i like that you can see me taking the picture

Just a few people that are a little upset that i put jacksepticeye and not samurai jack in my picture. Like can i just what i want,maybe? And not have to go through this? You dont have to send this to me where i can see it in full view.Maybe keep it to yourself.I will take criticism of any kind and try to become a better artist,but… this is not it.

I Need A Sugar Daddy 👅

Thinking through all the things I need and how outta budget it is, makes me wanna give myself away to the right bidder so we both can win.

I’m a cum hungry horny fucker. I wanna see myself pleasing and making you cum like no other.

I’ve been taking pictures & videos of myself and not only have I gotten great feedback, but I have been pretty turned on I might say 🤤 I’d like to continue and continue turning others on. I looooove hearing how my picture made someone cum. How looking at me made you run to the secret room to play with yourself. Imagine if I were there at your beck and call to handle your play request?

I wanna be able to give this joy to my daddy and please him for taking care of me. All the play you want 😲 Let me do everything your scared for anyone else to know of.

Message me, let’s chat and see what we can do to cum together 😝😋

Why is no one taking about this clip? Here you see yet another a guy who defeats gender roles. You can tell bc “usually” guys don’t have pink lacy curtains and pink phone cases and cute pastel picture frames (I’m talking about stereotypically. As I am a guy who has these things) THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY BC YOU DON’T REALLY NOTICE AT FIRST BC ITS SO SUBTLE BUT OMGGG. Plz love him he’s gr8. His room looks like the room of a female protagonist in a shoujo anime but he’s a male side character in a sports anime and I’m shook. Bless this anime.

Hello ARMY!

Please take your time and read.
I just found out that BTS is really struggling with sasaeng fans at the airport. The sasaengs would buy the same plane ticket as them and take pictures of them in the part of the airport where you only can go in if you have a ticket.

So I want to ask you to please not share those kind of pictures if you happen to see them! It’s not respectable to admire someone’s fashion or visuals if the photo has been taking without any care of their privacy

I know that I have probably accidentally uploaded a picture like that somewhere, but I’ll delete whatever picture I find that I have uploaded. If you see a picture on my blog that is like that, then please feel free to tell me.

And please share this to other fans, it’s extremely important!

You may share this on twitter if you want, some Korean people started doing it in July or so but they stopped


if you see this post try to do any of these right now
  • drink a glass of water
  • put on chapstick/lip balm
  • clip/file/paint your nails
  • take three deep breaths
  • put on fuzzy/comfortable pants
  • say something outloud that you’ve been thinking
  • look up pictures of dogs or cats (or any animal you like basically)
  • walk around your house
  • go outside (if you can) and look for plants/flowers
  • take pictures of said plants/flowers
  • stretch your arms
  • if you’re sad try to smile as big as you can and take a picture of it
  • cheer up
  • it will be okay
  • going through reblogs of ur posts and reading all the tags to see if anyone complimented your handwriting 
  • “no no procrastinating is okay see this is different this is studyblr so it’s educational therefore it’s all good that I spent 5 hours on tumblr and now I’m not going to finish my final essay" 
  • zooming in on photos to read people’s notes 
  • quietly googling terms used in other education systems (gymnasium? revisions?) 
  • wanting to get a white desk/sheets just so you can take artsy pictures 
  • let me just stand in the middle of the moleskine store and take 500 pictures 
  • realizing that almost everyone in the community is a ravenclaw (GO EAGLES !!) 
  • *feels like a regular Sherlock Holmes after painstakingly figuring out what brand pen that is* *sees price* *cries internally* 
  • *is aggressively artistically challenged* *teaches self to draw banners anyway* 
  • at the end of the day, feeling v loved and supported and accepted (where you may never have been before) in this oddball community of fellow dorks and motivated students *cheesy music, fades to black*

I don’t know what to say about all these pictures of Sans with a glowing penis…… Why. just Why. xD
everytime I see a pic like this, I just can’t take it seriously.
to me, if he really had this “thing”, he would only make stupid things with it like… idk, being a lamp. yeah.
and then he would probably make an epilepsy because of it xD
but Hey, I’m not juging. do whatever you like. (even if drawing a skeleton with a glowing penis is a liiiittle weird. Just a little.)

I’m sorry the quality is terrible… I draw with my 3ds (and as you can see, the quality is bad) and I make the animation with my phone so… I don’t use very professional stuff xD but you get the idea-

I’m just picturing professional baseball player Derek Hale getting heckled by a fan as he stands near third base.

Said fan is tall with mess brown hair and is wearing his hat backwards as he yells at Derek. Usually he just tunes it out, but this guy is cute and the way he waves his hands is kind of distracting.

It’s the top of the third and they’re already up by 5 runs so Derek allows himself to listen to the fan.

“Hale! Hale! I know you’re not a pitcher or a catcher but would you do either with me?”

Derek can feel his ears burning red and is very thankful that the fan can’t see it.

The next inning he hears, “Derek! You’re ass looks delightful in those pants.”

