i like that he has josh's voice

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Groban is a better Pierre than Malloy, though. Do you agree?

no, not at all, actually !!!!

i agree that josh groban has a better voice in the traditional sense, but that’s the thing. he sounds amazing, but he doesn’t sound like pierre. pierre as a character is more rough and on edge, and josh sounds too smooth and polished to fit the character. dave’s voice is more gravelly and rough, which is what i usually think of as pierre’s character. so, i agree that from a vocal standpoint josh is better, but dave plays the role more believably.

however, that’s just my opinion. we can agree to disagree.

Evermore is the most gorgeous song that rips your heart out and makes you feel all the FEELS!!

- Josh Groban’s version is absolutely wonderful 

- I literally can’t comprehend how he stole an angels voice and made it even better 

- You can really appreciate the depth and strength of his voice like damn 

- I get Phantom of the Opera vibes and can totally see the song in both 

- Thank you my enchanting siren 


- This one literally makes me clench my heart in pain 

- At the end of the song I’m on the verge of tears 

- You can truly feel how much she has affected him and he can never let her go inside his heart 

- But he does because he is selfless as fuck and wants her happiness before anyone’s 

- It just has so much emotion especially the last lyrics like I’m bawling just writing this 

- Forever in love with you my Beauty 


I was the one who had it all
I was the master of my fate
I never needed anybody in my life
I learned the truth too late

I’ll never shake away the pain
I close my eyes but she’s still there
I let her steal into my melancholy heart
It’s more than I can bear

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she runs away
She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me
Move me, come what may

Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in
And be with me for evermore

I rage against the trials of love
I curse the fading of the light
Though she’s already flown so far beyond my reach
She’s never out of sight

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view
She will still inpire me, be a part of
Everything I do

Wasting in my lonely tower
Waiting by an open door
I’ll fool myself she’ll walk right in

And as the long, long nights begin
I’ll think of all that might have been
Waiting here for evermore!

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what u really need to know about seventeen


  • Mother Hen/leader of the thirteen members
  • His thighs could crush you in .2 seconds
  • is secretly superglued to jeonghan
  • hip hop team leader but has an incredible voice ???


  • goes from soft and sweet to daddy af in the blink of an eye
  • don’t call him a girl or I will fight you personally
  • l a z y bo y watch any funny dance practice I promise he’s fucking around somehow
  • “whose baby are you?”

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It Means (Josh Dun x reader)

Well hello frens. I’m back with another imagine because I have no life other than Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. 😂 anyways pals, this one is kind of dark but I kind of just thought of it and wanted to write it.

If anybody has an idea for an imagine, let me go. I accept requests and it will be written relatively quickly. I accept anything with Josh Dun or Tyler Joseph, I just won’t do smut cause I’m not comfortable writing that. So request imagines even if you don’t follow me! Let me know how you like this one y'all

WARNINGS: abusive relationship (emotionally and physically) ——-

Being with Riley had been great the first three months. He was everything you looked for in a guy and he treated you well at first. You had met him at a show, he gave you his number, and you were brave enough to use it. After a few perfect dates, you and Riley had made it official and it’s been six months since then. The first three months were full of kissing, cuddling, hand holding, all the cliche crap you never thought you would have. You were full of bliss and happiness, until things changed. At first, he was just being a little bossy. He would tell you to change when you wore something that he deemed inappropriate. He told you he didn’t want you talking to any other guy, even your best friend, Josh. You figured it was typical, protective boyfriend kind of stuff. But then the name calling started. He would lash out on you and call you ugly, a slut, a piece of crap. But he would always apologize and say he was just afraid of loosing you, so you stayed. But the last month had been hell on Earth. He had been telling you how to fix yourself. It started with your weight, him telling you to eat lighter until eventually you barely ate anything the whole day. Then he dictated what you would wear everything. And he became rougher and cold, in and out of bed. He wasn’t the Riley you had agreed to date. He was a monster now and made your low self esteem sink even more. You began to hate yourself, feeling like a piece of crap. But you still stayed with him, because he loved you.

