i like the colors in the second image also

You know what the TF2 fandom needs more of?

More chubby Demoman.

Because I heard that he has a pudge.

S U P E R  S O F T  D E M O M A N

group shot! they’re Drops because they were inspired by the Sailor Moon Drops game. :D

also a question: should I do Sunset in her first/second movie colors and outfit, or Sunset from Friendship Games+? I like both versions and I can’t decide. :( (I also need to figure out which SciTwi I wanna do but that’s assuming I have time for her.)


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do you have any tutorials on how to best color gifs?

the ones i listed here do a pretty good job in my opinion, but since this is the second time someone’s asked me about coloring i might as well make one!

disclaimer: this tutorial may be terribly incoherent. also there’s a TON of ways to color gifs and my way changes almost every time so this is only 1 out of 10000000000000000 of the ways you can color! i might color another video differently, but i’ve tried to stick to my fundamental steps. it’s mostly about fiddling with all the options until you get something you like hehe.

there’s a LOT of images in this so beware. 

  • i use cs5 :) you can download it here
  • please like/reblog if this helped you out! 
  • follow the read more for the tutorial

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Thank you Anonymous for the request!

#19: I tried to make a full body image for Ravein in the middle there, but ultimately just couldn’t. I’d rather she fit in the image properly than cover up Radar above her. Rain’s design is probably my favorite of them all, but Ravein is a close second!

Also I tried out a new coloring method and I think I like it more than the others. More vibrant and colorful!

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Would you mind offering some advice for someone struggling to learn digital drawing/photoshop for illustrators? Any links to tutorials or guides you found helpful? I've always painted and drawn, but digital drawing has such a steep learning curve and doesn't feel intuitive at all...

Hey there friend! 

Digital art is a slow skill to master, and I think like all other art mediums it will take time. I started drawing on the computer when I was 12/13 with a mouse, and then at 16 I got my first tablet and finally started getting in some more thorough practice. Was this art good? No. I was self taught and really I’d say I didn’t start getting real good at it until my senior year of art school. And of course I am still learning things all the time within the realm of digital illustration. 

Practice! Just draw and draw and draw and eventually there will be progress. All art is about repeating the same processes many times until you improve.

Try new things. Drawing digitally just isn’t like painting when it comes down to it. In fact I find it impossible to draw/sketch out images in photoshop. I draw everything by hand first, then put it in photoshop to color and render. Find a good medium that works for you. Maybe your work 10% traditional and 90% digital or maybe it is 50% traditional and 50% digital. I think it is a good practice to find something that is comfortable for you. Also, find other digital artists who can help and provide feedback. It is always helpful to get a second opinion or a critique as you are growing and learning.

Also I have two tutorials on how I create work in photoshop here and here. I hope that helps, it is hard for me to instruct someone when I myself am self taught and don’t have technical trick and tips–just practical advice from the stand point of someone who taught themselves. 

Tsukista TV Ep 5 Summary Notes

This week’s episode focused on Washio Shuuto, who plays You, and Tani Yoshiki, who plays Yoru. Read under the cut for the summary, screencaps, and gifs! I have to say, I knew Tani was the type of person who goofs off, but this episode really exemplified that to an even greater extent. Shuuto is also a precious cinnamon roll who puts up with Tani’s antics all the time. You’re always welcome to correct me on anything or ask me stuff if my writing isn’t clear! (Side note: next week’s Ep 6 notes will be delayed due to my final exams, but Ep 1 will be posted shortly after the Ep 6 notes.)

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Friends! I need your opinions on skirt fabric swatches for my upcoming cosplay!

I’m making the spring/summer uniform from Nichijou. Above are the fabrics I’ve found online thus far that are of a decent price/quality. I’m going with a twill since it will drape nicely. However, I’m a bit torn as to what color would be closest to the girls’ skirt. AND YES I know that picking fabric online is not the best idea as color can vary depending upon one’s computer monitor and also the cameras used in photographing the fabric, but I don’t have a fabric store close to me that sells such a wide range of blue twill. So here I am! 

I’ve provided several images from the series for reference/comparison (note that the color even varies slightly in these images, so it doesn’t have to be a perfect match). I already have an idea of what I want to use, but I’d like to compare my choice to that of the Nichijou community here.

The fabrics in the second row are:

1) Sky Blue      2) Hydrangea      3) Imperial Royal

The fabrics in the third row are:

4) Periwinkle      5) Cobalt

So, what do you all think? 

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psst friendly reminder but Kozaki Yusuke used texture for his art in Fates (water color+ lines only in clothes)

You are very right, Kozaki’s was not entirely textureless, and it gave dimension to various elements.

