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Hey, in your recent Poison-Ivy-wraps-Batman-in-kudzu fic you mention that Harley died, and in Sweet you mention that she was "dunked" by the Joker. Did Joker kill Harley at some point? (Also curious if it's related to Harley's red-rimmed irises)

i don’t know who started the whole ‘joker dunked harley in the same chemical bath that jokerized him’ thing, but i stole it and added in some ‘technically this was murder it just didn’t stick’ - it bleached her skin/hair/eyes, interfered with her ability to feel pain (so she’s capable of terrifying feats of strength that basically tear her body apart because she can’t feel that that’s what she’s doing), and interacted weirdly with her schizophrenia (got rid of her tics, reduced her focus and impulse control, worsened her visual hallucinations and susceptibility to delusions) (it also changed how she responds to her meds which is why it’s so much harder for her to stay medicated)

i added the eyes thing because it seemed like something capable of bleaching joker and harley to look like perma-clowns would have other visual effects beyond the usual joker’s-green-hair. also i thought it would be kinda cool and creepy.

(my theory is that the original joker chemical bath idea came about because figuring out what would and would not completely ruin someone’s makeup is a pain in the dick and saying ‘no they actually just look like that’ solves the problem pretty neatly, and once you’re doing more with harley she runs into the same problem/solution)


“hey y/n, wanna help us do some sabotage?” asked Ray, poking my shoulder.

“depends. what are you four planing?” i replied, taking a bite out of my sadwich.

“we’re gunna brake into the head office, and play a little tape.” said Gerard a childish grin on his face.

i thought it over for a moment, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

“come on y/n! it’s not like you have anything better to do!” whined Frank.

“fine.” i replied flatly. he wasn’t wrong.

“sweet. can you keep an eye out while i sneek in?” asked Mikey.

“sure. let’s do this!”


please, please, PLEASE send me ideas! i did an mcr imagine this time because 1) they are my favorite band, and 2) i have a new blog! it is devoted to my chemical romance (mostly revenge era) and you can follow it if you like mcr!

it’s called Death Never Stopped Me

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