i like that he speaks up

status update: still fucked up over the subtle difference between tony’s “i don’t have anyone but you” and pepper’s “you’re all i have too”

pepper emphasizes how tony is everything to her and tony emphasizes how he has nothing without her like. tony is pepper’s sky or her ocean and pepper is the one oasis in tony’s desert lol i’m ok

♡ Preferences #3: How the guys react if you’ve died/been fatally injured - REQUESTED ♡

            ♡ How the GoT men react if you’ve died/been fatally injured ♡    



Jon Snow: Jon Snow would be completely distraught, refusing to accept that you’ve died/are dying. He would hold you close and cry in the crook of your neck, refusing to let you go. He ignores anyone saying things like “He/She’s in a better place now”, or “You have to let him/her go”. He can’t believe the love of his life is gone, and stays cooped up in his chambers for weeks on end, and ignores anybody who tries to speak with him, and often loses his temper very quickly, and shouts at anyone who pesters him. He never really lets go, or comes to the terms that you’re dead, and still often thinks about you, especially when he prays in the Godswood long after your death.

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Robb Stark: Robb Stark would be a complete wreck if you’re dead/dying. He holds your hand and cries, not caring of his bannermen see him being ‘weak’. He refuses to leave you alone while a maester is taking care of you, and once you’ve died he becomes a train wreck of emotions. He feels distraught that you’ve died under his care, and is angry at himself because he feels as if he wasn’t there to protect you when you needed him most. He shouts at everyone who tries to calm him, and tries to take his emotions by using his sword to slash trees, imaging the tree is the person/thing that caused your death. He blames himself for the longest time, and spends hours on end in the Godswood revising memories of the two of you, as it’s the only place he can cry freely without being interrupted/seen. He only lets his mother, Catelyn, and Grey Wind comfort him. As much as he tries, he is hardly motivated to carry on his duties as King in the North, and sends your body to be buried in the Winterfell crypts, despite the fact it’s only meant for Starks that have died.

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Jaime Lannister: Jaime Lannister is paralysed in shock. He can’t come to terms in the fact that you’re dead/dying. When he does overcome his initial shock, he’s a wreck, blaming himself for not being able to protect you, which he believes was his duty. He does not cry, but is instead angry at those around him, especially Cersei who constantly waves it off as nothing, saying things like “He/She wasn’t even worth your attention”, and Tywin who thinks it’s foolish and says it’s a display of weakness. The only people who he doesn’t lose his temper with is probably Tyrion and Brienne, who do their best to comfort him during his time of depression and alienation. As you’re dying, he holds your hand and kisses your forehead, telling you everything is going to be alright, still believing you can be saved, only to be crushed once you’re pronounced dead. He orders the High Septon that you’re to be buried in the Sept of Baelor, and refuses to listen to anyone who tells him that it’s not right.

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Khal Drogo: Khal Drogo is enraged as you’re dying. He drops to his knees and holds you to him, trying his best to be gentle to not hurt you even more, and constantly says things such as “It will be okay, moon of my life”, or “Just hold on, everything will be fine”, not caring if his bloodriders hear him. Whenever somebody tells him he looks weak to his khalasar, he rages on, and doesn’t care how important they are as he beats them senseless. After you’ve died, he refuses to take any woman into his bed, and refuses to seek help from anyone, and instead isolates himself from his bloodriders, and usually goes out to hunt as a way to try and cope with your death, and not look weak in front of his khalasar, fearing his bloodriders will attempt to kill him and declare themselves khal instead. After you’ve died, he burns your body in a large tomb, as it is Dothraki tradition, and considered terrible dishonour not to burn the dead. After your body is burned, however, he keeps your ashes, and when he is alone, he talks as if you’re there with him, refusing to let go the moon of his life.

