i like the coloring on some of the caps

vernon; the boy next door (m)

genre/warnings: fluff/romance/smut, flangst, adorkableness, use of non-penetrative sex toys, (not so) dry humping

word count:  14737

feat: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Joshua, Jeonghan + various 

prompts: roommate!Vernon, silliness, cuddles, mac n’cheese = love 

(a/n) my birthday project for my muse. thank you for everything vern:) and kisses for @vernkn​ who gifed my soft sweater vernon aesthetic. enjoy!

She loved Joshua Hong.

When she was so graciously offered to live in her aunt’s vacation penthouse close to her university of choice, the only catch was that she had to pay some of the bills. Completely fair, because it was a kind enough gesture to give away a freshly furnished space to a niece you barely talked to. Luckily, there was enough room for another guest, enough to split the rent.

So in comes the savior of her life, brother from another mother, Joshua Hong, decked out in sandy beige Sperry’s and ironed white jeans. Fresh from South California, he wore their sunshine on his smile, and their attitude in his Cheshire eyes. He was attending the same university as well, and was conveniently looking for a means to stay. Needless to say, she pounced on him at orientation before he could ask anyone else.

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anonymous asked:

just imagine lance and keith switching bodies after some "weird" experience they had in some other mission. and then they just wake up and everyone hears lance in keith's body screaming "I HAVE A FUCKING MULLET, NOOOOO" and keith is like "what the fuck is going on with me? wait - wHAT TEH FUCK IS GOINDG ON WITH ME?" and they freak out together just screaming and panicking.


Keith is like all *internal screaming* while Lance is more of the external screaming type like 


  • Lance freaking out bc instead of avoiding Keith’s extremely cute annoying face, he’s forced to see it in the mirror for however long they’re stuck like this
    • “Hunk….I can’t do this…”
    • “Don’t worry, Lance, we’ll figure out how to get you two back into your own bodies soon enough.”
  • him being extremely dramatic about it
    • “i cant do this”
    • “youre being dramatic”
    • “I have a mullet i think im entitled”


  • Keith can’t stop rubbing Lance’s his face like i gotta get me some of these skin care products bc holy shit?? so soft?? 
    • “Pidge touch my face”
    • “what???? no ew gross?”
    • “its soft pidge.  so soft.  i cant stop TOUCHING HIS FACE”
    • “dude stop”
    • “so soft”
  • He is also completely obsessed with Lance’s eyes like
    • “Pidge his eyes”
    • “he has them, yes im aware”
    • “nononno have u ever noticed how BLUE they are??”
    • “that would be his eye color yes”
    • “but theyre so blue?? illegal.  not fair.”
How to instantly speed up your PokéPelago:

A glitch in Poké Pelago was discovered to complete ALL time-based activities when your 3DS clock rolls over from 31/01/2017 to 01/02/2017. (from last of January to first of February)
So this is how you do it:

  • Go to Poke Pelago and start activities: Plant berries, search for treasure, train pokemon and/or put down eggs or pokemon in the hot springs.
  • Save the game and go to the time settings on your 3DS. Set the date to 31/01/2017 and the time to 23:59.
  • Exit the settings and restart your game. Wait for the clock to pass 00:00 and then go to Poke Pelago.
  • All your activities are completed!

A video of the glitch performed can be found here.



This means you can put in 18 pokemon and level them up much faster than you would doing the Elite four! Complete 50-hour training sets in an instant - sweet! EV training can be done fast too, and entirely without spending your BP on the training bracelets.

You can also farm berries for clothing dyes and speed it up if you need/want the specific colors sooner than in two to three days!

And what’s best, you can repeat treasure hunt and hope for Golden Bottle Caps! (I haven’t gotten any in like a month so I’m not hopeful but that’s just my luck heh)

All other timed events in the game will halt fro a day, like Festival Plaza, berry trees etc. since you’re changing your 3DS clock, but it’s a small price you can choose to pay for speeding up your Poke Pelago.

strontiumsun  asked:

I have a character who I write and draw named Hannah, a teenage black girl. Because her story takes place in the Dream World, she's always wearing pajamas. Not long before I discovered this blog, I learned that many black women wear head wraps to sleep. I want to be accurate to what black people wear to sleep, but Hannah's design has always involved her hair being visible. My question is, can she take the head wrap off but keep the rest of her pajamas on without it suspending disbelief?

Black Girl in a Dream World & Sleep Head Coverings

I do like the idea of keeping her hair visible and not hidden away or tied up 24/7. Seeing her pictured in her head wrap of choice at times would be cute and a nice piece of representation as well, though. 

Head wrap wise, you’ve got many choices, from silk bandanas, decorated to plain headwraps, and silk-lined hats, to the regular ole bonnet (commonly black but comes in colors, and often mistaken as a shower cap from those who don’t know what a hair bonnet is).

She could always be shown in the scarf, bonnet, or whatever she chooses to wear right around the time she goes to sleep/slides into her nightly routine.(Though as Brei mentioned here some do casually keep their wraps on longer.)

Also, some people, like myself (before I destroyed my pillowcase… but that’s another story), sleep on a satin pillow as a preferred night protection method and skip the bonnet most nights. 

All about the individual.

