i like that he says yet

Actions Speak Louder

Actions…have me thinking. Sam knew that we would find out he was with MM in Georgia at this wedding from the antis. So why bother posting a pic of himself on the private MPC Facebook page? Many are saying it’s because he wanted to make sure we saw he was with MM but I don’t think that was the case. To me it looks like he was wanting to prepare us so we wouldn’t be shocked or taken by surprise, like a signal to expect fuckery so we had time to prepare and ready ourselves.
Let’s look at his actions when around MM. Sam doesn’t promote his life at all, yet he promotes the moments he is around her. This is not normal Sam behaviour. Before we saw him in NC information was dropped in a private Facebook group and we got a photo of him standing in front of a sign that gave his location. That is NOT normal for Sam. The pattern is he lets us know his location but he doesn’t appear an any pics with her, just his location. He posted a pic in front of a sign AGAIN. This sign had a clearly labeled map, the last one was a sign with the name of his location, never a pic with his GF. The red carpet was the same. There isn’t one pic of them. He doesn’t pose with her EVER. And if you google ‘Sam Heughan’s girlfriend’ there isn’t anything of her… only Caitriona will you find in a pose. He could easily post something on IG with his lovely blonde GF but nothing. I think he was telling us his location and wanted to warn us that he will be around her but is not with her. I think the pictures of the signs are almost like a double entendre. It was a location, he’s in her location but not 'with’ her. He is telling us he is going to be around her but why isn’t he acting like she’s the girlfriend? He doesn’t and NEVER has. The only reason I can think of is because she isn’t. Does he ever reveal his whereabouts in the U.K. Or on vacation? Yet he promotes it when in NC and Georgia? I believe he let us know both times to prepare us about it but he can’t let it look like he’s preparing Shippers can he! At the moment he and Cait are closeted. He’s lived in Scotland going on four years and he has never been seen in a grocery store but he travels to NC and he is caught in the kale aisle twice and never posed with MM? Why go? Why let everyone know when you won’t even have a pic taken with her? Why only give location? This is NOT normal Sam behaviour. The difference is he has never EVER posed with MM in the same pic. Ever. Whatever we have got are pics of the same locations or photos sitting or standing that don’t reveal a thing. But we have all sorts of poses with Caitriona. Sam has cleverly made a clear distinction between MM and Caitriona and continues to do so and many poses exceed professional limits! I think we were feeling confident after this last month, that we were getting what I like to call a gentle reveal. I knew it was too close to December signing but it felt like something had changed and perhaps they were given a green light. Realistically though, there’s no way a reveal was going to happen so close to a business transaction the likes of this merger. If I was a shareholder and I hadn’t been informed about a possible liability (like the two leads of Starz most costly production being together) I think I’d be pretty pissed if they revealed their relationship a couple of months after signing on the dotted line. As soon as Caitriona tweeted the 1am fists I should have had alarm bells ringing. Instead I was caught up with the excitement of it. The MM + Sam farce can’t just disappear. There’s a relationship that has been presented. It has to take it’s course with some realistic timing and a break up and Sam and Caitriona have to admit they can’t 'fight their feelings anymore’ yet! I think perhaps Sam and Caitriona were feeling confident too. I think they thought we knew the pattern well enough to be skeptical as soon as Sam set foot in LA. I think they felt confident they had given us enough this last month to know whatever we saw we’d question or at least we wouldn’t question them! The opposite has happened. I know many feel Sam was cowardly in posting that pic on his MPC private page but I see the opposite. He has stuck his neck out to give us the heads up! And many are crucifying him for it. How quickly we forget…The Tiger is a lyin…keeps me company…

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I wanted to ask for your opinion about that interview, but never mind, and preach. You're always on point, Sian. I honestly haven't read the whole interview yet (I'm on my phone and I can only use apps), so I trusted those who were complaining about it. So it was Ross who implied there was sexual tension between them, right? What did Andrew answer exactly? And what did he say about Michonne at the end of the article? Sorry for this mess of a question, but I wanted to be sure before getting mad:D


I honestly think someone might be trolling us now, for bringing it to us like this. If you read the article, it’s pretty clear what AL is saying. There’s no need to get mad at him. He was answering the question as it pertained to working with PM (censored names to avoid fandom fuckery):

DR: What was it like working with Pollyanna Mc!ntosh, who plays their leader, Jad!s?

