i like the colouring

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damn, I love how you made Lady Luck and Fortuna so stunning and yet didn't make them feel secondary- like, they're the power in that picture and Gladstone is totally in their hands. Also, did you make Lady Luck look like a bubble on purpose?

Shucks man, thanks! I am really glad if that communicated because that’s really what I was aiming for- and yes I did! I don’t know if it’s a regional thing or just my family but I’ve been brought up with the association that a long lasting bubble means good luck; because luck is as fragile and rare as one of those.

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Oh gosh. Okay. Hnnnngg imma tell u a lil story. So I had a dream about Sans and the others having a sleepover at my place. And HOLY CRAP Sans looked like ur style (like how u draw Sans)! Alphys brought a shrink gun (like in cartoons XD) and wanted to test it out. But she kinda forgot to warn me and the others that it has a bounce effect so I would be thrown in le air. When Alphys shrunk me I started falling and Sans Caught me in his hands. I just thought it was so cute cuz he was in ur style! :3

twas cute so i drew it with shitty water colours  (my pen like….exploded on me it was bad, hence the ink everywhere)

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Dude I absolutely adore your pixel art! Can I ask who inspires your style and how you come up with your really cool color palettes?

Aww, thank you anon! Mm, for pixel art in general I only really follow one artist haha. It’s SYOSA! I mostly get inspiration from old video games. 

Uhh, honestly I wing colours 99% of the time (which is really bad haha). I tend to add my favorite colours to everything (above). I also try to avoid picking colours directly above or below the base colour. This thread really helped me out with palettes!

I’ve started on a cosplay!

((Is it Munday still? Haha, I’ve decided I really want to cosplay Daan [South Holland], so I’ve finally started! The top is what I’ve got cheaply so far, but I already love it! I’ve struck a pose IC for the occasion Now I still need: blue earrings, a silver coloured chain, a wig and straight trousers! ♡ ))

a proper reference image for eve! one of many more, hopefully. these r really hard to do though

god, art is so hard. why do people do it

I’ve done a few of these which I haven’t liked enough to post, and I don’t like this one that much either, but I think it’s about time I make sure people know I’m still doing this at least.

I like how I coloured the eye and I think I’ll go more in that direction in the future, but that’s about it. I found this expression really hard and I experimented with some colours I don’t really like. 

That said, the point of this is to experiment and improve with something I want to draw well but struggle with a lot, so I think that’s fine. I’ve learned more things I do and don’t want to do in the future.

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Ok i just had to share this with you??!!! I imagine Renzou dating a beauty guru who has a youtube channel and she made him do a voice over for one of her makeup routine videos. Oh all the nonsense we would say!! 😆😆😆

“Erm…and yeah this is a beauty blender…you blend the shit into your face i guess…?”

“This is the stuff that makes the other stuff work good.”

“Oh I know this one! That’s mascara! Yay, go Renzou!”

“Here I am putting blush on even though I always blush because my super, hot, sexy boyfriend loves to embarrass me.”

“Hell yh bitch, highlight is blinding af”

“I like that colour lipstick, hopefully it’ll be staning my cock later tonight ;))”

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i love u for this imagine omg

Guardienne Tag

Rules: This is for your Guardienne. Fill with what your Guardienne could answer.

Tagged by @foresthuntermajrach​ (Ty dear <3)

Tag more than 6 people you want : A lot of people already did this,so idk who to tag xD

Name or if they have a nickname: Alexis,but I prefer Lex

Gender: Female

What race are they ( Faeries/Human/or something in between) : Not too long ago I was reborn as a Valkyrie.I don’t really like to talk about my past,but I was born as a human,even if my parents were faeries.

What guard are they in ? : I’m in the Obsidian Guard.

Which Companion do they have ? : I just got a baby Jeanylotte.Her name is Lavender and I love her a lot <3

Favourite Food: Hmm,I really like sweets.

Favourite Colour: Purple shades

Crush(and why): I don’t really have a crush,because I have a lover.Oliver ( @foresthuntermajrach ‘s OC ) is my awesome,handsome and loving boyfriend.At first we were just good friends,but I started liking his strong,kind (sometimes vulnerable) personality a lot,so we ended up dating. ^^

Describes yourself in five words: Strong,passionate,kind,hard-working,determined.

What do they like to do in their free time ? : I usually hang out with Oliver. We train together,go on dates,piss Ezarel off,usual couple stuff,you know.But if I’m not with him,I spend time with my baby Jeanylotte or with the girls,sometimes the boys.

What do they think about the Human World ? : I don’t know.I’ve never been there.I lived in Eldarya all my life,ugh,lives?Maybe I will go there in the future to see how it is.

What your Guardienne looks like :

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hi sorry to bother you i just wanted to say i really love your art so so much it makes me really happy whenever i see it. i really love all your character designs and color choices and i just have the hugest crush on your style in general ;;;w;;;

aw thanks !!!! q-q that’s nice ..
actually i struggle … w char design and colours …. like sometimes my colours don’t work so well ykno …… so thats rly nice to say ty …. ///

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Pan is back with another question- which PJO character is which Voltron character?

*breathes deeply* Here we go: Leo as Lance like I know the colours don’t match and but the personalities do to the point where it’s kind of freaky, Nico as Keith (I don’t think that one needs explaining), Jason as Shiro (or Percy as they obviously have a lot of similarities, but I think Jason is the more obvious match), Frank as Hunk (again, I don’t think this one needs explaining. Frank may not be a cook or mechanic, but he is the big cuddly sweetheart out of the group like Hunk), Reyna as Allura and Chiron as Coran, I guess? The only issue is, who’s the green paladin? I guess Leo would be the obvious choice as he’s the tech genius etc, and then Percy would be the blue paladin instead, but the personalities don’t match and it would just feel so wrong so idk.

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What is your art software? and also I like your art

Macromedia flash 8 professional(Lineart)
Paint tool Sai(colouring and shading)
Autodesk Sketchbook

Also, thanks!
Tag Game!!!

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rules: answer the questions and tag nine people you want to get to know better

1. relationship status: single AF! I’m good with it though, I have many book boyfriends.

2. favourite colour: Like a dark turquoise colour.

3. lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick, my lips are always chapped!

4. last song listened to: Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine.

5. last movie i watched: Oh jeez, I don’t even know. Looks like I have to remember. Lol, my memory is so bas that I had to text my best friend and ask her. So, it turns out we watched Before I Wake the other night. That shit was scary man.

6. top three fav TV shows: Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Riverdale

7. top three fav characters: Rhysand, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, Jev “Patch” Cipriano

8. top three ships: Okay, this was suuuuuper hard. So, my first two are 100% in my top 3, but my third one I threw one of my favs in there. Feysand, Rowaelin, Peeniss (what a beautiful ship name)

9. book i’m currently reading: The Dream Thieves. I loooove this series so far! It is keeping me sane until ACOWAR comes out!

So now to tag some people. As always answer if you want! Sorry if you have already been tagged! Without further ado, I tag these lovely people who’s blogs I love! @feysandsmut @rowan-buzzard-whitethorn @danverschase @something-called-sno @terminalprocrastinator @highladyofthenightcourt5 @paperbacktrash @frostyinwonderland @elidexlorcan