i like that he says yet


Y/n had a weird feeling when she came over and the first thing Jungkook did was give her a look that almost looked pitiful? it confused you to say the least. You worried if you did something? Or something happened? You honestly had no idea. You didn’t say anything about it, you didn’t want to stress Jungkook out more then he already looked stressed, you remembered a couple of the other members giving you looks like that in the past but never at the same time it was always at weird times…. You played around with Tae and Hoseok and all your nerves from Jungkook calmed down a bit. By then you were all called to dinner by Jin, you thanked him for cooking again and happily ate with the members 

You were sitting in front of Jungkook and again he gave you that look now you were worried you always tried to forget it but this was different there was a pit in your stomach. You couldn’t control it this time. When all the members started staring at their phones that pit got deeper. You gave them their space, maybe their manager texted them? Maybe something urgent happened? It didn’t help your worrying though. You didn’t want to overthink this, but you couldn’t help it, are they texting about me? Are they mad at me? Did I do something? The pit in your stomach getting deeper and deeper with every thought that ran through your mind. You peaked over to look at Yoongi’s phone who was sitting next to you. you jumped when he turned his phone over right when you leaned over.

Now you knew. It was about you… you felt like crying they never talked about you behind your back but now you had no idea what was going on. You didn’t want to alarm anyone so you quietly ate your food while everyone’s heads turned up as if nothing was happening. You felt the stares of some of them…. You honestly wanted to run out of that door, cry? Throw up? You didn’t know you just wanted to leave but you didn’t want to cause a scene you pretended everything was ok. Even suggested a sad movie so you could cry without anyone wondering why. Your anxiety was running wild thinking the worst of the worst.

During the movie, you felt Namjoons eyes never leave you. you wanted to cry so bad, your mind making up the worst scenarios, maybe they didn’t want to be your friend anymore? Maybe they were thinking of leaving you? you knew better then to question your best friends but how could you not? Your anxiety getting the best of you at moments like these weren’t unusual. You ran to their bathroom and cried. You didn’t want to but you didn’t want to cry in front of them. All you heard was gentle knocking on the bathroom door after you locked it. “y/n? are you ok? Please tell me you’re ok” it was Jungkook’s voice. You couldn’t say anything he seemed to know you were crying but you hoped maybe he wouldn’t. you couldn’t face them you took the random cap you saw on the door handle said goodbye to the rest of the members that were awake and walked out of the bathroom out of their front door.

A/N: so like i tried?? lmao i thought about making this a series ya know angsty maybe fluffy idk yet. tell me what y'all think! i tried making this atleast a bit angsty but i suck at writing angst so idk lol. hope you liked it? Pt. 2??

The Laufeyson Method

                                              Teach Me Happy PT.1

Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N: aleingsoinoweidngoaenm thank u for ur response to the prologue

Words: 2242

Warnings: swearing, implied sexual situations, innuendos bucky is a lil shit

‘Teach Me Happy’ masterlist


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Honest Eyes

Is this how you post FanFic on here?  IDK.  But here it is, I want to thank the incredible @bribe-the-door for reading this, demanding I post it and demanding another 400 chapters by today.  Sorry Han, you’ll just have to settle for this being public (Although I’m working on part two if people want it!)

Fucking rain

He dodged his way through the busy London street, the rain splashing up from his Chelsea boots onto his jeans.  Could it get any worse?

“Hey, is that Harry Styles?”

Of fucking course

If it was just a couple fans, he wouldn’t mind, he’d be delighted in fact, but he was fairly certain some paps had been following him for a couple blocks.  The tone of the voice behind him confirmed that suspicion.  

He decided to find a quiet place to lay low before a full-scale mob came down on him.  He jogged a little bit and outdistanced the camera-toters slightly.  He then pulled up his coat collar and briskly wormed his way through a walking club of elderly people.  With the knot of blue-haired plastic bonneted women between him and the photographers, he started looking for a building that seemed quiet and nondescript.

He looked up through the drizzle and saw his salvation.  At the end of the block was a plain grey building with a tattered yellow awning and peeling black letter that read: “Marginalia: Used and Rare Books.”  


