat Enlightenment

The pursuit of enlightenment sounds, well, nice.

But it isn’t.

Enlightenment (= lighting up the darkness) doesn’t mean hiding from what is real or sprinkling fairy dust on a pile of poop.

With the physical newspaper it was hard to overlook the front page. It seemed almost wrong to skip to the Funnies before reading about reality.

In 2016, without the thunk of the morning paper, it’s easy not to click on hard news. It’s easy to ignore what is happening on street corners all over the world.

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