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Hello pregananant lady you popped up on my dash today and I thought I'd let you know of some recent research from a group I used to be in that has found a link between expectant mothers (last trimester though, u got time) sleeping on their backs and stillbirth and I thought I ought to let you know. The risk increase isn't much but I guess i thought id give you the info and you could research for yourself and make your own decision if you wanted to ❤️❤️❤️ best wishes for u and the womb nugget ❤️

Oh yeah I had heard about this!! Apparently one of the biggest blood vessels to the uterus/baby runs along the front side of a pregnant person’s spine.  When someone is in their 2nd-3rd trimesters, laying/sleeping flat on your back too long can be dangerous because the weight of the baby will push down and stop the blood flow to the uterus.  Seems like kinda bad evolutionary planning there lmao. (Lucky for me, I cant sleep flat on my back anyways! So yay reduced risk of stillborn!) Seriously so much can go wrong in a pregnancy, I have no clue how the population has gotten as big as it has.. If any of you plan on getting pregnant in the next couple years and also suffer from anxiety or intrusive thoughts, I would def avoid taking any embryology or human developmental biology classes lmao. Thanks for looking out for me nonny! <3 

i can’t decide between quoting lucky i’m in love with my best friend and lucky we’re in love in every way from this song that resonates with this picture, and my feelings, perfectly

seamus and dean you guys


I love Love live sunshine but it’s always a lil sad that all the girls look exactly the same so I wanted to, uh… draw my headcaons I suppose? Also it was a fun challange in character design.
Hope You like them!!


Also, I have the group shop available as a print in my society6, and You can get 1st, 2nd and 3rd years separately as stickers/prints at my Redbubble <:
Thanks for Your support! ✨


Binding advice if you don’t/can’t have a binder!!

If you have chest dysphoria but you don’t have a binder for whatever reason (or even if you just want to have a really good sport bra for a good price), I have something for you. I found this amazing sport bra in H&M a few weeks ago and I’m in love with it. It was quite cheap and it’s sooo comfortable you won’t even believe me.

Most likely it will work best if you are small chested (I’m a B cup btw) and it won’t make you completely flat, but with a loose shirt on it does a great job.

It won’t make you feel like you’re suffocating, you can exercise and do anything you want while wearing it. But you shouldn’t wear it for too long!! (just an example, I went traveling and I had to wear it for 16 hours every day and I started having breathing problems on the 3rd day)
Also don’t buy one that’s smaller than the size you need because the band will hurt your ribs.

My store only had white ones but I’m sure H&M’s site has other nice colors too. It’s super comfortable, it’s safe, it was cheap and it makes me feel a lot better. 10/10 would recommend.

I hope I could help someone with this!



MC as a Barista

I thought of this while in star bucks one day. What if MC worked at a coffee shop part time before meeting the RFA and continued to work there after joining and one of the members walked in and ordered a drink without realizing it was MC. So she obviously recognized  them from chat so she wrote a little message on their cups, only for them to realize it after they left. ? 

I apologize if this is kind OOC? Feed back is appreciated!


  • Stands there for awhile before heading to the counter
  • MC smiles brightly at him as she recognized him.
  • Orders a Venti Hot chocolate
  • MC nods and says “Coming right up, can I get your name for the order?”
  • a small giggle escaped her as she nodded and walked away with his cup before writing down a special note for him.
  • “ It was nice to see you in person, Superman Yoosung! ^3^. Since I made you this drink…you got to return the favor remember? - MC ❤ ”
  • He thinks she’s cute but he can’t fall for the barista right? He’s already talking to MC via messenger!
  • They exchange thank you’s and he walks out.
  • Notices the little note on the side of his cup as he got to the bus stop to head to the University.
  • sends a text message to MC
  • “MC!!! Why didn’t you tell me you worked there?!! I can’t bring myself to throw this cup away now! It’s just a reminder that we are really under the same sky!