AL: I don’t know how it plays on screen, but I instantly loved what she brought to the show. And there was a combative but also kind of a sexual, flirtatious, strange, weird dynamic that happened quite instantaneously [NB he did not say between them]. And Jad!s was so odd and strange, and I think Rick is kind of amused by them, but also inspired. Because she’s so strong and because she is so clear in what she is doing, and the way she is delivering the message is so impressive and so concrete, you kind of go along with it and go, “All right, you talk in a very strange way. No idea why. But this can work.” As soon as she said “Up-Up-Up” I thought, there’s the T-shirt right there: Up-Up-Up. It’s so weird, and yet she [as in PM] really, really landed it.

DR: It’s interesting how you say it’s kind of like a flirtation between the two because you feel that a bit in the big negotiation scene between Rick and Jadis at the end there, where they’re still feeling each other out, right down to the left-handed handshake because Rick’s hand is all bloody.

AL:Yeah, because I’m bleeding to death! [Laughs.] There’s a kind of lightness, and we spoke about it. [Showrunner Scott M. Gimple] gave me a heads up. He said, “I want this back half to explore this freedom and this humor that comes with this liberated guy. And there’s a sense of discovery and lightness.” He said to think about it like Indiana Jones and try to push into that area, which I took and ran with. And this episode is definitely feeling out that area. And it’s really good fun, especially after such a battering first half, to move into an area that’s still in the world but a different suburb than we’ve been before.

You’ll notice that AL is talking about PM and what she brings to the character and show in the first answer. In the second, he’s talking about Rick and his new-found freedom. He says nothing about sexual tension between the two characters. I think it’s quite clear here.

Here’s the last bit of his answer to a non-Richonne question:

But anyway, to be continued. All I will say is that the episode coming up that I’m not involved in I think is a beautifully written episode. But a little bit of fun and hijinks still to come with Rick and Michonne.

He didn’t have to bring up Richonne, but he did, like always.

There’s nothing to be worried about. AL speaks quite honestly about his cast-mates performances. I think PM did bring a sexual, flirtatious dynamic to the scene. I agree with Andy on that. He did not say that he was playing Rick in any way reciprocating that dynamic.

My other response is here.


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Can't remember which dev said it, but it's been confirmed that if Hawke kills Anders then he is officially dead :/ I'll have a look and see if I can find who said it, though it was probably Gaider

I know, but there is nothing stopping that from being retconned in the future and actually being lore-friendly. If Bioware wanted to use him again, canonically he cannot die with Justice from a mortal wound.

Like I’m not saying the devs are wrong, but they have contradicted their selves many times (and even before with Anders who could die in Awakening, yet is alive in everyone’s game come DA2).

In this instance, their own canon says that Anders can’t die of mortal wounds, like a knife to the back. He takes a sword to the chest, by a TEMPLAR and continues on like “this is fine”.

Just yeah, if Hawke kills Anders officially he is supposed to be dead. However, also officially he could have lived through it and that isn’t breaking any of the canon either.

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NTAMW fucks you while your so drunk you throw up and he's pretty much sober, and you're also vulnerable from being raped, then when you barely attempt to bring up that maybe that wasn't so great the next morning he starts screaming at you telling you not to "dare" say another word. Defensive guilt of yet another casual rapist who is totally aware of what he CHOSE to do to you. He knows. He chose. He wants you to shut up so he can pretend. Bonus: he's a self-described "nice guy"


I’m so sorry anon. Rapists know exactly what they’re doing or they wouldn’t act like this or target more vulnerable women. Men who describe themselves as “nice guys” are truly some of the biggest assholes I’ve been around

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Do you think that Hak still believes yona is in love with soowon even now ? Btw thank you for your hard work :) keep it up !!!