But his use of texture is also very different from this:

Where you can see the ripples in the metal, and even some cuts. Sometimes even on the second screen you’ll see a heavy watercolored texture across the image that is just…. different from a lot of the “cleanliness” of FE:A and FE:F


Finished!!! ☄☄☄
I really love how this turned out! I’m getting pretty invested in making more already, but first let me ask you!
I decided to make this have an outline intended for a charm, but I’d like to know if anyone would be interested in that! I’d appreciate you guys letting me know if you’d like to see this or other watercolor style charms from me by showing interest in this post. If I see enough people liking and sharing this I’ll definitely paint more and render them digitally so I can print them in acrylic! 💕

(Note: The first image has the added ring, showing how it’d look as a charm. The second is one I took earlier on but before the sun went down, so it’s in natural lighting. I’m adding the second in purely so you can get a feel for how the actual colors look, since the first doesn’t really do it justice.)

Also thank you everyone for the overwhelming feedback on the wip of this, it really made me feel motivated to keep painting after feeling kind of low during the last month.
I really appreciate the love you guys 💓


peachymess  asked:

Well, when it comes to the blue to golden eye color of Armin, what are your thoughts? First of all, do you believe it's an actual retcon, of just due to reflections in the illustrations in question? If you think it's a retcon, why do you think Isayama did that? Anything to do with Eren's silver eyes?

Oh how I wish that the earlier covers featured Armin more lol. Things like the Smartpass AU colored images I don’t think are colored by Isayama, so I can’t use them as a reference. Like, those feature Armin with blue eyes even though the volume covers with him don’t. Then you have artwork that has been colored by Isayama, and it…looks like Armin’s eyes aren’t blue here?

Here’s a closer look:

Not as vibrant as the blue eyes of the Female titan, certainly. This is from the box art for the second compilation film. The first one also got this type of artwork, only Armin’s eye color is a bit different I think?

Such high quality I know, but I had to zoom in more lol.

So here they aren’t blue, definitely more hazel or brown. I don’t remember the exact date these were released, but it was at least a couple years ago.

In story, Isayama’s way of styling Armin’s eyes looks the same as ever.

I know there’s an official illustration out there somewhere where the 104th are all just chilling (not the volume 4 cover), and Armin has blue eyes there. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a retcon, honestly. Maybe Isayama just thought it looked better. Of course I like the idea that it also makes for a nice contrast between him and Eren. One with warm colors the other with cooler colors. Getting some sun/moon vibes from these two lol. 

I know Eremin tends to get compared to Yumi//hisu a lot, but I think it can also be compared to Jean//kasa. Mostly on the surface level. Like Jean and Armin are both considered the leadership and tactician types, while Eren and Mika are more the fighting and getting their hands dirty type. Brains and brawn – not at all to say neither characters in each pair lack either of those traits of course! Just that one embodies it more than the other. Aesthetically, Jean and Armin both have the hazel/brown eyes and golden or dirty blond hair, while EM have dark hair and colder eyes (icy gray and black, respectively). Now Eren’s hair even looks more like hers lol. 

So yes, I like to think Armin’s eye color is meaningful for a couple reasons :)

Thanks for the ask, Peachy!

@slightlysimian I love your bug style! I might have to steal it and draw like it all the time. Edit: Craaaap I forgot Bee girl’s second pair of arms. Okay I’ll fix that before I color.


WIP : Post Apocalyptic Earth Scene,
Test Animation and Image Comparison 

As everything seems to be fine with the near-orbit space scene, I started to retouch the post apocalyptic earth scene. The image, especially the cloudy sky, is now split into several layers and prepared for a parallax animation. Thanks to the new layers, it’s now also possible to add toxic fog clouds, crawling through the destructed city. 

Basically I like the apocalyptic scene, but I’m not 100% happy with the coloring yet. Compared to the second image, it feels a bit too muddy and unbalanced. However, I will leave it like it is for now and tweak it some time later … otherwise the code for the cutscene player would never be finished! ;) 

Vibrant “Natural” Coloring Tutorial

Someone asked if I could make a tutorial on how I color, specifically referring to the last gifset of Luke I posted. I’m going to share a bit of my general coloring technique and a few examples of color correcting. Keep in mind that I take extra time when I make gifsets and, although I color with my same technique every time, I start ALL of my coloring from scratch. There isn’t a PSD I’ve saved. Disclaimer: this is my personal preference for coloring and what I think looks good. You don’t have to agree, of course. Anyways, on to the tutorial:

*This tutorial is for those with a basic knowledge of photoshop/gif making*
**I use Photoshop CS6 and KMPlayer to get my screencaps**