  • Walks in, obviously thinks the barista is cute
  • MC smiles as friendly as she could. She didn’t want to make it obvious.
  • His ego get’s the best of him
  • “I bet you’re a fan, You want a autograph? How about a Selca with me?”
  • She nods and takes out her phone real quickly. Takes the photo
  • he’s now grinning. she’s so cute ~
  • Orders a grande Tea.
  • MC nods as she turned to start his order.
  • Writes
  • “You were right, you are more handsome in person. Also I managed to get your fan club to come to the party ~ Hopefully I can get my hands on you too, Zenny ~ MC  ❤ “
  • After they exchange thank you’s he flashed her a playful smirk and winked.
  • Quickly she logged onto the messenger to leave the selca they took together with the caption
  • “…I ran into my favorite actor today hehe ~ !
  • [ photo attachment of her and Zen together ]
  • As Zen left he took a drink only to see the note in the corner of his eye
  • turning the cup. He read it
  • debates to turn back or not
  • hears his messenger go off
  • reads what MC says and laughs as he seen her sign off real fast.
  • decides to send a text message to her
  • “You know I will be coming over here every day now to see my princess ~


  • She decided to go to a different cafe today
  • walks into MC’s work place.
  • Looks at the beverage board for a few minutes
  • MC standing there with a huge grin on her face
  • tries so hard to not say her name out loud.
  • as Jaehee walks up to the counter she orders
  • 1 for her boss. A espresso with 2 shots for him
  • 1 for her. A Venti coffee for her. ( 3 creams 4 sugars )
  • MC Nodded as she asked which cup is her drink.
  • Quickly writes a small note on her cup
  • “You can do this Jaehee! Remember I am here for you if you ever need support ~ Cheer up! - MC  ❤  “
  • and writes another note on Jumin’s cup
  • “…you better be nice to Jaehee today, She’s human too. - MC”
  • As she put the cup in the cup holders she smiled towards Jaehee
  • “…I hope you have a nice day, Miss. Jaehee ~”
  • That’s when Jaehee smiled and nodded, walking out she went back to the car. Passing one cup to Jumin.
  • a small pause
  • “Assistant Kang?”
  • Oh no… he doesn’t like it does he??
  • “…MC wrote some strange note on my cup”
  • looks at it. Gasps lightly as she noticed there was writing on her cup as well.
  • Smiles brightly as they drove past the cafe
  • and a confused Jumin


  • RARELY goes to a cafe on his own.
  • walks in on his own, instantly regrets it.
  • how does one order a drink? do they walk up?
  • do they come to him?
  • MC can’t help but suppress the giggling and smiling she’s doing
  • C & R Director is in her coffee shop looking so lost.
  • Decides to walk up to him with a pen and paper in hand
  • “…Excuse me J—Sir?”
  • a commoner walking up to him? so he was right they walk up to you
  • “…you seem out of place. You need help?”
  • a flash smile touched his lips before walking up to the counter with her
  • Asks which drink is the best.
  • “…you seem like the type of man who’d enjoy a regular type of drink. I can make you a grande french vanilla?”
  • nods as he paid and left a reasonable tip
  • he’s waiting for his cup on the other side so she took liberty to write a small note
  • “…I cannot help but think you’re so cute while all flustered. Please say hello to Elizabeth 3rd for me. I hope you have a good day at work. - MC ❤ “
  • After she was done she passed it over to him
  • “Have a nice day, Mr. Jumin, sir ~ “
  • turns around and nods before walking to his car.
  • As he got in he noticed the small note on the side
  • reading it he couldn’t help but chuckle
  • “…Driver Kim. I want to come to this exact place every day at the same time.”

