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lucifer season 3 ✩ ➝ they’re back, aren’t they? (3x01)
↳ Didn’t you get my text? What, you mean the string of nonsensical emojis? 🔥 🗡️ 🍩 👨‍🚀 ⏰ 💃 🔦👍 . How am I supposed to know what that means? I ignited the Flaming Sword, used it to cut a hole in space and time, mum’s light flooded through it, then it closed up behind her. Good!


“gus, that thing is brighter than the sun! i think you just gave me glaucoma.”
“you can’t give someone glaucoma.”

Colors I Perceive the Signs to Be

Aries: Emerald ∞ I see such a vibrance, this richness, this life when I think of the color emerald. I feel that if life were to be embodied in a sign, it would be Aries. They’re just bursting with it sometimes it’s like they have enough spirit for two people.  (they’re also great at remembering vines) 

Taurus: Aurelia ∞ There’s definitely a sense of desire for the extravagant I observe from people who share my sun sign, but there’s also an undeniable sense of warmth that I feel with this color (type of gold), a warmth that I also feel resonates with this sign

Gemini: Tiffany ∞ I love this color, it’s bright but it’s not…hot?  It’s cool, it’s like the same sensation you get from drinking water after putting a mint in your mouth.  Gemini to me are just so cool and hip and I LOVE TALKING TO THEM.  I feel this (platonic) attraction I have towards them is best represented through this color.

Cancer: White ∞ Sweetie I know, not a color, I get it.  I just feel like white is just this color of contrasts.  In many cultures it means purity and life and cleanliness, and in others (China, in specific) it means death.  Cancer to me is filled with a lot of paradoxes, because they can bend easily to someone’s will, but at other times it’s like they’re more adamant than a Capricorn.

Leo: Crimson ∞ I feel like this color just has this duality!  Leo’s the type of sign that everyone assumes is all about getting lit and having fun but WILL leave you surprised when they show how caring and perceptive they are.  Crimson is the kind of color I perceive meaning fun, but also sensitivity when looked at from a different lens.

Virgo: Misty Rose ∞ I just…this color to me is really refreshing.  If you guys don’t know pink in general is my favorite color, like all my blogs have pink in it as part of the color scheme.  Virgo to me is a really refreshing sign.  Got into a friend fight?  Need to tell someone a secret?  Visiting an old friend?  Chances are you’re going to go to a Virgo for a listening ear.  

Libra: Lavender ∞ There’s this sophistication and regality I feel with the color purple in general, but this specific tint also gives off this inviting atmosphere.  Libra people are the type I’ve always felt drawn to, and lavender is one of my favorite colors so I’m always drawn to it as well.

Scorpio: Umber ∞ No NOT because umber is dark (the whole scorpio=mysterious stereotype is TIRED), umber is  type of brown.  With the color brown, there’s this sense of timelessness and permanence I really appreciate, and I feel that way with many scorpio I’ve met.

Sagittarius: Vermillion ∞ Ok I really tried not giving each placement a predictable color, but Sagittarius just screams this color to me!  It’s so bright and hot it almost hurts but you can’t help yourself but look at it.  That’s how I feel with the sagittarians that I have crossed paths with.  

Capricorn: Azure ∞ I mean, the name already gives off a feeling of dignity, doesn’t it?  And like how the color Azure is the color of a clear sky, expansive and seemingly infinite, I feel the same way of a Capricorn’s endurance and resilience. Is there no end to your strength?

Aquarius: Mazarin ∞ Mazarin is basically a really pretty, kinda gray-ish, dark blue!  I feel like with Aquarius this really gives off this sense of…unknowing?  Like you can see fragments or pieces of them at a time but never the whole picture.  Mazarin to me really give of a sense of mystery.

Pisces: Periwinkle ∞ The name alone already sounds really quirky, and I feel few signs are quirkier than pisces.  There’s this almost mystical aura that this color gives off to me, and it’s very relaxing yet…unsettling?  Like there’s something you can’t see from them, but you know that quality is there. 

(check rising/ascendant as well :) ) 

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Uhmm how about iwaoi, iwaoi, IWAOI??! omg. I'm dying for this <33

Uhm …. I’m still workin on con stuff so D: no big new art for now. But how about this? (can you tell i love fighting fish?)


anonymous asked: stelena  or scallison?
If every memory of Stefan were taken away from me,” she said icily, “I would still fall in love with him the very moment I saw him. And if every memory of me were taken away from Stefan, he would wander all over the world looking for something without knowing what he was looking for.


Straight after my wedding, the wedding that shackled me to Naples, my brother set sail to court Naples’ greatest enemy. He said as much? No, but it was in his eyes. He can’t hide things from me. Why are you so upset?


Don’t tell me I’m the only one that thought of this when seeing the official colors of these guys

#Sidlinkweek: Day 5 - Shock

I COULD NOT RESIST. (and im not sorry either)
I kind of know how Link feels, ‘cause my wife is like Sidon in this case…

((Also you have no idea how much I enjoy selecting a blue color when coloring his tongue. I dunno, I like it way more than a regular color on him… maybe it’s the contrast???))

Day 10 Pidgance Month: Secret 

She writes her rants and secrets in her journal. Her biggest secret being her ever growing feelings for Lance.


 Date: Dec 8