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Questions from Undertale: an Ask Meme
  • Frisk: Okay. Um...imagine you're SAVING. Name something nearby that fills you with DETERMINATION.
  • Flowey: You really think I'd waste my time asking people pointless questions? ...Fine. But I WON'T be creative. Put me down for "What's your favorite color?"
  • Napstablook: all i can think of is "what's your favorite type of music?" sorry...
  • Toriel: Hm. I suppose I could ask them what their favorite flavor of pie is! It does not have to be butterscotch or cinnamon.
  • Sans: yeah, i can't think of anything. just say whatever. type the first thing that comes to your mind.
  • Undyne: That's not how this works, Papyrus! You gotta get to their CORE! Ask them something personal! Like..."What do you fight for?" Yeah, that's my question!
  • Undyne: Not what I had in mind. Hey, you're good at self esteem training, right? Why doncha ask them something about that?
  • Alphys: What's your headcanon for Mew Mew's father? Or, uh, if you haven't seen Mew Mew...w-what's your favorite...anime, I mean TV show?
  • Mettaton: What types of MTT brand merchandise would you be willing to purchase? I need the data for a survey.
  • Bratty: Like, what's the best way to recycle trash?
  • Catty: It's totally selling it and getting rich.
  • Bratty: Totally. But, like, what's your FAVORITE way?
  • Burgerpants: Why is this person trying to get a question out of me this is a burger restaurant I'm just trying to survive!
  • Me: Okay, never mind, then. Um...put him down for "What's your favorite food?"
  • Asgore: Yes? What do you need? A deep question? Golly, I'm not sure I have one. Let's see...have you ever...done something you regret?
  • Asriel: Do you have any good memories? With your family, or your friends?

c0mmander-luna  asked:

2, 4, 6, 01

2. what are your favourite colours and why?

i really like blue (if you can’t tell from my theme… lmao) because it’s such a nice, calming, wonderful color ^^ the sky and the sea are both blue, and i love both of those things. green is growing on me too, mostly because of pidge. her learning to love nature and greenery has made me appreciate more too tbh

4. what is your zodiac sign?

i’m an aries! and in the chinese zodiac i’m a horse ^^

6. what are your favourite films?

hm… “kubo and the two strings” will always be one of my faves. i also really like “the way he looks” and i haven’t seen moonlight but i know if i saw it i would love it

10 (i’m assuming 10?). what’s your favourite animal?

the cheetah! i’ve actually seen some in the flesh in tanzania, but they were my favorite way before then, too. i love the types of animals who focus more on speed and evasiveness than just charging into fights. and cheetahs are also really elegant and regal to me tbh

edit: adding question 1. have you ever been in love?

i think so. i was in love with my ex when i was actually dating her… and i once had a “crush” on a girl for two years in a row (after two years it’s probably not a crush anymore tho)

thanks for asking zoë! <3

list of questions

I was having a bunch of Kain feels and while chatting to @wishingyoucouldshowmelove my internet decided to gimme a kick on the stomach and died. So while waiting for it to come back I made that sketch in…hm…30 minutes I guess?? Pretty rough  and putting as much details as I could remember. 

There you have it, Kain being a creep and stalking Rosa like always. Although they are my notp that’s totally a thing he does so, why not keep him in character? xD


@jwab tagged me in another 5-minute writing challenge, and since (1) I can’t deny her anything and (2) I wasn’t happy with the first one I did, voila. 



“You have been so generous in sharing your world – our world – with me these last years. I wish to reciprocate, if I may.”

Abbie tensed. “But Crane, you’ve taught me so much about George Washington’s favorite foods, the color of Thomas Jefferson’s socks, what Franklin’s wang looked like –“

“Something you might actually enjoy.”

Abbie gave a huff of laughter and pushed her book away. Damn thing wasn’t making sense anyway. “I’m game.”

Crane pulled a small wooden flute from his coat. He must’ve made it himself; it was rough and a little clumsy, with odd gouges in the wood.

Hey, at least it wasn’t made out of bone.

“Didn’t know you could play for real.”

“Must have some way of passing the time on long, cold watches. We did not yet have Angry Birds.

“So wow me, Mozart.”

The flute might have been rough, but the sound was true, pure and smooth and surprisingly low. Crane’s fingers moved over the splintery holes with distracting grace.

She’d expected Yankee Doodle or something. But this … she didn’t know. It sounded older. Wilder. Different.

She closed her eyes. There was the flickering fire. The cold cut of the wind. Turning away from the warmth of the flames for a different kind of heat, toward the music.

“Play me another,” she murmured, “and I’ll forgive you every story you ever told me about Alexander Hamilton’s affairs.”