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She danced, whirled, turned round, on an old Purrsian carpet, carelessly spread on the pavement; and every time her radiant face passed before you as she turned, her large cat eyes flashed lightning.

Classicat #27: La Esmewralda, from the Hunchcat of Notre Dame by Victor Mewgo

Who is Esmewralda, the compassionate and independent Romeowni dancer? That depends on who you ask.

Pawsimodo worships her as angel; Clawed Frollo condems her as a demon or a witch; Furbus uses her like a thing (he was a decent dude in the Disney movie tho.) Pawsimodo sees her as superhuman; Clawed Frollo sees her as subhuman; Furbus hardly considers her human. She is seen as an object of worship, an object of lust and scorn, and just an object– but rarely as a human being.

And well, she is a cat. But that’s beside the point.

mon ange (pt. 1)

based off of this post

(read on ao3)

Jack stared at the man standing in the kitchen. He was achingly familiar and completely foreign at the same time, and Jack scrambled to connect the trailing thoughts. The man hummed an upbeat tune as he stood with his back to the door, and just as Jack was gathering his courage to approach, Holster charged past him into the kitchen.

“Bro! What are you making in here, this smells like Ransom’s aunt’s house. Except better,” Holster demanded. He leaned next to the man and inhaled deeply. Jack was swept with a sudden wave of… something, but he shook it off in time to hear him respond.

“Oh! Haha, it’s just a pie. I had some rhubarb left, and I found some strawberries at a store down the road, and I didn’t want to let it go to waste! You can have some when it’s done,” he offered.

Holster sagged against the counter. “Bro. You’re gonna make me fat if that tastes as good as it smells.”

“If you get out of my way,it’ll be done sooner,” he laughed. Holster shot out of the kitchen faster than a man his size should have been able to move. Jack quickly cornered him against the wall in the hallway.

“Holster, you can see him?” Jack asked. “What’s his name?”

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at hunk & lance’s 5th grade graduation every kid had to get up and say what their favorite school memory was. hunk’s was “my favorite moment was when i met lance” and lance’s was “my favorite moment was when i met hunk” and while each of them was speaking the other was in the corner dabbing. 


Imagine Lance sneaking out at night to hug Keith and cry with me.


Delinquent (Yanki) Keith!. He has a crush (his pining is intense) on Lance who is a student from another school.

and yes, Keith has a big pompadour 

EDIT:  i have read a lot of comment saying that Keith with a pompadour looks like Johnny Bravo….and i just couldn’t help myself

stop taking pictures or he’s gonna get grumpy 

Ahhh! I’ve passed the midway point for the 7 Day Phanart Challenge by @chillphann​!!

Day 5: Same Age
“I really think that 14 year old Dan and 14 year old Phil would’ve gotten along quite well.”
“I think they’d’ve been friends!” |||