 He increased his pace slightly, adding a few more clueless pedestrians between him and the paparazzi.  He opened the door and was his with slightly chilled air, and the kind musty scent that only comes from a large amount of yellow pages living close together.  The bell above the door was so soft he barely registered it, but the cashier clearly did, “Can I help you?”  Harry pivoted around and saw a slightly annoyed boy behind the front desk reading what looked like a Physics textbook.  Harry could tell he better come up with a good excuse for interrupting the boy’s study time.

“Um, do you have any first editions mate?”

 “Sure, all the way in the back.” 

Harry faced inward to the rest of the store for the first time.  It seemed cozy and massive.  The bookshelves were so close together two people would have to squeeze between them sideways.  But the store itself just kept going back, it seemed like there were hallways, rooms branching in different directions and, is that a ladder into a basement?

He turned back to the boy, “How far back does it go?”

The boy smirked, “The whole block, mate.” 

Harry started the trudge back, in two seconds the boy was completely obscured from his sight.  Five more seconds and Harry was convinced that he was lost, and would never find his way out.  He passed different sections, announced only by a handwritten index card on the shelf or door frame; “History 1600s-1873, romantic art criticism, Popular Mechanics, religion and sexuality have been moved to the basement.” 

He was still walking in a straight line, right?

Finally, he saw a back wall or, or more accurately a bookshelf with a thumbtacked index card reading “Latin” in the middle of it.  He glanced around where he saw a room slightly to the left with an index card reading “First editions and seating.”  The first thing he did when he walked through the door was note the bookshelf across from him that apparently had first editions of poetry.  He strode over and was happy to see a few copies of Bukowski.  After selecting a book and spending a few moments inhaling the spine.  He went over to the comfiest looking arm-chair, even though it was a hideous orange and purple pattern, and sunk in.  He hadn’t noticed the 50 cent composition notebooks, paperbacks, sticky notes, highlighters, and pencils strewn around the chair.  If he had, he most certainly wouldn’t have sat in it.  He just felt so cozily invisible that his typical awareness had receded to the part of his mind that kept information like different types of clouds, and if it was his mum’s birthday or not. 

“I can’t believe it.”

He started and noticed the girl standing in the doorway, specifically he noticed her eyes.  That’s typical, supposedly, but her eyes…  They were clear, absolutely no walls.  Open and sharp and lovely and deep.  He imagined that seeing eyes that honest in a moment of joy or bliss was probably one of the best things that could happen to anyone.  Unfortunately, right now those eyes were betraying an inner fury and frustration the girl was clearly trying to control.  

“I mean, that’s my chair.  Always my chair.  I’ve been here for hours!  Seriously, those are my highlighters!  I leave to steal some of Gareth’s coffee, but apparently, this place is sooooo popular now that I can’t leave for five minutes or a Bukowski fan-boy invades my space!” 

She was trying

“I’m sorry, but I love the way Bukowski uses language.”  

She blew some of her hair out of her face while she was furiously shoving her things into her bag.  “If you mean that he perfected his craft and mastered how casual or crude language can be just as impactful as a complicated rhyme scheme, yeah I’ll give you that.”  She popped back up onto her feet, backpack slung across her back.  “But, if you mean that you like the fact that he tosses around words like cock and cunt like popcorn and that the majority of women he writes about are characterized as selfish whores looking for a hate-fuck, then I hope…” she was clearly thinking incredibly hard about this, “I hope that a squirrel the size of goose shits in your coffee.  She rocked back on her heels, pleased with herself, and spun out of the room.  Her voice floating back one last time.  “Besides, Bernadette Myers was using words like cock and cunt in poetry about complex yet loving relationships before Bukowski knew what enjambment was.” 

Harry was stunned.  It wasn’t often that someone completely left him speechless, normally he just chose not to speak.  But, Goddamnit, he wanted to yell after her that he didn’t know what enjambment was.  He wanted to say that yes, Bukowski was a misogynistic prick, but his poetry was so goddamn honest, at least in his opinion.  He wondered what her response to that would be.  He had somehow made it to the front desk without getting miserably lost.  The disgruntled cashier, “Gareth, probably,” Harry thought as the boy lowered his textbook down next to a steaming thermos of coffee.  “Can I help you?”  The boy drummed his fingers on the hard textbook cover. 

“D’ya know if you have any poetry by Bernadette Myers?”           