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Petyr Baelish: Petyr is in shock. He has never really experienced real love prior to you, and you’re the only person who he hasn’t used for political gain, so he doesn’t know to react when he finds out that you’re dying. He’s so used to brushing asides one’s death, and he’s afraid to show others his weakness as he fears they’ll use it against him, but he doesn’t care, and instead refuses to any advisors telling him that your death is inevitable. He’s with you day and night as you’re dying, refusing the maester to give you milk of the poppy, as he can’t come to terms that you’ll die, and instead sits by your bed, whispering sweet nothings in your ear and talks about all the things you’ll do once you’re better. When you’re dead, he doesn’t physically cry, but instead ignores all his plans and doesn’t bother talking to anyone, and instead mopes around for weeks on end. He is hardly motivated to do anything, and ignores anybody mocking him about being depressed about your death. For the longest time, he doesn’t wear his smirk anymore, and doesn’t have his famous glint about his eyes. He instead has a weary, haunted look about his eyes, and visits your altar all the time, and thinks about all the pleasant memories he has with you.

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Tormund Giantsbane: Tormund is at loss for words when he finds out that you’re dying, and hugs you close to him, refusing to let you ago, even after you’ve died. He’s never cared for anybody like he has you, and holds on to you for as long as he can as you’re the only true love he’s ever known. After you’ve died, he blames himself for not being able to protect you, and is ever rarely as playful as he once was, and stops teasing the ones around him for a long time. He refuses to follow wildling tradition of burning their dead, and instead has you buried in the North’s ancient barrows, and every so often he brings flowers to your altar, and still talks to you. He especially likes to visit after battle, to remind you that he’s okay, and that he misses you being by his side.

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Sandor Clegane: Sandor Clegane is livid, mostly angry at himself for not being able to do his duty and protect you. He refuses to leave you as you’re dying, and threatens any maester who suggests giving you milk of the poppy, and he doesn’t care about a couple of angry tears rolling down his cheeks, as he doesn’t know any other way to react, as he’s never cared for anyone’s death beside his mother’s. He’s never had love in his life, and is even more upset when people talk after your death, and often takes his anger out on them, usually hitting or beating them when they try to insult you, as he doesn’t care when people mock him but refuses to let anyone insult you, as you were the light of his life. He often visits your tomb in the Sept of Baelor, and after your death he tries to numb his emotions by drinking, though it makes him even more depressed.

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Jorah Mormont: Jorah Mormont falls into a deep depression after your death. Once he finds out that you’re dying, he cries, and refuses to let you go, holding you close and whispering sweet nothings in your ear, constantly repeating “I love you, don’t leave me, please”. He doesn’t believe that you’ll die, even when you tell him it’s inevitable, and once you’ve passed, he’s an emotional wreck. He blames himself that he wasn’t there to protect you, and ignores all his duties, even to Daenerys, and goes into a numb trance, and feels completely alone and lost, despite having so many people around him, as you were the only one that made him feel loved, especially after his father exiled him and his family refused him. He refuses to throw out your things, and keeps your clothes, jewellry and possessions in a box as keepsake, ignoring anyone that tells him it’s a waste of time keeping it with him. He doesn’t let anyone burn your body, and instead has a tomb made for you, and visits all the time with flowers and small gifts to honour you.

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Hello(ΦωΦ). First, I wanna say I love your writing it's creative and amazing fo real. I would like to request: MC proposing to Seven by hacking into his computer lol. Let's see how this one is going lol, Thank you in advance!

This sounds so cute oh my god
And thank you! You’re so sweet :]
~Mod L 

“You really are the perfect person for him, aren’t you? This is such a ridiculous idea”.
“Oh hush up and help me Vanderwood”.
He rolled his eyes as he peered over your shoulder at Seven’s computer. “I don’t even know that I’m even going to be able to do this. He puts in a ridiculous amount of security on everything. Like Arabic with the door”.
“Yeah,” he looked at you, confused. “You have to speak Arabic to get in here…? Did he give you a bypass to that??”
“… Anyways. Just show me how to do this this~”