As of chapter 135, I believe he’s seen Yona change in the way she behaves when people mention Soo-Won. From her reaction to Kouren’s words in chapter 133, he’s probably realized that although she didn’t say she hated him, whatever affection she may still have towards him is no longer love. It’s probably for that reason that he half-confessed to her in 134. Yet Yona not being in love with Soo-Won doesn’t mean she’ll like Hak instead, so in his mind he’s still hesitant about what to do. If Yona gave him some clue about what she feels towards him, like maybe a different reaction to his teasing, now would be the perfect time for their relationship to progress since the other HHB members aren’t around. Sadly the war and desperation to meet with Soo-Won aren’t exactly best for romance at this point.

I’m happy yet slightly heart broken to hear long time followers saying how much they missed Dark. I guess I didn’t realize how many of you enjoyed seeing him (even with all the silly antics I put him through). I needed to take that long break from Dark and like I said over a year ago, he was shelved but not tossed. I’m tackling him again with collaboration from the lovely @flipsidemivy . I hope those who follow me and Miv will enjoy what we’ll be producing. Thank you all for your support and words of encouragement. I’m ecstatic to start working on Dark again and knowing where I want to take him.

Hmmmm honestly, I blocked this user because they’re stirring up shit and I have no time for this. But, to prove them wrong, what AL referred to was about how they can secure the guns and if the audience has any inkling of where said guns can be found, NOT ABOUT A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN RICK AND J-BANGS:

DR:What can you tell us going forward? I guess Rick’s got the army and now he’s got to get the guns, right?
He’s got to get the guns! And we’ve got an intelligent audience. I think they may know where some guns are stashed.

DR: You think they can connect the dots?
[Laughs.] I‘d like to think so after seven years! I think they may have worked it out. But somebody hasn’t told Rick yet! But anyway, to be continued. All I will say is that the episode coming up that I’m not involved in I think is a beautifully written episode. But a little bit of fun and hijinks still to come with Rick and Michonne.

I said what I said; I don’t need to read between the lines because the message was clear in AL’s response. People reading between the lines are the delusional crackshippers. Kindly fuck off, now.

OH FUCK. He Cheng is smoking hot… And He Tian and him are sitting the exact same way, this family, seriously… *inhales* He Tian is gonna have the same broad back, the same trained frame when he gets a little older, I can’t breathe… Mo Guanshan is gonna have one hell of a hot monster as boyfriend. He doesn’t know yet how screwed he will be *faints* And for Jian Yi, OH MY GOD NO. OH MY GOD. I… don’t know what to say…. It seemed like his father, as well as He Cheng (and He Tian), tried to protect him, but… My heart… Zhan Zheng Xi will be so… ugh….

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Do you think Guan Shan ever apologized to Zhan Xixi for smashing his head with a rock?

i goddamn hope he did. but that’s an important moment of character development, and we haven’t seen it, so i don’t think he has.

if it was going to happen and we didn’t see it, it would have happened when guan shan was cooking dinner for the boys at he tian’s, like maybe as guan shan was leaving and he asked to have a word with zhengxi.

but also zhengxi, after the incident, said that he didn’t think guan shan was that bad of a person, which says more about zhengxi than anything else. maybe guan shan went to see zhengxi in the hospital and apologised? (that would be nice)

but yeah i don’t think it’s happened yet – if it will happen at all. there’s this very solid idea of ‘oh it’s just what boys do’ kind of thing, and an apology would… not be out of character, but would be out of the general social constructs of how they all interact with people and each other. speaking of, have any of the boys apologised for anything in this manhua? i don’t think they have…

*adds to list of things i’ll continue to hold out for*

I unfortunately don’t have any friends so I have no one to talk to about this and thus, find myself having to use Tumblr as a place to vent. Sorry y'all.

my soon to be ex-husband is a very emotionally manipulative and abusive person. he’s a user and he’s an alcoholic who does not want to change. when I told him I wanted a divorce, he told me a laundry list of really awful things of what he did behind my back during our marriage and how he felt about me. normally I would say he was just lashing out but realistically, I feel like I saw his true colors in that moment. as much as I’ve tried to disregard those terrible things and the ongoing list of other awful things he said/did during our marriage, I have found myself very beaten and broken today. I have spent most of the day crying and I feel like a disgusting person for even feeling a sense of loss over such a terrible man.

and yet here I am, lonely as all hell, constantly having to remind myself I made the right decision so I don’t feel tempted to try to take it all back. It’s such a shame what a grip another person can have on you because of your insecurities. I’m not quite sure yet who I hate more: him for taking advantage of me for so long or myself for allowing it.