Request:Hi! I was wondering if you could do like a fic where Bucky is having a nightmare, and the reader, who likes Bucky, and she goes to his room to try to calm him down, then Bucky accidentally hits her, her cry of pain wakes him. She tries to come near him, since she forgives him, Bucky pushes her away, repeatedly saying he’s a monster, and runs off. Reader recruits Steve to search. They find him, he’s crying, she consoles him, and he mumbles his feelings. Does that make sense is it too specific?

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: mild violence I guess, nightmares, angst, probably swearing, everybody’s fucking crying, dying (but not really)

A/N: WHY HAVEN’T ANY OF YOU KICKED MY ASS YET? This request has been in my inbox for like a wholeass month. A MONTH YALL. This isn’t exactly how you wanted it but I hope I did a good job anyways. Thank you to @barnessergeant107 @secondsandstars and @jazzytoosweet for being my betas for this. I love y'all 

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

He could feel them. They were everywhere. They were completely surrounded and he couldn’t get them out safely, he knew that. Only one of them was making it out of this alive, and it had to be her. It had to.

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'I'm not always going to play swords and horses': Kit Harington on life after Game Of Thrones
The man behind Jon Snow talks about Thronesmania, being a sex symbol and his personal link to the gunpowder plot
By Rebecca Nicholson

In 2014, Harington told his agent that, when he wasn’t playing Snow, he’d like to branch out: “No more swords, no more horses – and maybe I can cut my hair.” Yet in Gunpowder he’s a sword-wielding, horse-riding, long-haired hothead. “Yeah. Hahaha. I always say things and end up backing down on them. “

anonymous asked:

(Sorry is this has been done before, I just haven't seen anyone say it yet) A friend of mine studies child psychology at college, and she told me that children who are loud and over act things to get attention most likely have a poor home life. And it got me thinking, Richie is a loud trashmouth who never shuts up, and we already know his parents aren't the best. So basically, Richie is only like this because he wants some kind of attention from his friends to make up for his neglectful parents.


anonymous asked:

Any headcanons for both penny's and a s/o with tattoos? How would they react to them??? ((Love your page, it gives me life tbh, keep up the amazing work :D Wanted to ask this as I just got my first tattoo!!!))

This ones a bit old but I still hope you like your new tat!!


-he likes them a lot!! He always says they make you look tastier

-“Humans mostly hate pain, yet you stick needles in yourselves for the sake of beauty? I like it.”

-he always stares at them and traces his fingers over the shapes and designs

-it makes him giggle when he stretches the skin,, it looks funny seeing the tattoo “dance”

-he asks if he can give you one

-gets pouty when you promptly take away the rusty sewing needle he had behind his back

-but you give him a box of pens and markers so he can give you temporary ones

-let’s just say you end up with lots of hearts and balloons on your arms

-also he writes his name (in his adorable messy handwriting) on your wrist

-he cries when you come back the next day with that ACTUALLY tattooed on yourself,, the artist thought it was odd but hey now your boy is happy


-I actually imagine him having the word “honk” scrawled on his shoulder

-he never tells you where or why he got it,,

-he adores your tattoos though, his little human is tough!!

-always doodles little drawings and suggests you get them

-please don’t agree,, don’t get a pun on your body permanently

anonymous asked:

Is Nel rather smart or silly? Not in the negative context - he seems to be more sweet and cute, not deadly or murderous hawk

It’s actually really interesting you asked this because I was just discussing this the other day with a friend.

I’ve yet to see a falcon fly like a hawk. Not to say they can’t, I just personally haven’t seen it.

Tyr was sweet and derpy but there was a frenzy to his hunting. He hunted and chased as if catching that squirrel was life and death. Often times he would fly into things and hurt himself in his pursuit of game. That bird would preen my hair and possibly tried to court me (brought me sticks lol) but he loved to hunt and kill.

Nel chases after birds very quickly, and there are times I genuinely worry about him, like if the bird heads towards a road, or barb wire fence. But he chases almost as if it’s a fun thing to do. He isn’t desperate. That’s not to say he isn’t a killer. He is. He just has…more finesse and thought about it. He doesn’t crash brush much chasing birds. Tyr would slam things after game.

It may be a passage vs captive bred thing is well. I’ve just never seen a falcon, even two of my friends passage peregrines act like a red tail when chasing game. Even Ender my jack…it comes across as something they do for fun, not for survival if that makes sense? And maybe it is since many small falcons will cache and keep killing.