The game keeps going and the fan keeps yelling, he can’t even call it heckling, it’s more like the guy is hitting on him.

So the game ends and he’s signing some kids hats and taking pictures when he sees the guy standing a few rows back, a little smirk on his face when Derek catches his eye.

“Want an autograph?” Derek calls and he sees the guy step forward.

“Sure thing,” He said, holding out his hat. “Make it out to Stiles.”

“What’s a Stiles?”

“My name.”

Derek laughed and signed the hat, handing it back and grinning as Stiles saw the 7 digits on it, his eyes widening.

“That’s a phone number.”


“I’ll call you then,” Stiles said, his eyes still wide.

And he did.

A few years later Stiles sat on the third baseline, hat backwards and a Hale jersey on. The game ended with a win for the Dodgers, Derek hitting a walk-off homer to win.

After the game he did his usual routine of signing autographs and then he walked over to Stiles, pulling him into a kiss for the whole world to see and then pulled out a ring.

Stiles obviously said yes and the proposal made the top ten plays on Sports Center, so did the walk off home run, but no one was talking about that.

Starting to see blogs that are "the mcmansionhell of" and all I want to say is

Y'all do you because more crap needs to be called out for being well, crap. I’m an architecture/interiors/design person but if you want to take down, say garbage Web UI (like my blog lmao) or auto design or whatever else fascinates you and want some pointers, shoot me a message.

General design blog advice:
- always make sure you’re legally reusing or modifying images. This is huge. Stay within the Creative Commons if you can. Better yet, take your own pictures if you can.

- roast things not people. If you don’t care about people’s feelings, here’s something that will make you feel pretty bad: You can and will get sued. Make up characters in place of real humans. Do not bully ever or I will be eternally disappointed in you. No witch hunts. Luckily for me, houses don’t have feelings. If they did, I’d feel really bad.

- If you want a larger readership I recommend keeping swearing in check. I follow what I call the DAHA rule: damn, ass, hell, and acronyms (‘wtf’, ‘af’, whatever else the kids say these days.)

I do want to say I have seen stolen content from this blog posted without citation. If you want to use one of my pics somewhere send me an email - I’m very chill about it. I hate DMCA takedowns more than anything, and have fielded plenty in order to bring dank content to all because I have a lawyer. Listen to your English teacher: don’t plagiarize. You will get caught.

Finally, if @classical-vinyl follows you, it’s me. (I first got a Tumblr in college to catalog my records because I’m very boring in real life.)

Happy blogging,

Edit- Protip: I always tweet back (@mcmansionhell)
Hey friends! Quick update.

First of all, I want to say thank you as always for the support you guys show me. I haven’t responded to every message yet, but I read them when I can, and I appreciate all the love you’re showing Maggie and the boys. I’ve said it before but they’ve been in my head for so long, it’s really fun for me to see them all embraced and picked apart and headcanon’d by you all. :)

I know this next update is taking a while. It feels like a cop-out to say, but life has been busy. I accepted a promotion at my job, my work load’s increased slightly, and I’m trying to get myself back on a normal sleeping schedule (so like not drawing til 3am). I want to give you guys the best comic I can, the comic as I picture it and how I know it can be, so that may delay my updates more than I wanted. Let’s say this: I will be as transparent with you as I can be about my pub dates as I’m able to complete them. Long story, I tried burning the candle all the way down and wound up walking around in a fever haze.

Lastly, I know that some of you had been interested in learning a little more about the individual Knights, and about the (fictional) USHL Atlantic Conference – I hear you! I’m doing my best to time-manage, but I love the idea of you getting to know the kids better, especially. I’ll see what I can whip up.

Thanks for sticking with me, I will do my best to make the comic worth it!


lets talk about the play book

In the latest episode we saw the playbook, which seems to make complete sense, but at a closer look i could not notice that Ethel’s name was shown more than one.But 4 times. 
Which just doesn’t add up to what she told us? especially when it’s connected to Reggie’s name - that his almost absence from this episode seems rather weird. 

I don’t know about all of you, but to me it seems rather weird,Ethel looks to me like this adorable character who got wronged. so why is her name linked to Reggie’s so many times? So i took a closer look. 

Keep reading

Quick Facts

Hey everyone, I’ve decided I am going to be constructing a book of fanmail for Isaiah Mustafa that I’m going to be sending to him. 

Seeing as Freeform seriously undervalues him and Luke, I want people to submit fan mail telling him how much we love him and Luke.

You can also submit any fan pictures whether they be drawings or selfies. 

You have until Friday, February 17th 2017 to submit something.

Seeing some of the FAQ’s I’ve seen other people who make books for celebs to this I will answer some of them off the bat right here

submit here or send it to me at fanmailforIsaiah@gmail.com

-YES I’m a real person (@falloutbrunch on twitter, parabacrybaby on here come hang) This is the first time I’ve done something like this so this blog isn’t gonna be flashy, its just here to take submissions.

-No I won’t be posting anything. It stays with me, gets printed, and gets sent to Isaiah. That’s it.