You lounged on the couch, peeking at Seven over your book. You tried your best to look casual as you played around with his ring hidden behind your book. You felt your heart beat faster as he turned on his computer. He immediately tensed up, seeing something was off. You softly cleared your throat. “Is something the matter?”
“Something… Something is wrong with my computer?” Did someone hack it?”
You felt a little tinge of guilt as you saw him start to worry, but quickly shook it off. “What’s going on?”
“I think someone hacked into my computer… No information is gone? Or even accessed? What happened?”
“What’s wrong?”
“My screen is covered in code… What does this say?”
You carefully got up from the couch, trying to be quiet enough that he didn’t notice. His eyes were completely fixated on the screen, and he didn’t notice you at all.
“Seven…” he read off the screen.
You silently knelt down behind him, waiting for him to read your message. It took you what you felt like was ages to translate everything into binary, and you wouldn’t even know how to do any of this without Vanderwood. 
“Seven Zero Seven… Saeyoung Choi… Will you.. Marry me?” 
His head tilted in confusion, and you had to stifle a giggle. “Who wrote this? Is someone messing with me?”
You held up the wedding band, and loudly cleared your throat. It was a moment before Seven was able to take his eyes off the screen. “I don’t know who would-” He spun around, and stopped mid-sentence. His jaw dropped to the ground as he saw you. “Y-You-”
“Saeyoung. Would you make me the happiest person on the planet and be my husband?” 
Seven slowly raised his hand to cover his mouth, his eyes wide as saucers.  “Are… Are you being serious?” His voice a barely a whisper.
“Yes,” you laughed. “Of course I’m being serious. Will you marry me?” 
Seven let out a small laugh before nodding vigorously. “Oh my god… Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” Saeyoung lunged out of his chair and straight into you, hugging you tightly. You laughed into his neck, letting out a small squeal as you almost dropped his ring. 
“Saeyoung! Your ring!”
He pulled away, blushing. You gently took his hand, sliding the band onto his finger. Seven let out another laugh as he pressed his forehead against yours. “I… I can’t believe this is actually happening. Did you hack my computer? Where did you learn how to hack?”
“A secret,” you whispered before kissing him.

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How would Sirius and Remus react to the reader telling them that she's pregnant?


  • just a lot of oh shit oh shit oh shit
  • you’d be freaking out because he’d be pacing back and forth, running his hands through his hair
  • then he’d turn to you, a giant grin on his face
  • “I’m going to be a fucking father!” He’d run up, pulling you into his arms. “Shi- ugh Shoot. Sorry little one, you shouldn’t be learning language like that just yet.”
  • lots of speaking to your tummy with weird voices
  • the full deal, he’d be setting up the crib and everything months in advance
  • “We have to be ready, darling.”
  • “I somehow doubt the baby will pop out of me six months prematurely.”
  • reading honest to Merlin parenting books because he wants to be the best father he can be
  • buying those special baby audio devices and sticking it to your belly - playing some of his favourite songs (and a few heavy rock ones when you were snoozing - so his baby would grow up to be cool like his father)
  • sitting down and having a long discussion with you about how he will never stop loving you - because he knew first hand how change and time could ruin a family and devolve it into one of abuse
  • pampering on the next level - seriously


  • he’d be all “I know. I just sort of figured. No one cries that much over burnt pasta, (Y/n)”
  • also, he would be fully prepared, since you’d been trying to conceive
  • he set out a whole plan, but inevitably the plan fell apart because while water aerobics was easy exercise for your encumbered body, cuddling was just so much more fun
  • even with that being said, he was very practical on the matter
  • he helped you keep up a great diet, that was not only nutritious for the growing child but also damn delicious
  • just taking so much time to make sure you were comfortable - fussing over you to the point that sometimes he was late to work 
  • “It’s alright sweetheart, I’ll just call in sick.” and “You’re a great excuse to get time off.”
  • an abundance of tummy rubs and shoulder massages
  • basically caving in to anything you wished for because the fact that your beautiful baby was on the way only made the pouty face 10x more effective
  • being so happy with himself for tying down such an amazing girl - it was his chance to physically create something without it being tainted by his affliction
  • “Should we tell them, what I am?”
  • You’d reply with that same wisdom he’d fallen in love with 
  • “They’ll be so glad to be your child. A man so brave and tough, someone who can manage to beat Lycanthropy every month. They will know, and they will be proud.”
  • and that would satisfy him, along with the chocolate that you shared (whenever you wanted some it was an excuse for him to have some too - he wasn’t complaining)

sakura has been hurt before.