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lmao neil is just petty that his songs peak chart position was 20

how could he ever laugh at someone bc of that? there are many artists who sell less than Zayn but are still great artists. music is not about sales and Zayn did not leave 1D to be this big artist who sell millions of albums. he did amazing, he made the music that he loves, he finally had an artistic freedom. he did that while struggling with his anxiety, racist and islamophobic hate thrown his way…and he never said anything except saying that he didn’t like 1d’s music. yet Zayn is the one who trashed “his brothers” and they are angels…anyways, I am proud of Zayn. They can laugh as much as they want. We’ll see who’s gonna be laughing at the end.

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Someone found out where te unseen pics from December 30th come from and I read there are 22 pages......

Oh god…

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:hahaha remember when antis used to say we were fat shaming the baby for saying he is so big … like and they say we reach and make the dumbest excuses

Like saying you’re misogynistic for calling people out on nasty behaviour

   Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Oh God I’m waiting for the end of the bg bc Louis need to be free but also that baby, I hope someone just take the baby to another place where responsible people take care of him

I really, really need this baby to be free the poor thing

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:i think what people didn’t point out yet is that brett has quite deep set eyes like freddie does so it’s not that freddie has hooded eyes like louis but he has deep set eyes like brett

Oh we pointed out but I guess people will see what they want. His face doesn’t look like Louis if you take a closer look, it’s just not there. I tried to see it, but it’s just not there 

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fanfic trope: love at first sight

Ooooh maaan, I love this trope, especially when it’s mixed with soulmates trope. So…yes, that. I would do that. I mean, I already have done that, haven’t I? :D

So since I already have that in DA, I’d say Billy/Teddy for this one. Tattoo soulmark AU…Billy has always had a strange pattern of green scales/spikes down his left arm, which confuses him because, what, is his soulmate a dragon or something? Meanwhile, Teddy has a galaxy on his right arm, and he likes to trace its stars as if somehow they’ll tell him secrets. When they first meet, neither realizes the other is his soulmate (because the identifiers are for Hulkling/Wiccan, who technically don’t even exist yet), but they just can’t look away.

(PS: I may actually fold this into my dragon!Teddy AU.)

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Not a question, just wanted to tell you all a funny. Which probably isn't very funny but anyway: Do you guys have anyone who had the opposite dominant hand (of the body) in their life? We do. he had this beautiful, /beautiful/ loopy cursive that just flew from his hand automatically - he even gave a mental image of how his signature looked like and it is /fancy af/ - and it absolutely IRKS him that everything he now writes with what should be his dominant hand looks like chicken scratch, pfft xD

Ha! Poor guy. I feel ya!

Not quite the same, but two of our systemmates are from another universe, and there they’re fluent in their language Back Home. It drives one of them absolutely nuts that he can’t remember the words for really common expressions – yet this sweet little guy who’d never say a bad word to anyone can definitely remember all the swear words plain as day! But his handwriting in that language bothers him the most. It’s just so much more difficult than how he feels like it should be.

A lot of writing is muscle memory, after all, and these muscles just don’t have it – yet. He’s practicing though! :)

All us systemmates, and my facets, have differences in our handwriting, which is kinda cool I think. There it’s a little less “muscle memory” stuff because most of the letters still look mostly the same. But the way the whole thing is written differs because we each have different opinions of what feels most comfortable.

~Mod Willow

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Omg I had heard the freddie stans were creepy as fuck...but this is next level. Why on earth do they need to tell everyone what kind of stroller that is? or how much his pacifier costs? Is that supposed to be like a freddie fashion archive? What the actual fuck..?