Luciel / 707 / defender of justice ….[Saeyoung]

  • Already knew she worked there. But since he was rare to post selca’s in chat
  • he decided to have fun with this.
  • Walks in and decides to grab a smoothie for the day.
  • What Saeyoung forgot is that he recently posted a photo of himself in chat
  • MC knew who he was. Seven knew who she was
  • “…what’s your healthiest smoothie?”
  • “…I’d have to say the orange mango smoothie. It hits the taste buds”
  • “…okay can I get a hot chocolate”
  • 707 that little shit
  • “can I get a name for this order?”
  • “Tom”
  • MC snorts as she nods, grabbing his cup she wrote a small note
  • “using your friend’s name huh? well it was nice to see you in person, God seven! now go save the earth!  ~ 606 ❤ “
  • they exchange thank you’s and good byes before he walked away
  • he looked down at his cup and couldn’t help but laugh.
  • “my 606 ~ “

I’m almost 200% sure kuroo became captain for the sole purpose of keeping Kenma on the team like here me out

Its canon that Kenma isn’t as athletically gifted and as a result he was often left out of the game by the previous captains and like no one would set to him or allow him to set and they would talk about him and leave him benched and the only reason he didn’t quit CANONICALLY is because Kuroo talked him out of it and pleaded with him to stay on the team . So I think when kuroo was about to enter his 3rd year he knew that any other captain would cause Kenma to quit because they didn’t and they wouldn’t see his potential like he did. They couldn’t see is value like Kuroo did . And even besides that that’s his best friend you know like he loves him that’s his family. So most likely when the spot opened up he jumped at it and it was a shoe in because not only was he popular but he was already one of the most skilled.

And everybody still thinks he’s captain because of his drive to bring Nekoma out of the gutters and into victory but nope

He just wanted to look out for Kenma ^-^

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What kind of stuff in a person's chart indicates talent in singer or just music in general?

I did quite a bit of research on this… One of my favorite topics, astrology and music. Both are gifts to our world. Both are languages to help us understand energy and what energy feels like.

The entire chart plays a significant role in someone’s ability in singing and music so I will try my best to illustrate everything as I hate leaving information out.

The information I’ve collected is from other astrologer’s opinions and charts of different types of musicians I’ve looked into.

I’ll start with the houses that have importance to this ability, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th house.

The 1st house, I believe for the most part, dictates the style in which a musician goes for. So why would the 1st house play a role in the style of music a person goes for? Well, the ascendant is pretty much our doorway between the inner and the outer; how we present the inner to the outer. Our style would come from the 1st house directly.
Take a look at someone like Björk (Icelandic singer) and her chart. She’s got her 1st house starting in Scorpio. If you listen to her music, the style is very Scorpio inspired; it’s strange, penetrating, and unconventional. She has no problem expressing the energy a Scorpio represents in her music.
Now lets take another singer with a different ascendant, perhaps someone like Freddie Mercury from Queen or Robert Smith from The Cure; their ascendant is in Leo. Their sound is in no doubt very different from each other, but they seem to fit in that category of the dramatic Leo. Almost all of Robert Smith’s songs express the loving lion a Leo represents, its essence is of what Leo/5th house expresses. Then if you look at Freddie Mercury’s music, it is dramatic and theatrical like the Leo.
So looking at all the different ascendants, a person’s musical style (disregarding the rest of their chart) may be whatever energy that sign represents. An Aries maybe angry and raw and a Pisces may be hippie and psychedelically inspired. Maybe… This is my opinion on it, subject to change though.
I wouldn’t mind hearing other people’s opinion on the ascendant and how it demonstrates a person’s style in music. To get your minds thinking, here’s a random range of artists and their ascendant…
Rihanna - Aries
John Lennon - Aries
Mariah Carey - Taurus
Lana Del Rey - Taurus
Lady Gaga - Gemini
Billy Idol - Gemini
Tchaikovsky - Cancer
Annie Lennox - Virgo
Kurt Kobain - Virgo
Beyonce - Libra
Jared Leto - Libra
Ludwig Van Beethoven - Scorpio
Aretha Franklin - Scorpio
Prince - Scorpio
Elvis - Sagittarius
Kesha - Sagittarius
Barry White - Capricorn
Tom Jones - Capricorn
Ariana Grande - Capricorn
Taylor Swift - Capricorn
Adele - Aquarius
Nicki Minaj - Aquarius
David Bowie - Aquarius
Michael Jackson - Pisces

One last note before I move onto the 2nd house; I also noticed that almost all of my favourite singers had their ascendant in Leo which is funny because my ascendant is in Leo… We pick music that best suit our style. What are your favourite artist’s ascendants and can you relate to them?