It was now your guys six month anniversary and you sat on your couch in his apartment. It was 12:37 am and Riley was God knows where doing God knows what. You had two glasses of wine poured out with a small cake on the table that read “Happy 6 Months.” You wore his favorite dress that he never let you wear in front of other people. It was a simple, thigh length black dress that hugged your body. But here you were, sitting by yourself in an empty apartment on your six month anniversary. On nights like these, when Riley stayed out late, he would come home, drunk and angry. He would yell at you for whatever and tell you that you were a piece of shit that was unworthy of your love. He’d wake up that morning, telling you that he loved you but you had to watch yourself. And you’d forgive him.

The door slammed open, yanking you from your thoughts as you look behind the couch. Riley walked in, slamming the door shut behind him. He was wasted. His hair was a mess, his tie hanging low on his neck. An angry expression played out on his face as he snarled in disgust, seeing what you had set up. “What is this bullshit?” He growled.

“Well, it’s our six month anniversary. I was thinking we could celebrate with some cake and wine.” You said with a small smile, standing up and walking in front of him.

“Are you a retard? You can’t eat cake! You are supposed to be loosing weight, you pig, not gaining it.” Riley spat in your face and you looked down at your feet, feeling tears prick your eyes.

"You are right. That was stupid.” You mumbled quietly as Riley sighed.

"What the hell are you wearing?”

You looked up at Riley who was fuming with anger. “It’s your favorite dress. I wanted to wear it for you.”

"You fucking slut. What makes you think you could wear this without my permission, you whore?” Riley yelled, turned around and hanging his jacket up.

Anger and sadness filled your body, and you didn’t even think before saying “I hardly think I’m a slut cause I wore this dress. And you know, I don’t need your permission.” You knew those words were a mistake as soon as they left your mouth. Riley spun around, his face gnarled and red. You’d never seen him so this mad. Fear rose in your body as Riley raised his hand, striking you with such force that you fell over onto the ground. You looked up at Riley, tears spilling your eyes. “I am so s-sorry.”

“You fucking slut! I try to help you, you worthless piece of shit. But you disobey me and act like a slut. You wear shit like this and practically throw yourself at any guy who looks in your direction, even that Joshua guy.” Riley screamed, taking his foot and kicking you in the gut, causing you to scream out in pain. “Shut up, you deserve this punishment.”

Riley had never gotten physical before but here you were as he continually kicked you. He picked you up and pushed his face in yours, staring into your eyes. “Will you break my rules again? Or will you obey me?”

“I’ll o-obey you. I p-promise.” You cried out as you sobbed. You felt Rileys hand met your face, a burning pain rising to the surface.

“Remember, you’re lucky to have me.” Riley growled as he threw you back on the ground, causing you to land with a soft thud. Your whole body ached as your sobbed. Riley walked off to the bathroom, slamming the door shut. You slowly got up, knowing you had to get out before he exited the bathroom. You ran for the door, not bothering to grab a jacket or shoes. You twisted it open and ran out, heading to the only person that would help you. ——-

It hasn’t been your lucky day at all. Rain pounded down as you had traveled to Josh’s place, causing you to be soaked as you reached his door, timidly knocking. His door opened after a couple minutes and your yellow haired friend opened the door, wiping the sleep away from his eyes. He was only in some pajamas bottom and his hair was wild. He met you with an initial smile before a look of fear and concern spread across his face, looking at you with wide eyes. “(Y/N), what the hell happened? Are you okay?” He said, wrapping his arm around you as he led you inside.

"I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you, I just didn’t know who to go to.” You frantically mumbled as your hands shook, still scared from what had happened.

"It’s fine. What happened? Did Riley do this?” Josh asked and you started sobbing when you heart his name. Josh walked over to you, his strong arms wrapping around you as you buried your face in his neck, clinging to him. “(Y/N), what happened?”

You pulled away slightly but still held on to Josh. He made you feel safe as he softly looked at you, still holding you. He lead you to the couch, wrapping a blanket around you as you both sat down. “It was our six month anniversary. I wanted to surprise him with a cake and wine and his favorite dress. But he came home late, completely drunk and started yelling. I messed up and said something to him and…”

"Did he hit you?” Josh said, anger dancing across his eyes.

"He slapped me a couple times and kept kicking me and I didn’t know what to do.” You sobbed.

