i like the colour scheme though

the only title sequence i will never skip is brooklyn nine nine

whenever netflix suggests it i gasp and look like an offended forty year old suburban mum who was just told that her child’s painted easter egg didnt win the school-wide competition, and instead the prize went to alana, even though her egg used a much simpler colour scheme and was not presented in as much detail as my child’s, but i’m not really surprised because alana’s mother is on the pta and therefore had a say in the voting process and obviously rigged it to favour her own daughter’s clearly sub standard egg

quick draw of a fluffy russian ice pal

emoji ranking of the cat face

this cat has a very shiny forehead…looks a bit like a plastic toy. also the eyes look deep but empty….4/10

very simple and cute!! i appreciate how its making the :3 face 10/10

microsoft why are ur lines always so thick…anyways i appreciate this cat! he looks old and wise…..althought can be silly at times with the blep. 7/10

nice colour scheme!! very simple, only like 3 colours (5 if u count black and white). although, it looks a bit dead inside. 6/10 for effort

this cat is probably the youngest of the group. she’s just trying to make it in the world and be positive, though it is hard with how rough the world is. however, she’s good at acting so u cant tell the difference between her real and fake smile. 4/10….shes sneaky

simple cat!! though he does have an oddly shaped head? is he okay? 2/10

i can see some detail was put into this cat…..but maybe too much detail. this is like the cat version of :) (passive aggressive smiley) 1/10 would not use

i appreciate and love any cat that is fat and looks like my cat. 10/10

this looks more like a lion cub than a regular pet cat…..0/10

this cat is very excited and happy!1!! very simple and cute. 9/10

this is like the cat version of that girl in your math class that you judge because she likes starbucks and wears makeup but ur forced to be partners with her one day and u learn she’s actually rlly cool and every friday night you hang out with her friends and go on rlly wild adventures and wake up on the ceiling fan in her great grandmother’s house. aka 10/10

very timid cat….she’s getting used to people but she usually scares them off with her wide eye stare :(……5/10 i like the colours

anonymous asked:

hi! do you know aesthetic blogs who tag after colour? where do you find pics with the same colour scheme when you create blog previews?

Hi! The only colour coded blogs I know are run my favourite people: @dontbrag​ and @mtrics​. I used to tag #warm and #cool posts on my old blog so I sometimes refer to there if I’m really desperate to follow a scheme. Usually I just scroll through my blog, dashboard, and likes for blog preview posts though!

anonymous asked:

:o!!! i remember (thats a first) but i think genji/lucio is cute! i wanted to ask ur opinion on it, if u have one.

i agree it is cute and of course similar colour schemes are always appealing

that’s about all i got to offer though because i don’t ship it .. if ur looking in my direction for ships with em you’re more likely to hear about genreaper nd boombox


Inktober Day 15

Ban Masks

Had a marathon of 20-some episodes of Thrilling Intent to catch up on the Big War arc, while working on a painting. Abandoned the painting after a while to draw these masks from the show. I like the geometric designs (and the colour scheme, though obviously I didn’t get into that here).

I feel like Arno’s character design is the best of all the Assassins. It’s usually a triumph of character-design when the character’s silhouette and colours are instantly recognizable – like how the beautiful blue-red-brown-beige colour scheme “belongs” to Arno and has become his signature, as well as the unique shape & design of his Phantom Blade gauntlet. Having said this, though, I love how effortlessly stylish he looks in practically everything he wears.


Update: Done some further fine tuning on the model as well as applying some more bump information too in order to give it a little more detail and removing the glossy look while still retaining a cartoony appearance. 

Anyway, I’ve done a second wave of palette swaps since people seemed to have really liked the first wave a lot. So I’ve made another eight alongside the first eight too. All are based on various other characters or outfits Flora has worn. Except for the last one though, I meant to do Angela but her colour scheme just didn’t fit Flora so I had to drop that one and I wasn’t really sure who else to do at that point so I thought I’d make one for her in a black and white dress, sorry about that. Feel free to let me know which ones you like the most though. ^^

I’ll see if I’ll also do some proper alternate costumes as well based on the various outfits Flora had worn in Curious Village.

Eitherway, I’ll start animating her soon and see how things will go from here on out.

Hope you enjoy and take care. ^^

Guild Wars 2 - Ebonhawke

Guild Wars 2 has some amazing landscapes and architecture, it’s almost like running around in a painting at times <3 I really wanted to practice drawing a background where the focus wasn’t a detailed character but instead the landscape itself. Guild Wars 2’s world was the perfect inspiration for me!
I still have a lot to learn and a lot to improve on, but as a first try at this type of drawing I’m quite satisfied  (It took me ages to settle on a colour scheme though! x_x)


My Planner Update: Comparing last weeks and the coming weeks spreads - 24/04/2016

Last week’s planner spread: 

  • I didn’t set a colour scheme for last week so it ended up a bit mismatched. I liked the flaws in it though and the post-it notes brightened it up!

This week’s planner spread:

  • As it was Sunday yesterday, I planned the coming week. 
  • The boxes are to be filled in with glasses of water and coffee drank. The pink tasks are personal and the navy blue ones are for school. I love the post-it notes I added on the right to remind me to study hard! 
  • As you can see from the left columns, I don’t have any appointments or events scheduled this week, so hopefully I’ll be able to focus on work!

How do you organise your life - using a planner, bullet journal or diary?