i like the colouring here


There’s a place you just cant reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.
We call everything on the ice “love". 

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Humanity…  It’s not a state. It’s a… It’s a quality.
↳ Leo Elster, 1x08


Last time, Jotaro earned his Dad of the Year award. This time, he tries a little harder with his one-liners and dad skills.  I built this comic out of a pile of Dadtaro jokes I’d been saving up. :> 

Reminder: this guy’s punchghost is basically just a very happy buff dude in a loincloth. No one ever comments on this.

e: By the way, my ask box is always open for prompts or comic suggestions! (And, of course, if I roll with something you suggest, I’ll credit you!)


Bellamy, what’s happening? Answer. What minor delay? Stuck in the mud. Gonna use the winch to get me out. Negative. Bellamy, you have no suit and I can hear the rain over the radio.