"Has he done this before?” Josh said, standing up. You rarely saw him angry but his hands clutched into fists and his face started turning red.

"Josh, please calm down.” You begged. You didn’t want anything to happen to Josh and you didn’t want him to do anything stupid.

”(Y/N), I need to know if he has done this before.”

“He’s never hurt me but…” your voice trailed off, too scared to tell him about the emotional abuse you had dealt with.


"He told me what to do, eat, wear. Who to talk to and not talk to. He called me names and made me feel like nothing.” You whispered, staring down at your hands.

Josh was fuming with anger, but he sat next to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Listen, why don’t you get into some of my clothes, and you can sleep here tonight?”

"Thanks, Josh.”

"Anything for you. I’ll always be here for you.” ——-

You woke up to a phone ringing. It was still dark and you shifted in bed. Josh had given you one of his shirts and some sweats to wear and your hair was pulled in a bun. You reached your phone, you voice dripping with sleep. “Hello?”

"Hey, babe.” Josh’s husky voice filled your ears and your eyebrow raised as you sat up

"Josh, what’s going on? Where are you?” You nervously asked, reaching to turn a light on.

"Listen, I only have a couple minutes to talk, but I kind of got… arrested. I’m at the police department and I need you to bail me out.” Josh meekly said and you could hear the nervousness in his voice.

"What did you do? Why did you leave? Josh?” You asked, fear filling your heart. You already had an idea as to what happened but you needed to hear Josh explain it.

"Listen, I will explain everything but I need you to pay bail and I swear I’ll pay you back. I just really need you to come.” Josh begged.

"Alright, I’m coming.” ——-

You sat in the waiting room now, waiting for Josh to be released. Josh’s bail had required you to pay a visit to an ATM but you had headed to the department immediately. Now you nervously sat there, clutching to your phone. You had changed to one of Josh’s sweaters to hide your bruises from Riley and you wore the sweats you slept in.

”(Y/N)?” You looked up, Josh standing in front of you with a weak smile. You gasped, standing up. He had a huge black eye and a bruise across his cheeks that was swelling slightly. You looked down at his hands, which were also bruised and red in color. You grabbed Josh’s hands and closed your eyes, feeling tears threaten to spill. “Come on. My car is out there.”

Josh wrapped his arm around you and you both exited the station, entering Josh’s car. You sat there in complete silence for a couple minutes before you whispered “What did you do?”

I paid Riley a little visit.” Josh said, his teeth gritted as he mention his name.

“I could infer that much. What did you do?”

”(Y/N), I am your best friend. And as your best friend, I am going to protect you and if anyone hurts you, they’ll pay. So I went to Rileys place and…”

“And what? You thought smacking him around was a good idea. He will just make me pay once I go back.” You yelled. Things would be so much worse for you now.

“What the hell do you mean? You aren’t going back to him. Ever.” Josh said in a strict tone, looking over at you.


"No. I won’t allow it. I didn’t beat the crap out of him for no reason. He made you feel less then you are. You are a beautiful, wonderful, amazing person who deserves the whole world, not some douche bag who doesn’t know how to treat a lady right. He treated you in a way no one should and he is a piece of crap for it. You are not going back to him.” Your heart swelled with joy as you heard Josh’s words. You had been told for so long how pitiful and meaningless you were that tears ran down your cheeks as you tried to digests his words. Riley shouldn’t have treated you like that. You deserved better. It was a difficult concept to wrap your mind around but Josh just stared at you, putting his hand on your cheek, brushing your hand away. “Never ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t worth it or perfect. Cause you are.”

Josh’s eyes were full of love and remorse as he stroked your cheek, washing away any fears or nerves you had. “Josh, thank you. I thought he loved me so I stayed but…”

"Love isn’t hurting the ones you claim to care for. Love is being there for someone on matter what and protecting them. It’s valuing their opinions and thoughts. It’s unwavering support and kindness for a person that you unconditionally love.” Josh said, with a small smile on his face. He looked nervous but content as he said that. Your heart bubbled with joy as you realized Josh did all those things for you and you did all of those things for him. You looked before you at the boy with the yellow hair and softly smiled, realizing you genuinely loved this boy. You put your hand over his and stroked his bruised knuckles.