The 2nd house rules the throat. The condition of the throat itself will impact the sound of someone’s voice. Having many beneficial planets in the 2nd house would be good for a singer, some singers even have stelliums in the 2nd house. I know some other people made some really good posts about the 2nd house and its affect on voice so I won’t go too deep into the 2nd house and what planets do what to your voice. To sum up the affects of planets in the 2nd house, it’s pretty much what you would assume; Mars in the 2nd house would give a powerful or even masculine voice whereas Venus in the 2nd house would give a soft and feminine voice. So think of the planet and what it represents to know what it does to a person’s voice.
I do however want to however talk about whatever sign is cusping the 2nd house and its impact on a person’s voice.
Lets talk about the elements itself; what might a fire voice sound like? a water voice? an earth voice? an air voice? I’ve been trying to put my finger on this exactly, semi-stumped still; don’t really know how to put it to words.
I do know for sure the air voice. These are people who have an unafflicted 2nd house in an air sign. Their voices have the potential of singing at operatic levels. Their voices are light, high note reaching, and quite literally I would describe them as airy. Just a few examples of people with an air sign as their second house; Joan Sutherland - Gemini (opera singer), Annie Lennox - Libra, Ariana Grande - Aquarius, and Mariah Carey - Gemini.
For the fire voice, this was difficult to put to words. They seem to put a lot of emphasis on the words and sounds they make. Some of them even sound like they are straining their voice or really pushing the sounds that they make. Their voices can be strange, raw, or even penetrating. Some examples of fire voices; Robert Smith from the Cure - Leo (he also has Pluto in the 2nd house) and again Bjork - Sagittarius (she has quite a few planets in the 2nd house including Mars, Venus, and Mercury). For an actual example to listen to as I am bad at explaining things, here’s Robert and here’s Bjork. Adele also has her second house in a fire sign, Aries. She is influenced quite a bit by other parts in her chart, but she definitely has the crackly fire in her voice.
For the earth voice, I think is grounding yet dynamic because each of the earth signs are very different from each other in my opinion. Freddie Mercury for example has his second house in Virgo which is the essence of dynamic earth (ignoring the fact that he has many planets that are in the second house in Libra). It’s almost as if Virgo is also influenced by air because it is so mutable and changeable. The earth voice is usually light and pure. It’s smooth and vibrato. I believe Taurus is the richest earth voice of them all as it is grounded and ruled by Venus. So the examples for the earth voice I would say are Freddie Mercury - Virgo, Elvis - Capricorn, and Louis Armstrong - Taurus.
Finally for the water voice, to put it simply their voice usually has a LOT of soul. Some examples, Lady Gaga - Cancer, Barry White - Pisces, Tom Jones - Pisces, Beyonce - Scorpio.

Moving onto the 3rd house briefly. Now the 3rd house doesn’t have much to do with how your voice will sound, it is more of the mental side of communication. So things like lyrics and composing music would come from this house. Also because the 3rd house rules the hands, it may also dictate your ability in playing music.

And onto the 4th house. The 4th house is similar to the 1st house in such a way that is dictates style again. It Is actually sort of a mixture of the 1st house (who we are) and the 3rd house (how we communicate that), but the 4th house also reveals our emotions, the songs that come from within. The 4th house will show the root and meaning of songs; the feeling. Naturally water signs/planets can easily express emotions versus the air signs who may have some difficulty, but fun fact; the best poets/musicians usually have both air and water very prominent in their chart.

And the 5th house plays just as important part as the 4th house does. It’s creative potential. So if you can express your emotions through the 4th house, you need to creatively use them in the 5th house. Some of the best musicians have the 5th house prominent in their chart.