she’s broken her arm when she was 9 from falling out of a tree that her brother had dared her to climb.  when she was 8, she fell off her bike and skidded across at least 5 feet of cement and scrapped her knee so bad that to this day she still has a dark mark of a scar on her leg as proof. she’s failed tests that she had spent weeks before studying, had made some embarrassing slip-ups during public presentations, and had even had gotten into arguments so bad that she’d end up finishing it by just running away and crying.

but it’s a whole different kind of hurt when nozaki tells her, as blankly as he always speaks, “i have a girlfriend.”

sakura’s stumbling to straighten up, look at him with shock apparent in her eyes. “you what?”

“a girlfriend,” nozaki repeated, and goddammit, he’s still just looking at his manga work, methodically sketching along like he didn’t just drop a bomb that may or may not have crushed sakura’s entire day, heart, and feelings. “a girl that i had been good friends with for a while confessed she liked me and asked me if i wanted to be her boyfriend. i said yes.”

something is stinging inside of sakura’s chest, and her fingers suddenly feel numb. she places down the pen she was holding and swallowed. 

“why are you telling me this now?”

she prayed that her voice didn’t sound as broken as she felt and prayed that her tears would go back. 

nozaki shrugged, looking up from his work at stare at her. sakura quickly ducks her head down, pretending to grab her backpack and search for something in the depths of it, hoping that nozaki can’t see the upset frown that’s quivering on her face.

“i just thought you should know. you are one of my closest friends, anyway.”

“right,” sakura says, and her throat tightens. “well, i’m very happy for you! congratulations.”

“you should meet her sometime,” nozaki says absently as he continues on sketching the face of the new rival character for the manga story. “i think you’d like her a lot.”

sakura has to dig her nails in her palm to keep from letting out an audible reaction of pain. and as nozaki continues to work, not a single part of his appearance seemingly altered from the news, sakura takes small, silent deep breaths.

“i’m sure i would love her.”


her name is miho, and she’s very pretty.

she’s got dark brown hair and chocolate eyes, and she’s bookish and polite and her sense of humour is kind of dry but it makes nozaki smile. when nozaki introduces sakura to miho, his arm goes easily around miho’s shoulders and it reeks of familiarity and comfort that sakura realises nozaki has never seemed to express towards her.

miho is kind, telling her “nozaki has told me a lot about you! you help him a lot with his manga, right? i can’t thank you enough. he’s gotten a lot less stressed about his work ever since you started helping him.” sakura can’t even find it in herself to dislike her, even though the most selfish part of her wants to. miho is kind and genuine and she seems really interested in meeting a friend of her boyfriend’s.

and sakura smiles, greets miho with warmth and respect back, because miho deserves it and looking at the two, sakura sees how well they fit together. they have have this demeanor of quiet, put-together goodness that’s so kindred and gentle, and sakura realises of course nozaki would rather date someone that’s miho because sakura is the exact opposite. and not only that, they have years of friendship to back up their close bond. sakura’s only known nozaki for a few months at most (and the time where she had a silent crush on him from afar doesn’t count).

and even though sakura’s experienced a lot of pain before, it’s an entirely different kind as she looks at nozaki happy. and of course while she wants nozaki to be happy, something stings in her heart as she just wishes nozaki would be happy with her.

it hurts. it hurts a lot more than sakura wished it did.

instead, all she does is smile.


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Hi Love. Can I get reactions of the 4 horsemen, Draven and Alya with an S/O who sings, like constantly, but never in the same language that they speak in? Like maybe there are multiple languages used for song but they always revert back to the same one for speech? (Sending all the love and hugs your way <3)


Alya: She LOVES it when you sing, it really brightens up the Maker’s Forge. It baffles her how you can switch languages so fluidly, but she finds it beautiful all the same and could listen to you all day. 

Draven: He has no idea what you’re singing about, but it sounds awesome. He asks you to sing to him in your strange, new language late at night, when the rest of the Eternal Throne has retired for the day. 

