i like that this is a thing. i feel i could write an essay about it. should probably save that for fic

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Hey, if you're still taking prompts can I has a fluffy drarry fic where they're in class or helping each other with homework

I don’t know if this is quite what you wanted, but it’s relatively fluffy, with a very much in love Draco and an amusing Harry. 

Hopeless Cases,
       around 800[ish] words.

Draco Malfoy liked to pride himself on being smart. After the war, however, and during it, he decided that this intelligence didn’t reach outside of class. He had made so many ridiculous decisions in his past years at Hogwarts, so now it was time for him to make it right. His mother had insisted he did, anyway, and, thus, he found himself enrolled in a special ‘eighth year’ course at the school he’d abandoned the year before.

As the blonde strolled through the echoing halls with his hands in his pockets, he thought about what he could do. The charming yet motherly Narcissa had been sending him frequent letters, demanding to know about new friends in different houses and good deeds he’d done.

And, knowing our dearest Draco, he hadn’t done any at all.

This brings us round to his leather shoes tap-tapping across the stone floor, heading towards the Hogwarts library. I suppose I could help a first year Hufflepuff with their homework or something, he thought glumly. So he continued on his way, trying ever so hard not to scowl in doing so.

The library was considerably busy and he wouldn’t get a table to himself, so he did what he’d planned and sat next to a lonely looking first year who seemed to be wanting to pull her hair out over an essay. She stiffened when she saw him sit down, but he smiled lightly and she calmed a little. It was only elementary that she was from magical descent – how else would she have probably known about Draco and his family. He didn’t look that intimidating, did he?

“Hello,” he whispered. “What’s your name?”

Looking up again from her work with wide eyes, she mumbled, “Aries.”

“Where are all your friends?”

“On the table over there,” she replied, just as mouse-like, gesturing to a table behind Draco. “I couldn’t concentrate on my work so I sat on my own.”

“What is it?”

“Laughing Potion essay.”

Remembering doing it in first year, Draco sat with the girl for a number of minutes, writing down and telling her all the different facts she’d need to know. Knowing she wouldn’t have to think much now, she thanked the Slytherin and headed back to her friends, whispering to them. Next thing Draco knew, there were another three first year girls with similar essays to write, all wanting Draco’s help.

By the time it was nearing to lunch, he had helped countless amounts of students below eighth year with their essays and assignments. His brain hurt almost like his arm did in third year (although part of that was, unfortunately, put on). Glancing upwards to see who the next hopeless case was, he was shocked, eyes mirroring a scared deer’s.

Obviously, this was the biggest hopeless case of all.

This wasn’t just because Potter was Potter and was helpless and hopeless in most things, including staying alive. The main prospect that made this hopeless was because of that day, in the war… He was saved, by Harry bloody Potter. He’d held on to Harry’s waist for dear life on that broomstick, feeling the heat from the flames and heat from his blushing cheeks. He hadn’t been that close to anyone before. He hadn’t felt the shallow and panicked breaths of somebody else before, never been pressed against someone that completely that he relied on them to make it out. For some reason, after the war had ended, Potter couldn’t get out of his head. He ruined normality for what should have been a normal year. The only one he’d ever get a chance to have.

Suck it up, Draco, he told himself. Help him and then you can leave for lunch.

“Hello, Potter,” he drawled. Keep it in, don’t blush.

“Malfoy,” Harry nodded in acknowledgement. “I need a bit of help with my Transfiguration assignment. I can’t figure out how on Earth I’m supposed to turn myself into an animal for 60 seconds, and turn myself back… when I’m an animal?!

“First of all, Potter, it might be an idea to know the spell,” chuckled Draco. “So picture this animal, this singular animal, close your eyes, and say the incantation.”

Harry muttered the incantation under his breath and Draco felt himself tingle  a little. It seemed like déjà vu, but he couldn’t be sure. Until he heard Potter laughing his spectacled face off opposite him. Why was he bigger?

Oh. Ferret.

He tried to tell Harry to turn him back but all that came out was irritating squeaky little ferret noises.

“Fine, fine, I’ll turn you back.”

“So you can do it on others,” Draco exclaimed, trying to hush his voice, “but not yourself!”

Harry sighed. “Okay, confession. I can do it, all of it. I just wanted to talk to you.”

Draco’s heart was pounding. Was he imagining things?

“R-Room of Requirement,” he managed to stutter. “Ten minutes.”

And he left the library, leaving Harry on his own at the table. Needless to say, neither Draco nor Harry ever turned up to lunch that day, both arriving in their common rooms that Saturday afternoon looking rather heavily snogged.

And, still, Draco couldn’t get the image and the feelings of somebody pressed against him, loving him so unconditionally, out of his head. He was indeed a hopeless case. 

baby, you’re a caramel macchiatto

pairing: yoonseok
length: one shot, 4.3 words
genre: fluff, coffee shop au
rating: G
tags: fluff upon fluff, your average coffee shop au, idiots pining

ao3 link

summary:  Hoseok didn’t want to admit to himself that he only came to this Starbucks for a specific reason. Reasons including that the coffee here was just better; it had nothing to do with a certain barista.