Pulling away from houses now… I want make a quick note about the blessing of how having a good balance of all the elements in a chart really can help a musician. Fire = passion/drive, Earth = rhythm, Air = intellect/skill, and Water = emotion. Obviously not all musicians have it all, but it really helps to have a good balance of them all.

Good placements for singers/musicians

-Venus in the 2nd or 5th house
-Venus in its ruler or exalted sign
-Venus in conjunction with the ascendant or midheaven
-Venus having harmonious aspects to the ascendant or midheaven
-Venus, Moon, and/or Neptune is prominent in the chart
-Moon is not afflicted
-Moon in Libra or Taurus
-Stelliums in Libra, Taurus, 2nd House, or 5th House
-Good aspects between Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune.
-Good as aspects/placements in the 3rd house (will help indicate if there’s ability to play instruments)
-Quintiles and biquintiles can show hidden talent. See if there are any between Venus, Mercury, Moon, or Neptune.

Not so good placements

-Any afflictions to Venus or planets that sit in Taurus/Libra/2nd/5th can cancel out singing ability.
-Any afflictions to the Mercury or planets that sit in the 3rd house or Gemini can make learning musical instruments difficult.

I was just watching book reviews of empire of storms on YouTube and I’m actually so grossed out by how many people hate Rowan and don’t ship him with Aelin. Like I didn’t think that was possible???? This one girl was saying that she was hoping he died and I’m honestly so thrown. WHAT?! I feel like out of anyone in that book, they have the best relationship, it’s so fucking pure. And they’re literally mates, they can relate on so many things.
And then they were like, “he came out of no where and this relationship came out of no where.” And I disagree, their relationship has had such a build up since they met in the 3rd book. And then the SAME PEOPLE are like “wow I love Manon and Dorian together.” And, “Elide and Lorcan are such a cute couple.” EXCUSE ME?!

(Let’s clear some things up, I ship manon/Dorian, and Elide/Lorcan SO HARD.)

But I’m NOT okay with people saying shit like “Rowan and Aelin escalated so fast and it came out of no where and then be ok with couples that literally DID come out of nowhere. More so Elide/Lorcan but still manon and Dorian. BASICALLY, I’m just angry that people are so salty and then are god damn hypocrites. THANKS FOR READING MY RANT.


Hey guys! I’m gonna run a Kiba Inuzuka appreciation week since I haven’t seen one and his birthday is (kind of) coming up! So get ready for it!

July 3rd-7th

7/3: DAY 1— Team Kurenai & Friendship, the ones who always have Kiba’s back!
7/4: DAY 2— Favorite quote or scene, with an attitude like that we gotta appreciate it ;v;
7/5: DAY 3— Family & Love, because there’s never not a place for Inuzuka pride, or even to acknowledge an adorable pairing you might ship him in.
7/6: DAY 4— Favorite jutsu or fight, just to show off how badass he is.
7/7: DAY 5— AKAMARU & BIRTHDAY!!, because best friends are best friends, and theres nothing like sharing your birthday with yours.❤️

Tag your posts #KibaWeek2017 so I can catch em all!!
Butterfly and the Beanie

Jughead x Reader

An unlikely pairing, that starts with good intentions, but… is it match made in heaven or a match that was just made to burn?

Warnings: Not everything can have a happy ending. (Swearing, Fighting.)

Word count: 3,148

A/N: I just got done watching 13 Reasons Why and feel a bit melodramatic so this happened. I did it more for a storyline and less for cute moments. I hope you all still enjoy it.  I tried first person with this one, please give me feedback on which point of view you like my writing in best: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. The narrative switches from flashback to current day, hope it’s not too confusing. Ps i’m very proud of this.

I’ve been thinking about those words ever since I walked out of school today.

High School Sweetheart

The definition: Jughead and I.

Or at least, it was.

As I walk home, holding everything in, I try not to think about it, but I can’t help it.

How I met the boy that ruined me in all the best and worst ways.

