i like the colors in the last one

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(Different anon) I have the problem with rap/hh that I used to have with jazz where I want to get into it but it's just such a big genre and I don't know where to start, can you think of like 5-10 albums that are from a range of different styles?

Nah i get that. That’s why I get totally lost in the woods with metal and shit like that. Also with rap. Please nobody mistake me for a rap expert I like stuff but that’s about it. I’ll just give you a list of the shit I like, that’s kinda maybe diverse but not totally? Just like…easy to get into stuff.

  • Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly
  • De La Soul - Buhloone Mindstate

  • A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service (one of my favorite albums of last year)

  • Cadence Weapon - Hope In Dirt City

  • MF Doom - Mm…Food

  • Chance the Rapper - Coloring Book (or Acid Rap; both are superb)

  • Kanye West - Graduation (gonna be my favorite Kanye no matter what)
Someone else anyone else feel free to recommend stuff

will everybody forget i exist if i don’t post legos for one day? 

i know the answer is no, but it somehow doesn’t feel like that.

i do have a set in my drafts, but there’s a story of sorts to go with it that i haven’t typed out yet. and i just don’t have the brain right now. i picked up some plastic bins for lego sorting and i’m surrounded by them right now sorting pieces by color and watching last season’s girls. and just. 

i had wanted to do the paleontologist thing, but. brain. none. 


i guess i’ll have to reblog something from a few months ago. will that work?

Followers Meme

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name | Lou
nicknames | I don’t have one
zodiac sign | Aquarius
height | 152
orientation | North
nationality | British
favorite fruit | Mulberries
favourite season | Autumn
favourite book | This changes, but for the last few years it’s been The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, but The Left Hand of Darkness is probably the one I’d grab in a fire.
favourite flower | Roses
favourite scent | TAR
favourite color | I don’t have one
favourite animal | Probably cats
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | All of the tea
average sleep hours | 7
cat or dog person | I like dogs as much as cats, but only to meet in the street
favourite fictional character | For a while this has been Mildmay Foxe
number of blankets you sleep with | A duvet
dream trip | Sailing the South Pacific islands
blog created | About fours years ago?
number of followers | 483 *waves shyly at the porn bots*

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Tag Game

I was tagged by @harryskinkyside! Thanks!

Rules: Tag 20 friends you would like to get to know better.

Nickname: Don’t really have one!

Zodiac sign: Libra and I love it.

Height: 5′3

Last thing you Googled: Take That, lol.

Favorite music artist: Ooh, right now? Or ever? Tough. I’m listening to a lot of Bruno Mars, The Weeknd right now.

Song stuck in my head: True Colors (The Weeknd)

Last movie you watched: Beauty and the Beast

What are you wearing right now: shirt and leggings

What do you post: 1D, Bressie, dogs, animals, sometimes political stuff

Why did you choose your URL: My URL is just my initials because I’m boring and couldn’t thing of anything when I made my tumblr

Do you have any other blogs: I do have another one which I don’t really use anymore and should probably delete.

What did your last relationship teach you: Don’t settle

Religious or spiritual: I am both. I have problems with institutional religion but yeah I do practice.

Favorite color: purple and green

Average hours of sleep: 5-7

Lucky number: eh, probably 8

Favorite characters: right now haha Jughead on Riverdale, Jake Peralta on Brooklyn 99, Dean Winchester forever

How many blankets do you sleep with: 2

Dream job: hmmm. Writer? I have no idea really. I really want to have something to do with health? Like a nutritionist. But who knows.

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Your blush is so much more obvious without your glasses, Yuuri <3

(or, guess who got into Ice Gays)


Wew last guy from Mystic Messenger, V! He is one of my favorites, I had this concept in mind for a while. I made him look like Victor from Yuri on Ice on purpose. I heard about their appearance similiarities, so I won’t be bothered if people mention this lol.

Not sure how to draw his expression. Looking badass or sad? I end up drawing him almost facepalming( ̄□ ̄;)I couldn’t find the meaning behind cyan flowers, but this color fit him so well. If categorized with blue, he seeks the impossible. Painful, yet holding onto it. 

***Note*** Do not repost on social media where you can simply reblog the original (facebook, tumblr). Please don’t forget the right credits! I noticed some reposted art get more feedback than my original post (T⌓T)
Of course I can’t get ahold of everything, but every little help and consideration is appreciated!

Previous Mystic Messenger character art:



🍁⭐And here the last part of 🌿“Floraison”🍂, It was at first a challenge, because i never do backgrounds, big illustrations with perspective, indoors design etc… I wanted to add it to my portfolio too, last year. But the first one took me.. like more than one week only for the color, so I choose to take the time to learn, analyse, think etc… and now it’s finish, and I’m happy :) Thank’s again, for your kind words, it’s always motivating !🌟👍👏 and I called the character Yori yeah.


I’m sure someone else has designed a box-head Mettaton but I wanted to have a go at it. Yes, that’s his adorable news reporting suit because I can’t say no to lots of red. I really like this design so far! Poor Frisk has to suffer through this fab dweeb’s BS. Please help them.


Don’t call me Turtle Man.

Why can’t you love yourself?
I’m just a useless seventh wheel.

kinda vent kinda not this is a mess



This time zone difference has me so confused lol but I guess that’s the good thing because then he can celebrate it again “tomorrow” with us fans on the other side of the world right? ^^ Anyways Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest, fluffiest, and kindest rapper £2 Love you to the moon & back 😘 😘  Please stay healthy & always be happy!! Let’s celebrate again next year!! 

A lot of people asked for this one (you all sinners), so I decided to took my time and made an animation. And that’s why it took me almost 3 week (so sorry for being late!)

I was going to colored it but photoshop is crashed on me tonight. So…maybe later…who knows. There are some obvious mistakes cause like…this is my 5th animation?but is a good practice and i actually enjoy doing them.

Kiss art challenge

(I’m not taking more requests, I’m just finishing the ones I’ve previously had)

This is the image I worked on during my last live stream. I don’t have the capacity to participate in Adrinette month but I figured I should at least do something Valentine-y.

My computer has some really bizarre color settings. Under one setting, it looks really warm but then another, it’s really bright and blue. I hope this doesn’t look too wonky on others’ screens.

Speed paint here.


everything you think of
will become all of me
look at me and be my lady
you’re my twenties~
– 20, seventeen