Nel is definitely smart and sweet, and endearing. He enjoys being around me and that’s not anthropomorphizing him. He calls for me when I get home until I hang out with him. He likes to hang out on my shoulder even if I don’t have food. It’s very bizarre to see a raptor act like this. Tyr seemed to like me but he was very aloof about it. Nel is like a clingy bubbly boyfriend. Lol. I’m just glad he likes the hubby as much as me. He will also abandon sitting on me if anyone tall is in the field.

But anyway! He is sweet. And smart. And a killer. He definitely enjoys what we do, but he is more relaxed about it all.

Hopefully that answers your question! Sorry if I rambled some!

anonymous asked:

In the trailer there is a clip where we see Oliver laying on the grass wearing just his trunks with a book and turns to look at Elio (who's playing the guitar) who also turns to look at him. Can you describe what happens there? Do we see some flirt happening here? Have they been intimate with each other yet?

Yes! Another moment plucked right from the book that they nailed :)

Spoilers below the cut!

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tzila-opal  asked:

Wait what did Butcher do?

This is gonna get long and I’m not sure I can explain it brilliantly.


It started with this, on reddit. Or I should say this is what sparked it.

It’s a page counter disguised as a count down. So every time someone visits it the number goes up. Lots of people found it funny. But a substantial number did not. It feels like he’s blaming the people who are asking for information for the fact it isn’t out yet, and “for every time someone asks that question it’s going to take longer” (this is not the first time this has happened. About 2 years ago there was a thing flying around that every time someone asked him where Peace Talks was he didn’t write that day)

It links back in to a sort of resentment Butcher has had at his fans since Skin Game came out that people want to know when the next book is out.

The best way I can describe it is Jim wants the perks of having a large fandom: Fan engagement, free advertisement, more money coming in from books and merch. But he doesn’t want to deal with the other side of it, which is people want to know what the fuck is going on.

If you want to know what’s going on with Jim and why the book is taking so long you have to keep up with about 3 to 5 different streams of information, which if you’re a casual fan checking in after 3 years going “oh the next book must be out soon, right?” is a little impossible to do. His own website hasn’t been updated with anything vaguely approaching useful for months, unless you want to know what cons he’s attending. The latest news is that he’s not writing because there’s a delay on his shed. Where did I hear that from? People who heard it from other people who heard it from other people who heard it from friends of Jim Butcher.

Jim doesn’t want people to ask when Peace Talks is out. He wants us to sit passively and wait for it, and to still be there at his convenience at the end of his hiatus.

And quite frankly a lot of people are reaching the point where waiting for scraps of information is a little tedious. There are other things to read. Jim is a GREAT writer. But expecting everyone to just be there when he feels like doing his job is insulting. This is not a “I provide you with content and you provide me with nothing but praise and adoration.” situation. If you want followers on any platform it’s a 2 way street of engagement.

Something I think that is so maddening about rape cases is there is no consistency.

I read a story today about a rape case where the husband raped his wife and that case was dismissed because Mens Rea could not be proven.

Yet in my rape case my rapist literally made a FB status after he raped me that said he “raped people”. And lo and behold, years later I found out he had another accuser. Despite both of us going to police years apart, despite it being not a he-said-she-said but rather a he-said-THEY-said, and despite evidence of Mens Rea, there was no arrest. I was asked during my police statement how did “he know” it wasn’t rape during the act- like specifically did I verbally say no, did I fight back, etc. No I was in shock, as many victims are during trauma, they freeze. So am I dismissed because of lack of a “no”?

Because my friend was raped, and she - unlike me- have a verbal “no” to the guy and he proceeded despite her wishes even as she thought he didn’t hear her and continued to say no. She reported and apparently that wasn’t good enough. They said she reported too late. They said it was a “year” later. The attack happened in December, she reported in January. There is no statue of limitations for rape where both of us live.

I always see countless examples where rape is excusable. I once read of a story where a ten year old girl was raped by two men. One man was in his twenties and the other his thirties. She was attacked in daylight in a park. The judge commented saying that the girl appeared older because she had a frilly bra. As if that is some kind of excuse? What business do these men have KNOWING what kind of bra a freaking teenager is wearing??

Like I hate men. They own the justice system. They have the political power. Men defending men.