I met him at the Drive-In, a few weeks after my dad and I moved to Riverdale to start anew in the fall of my freshman year, after my mom passed away, I remember it clear as day.

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Give me a movie/show and I will give you my honest opinion on it (if I have seen it that is).

Rick and Morty (2013-) - Ahahahhaaa!! My friend gave me such a death glare when I asked if it was for kids. X,D For some reason I imaged it being in the same league as “Regular Show” so I kinda avoided it for a long time. Then I actually watched it and marathoner through it in 2 days. I do not find it HAHA funny, but I still very much enjoy it. There is a cleverness to the writing that I like, and the characters are fun. I am really looking forward to the 3rd season. I do however wish that they could stop with the whole “unhappily married couple” routine. It´s not funny or endearing; I just want to shake people.

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) - Another one of my all time favorite animated movies. The CGI effects have not aged very well, but the rest of the animation is still out of this world. Eris is one of the best villains I know and Proteus is THE price for me. This is one of those movies that I can watch over and over again without ever getting tired of it. But now as an adult I do wish that they would have kept in more Middle Eastern influences instead of creating this fantasy Greece land. :P And why was that darn book never explained more properly??? Who made it? Why was it made? What was the world like before it? I want answers!! >:(

Star vs The Forces of Evil (2015-) - I’m currently somewhere in the middle of the latest season, so no spoilers OK. ;) When they released the opening as a teaser I got super exited for the show, but compared to other cartoons like SU, Gravity Falls or Avatar, it didn’t really pull me in. I do watch it (obliviously), but I would never sit up past 12PM to stream it the day it airs. I like Star and Marco as a duo, but I’m not a big fan of the whole romance subplot that has entered the picture. It´s like a watered down version of Kim Possible/Ron (last season), with the difference that they were older, more mature and had both dated other people before even thinking of getting together. That was nice. This tho… Meeeehhh… But I still like it. :D Favorite character = Queen Butterfly

The Swan Princess (1994) - I grew up with this film on VHS and let just say that it was rewinded many many times. Now I like watching it for pure nostalgia. …and ripping the story to shreds. It one of those movies that starts out so promising, but then falls right back into the cliché hole and never manages to get out of it. Like, how much better would it have been if we focused more on the relationship of young Odette and Derek? Then maybe we would have understood better WHY Derek loved her. I did not buy his confession as a kid or now as an adult. PS: I totally had a thing for some of the background ladies as a kid. My bi was showing early on. :P  And also - Why does there exist SEVEN sequels to this movie!! DX

Treasure Planet (2002) - I love this film! Typically I’m not big for sci-fi, but this movie´s aesthetics really gets me. Old fashioned/steampunk ships in the gorgeousness that is space??? GIMME MORE!! (O_O) Who cares is it makes no sense. The story may be really simple, but it´s the characters and their animation what make this movie shine. The only thing that I miss from it really is that emotional connection to Jim´s backstory. I don´t think I have ever shed a tear to his father leaving, which I blame the tone of the montage sequence for. If it had been shown in a more calm manner then I think I would have reacted more strongly. But yes - a 9/10 movie in my books!  

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Hey! Another prompt? I don't think you've done quite this idea before but what about one where yuuri wins gold at like 4CC, and friends around the globe congratulate him, including high school and college friends?


Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! @yuurikatsuki

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Didn’t you lose? @phichit+chu

Phichit Chulanont @phichit+chu
3rd isn’t a lose! Also, I am so glad @yuurikatsuki won!!! NEED ALL THE DETAILS ASAP

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Huh????? @phichit+chu

Christophe Giacometti @christophe-gc
Congrats @yuurikatsuki! I’ll be expecting that invitation soon -wink emoji-

Mila Babicheva @Mila-Babe

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Wedding details??? @Mila-Babe

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky

Otabek Altin @otabek-altin
said he would marry @yuurikatsuki when Yuuri won gold @yuri-plisetsky

Otabek Altin @otabek-altin
won gold! Congrats on that, Yuuri!