I’ll be showing you how to get from the first gif to the second under the cut:

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Here’s a little tutorial on how I use Eva foam.
1. You’ll need to get all your measurements and draw out your templates.
2. You’ll want to trace them onto the Eva foam and then cut them out. (1st image)
3. Once they’re cut out, you need to heat the pieces from the back (the patterned side) with all heat gun one by one. I always say the back because sometimes it can get too hot and get a small melt smudge. It won’t be noticeable on the back.
You also want to form the pieces as you go so they dont cool off on you. Hold the pieces to the proper shape on your body for a few minutes. Eva foam seals when heated. This should make it fit you perfectly. ( 2nd image )
4. Priming! Eva foam absorbs paint. So always do a coat of primer. For this project I just used gesso, an acrylic primer. In the past I have used plastidip and flexidip. ( 3rd image )
5. Base coat, I use my darkest color and build up. If your armor is light I don’t reccomend using black. ( 4th image )
6. Painting. I always use the dabbing technique, this is where I dab on my second darkest color and built it up with white. The dabbing allows it to look weathered and used. More so a dirty look. (5th image)
7. Sealing. I seal my armor with anymore gloss sealant from hardware stores. It leaves it shiny like armor. It also darkens it a little. This will protect my paint from moisture, however chipping can still happen. You can really see the difference when it’s not sealed and sealed. ( images 6 and 7)
8. Now straps. Straps are extremely stressful, remember how I said heating the Eva foam seals it’s particles.. well that’s where the stress happens. With trial and error I had to re glue all my pieces and straps, I went to put on my armor and it all fell apart. Image 8 is my saving glory. A miracle glue meant for hard projects like foam, plastic, wood… etc. I used this and it released all my worries. I feel more confident that my armor won’t fall apart with this. I’ve pulled on it and the foam bends! Which is awesome because a light tug pulled off my straps previously.

Image 9 is my finished project, I hope this helps. :)

Started a new Schoolism class this week! The self-taught ‘Designing with Colour and Light’ with Nathan Fowkes. 

Same first assignment as for his Enviro Design class. I’d say this is one of my favourite exercises and it’s also one that has helped me so much with my understanding of colour. Every study took about 20-30 minutes, except for the third one on the second column, that one took me close to an hour I believe. But the colours were so hard to see and understand, because like half the image is reflections and translucency. So happy I did it tho! Brought me way out of the comfort zone. 

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i can't stop thinking abt kravitz dressed like every scene friend i've ever had. kravitz wearing a pair of fuckin. skinny jeans that have 2 different colored legs. one is plain black and the other is black & red checkers. there's more zippers than a pair of skinny jeans needs. i cant get this specific image out of my head. Fuck

HAHA yes exactly. kravitz wearing these except with more zippers this image took me literally 2 seconds to find once i googled “scene skinny jeans” 

kravitz wears these completely unironically and also wears 2 of these belts on top of it 



Heyo! So I’ve been unemployed for a bit over a month now and I really could use some sort of income while I’m looking for a new job. So I’m offering up these icon commissions, they come in lined and lineless and both styles have the option to be colored with a palette. I’ve linked some palette suggestions in the price section below but if you have a palette you really like feel free to suggest some. For all Icons I’m going to need a reference image so please have one ready!

I’m also running a special offer of Buy two icons get the second one half off!!!


Lined - 10$
Lineless - 12$
Palette coloring - +5$

Palette Colors 


If you are interested you can either send me a message through Tumblr or Email me at fluffymamabird@gmail.com and we will work out what you would like done. Thanks for your support!!

docheri  asked:

I am in love with your Persephone edit (/tagged/mythologyedit) ! How did you do the burn marks in the first and second photos? Is there a brush or stock image you used?

first of all thank you for your kind words! i actually used a stock image (just google search ‘burn mark’) and set it to color burn, then used to clone stamp tool to fill in the blank spaces because i wanted it to actually obscure some parts of the fabric on the dress/the face of the model in the second one. this was kind of a roundabout way of doing it and i’ve actually just downloaded burn mark brushes since and it’s been much easier to get a similar effect (like on my recent lada graphic–also using the color burn setting). 

Yeah! this is more like it, these guys are more unique in shape proportion, color and design. I also included some duds so you guys get the whole process. On my second screen I have photos of fishermen and photos of fish, I’m combining them and trying really hard to not copy both the resemblance and face angle of the photo reference… . . I’m not sure if I’ll hit this mark again unless I spend a day on this… . .  … . . 

Ok that’s the end of the first week of posts, I got image boards next and some plot twists, will post when I get a chance!