Death: He knows all of Earth’s languages, because he is known everywhere. So it’s not such a shock when you suddenly start singing words that are so vastly different from what you speak. Singing is fine, in moderation. Sometimes, he may ask you to give it a rest, if he’s in a particularly bad mood. But oftentimes, he’ll let his eyes droop half-closed and bob his head to the rhythm, 

War: Singing is distracting and can give away your position. Yes, you’re very good, even though the words make no sense to him, but you need to be quiet. 

Fury: She’d encourage you to sing, and hums along to the songs you sing, once she’s got the gist of the tune. She’ll ask you to translate almost every other sentence so it takes a long time for you to actually finish a song. 

Strife: He’ll wait for you to finish a song and then start singing something in his own native tongue. You go back and forth and it eventually turns into a weird duet that actually sounds pretty damn good. Neither of you have a clue what the other is singing about though. 

Katsuki Bakugou

Blasting emitting sounds echoed behind Bakugou constantly as he flew across the buildings trying to capture a particular, playful crush. Why did he have to go through this trial? It’s already dangerous enough.

Bakugou angrily shout out to his crush who was laughing with joy, “Get back here dammit! Ugh I’m not playing no child’s game right now.” They giggled and ignored his commands while continually parkouring on top of the buildings.

After few hours of chasing the move, Bakugou got fed up and used up most of his limits as his explosions intensified its speed. Before he knew it, he caught up with the crush and tackled them onto the next building roof. Rolling and toppling on top of them with their arms gliding above their heads.

His red hues directly stared into theirs while speaking with irritation, “Looks like I got you. Gonna stop now?” The crush blushed heavily as Bakugou pinned them against the ground, but they emitted a laughing sound and smiled widely, “I give up. I’ll go out with you.”

“You better. Let’s get down now.”

Iida Tenya

“Hey, wait up already!” Iida huffed heavily with his head lowering and breathing in exhaustion. How can someone be so joyful while climbing around? He’s concerned for their safety at the point, if it were only simple, they would agree and not partake any risks.

“You gotta catch me first!” They giggled joyfully. Iida sweat dropped instantly, he isn’t ready for this at all. “I guess I’ll have to use my Engine? Yeah, that’s about right.” Despite having these rightfully morals, In this case, it’s a must to capture them.

Iida stretched one of his knees forward for awhile, preparing his equipped calves. He calculated the distance between them before boosting his engine across the walls to walls, gliding along them.

It took awhile since her skills were much more advanced than he anticipated. Almost like a cat and mice game. Eventually he caught and cornered them in a dead alleyway, and with all his speed, Iida rapidly intensified his speed. Her head darting around, almost in a hurried mannerism as figuring out where to climb next. It was already too late because Iida pinned her arms towards the walls.

Iida’s head hung low, huffing as he was catching his breathe again. His calves emitting a drained noise, his engine finally giving out. “Ive…got you… now.”

“…” The silence peaked through the atmosphere until the female giggled, surrendering herself. “You caught me. I’ll go out with you.” And with that, Iida sighed In relief. “I was afraid for your safety, too.”

Fumikage Tokoyami

Dark Shadow and Tokoyami shifted around the building’s together, and It was difficult since his crush decided to playfully mess with him. They found multiply obstacles blocking their paths each time they’ve reached her, but to no avail, it ends in failure.

Tokoyami muttered under his breath while his hues scanning the locations and cautiously shifting around. “If it were only this easily without people and buildings…” He sighed tiredly.

His ominous companion gently poked Tokoyami’s head and directed their attention, noting the familiar individual before them. “Thank you… I think I may have a plan now, Dark Shadow…” The male concluded solemnly, visioning the scenario.

“Let’s put into our effort, and you will wrap yourself her. Understand?” Dark Shadow bellowed in agreement, grinning. Tokoyami nodded, now it’s the perfect time. Both of them dashed after the female quickly and Dark Shadow commence his blackening body to coil himself around her completely, snatching her waist. The three of them entangled together, with Tokoyami pinning down her vulnerable frame.