~Mod Colette

There was a tiny tornado in a pen. Yes, a pen, as in the writing utensil. The tornado would sit with its narrow end around the tip of the pen and then you could just put the cap on over it. And the pen was really nice too. It was like, a mottled brown color with silver. And it didn’t have ink- its sole purpose was storing the tornado. And the tornado could suck up things and make itself bigger like Katamari. And some guy had the pen and he accidentally released the tornado and it destroyed a whole town. But then the guy made some machine for my dog, and then suddenly time went back to the moment before he released the tornado. I took the pen and decided to try to dispose of the tornado, but my plan backfired and the town was destroyed again.

BMC Orphan AU

Heck my dudes I’m supposed to be studying rn BUT I really wanted to share with you this random lil AU @justpidgance and I came up with.

Basically, Jeremy’s parents die or leave him or something when he was very young (Like 4-5 ish). But before they go, they get him to take a Squip, in the hopes that at least somebody will be there to take care of their son.

Below the cut is a copy-paste dump of ideas we had. Enjoy!

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3D Effect Tutorial (both Illustrator and Photoshop)

requested by Anonymous

This is a tutorial for how to create the following graphic:

I created the graphic in Illustrator, but this tutorial will demonstrate how to recreate the 3d effect in both Illustrator and Photoshop (whichever you have at hand and are more comfortable with).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And if you found this tutorial helpful, please like or reblog!

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screencap/icon coloring tutorial

this is waaaaay long overdue, but i hope this helps someone and if you have questions feel free to ask me here

you’ll need to have some knowledge of the tools in Ps, but if you’re a beginner i tried to make this simple enough that you can understand, too :)

i’m going to walk you through how i colored this cap (and how i make icons from a screencap like this):

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anonymous asked:

could you do a tutorial on how you do picspams please ? thank you !!

hi, lovely anon and sure! ^^

how i make a picspam from this

to this

tutorial & all the resources are under the cut. also English is not my first language so  i’m sorry in advance for any mistakes and please like/reblog if you find this useful, thank you

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If you have a black cat, an all black cat, I’m begging you, for the love of everything, put some kind of identifying SOMETHING on it. A collar, a harness, colored claw caps, idc what you do as long as it’s safe, but do something because I cannot tell you how many times we have people come through the shelter looking for their black cat and proceed to stare at the 8 billion all-black cats with green eyes that we have and go “Um… I can’t really tell….”

Actually, yes I can. In the 3 weeks I’ve worked at the shelter, there have been 7 instances. All different people. And cats aren’t like dogs, if they’re in the shelter they’re nervous as heck and won’t respond to their name in most cases, and it takes a few minutes for them to remember and react to a familiar presence or face. So unless it has a unique coat pattern or identifying markings of some kind, people won’t be able to identify their cat. So we have about 6 black cats right now and they’re all identical and nobody can tell if its their cat or not because nobody’s microchipped or collared or has any way to tell them apart.

So do something so you can tell your cat apart from its doppelgangers in case they get lost, it’ll save both of you a lot of trouble.

anonymous asked:

CU gem au?

maybe, i dont have much detail into it but ill share anyways

CU/Krupp - red agate 

much like the roll of holly blue running the elementary school and not enjoying it entirely, the reason he was assigned was from his misshapen gem (look like two gems) similar to Rutile but mentally instead of physically id imagine his gem placement is above the shoulders/ neck or even center of his chest. when Krupp gets mad he GOES on fire like.

Harold - yellow sapphire 

i got the idea of his gem from his hair. be he is a defective sapphire anly able to see into the future only for a few seconds or minutes but is more a feeling than a vision, kinda fits with his anxious personality as he knows something bad is going to happen, the only time he get visions when working on comics, not even a clear one just blurred and only snippets of it too, but because of this he can work faster when drawing as he can get the general idea.

George - red/brown zircon 

zircons seem good at arguments and creating scenarios with makes it easier for george to write stories for the comics as he is flooded with ideas but is defective as if he is trying to solve a case (eg) he can only stay on track for a lil while before his ADHD causes his imagination to make up unreal ideas and possibilities completely going off track. but he is very smart regardless 

(this is i imagine how the meet in the au, george is the new kid gem and as he is introducing himself he gets lost in thought and rambles on about some story he made up and as all the other gems are like ??? Harold is  captivated by it and the creativity and also because they share the same humor, gotta keep the key part)

Krupp probs threatened to have them placed in separate units from their constant ‘torment’, but i like to keep the hypnotize idea that turns him into cap like they snap their fingers and CU either strips or poofs out of physical form in a mili second and changes into his cap etc  

professor P - water Mellon gem

mainly on the colors of his villain outfit and the slight brown in it as well for his reg out fit but thats all i have XD  oh and because of how unusual the gem is too 


[Image description: two photos of a woman standing indoors, one a full-length shot and the other three-quarters. She is white and has dark brown hair, shaved on the sides and worn curly off to one side on top. She wears glasses with frames that are tortoiseshell on top and clear, pink-tinted plastic on bottom. She wears a purple dress that hits above the knee, an open-front mustard yellow cardigan that ends below the hip, and a scarf around her neck in pale blue, navy blue, purple, and mustard floral. She wears dark tights and dark brown lace-up mid-calf boots with metallic toe caps. The background contains a light wood-colored dresser, a pale teal bar cart with glasses and bottles of alcohol, and a pale green wall filled with many pieces of framed art.]

Dying over how well all these colors go together! I sometimes avoid these sorts of bright color pairings lest I look like I’m really into some sports team (and as I am in Vikings country, this one is particularly dangerous), but the inclusion of the floral scarf helps mitigate that.

Dress: Gift | Cardigan: Old Navy | Scarf: H&M | Boots: Born