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Look, there is a picture of Brett from when he was younger and I swear to god, it’s Austin 😂

Or Freddie. You choose since the 3 of them all look alike lol

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:the person posting the unseen pics just commented back to someone saying there are over 100 pictures they’ve found, which they will post eventually … and yet this is the girl who screams privacy and innocent mother at every chance she gets yet there are accounts who can find over 100 pap pics of the baby with his face not blurred

Yikes I’m out of words she’s awful 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Thank you for putting that picture up with Jay and baby Louis 😞😞😞😖😖

sorry bout that :(

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Still think he looks like him, lmao, i’m blaming fatigue because that sure as fuck isn’t louis’ son


Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Hi Blue! Could you explain? This is photo from DM are old? Or another one? It’s from IG?

Her stans found unseen pics from a pap walk she made back in November and some from December 30th - there are a few from yesterday too 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:You’ll have Freddie looking at Brianna and the dog and he will say “is the dog my mommy”

But we know he’s not a dog! lmao 


“…I still want to see video game reviews like the ones he does!”

-PeanutButterGamer: Follows a very similar style of game review to Jontron, but with minimal sketches, and focuses a bit more on the game itself rather than his own comedy. Less cut away gags, though the sketches that he does do are always entertaining enough to actually justify a cut away gag, something that Jontron surprisingly still has yet to perfect. His content is clean, like most of the Youtubers on this list, but clean in a sort of Tumblr level of obscure that gets a good laugh without offending anyone. To quote his Tumblr: “ I’m all for not offending people. I mean, I actively attempt to be as inoffensive as possible on videos and on social media, “. He also recently voiced his distaste for what Jon has been saying lately, a bold move, considering they work for the same company.

-BrutalMoose: Brutalmoose does both video game and TV show/movie reviews the same way Jon does, and unlike PBG, he does have a few videos with a bit more mature content in them, like his reviews of “adult” games. While he does play “mature” games from time to time, and the content/comedy of those games can be offensive, his own comedy is still clean, but on the borderline of dirty. The kind you’d see on the likes of the Simpsons. Jokes that are adult, but still don’t hurt anyone. (Also…Tumblr is kind of obsessed with the fact that he’s gay? Don’t go overboard with that info, kids.)

-SpaceHamster: If you were a fan of JonTron’s knockoff game videos, you’re gonna love SpaceHamster! He’s done multiple knockoff and rom hack compilation videos, and his humor is up there with PBG. Heck, PBG and him even game together on PBG’s side channel!

“…I still want to see movie reviews like the ones he does!”

-Nostalgia Critic: If you’re looking for completely inoffensive comedy, then Nostalgia Critic probably isn’t the first place you’re gonna want to go, but hear me out. Nostalgia Critic’s offensive content differs from JonTron’s in that not only is he self aware of what is and isn’t acceptable in comedy, he’s willing to apologize when a joke goes too far and learn from his mistakes, instead of attacking his own critics. He’s made videos discussing “the line” in comedy, does countless charity shoutouts, and started the “Where’s The Fair Use” movement, a movement created in hopes of holding YouTube accountable for taking down videos that fall under Fair Use laws. He’s a genuinely decent guy!

-CinemaSins: I feel like CinemaSins is popular enough that I hardly even need to signal boost them, but their content also falls under that “adult but harmless” category. Not only that, but they’re not afraid to call out movies like 50 Shades of Gray for being ungodly shitty.

“…I still want to see sketch comedy like the sketch comedy he does!”

-JacksFilms: Remember that guy? The Your Grammar Sucks guy? You might also know him as “the guy who made parody videos calling out both Leafy and Keemstar for being shitty uncreative people” or “the guy who has videos featuring fans art and complimenting them”. Another genuinely decent human being.

LOOK AT THE CASES! This Episode is WRONG and it’s on PURPOSE.