“Oh… wow. You caught me, Tokoyami!” Her eyelashes fluttered, astonished by the strategy. Tokoyami acknowledged her skills as well, mentally noting. “I suppose I did… so… this means we’re going out?” Inquiring in affirmation. The female lips curved, etching widely.

“Mhm, you’ve caught me.” Tokoyami sighed, lending her his hands and dragging her figure off the grounds. “Good… we are not doing this again.”
Do you ever think about the lions talking to each other while the paladins aren't around?
  • Blue: No Red you can't have lance to get him to tell you about his crush. He's insecure enough! I can't leave my son!
  • Black: SHIRO IS GONE AND HE'S NEVER COMING BACK *whimpering like a dog*
  • Black: He wanted Keith to pilot me I like keith.
  • Red: I'm not taking Allura she was rude to Keith, and he is my son.
  • Yellow: I'm a leg!
  • Green: chill everyone, everything is gonna be fine. I'm glad I have a sensible paladin.
  • Red: you always get the chill ones green. I just get the emo ones :/

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what if... what if after growing up in texas keith already knows spanish...

a great concept!!! maybe he at one point had a spanish speaking foster family and picked it up then? i like the idea of him learning though. he can’t pronounce shit. he’s trying.

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Hi there! I love your blog 💗 May I please request some deku fluff, like a confession scenario? Thank you!! :)

glad you like this blog :) i’ll be gladly to write some fluff for you anon, may of gotten inspired by a fallout 4 romance - mod toga

Originally posted by shokasonjuku

Izuku fidgeted with his fingers looking down at the ground. He didn’t know how to speak up even though he planned this confession down. Of course he was nervous too, it was his first time trying to confess his true feelings to someone he liked however so far it wasn’t going well. He stumbled with his words, kept looking at the ground trying to distract himself from the awkward silence.

“Is everything alright?” His crushed asked in confusion.

“Y-yes. It’s just that I’ve been waiting for the right moment to talk. I thought this was the best time to do it. After all I did ask you to meet me here.”

His crush nodded in response urging him to go on.

“I thought well, because you helped me so much lately with my personal issues and other things, I thought I should pay you back. I always payback my debts and…”His voice trailed off. Izuku took off his backpack and reached inside searching for what he was going to give. He slowly took it out and asking them to reach out their hand. When they did he placed a old book on to it. It was a old book that was class literature by a well known dead author.

“I know it might not be much, but I remembered last week when we both stopped by that antique book store. You said you wanted it, but had no money. It may not be best way to say thank you…” His voice started to trail off.

“I appreciate it.” They replied back firmly holding onto the book tightly. “Izuku-Kun, if there’s any way I could repay you back…”

“Wait? Repay me back? The book was supposed to be for you as repayment for sticking by my side and helping me, but also for something else.”

“I know but I still want to.”

Izuku noticed he probably wouldn’t change their mind any time soon so instead he nodded and remembered the confession he was going to tell them, “I feel like our friendship caught on fire. Th-that’s why I’m hoping maybe what we have could be more than friendship! That’s why I brought you that book as a c-confession gift too!“ He looked away fast with a blushing face.

“Izuku?” They looked at him with a small smile. 


“I didn’t know you felt the same way, I hope we can continue more than friends.” They leaned close to him and kissed him on the cheek leaving Izuku blushing mess but with a smile.

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Happy story: my theatre class is doing a children's show this fall and I just learned that since it's a class effort we all submit who we think should be cast for what part. And there's this guy in my class who never works or memorizes his lines and we all don't like him so no one is going to cast him as a lead. And I'm so happy because he won't mess this up like he did our final last year. I was in his group and he almost made us get a 0 because he was the lead and didn't memorize his lines

That’s a relief, people who don’t put the effort into group works are really frustrating. It’s why I prefer doing university presentations on my own, more speaking, but less annoying people to contend with x

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Wanting to be seen as a cis guy, a.k.a dysphoria, is actually... wait for it... a prerequisite for being trans.