- Please do not write a long ass fanfic, send that to him on your own watch. I just want to put a collection of people expressing our love for him and Luke.


I know that in this frame, Gene Simmons is catching Scooby, but...

…I can’t help but think it looks like he’s about to see how high he can throw Scoob…

…and Paul Stanley is – very impatiently – waiting for him to do said throwing.

“I swear, I can’t take you anywhere… just throw the dang dog already! We don’t have all day, here.”


If you’re a witch with major organizational problems (like me) who happens to own an IPhone/Mac, then boy-o-boy do I have a recommendation for you. “Notebook” is a free app available on the ITunes Store which allows you to create multiple visual notebooks with customizable covers, or you can use some of the beautiful pre-made covers available as well! For those who are still in the broom closet, you’re in luck. The app icon itself is very discrete, appearing as a simple note-taking app that even includes the option to set a password code and touch lock.

As you can see from the pictures above, I made several custom cover notebooks, each with an individual purpose. Within each notebook you can create different “pages” which can include text, voice recordings, images, check lists, and drawings. All of these features can be used to creatively tailor your notebook and it’s functionality.

In my Book of Visions for example, the entirety of the notebook is strictly filled with images that pertain to my goals, aspirations, and things that inspire me.

In my Dream Journal, I use a combination of the text and drawing features to both describe and illustrate my dreams.

The Spirit Journal contains both written and auditory recordings of conversations between spirits, psychic readings, and various divination sessions.

What I enjoy the most about this app is how easy it is to copy and paste spells, recipes, and various bits of magickal information in your notebook to save for personal use. Even if you have a written Grimoire/BOS this app is great for recording and saving information ahead of time to transfer to your book later.

(Disclaimer: No, I am not being paid to rave over this app, I really do think it’s that fucking spiffy)

anonymous asked:

Can I request the reaction of the boys + Leiftan if they find Guardienne asleep cuddling with a piece of their clothing? Like a shirt or a scarf etc. (btw. I really enjoy your writing. Thank you for posting it!)

Ahhh! You don’t know how happy it make me to hear (see?) such lovely words!

I hope you enjoy headcanons, Anon!

Nevra –

  • Nevra’s been looking for his scarf all morning, but can’t find it anywhere.
  • Imagine his surprise when he sees you curled up in bed clutching onto it.
  • It only takes a minute for the sight to register, before he’s silently aww-ing over you.
  • He really wishes he had one those ‘cameras’ that you talked about, this is a picture perfect moment.
  • He lets you keep the scarf, but snatches a kiss later as payment.

Valkyon –

  • Valkyon isn’t surprised to see you fast asleep when he gets back from his mission, but he is surprised to see you wrapped up in one of his shirts.
  • He’s blushing, but really happy and he’s just smiling stupidly as he gazes down at you.
  • In the end, he gently takes his shirt from you, but cuddles you close afterward to make up for it.

Ezarel –

  • Where the hell is his goddamn coat?!
  • He can’t leave the lab like this, he’s practically naked! Dramatic elf is dramatic
  • He almost overlooks your form, snoring in a corner. When he looks at you properly, he’s both enraged (“That’s mine!”) and amused.
  • You’re using as a blanket and he can see you nuzzling it every now and then.
  • He doesn’t have the heart to rip it off you, so he leaves the room in a huff, grumpily muttering about cute humans stealing his coat.

Leiftan –

  • Leiftan hasn’t really noticed his coat is missing.
  • It’s only when Miiko points it out does he go looking for it.
  • When he sees you, hugging the coat to your chest, so endearingly adorable, he just dies from the cuteness.
  • You’re always adorable, but this? 
  • This is a whole new level of cute.
  • He’s sorely tempted to join you, but decides not to disturb you, and presses a light kiss to your forehead instead.

a note for fashion website creators: please. please. you are trying to sell me the dress. you are charging 10,000+ dollars for this dress. please. take a picture of someone smiling while wearing the dress. give it decent lighting. just…don’t use a photo taken at a runway event. runway models are essentially mannequins that walk around; your customers, however, are not mannequins that walk around. take a good looking photo. i know you can because you do and it’s really jarring to see “smiling woman in studio wearing dress” surrounding “runway model”

also, that’s a hideous dress. what the fuck were you thinking.


I stood out in the rain for 5 hours today to be the lone protestor in my town. I live in a county that voted Trump and I couldn’t fucking take it. Overall the response was very positive, I only got 3 trump supporters coming up to me and talking to me like I was a child. The people who were happy to see me gave me hugs, cried with me, supportive honks, a girl brought me tea to keep warm, a girl offered me her umbrella, a man took a picture of me to show his daughters, and the owner of a Thai restaurant nearby came up to me and told me “you can eat at my restaurant for free tonight.” It was something I’m glad I did, it was nice to see that people in my community were angry like I was but still so full of love to give. We’re gonna stick together through this and we’re gonna survive, but I still plan to fight this and fight the white supremacy in my area as much as I can.