(There is a TL;DR at the bottom, for everyone who is still exhausted by this episode)

To begin, I’m gonna talk about one of the points of interest (seeeee what I did there) of The Six Thatchers that I don’t see anyone talking about yet:

This episode is SUPPOSED to feel like a contradiction, like there’s something wrong, a subversion of everything we were expecting, and the cases mentioned throughout the show are supposed to TIP YOU OFF to that!!!

If you have already studied up on TJLC, you know that the cases mentioned in the show (and the ones mentioned in the blogs) are supposed to say something deeper about the show, the episode, the characters, and their relationships. One stand out example of this is the nurse “maybe he wasn’t as keen” in The Sign of Three. So let’s set that context: Every. Case. Mentioned. Means. Something. The writers create every single case in this show, think out every detail, even the ones mentioned for half a second, so it’s NOT WRONG to assume that they would try to place a deeper context or forshadowing in said cases.

…Now look at the cases mentioned on The Six Thatchers.

(The following the exact quotes from the show, I’m not mentioning all the cases, because I think the others-Duplicate Man-are meant to signify something else-Mary=Moriarity. Although that in itself is a contradiction “One man in two places at the same time”)

“He drowned, Mr Holmes. That’s what we thought. But when they opened up his lungs…sand.”

“Come back! It’s the wrong thumb.”

“So he’s the killer, the Canary Trainer? Didn’t see that coming”

“The fingerprints on your brother’s neck are your own”

“Fresh paint to disguise another smell” –Sherlock’s text

“The trick was meant to be a surprise…A costume”

*Thought it was the Borgia Pearl, actually A.G.R.A.*

“Oh, well, there was a case about, um, ten years ago. Nobody could figure it out. There was old lady found dead in a sauna.”

“Oh yeah? How did she die?”


Look at what we have: a man whose lungs should be filled with water, but were actually filled with sand. A woman that should have died of heat, but she died of cold. The wrong thumb. A trick. Fresh paint to disguise another smell.


Literally 75%-90% (TOO MANY to be a coincidence) of the cases mentioned in this episode are CONTRADICTIONS. They are things that SEEM one way, but the OPPOSITE turns out true. They are cases that don’t make sense, that are the opposite of what they appear. They are telling us something! Something is OFF about this episode, something is a CONTRADICTION, something SEEMS to be one obvious solution, but is ACTUALLY something else.

And you know what I think they’re alluding to?

Man dies drowned, but in his lungs, sand.

Woman found dead in sauna, but died of hypothermia.

Mary dies a hero. “Go to hell, Sherlock”

Fresh paint to disguise another smell.

This is supposed to feel wrong for a reason, and they have been hinting to this since the beginning.

This episode is a trick, Mary’s hero death is a trick, and I can’t WAIT to see what happens next.

TL;DR: Almost all the cases mentioned in this episode are contradictions, from a drowned man with sand in his lungs, to a woman found in a sauna dead from hypothermia. They are hinting to us that things are not what they seem, that they are, in fact, the OPPOSITE of what they seem. The clincher: “Go to hell, Sherlock.”

And this analysis doesn’t even mention all the OTHER, non-case tip offs in the show, of the line “This is the official version people will see” Lestrade mentioning the real truth will always come out in John’s blog. “You think you understand, you understand nothing!” The villain being the person least expected, a receptionist, like Mary. “I’m probably dead” “When I’m gone, IF I’m gone” then once MORE “When I’m gone, IIIIF I’m gone” This show literally gives me ANXIETY, it’s so good.

Last bit: this meta (am I using that word right?) still makes sense even if some of the cases are callbacks to other canon, because Moftiss still knew they were contradictions and they STILL decided to put them in THIS episode. And this meta still works even if Hell ends up being a place Mary wants Sherlock to go, because Moftiss STILL KNEW that the post-credit bit would raise up suspicions if we were given no further context, they knew that would happen and WANTED that to happen.

what really disturbs me about trump is that he says he’s proud to have that “german blood”. i’m an almost 20 years old german girl and never in my life i’ve heard a german say that he’s ‘proud to be german’. don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we’re ashamed but with a past like ours we’re just very careful using words like this. yet these expressions are mostly used by german nazi underground groups and also by donald trump, future president of the united states of america.