Hunty, I have dysphoria, but god knows that if someone tells me that they see no difference between me and a cis guy I’m gonna tell them to pee their pants. Being trans has shaped who I am as a person. I would not be the same if I was born cisgender because I grew up with a father who is filled to the brim with toxic masculinity. He would have taught me to be like him. Plus, since most of my dysphoria is social I can say 100% that I love being seen as a guy, but I wish there was a way to safely have everyone know I am trans and still respect my gender.

(Plus there is more than just one type of dysphoria, stop speaking for all of us in the community.)

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25. “Do not. Tempt. Me.” Can I be super weird and prompt 'Jack Rackham pissed as hell at anyone and everyone'? Because I can hear him say that as he's about to kick some butt. - Kat/beneaththeblacksails <3

I had a lot of fun with this, thank you for giving me a Jack prompt! It might not be exaaaactly what you had in mind but I hope you like. <3

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Concerning Hobbits (of Color)

Okay it’s been a whole day and I’m still angry about that hobbit casting thing, so let’s lay down some Tolkien canon here.

Fact 1: Per Tolkien, there were originally three races of hobbit. The Stoors were a small group, they were broad and stocky, they grew facial hair, they liked rivers, and their skin color is not specified, so Tolkien probably meant them to be white (but there’s no reason they have to be, since again, not specified). The Fallohides were a tiny group, they were thin, pale and tall, they were bold and good with languages, and they like trees. The Harfoots were the distinct majority, they lived in holes, they had hairy feet, and they were brown. Tolkien is super clear on this. He explicitly calls out Harfoots as having browner skin than other hobbits when describing the races and he uses phrases like “nut-brown skin” and “long brown fingers” when describing specific hobbits to back it up.

Fact 2: Britain planted its ravenous imperial flag firmly in the soil of India three centuries before Tolkien wrote The Hobbit. He knew what a brown person looked like. He would know he was not evoking a slightly darker shade of Caucasian when he said a person had brown skin.

Fact 3: Bilbo, Frodo, and all of their friends are aristocracy. Sam is the only hobbit we ever meet who is an actual laborer. In Tolkien’s time, laborers worked in the sun and middle class and aristocracy stayed inside where there was something resembling temperature control. Apart from Sam and Aragorn, no one in the Fellowship (or Company) ever voluntarily got a sunburn. If Tolkien talks about brown skin he’s talking about brown skin, not a farmer’s tan.

Where does this leave us?

Well, Tolkien says that after colonizing the Shire, the three hobbit races mingled more closely and became one. This leaves us with two options.

Option A: He’s talking about that thing that sci-fi writers sometimes do where “everyone is mixed race.” So all three races would have smeared together into a single uniform color. What color? Mostly Harfoot, aka brown. The “strong strain of Fallohide” in the Tookish and Brandybuck lines means maybe they’re white-passing, but in this scenario all hobbits are brown.

Option B: He’s talking about a more melting-pot scenario where visual racial distinctions still exist but everyone lives side-by-side in a fairly uniform culure. The Tooks/Brandybucks having a “strong strain of Fallohide” means that they are themselves remaining strains of Fallohide, and are straight-up white. Merry, half Took and half Brandybuck, is thus white (possibly part Stoor, given Brandybuck comfort with water); Pippin, half Took and half Banks, is either white or biracial. The Baggins family, sensible owners of the oldest and most venerable hobbit-hole anyone knows of, are blatantly Harfoot, making Bilbo and Frodo (half Took and half Brandybuck respectively) also biracial. Fallohides being exclusively adventurous high-class types, and the Gamgees being staid low-class homebodies with a distrust of moving water, Sam is obviously Harfoot and thus completely brown. (Smeagol, a Stoor, is probably white, but as discussed above, doesn’t have to be.) In this scenario, a minimum of three of five heroic hobbits are various shades of brown, four out of five of them could be, and most background hobbits are brown.

In conclusion, if you think all hobbits are white, you are canonically wrong. If you geek out over Aragorn wearing the Ring of Barahir, rage about Faramir trying to take the Ring, and do not even notice, much less complain, that Sam, Bilbo and Frodo are being erroneously portrayed by white guys, you need to reexamine the focus of your nerdery.

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