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Did you think episodes 2-9 for Book 3 of ATLA were just a waste of time really? I feel like they could've shown other things and done so much more instead of just having the gaang kill time and wait for the invasion basically. Idk maybe they could've had Zuko join early if that could have been possible.

Well, the thing is, those episodes were probably conceived back when Book 4 was a thing.

If you look at them in that light, each of them actually serves to sow the seeds of plots that were supposed to be expanded on later:

“The Headband” was originally supposed to give us more information about Kuzon, and I already talked about how that, in combination with the anti-airbender propaganda we see, could’ve neatly foreshadowed that whole ”airbenders are hiding in the Fire Nation” thing Ehasz wanted to do.

“The Painted Lady” is basically Katara going around and making a good name for herself in the Fire Nation. Which would’ve been relevant in her role in repairing relations between the Fire Nation and the Southern Water Tribe.

(Seriously though, at the end of Book 3 Katara might’ve just been the single most loved foreigner in the Fire Nation: She singlehandedly saved a town from disease and starvation, she, again singlehandedly, saved another town from a terrifying witch, she defeated the Mad Princess, without committing regicide and she saved the Firelord’s life. But, lol, why capitalize on that when u can be arm-candy, right?)

“Sokka’s Master” should’ve set the stage for Sokka’s initiation into the White Lotus, thereby also giving us an opportunity to see the organization from inside.

(Also, Master Piandao should’ve been a lady. Sokka’s arc consists of two things: letting go of toxic masculinity and learning how to be a warrior on his own terms. Up until Piandao, those two overlapped by having everything Sokka learned about being a warrior, during the show, come from women (Suki mostly). Like, it’s nice that they based Piandao on Sifu Kisu, but it would’ve made so much more sense to have that final, philosophical leg of his journey also be looked over by a woman. It also would’ve solved the problem of the White Lotus being an Old Boys’ Club™. And, you know, might’ve drove home the point that the Fire Nation has little to no sexism. Nothing* makes me close a fic faster than sexist Fire Nation, like, talk about not paying attention to the text.

*Well, except first person pov.)

“The Beach” Oh boy. Oh boy. I hate this episode. I genuinely hate this episode. I should could write a whole separate essay on how this episode undermines the overarching narrative. Like, listen, listen, Zuko’s time in the Fire Nation should’ve shown his disconnect and isolation from his old life. This episode instead decides to tell us that. In the single most dishonest, fake and unbelievable scene of the show. Teenagers! Don’t! Act! Like! That!

Also! Also! This was the episode where we should have had a genuine bonding moment between Zuko and Azula. Because Mai and Ty Lee can function in normal society. They are actually ordinary teenagers on the inside. They were raised in normal homes, with normal parents.* Zuko and Azula cannot. And instead of having them, for probably the first time in their lives, connect and bond over something, they took screen time in order to try to make an obviously dysfunctional and bad romantic relationship into something it’s not. Like, why? Why? Why?

What I’m saying is that this was a character episode, no matter how bad. Also this.

*The “tragic” backstories were such a lazy retcon.

“The Avatar and the Firelord” This one provides necessary backstory either way, but I don’t believe that having Roku be Zuko’s grandfather was part of the original plan (I think that it was initially meant to be Kuzon).

Also, like,  “[…]Evil and good are always at war inside you, Zuko[…]” Bullshit!

What evil? The boy got a third of his face burned off because his immediate gut reaction to senseless violence was: You can’t sacrifice an entire division like that! Those soldiers love and defend our nation! How can you betray them?” Who could possibly think that there in any intrinsic evil in a person like that? The whole point of Zuko’s arc is that he is a truly, genuinely Good Person™ indoctrinated into a war machine! Who could possibly have such a shallow understanding of this character to think that a line like that makes any sense at all? Oh, right. These guys

“The Runaway” should’ve set up Toph’s attempts to reconcile with her parents in Book 4. Plus, it’s a really significant episode for Katara’s character, and Katara and Toph’s friendship. I wouldn’t give that up for anything.

“The Puppetmaster” Yeah, I made a whole post about how Hama is the single most under-utilized character in the show.

Seriously. Imagine the political ramifications of having a survivor of Fire Nation camps getting a voice. Imagine having someone who probably witnessed the Northern Water Tribe ignoring the South’s pleas for help–and nobody can convince me that the South didn’t try and reach out to the North for help, it just doesn’t make any sense, considering the whole community-first outlook that is characteristic of the Water Tribes–being around to see Pakku and his buddies, like, anything really, at the South Pole. It could’ve been so great.

“Nightmares and Daydreams” This one actually works just fine. It’s a character-driven breather episode before shit goes down during the invasion. So, yeah, it works.

And now, having written all of that, I gotta say:

Those episodes were there to show us life in the Fire Nation, and when you compare them to the episodes showing us life in the Earth Kingdom, they just aren’t that good.

A lot of time that could’ve been spent on world-building and character development was wasted on gags and superficial romance.

And since Book 4 never happened, that those episodes do a… well not bad, but, again when compared to Book 2, not nearly as good a job of their main purpose.

(And I’ve written already about how I really don’t think that Zuko should’ve joined the Gaang sooner here.)