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Oh yeah. I remember that @otabek-altin

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Congratulation on silver @otabek-altin!!! So proud of you for knocking @Jjleroy!15 off the pedestal

Guang Hong Ji @+guanghongji+

Kenjirou Minami @Ken_Minami

Victor Nikiforov’s Alternate World Wife@Vic-Nik-No-1
WEDDING!?!?!? WILL YOU BE STREAMING IT!?!?!? @yuurikatsuki @v-nikiforov

Scottish Lucy @BigRed1999
Will Makkachin be the ring bearer? @yuurikatsuki @v-nikiforov

Emi Haru @Emiiiiii
Congrats on your medal @yuurikatsuki! Pop into the bakery next time you are in Hasetsu!

Emi Haru @Emiiiiii
I’ll be happy to whip you up some wedding cake samples @yuurikatsuki

Yuuko Nishigori @IceMadonna 

Jean-Jacques Leroy @Jjleroy!15
Congrats to @yuurikatsuki on his gold!!! Better get an invite for going easy on you -wink emoji-

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
You? Go easy? I think you just failed and hard @Jjleroy!15

Yuri Plisetsky @yuri-plisetsky
Honestly surprised that @seung-gillee didn’t rank 4th@Jjleroy!15

Tanned Boys @bEtTeRwHeNtAnNedD
Congrats to @v-nikiforov on finally being able to marry that gorgeous man, @yuurikatsuki

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
Thank you everyone for your congratulations!!! Wedding invitations should be arriving in the next few days!

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
We will not be streaming our wedding but we might possibly share some wedding photos

Victor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
And yes, Makkachin will be our ring bearer @BigRed1999 like we could leave the old dog out

Twitter War AU

AO3 Twitter War

Yall have the skills to make legit trailers that Hollywood needs to jump on because one of these could be the next Best Picture!

@miselizasjane: Makes a Grounders trailer 

Me: Daaaamn this is so badass!!!

@POLARIS: Makes a Mt. Weather trailer

Me: Oh snap, I’m feelin this too :D

@AleksRin: Makes a Leksa kom Trikru trailer

Me: Ok now, yall hitting a lil too close to my heart…

@clara222: Makes a Clexa Reincarnation trailer

Me: This is completely uncalled for! I’m crying!! <3

Now my ass is gonna be up all night on youtube searching for more trailers like

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It’s back! The One Tree Hill Ladies’ Appreciation Week 2017 will run from Monday 1st May - Sunday 7th May 2017; as usual I will be tracking the tag, which this year is #othladiesaw17, so please make sure to tag your wonderful creations with this (in the first 5 tags!) so I can see them all and reblog them. If there’s a problem and your post doesn’t show up in the tags, feel free to message me and I’ll make sure to find it and reblog it. Also, if you can’t take part for whatever reason, feel free to participate whenever you like, the more the merrier! I hope that everyone takes part in any way they can to celebrate our favourite ladies and their friendships, and to show how much One Tree Hill still means to everybody. The themes of the week are as follows:

day 1 (1st may): favourite female character
day 2 (2nd may): high-school ladies or adult ladies?
day 3 (3rd may): favourite relationship
day 4 (4th may): favourite badass moment(s)
day 5 (5th may): best example(s) of character growth
day 6 (6th may): favourite female dynamic (e.g. group friendship, mother/daughter relationship, sibling relationship etc.)
day 7 (7th may): free choice

26 list/page ideas for your journal

These are all pages and lists I have in my bullet journal. I’ve linked the pages I’ve posted pictures of. Hope you can get some inspiration from this :)