Inseparable Connection (1/10)

Summary : Soulmate Injury AU. In a world where physical pain is shared between soulmates, Alexander discovers that the perfect person for him isn’t someone he’d ever be caught calling perfect.

(this is the story that goes along with the soulmate injury headcanons I posted a little while ago! I decided I will update it here as well) 

Ch 1 - Providence Is Debatable

He wasn’t afraid of physical pain, and in a world in which it was shared between soulmates, perhaps that was for the better. Alexander would say he had a healthy distaste for it, yet he considered it a small price to pay for things such as expressing his opinions and beliefs. Throughout his life, vocalizing his thoughts with insufficient forethought often led to, less than desirable results. Although, admittedly, even with excessive forethought, the impulsivity of the situation, and Alexander’s own impulsivity would likely lead to similar outcomes regardless.

“This wouldn’t happen if you just learned how to shut up.”

His lips twitched upward as he stood, ignoring Aaron’s outstretched hand. “Someone had to put Charles in his place, didn’t you hear all that bullshit he was spewing in class?”

Aaron shook his head, disapproval evident in his rigid posture, and narrowed eyes. He was always so uptight and passive; Alexander wondered if there was anything he’d passionately defend, or at the very least, speak up for.

“Is it really worth it though?” Aaron asked. “You’re not just hurting yourself, but I’m sure I don’t need to remind you.”

Right, his soulmate. He massaged his upper arm where he had been hit, rubbing away the dull throb. He was unfazed by the pain itself, though he couldn’t quite escape the guilt that would creep through him, whenever he injured himself, or accidentally provoked others into doing it for him. The pain was fleeting for them, whoever they were, it would last no more than twenty seconds, and only the initial blow would be felt. Shared between them, traveling through inseparable connection.

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Why haven’t they ended it yet? Like the kid is going to be able to talk even more soon and one day when they’re using this poor child and he’s around louis he’s going to straight up say “who the fuck is this dude? I don’t know him”

he’ll pull a Mariah lol

Everything feels so different now.

I forgot OUAT was on today. That has never happened since I started shipping CS.

I didn’t rewatch CS scenes from last week’s episode. Never happened before. Usually, I immediately watch them again and over and over.

I think there are several reasons for that. Not rewatching them makes it less real and allows me to keep thinking it’s not really over yet. I’m not ready to say goodbye yet.

I also had a lot of problems with the episode. While I generally liked what we got of CS, I thought there was a lot more that could have been shown and I wish we had gotten a glimpse into their future with their child. I also didn’t like that their scenes were so focused on Wish Hook and that he was the one present when Emma was talking to Henry about them having a baby.

I’m also still coming to grips with Rogers not being our Killian. It wasn’t what I wanted. And I don’t think I want to watch that episode again with that knowledge quite yet.

With that said, I am still going to keep an open mind about this season and try to enjoy the show. Colin is still there and I will always love him. But it’s going to take some time to adjust to how different things are now and not seeing a couple I love so much every week.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was curious to know whether you think Alexander was purposefully cast because he looks like Misha. Also, if you think it's possible Jack's genetic makeup changed because he chose Castiel to be his father, which would explain the resemblance. I haven't seen anyone really talk about this yet, so I was wondering what your thoughts are about it :)

Well…I think it’s a happy accident and I can’t say if that was in the casting director’s minds. But I think it’s cool! And if you want to believe Jack’s genetics changed - go for it!

dragongirl98765  asked:

Hey I don’t think all hope is lost on Chrome yet. If you go back to that scene with Ashkore and Chrome if you pay atention you’lö see that Chrome actually say something like ”just don’t steal anything” before Ashkore makes fun of Chrome for ”showing his fangs”. Why would Chrome say don’t steal anything if he truly hated the guard. It’s almost like he’s saying ”don’t be too cruel on them this time. Maybe Chrome doesn’t want to help Ashkore but is for some reason forced too. What do you think?

I think that he might be being manipulated by Ash and Leiftan or he´s spying them and waiting for the right time, to tell the truth to the Guard. Who knows? There´s so many possibilities :3

The hell, Dean?

Okay, with these last two episodes and how Dean was being with Jack, I was all ready to forgive and forget because I understand why he feels like that: Lucifer killed Cas and is with their mom in a parallel dimension, and yet they’ve got his son along for the ride. I get it. And yet, that understanding flew out of the window when Dean saw Jack trying to kill himself. I’m sorry, but when you see a kid trying to stab themselves repeatedly because they hate what they are, you don’t say ‘hey, don’t do that, I want to be able to kill you’, you try and help. No matter how you feel about that person, you at least be sensitive. I know Dean has essentially no concept of dealing with emotions, but what? I expected better.

anonymous asked:

I remember seeing this post praising Doug Walker/Nostalgia Critic for being super progressive, and my thought was “eh, they’re not really... if anything, they have a very South Park-style ‘offend both sides’ stance.” Which (as you’ve seen) means we’ve gotten lots of bad jokes,

i can’t rlly get mad at you for comparing him to south park bc he has liked south park before but ehh i really don’t think he’s “offend both sides”.

he’s progressive compared to other reviewers, and he doesn’t really make fun of ~sjws~ more than actual assholes at all. even the trigger jokes are just a bad word choice directed at entitled fans and inappropriate men.

it’s safe to say that he knows who to target, but he really doesn’t always know how to target them tastefully- like making fun of meninists, who deserve it, but including virgin-shaming and cissexist in the meantime. yet he usually tends to come around when called out, because he genuinely doesn’t want to offend anyone (to the point he can be a little too centrist at times).

really it’s safer to say he’s “keep a mostly neutral stance save for microaggressions so he doesn’t offend anyone, which is sometimes detrimental in a centrist way” than that he’s “offend both sides”.

anonymous asked:

Peter doing asshole stuff like that makes me wanna pair Johnny with someone else, but I wouldn't even know where to start! It's frustrating and I just want him to be happy

First I want to say that we don’t actually know what’s happening with the Baxter Building yet – we know from the Amazing Spider-Man 789 and the 790 preview that Harry says they need to sell it, and they probably do. But we also know from when Peter bought the Baxter Building that he beat every bid for it, against the advice of, well, everybody, in order to keep it for the Fantastic Four, and we haven’t heard his side of the story yet. They’re probably going to blow up at each other no matter what, but that’s typical. I’m going to confess that I’ll be surprised if this isn’t a bookend to Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #3, where Johnny learned Peter bought the building and tried to fight him before they hugged it out. If there’s a communication problem (and there is a communication problem, but I think the particular way it’s playing out is symptomatic of Slott’s take on Peter, which I personally don’t love), well, Peter started it, but Johnny doesn’t help. If Peter does have to sell the building, it came about through reasons that were ultimately about Peter doing what was right in the moment, although, communication problems again, a phone call probably wouldn’t have hurt. He’s busy banging a different blonde.

I feel like I make fun of Peter a lot/dramatically, but that’s because 1) it’s really easy and 2) I dislike the common fan interpretation of Peter as the Perfect Cinnmaon Roll, because he is a flawed character, and his flaws (and his struggle to be more than them) are a big part of what makes me interested in the character. Trust me, I could make pick apart and make funny of Johnny Storm all day too, and I probably would if the fanon osmosis version of him wasn’t so deeply not who the character is in the complete opposite way from Peter. And I’ve brought this up a couple of times, but a big flaw of Peter’s is that he withholds information from people, often because he thinks it’s for their own good. (His friends would be targets if they knew he was Spider-Man, May might expire on the spot if she knew his role in Ben’s death, etc.) A big part of Mary Jane’s character that I think people miss, for instance, is that Peter never told her he was Spider-Man – she figured it out on her own and eventually confronted him with it when she couldn’t take it anymore. And Johnny, for a large part of their shared history, has given Peter blanket permission to withhold things from him:

So I don’t think Peter’s an asshole so much as he’s just very caught up in his own fall from grace. Slott also tends to play him as initially clueless about a situation for laughs before he gets sincere, which I don’t love, but it is how he writes the character so I sort of expect it. I would be shocked if Peter’s intentions weren’t still to try and protect the Fantastic Four’s legacy in whatever way he can, especially considering he was there the last time the Fantastic Four disappeared and the Baxter Building fell into someone else’s hands:

BUT if you want Johnny shipping options, may I introduce you to Wyatt Wingfoot, The Perfect Man?

Smart, handsome, has occasionally dropped everything to rush to Johnny’s side, did I mention handsome, also, the size difference, if that’s what you’re into?

I have a reading list for them here and just a general ship gushing post here, but anon, he taught him how to ride.