  1. Films I want to watch - When I sit down to watch a film I always end up using too much time trying to find a film. Therefore I have this list, its super helpful. Also, I always rate the films after I’ve seen them.
  2. My favorite films of all time
  3. Tv-series I’m watching/have watched 
  4. Books I want to read - Same here as with the films, if I stumble upon a book that looks good I add it to my list for when I’m looking for a new book to start.
  5. Books I want to read this year - This is separate from the other book list because it’s more of a challenge to myself, a list of books I’m gonna try to read in 2016.
  6. Countries and cities I want to visit (X)(1st pic)
  7. Countries I have visited - I like to see all the different countries I’ve been to, and its always exiting to ad a new one to the list.
  8. Habit tracker - I just started my first habit tracker in May, and I use it to track my training, water intake and when I last watered my plants. It’s really helpful!
  9. Quotes - I have two spreads dedicated to my favorite quotes, I love to have them all in on place. (x)
  10. Webpages - There are so many helpful webpages out there, but it can be hard to remember them when you need them.
  11. Places to visit in a specific city - I love London, and I often find places and restaurants I would like to visit next time Im there, so I write them down so I don’t forget them! (works with countries as well!)
  12. Grades - Keeping track of your grades is great, so you can see where  you have to improve next semester. I love this page because I like to be really organised and this helped me see where I needed to put more focus!
  13. Bucket list - A classic! (x)(2nd pic)
  14. Museums I’ve visited - I love museums, and my goal is to visit some of the best museums all over the world, so I keep a list over those I’ve visited so far. (x)(3rd pic)
  15. Things I’ve accomplished - I really like this one, because I’ve done so many cool things the past years, and its easy to forget them, so this list has really helped me be thankful and proud of myself.
  16. 100 things that make me happy - Makes you think and appreciate the things that make you happy more!
  17. Historical photographs - I love photography, so I have two spreads where I have put some of my favourite famous and historical photographs. (x)(8-9th pic)
  18. Concerts I’ve been to
  19. Themed doodle page - I have a ‘summer’ page full of everything I associate with summer.
  20. School calendar - A yearly calendar dedicated to schoolwork, so you can see when you’ve got classes and exams. Really helpful to have it separated form everything else. (x)(2nd pic)
  21. Anniversaries/birthdays - Always a good thing to remember your friends and family’s different anniversaries.
  22. Journal ideas - I can get some ideas for my bullet journal at the most random times, and I like to have a place to write them down. (x)(1st pic)
  23. Word of the day - There are so many cool words that we never use, and since english isn’t my first language, I think this is a great way to learn new words! (x)
  24. Packing checklist - I often pack a lot of the same things when Im going somewhere, so instead of making lots of checklists all over my journal, I’ve made one, reusable checklist! (x)(x)
  25. Instagram activity tracker - I like to track my Instagram activity (on my photography account), to see what kind of pictures are most popular and gets most response. (x)
  26. Future log - A place to write down important dates in the coming months or years. I think this is super helpful for when I make the monthly spreads, to go and check my future log so I don’t forget any important dates.  (x)

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Request: Can you please do a Hermione request were the reader has natural curly hair and looks almost exactly like Hermione. They are often mistaken for the other. They both stand up to bullies together, when people bully them about their hair. Thank love!!! XOXO. ❤️

Notes: So I decided to write in 3rd person for a change, and so you see both sides kind of equally well. And I wasn’t sure if you meant platonic or romantic so I left it platonic. I would have added more in about the bullying but that would have just made it a lot longer - I hope you like it!

Hermione Granger and Y/N Y/L/N had been best friends since they first met on the Hogwarts train before first year. Though their friendship consists of thousands of weird moments, both of them agree that one of, if not the absolute, strangest moments was their introduction.

Y/N arrived at a compartment, seeing a wide-eyed boy and a girl whose face was buried in a book, and had frizzy hair much like Y/N’s own.

“Is anyone sitting there?” Y/N asked the boy, who shook his head.

“No, sit if you want to,” he offered, before turning his attention to the toad in his hand. Y/N took the seat next to the boy, who introduced himself as Neville, and his toad as Trevor. Y/N gave them her name, watching as the girl opposite her set down the book covering her features.

“I’m Hermione Granger.” Y/N met the girl’s eyes, being too shocked to say anything in response. From the looks of it, Hermione was dumbfounded as well, as she and Y/N looked over each other, seeing near mirror images of themselves.

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