"Yeah.” He responded, still letting his eyes wonder all over your face.

"You do all of that for me. What does that mean?” You asked, nervous for his response.

Josh sighed, his smile turning to a look of fear as he barely whispered “It means I love you.”

Josh’s hands still laid against your cheek as you smiled, feeling happy for the first time in a while. “Josh?”


"I love you.”

guitar center Josh

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reader x josh: you take an interest in drums, so you go to the local music store to get lessons. but your hormones take more of an interest in your smoking hot instructor.

ps - i know absolutely nothing about drumming or how music lessons go, so forgive me any musicians out there >.< i specialize in smut ok 


“hi, my name is josh dun. i’ll be your drum instructor.” josh greets you with a friendly smile, shaking your hand. right away, you vaguely recognize him as the passionate drummer in “house of heroes” and your muscles go weak. you vividly remember him drumming his heart out, his passion outshining the other guys in the group and turning your insides to mush. 

“hey aren’t you the drummer in house of heroes?” you ask impulsively. you flush at the devilish little smirk he gives you, hoping he didn’t think you were a stalker. 

“you know our band? usually people don’t pay attention to drummers” he jokes. 

“yeah…i um, seen you playing at battle of the bands against that other group, uh…” the name slips your mind, but you remember the singer being equally as passionate and outshining the other group members. 

“twenty one pilots!! yeah, those guys are…amazing, especially tyler. that boy can rap, and his energy levels are just…” he trails off, switching gears in his brain “anyway, it says here we meet at 4 pm on tuesdays and thursdays for half an hour, so we better get started.” 

josh leads you to the drums set up in the back of the store. you realize that unsurprisingly on a rainy tuesday evening, the store is practically empty. when his back is turned, your eyes explore his entire frame from his dark curls and broad shoulders, down to his muscular forearms and ass when he bends over to grab the sticks. josh breaks the ice before your mind starts playing tricks on you, and you curse yourself for fantasizing at a time like this. 

“i’m just going to run through the different parts of the instrument real quick, this is the high hat, this is the bass drum, these are the cymbals…” he continues going through the parts, giving each a tap with the stick so you can hear how each one sounds. 

“ok, now i’ll just demonstrate a simple beat before having you jump right into it. then i’ll let you try it, and we can pick up from there.” he explains, and you nod in understanding, standing in front of him and paying attention. he slowly sets a drumming pattern, relatively simple compared to what you’ve seen him do. but he still gets into it, and you think ahh that’s easy, i can do that. 

“now your turn” he said, smiling kindly and standing from the seat. you take the seat, he hands you the sticks, and suddenly you become aware that you have no idea what to do. you don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of a drummer, nonetheless one you have a crush on. 

“it’s alright, i don’t expect you to get it on the first try. we all gotta start somewhere. just test it out so we can see where you’re at” he said, sensing your hesitation. you nod your head, taking a deep breath before straightening your back and raising your sticks. little do you know, josh isn’t thinking about what a dumb newbie you are. he’s thinking about how he can get you more relaxed, because he’s incredibly interested. he thinks about asking you to come to his show, buying you a drink, and getting to know you better. you perform an uncoordinated replication of his beat, obviously overthinking it. you feel like he’s judging your lack of skill, but his eyes are glossing over all your physical features. he’s biting his bottom lip imagining all the possible scenarios. but he’s broken out of his spell when you slam your sticks down in frustration. 

“i’m a total idiot. i can’t do two different things at once, i’ll never get this” you sigh, completely disappointed in yourself. you actually start tearing up and try to look away because you don’t want him to see you being emotionally vulnerable. 

to your surprise, he comes around behind you and starts rubbing up and down your arms. you feel like you should be alarmed, but it actually relaxes you. so much that your eyes almost rolled back from the feeling of euphoria. you actually suppress a moan when you imagine how easy it’d be for him to simply cup your breasts from this position. oh my god, his hands are fucking magic you think to yourself. 

“shhh, shh you are definitely not an idiot. i had the same problems at first. really, it just takes getting used to, but i need you to trust me and not think i’m judging you. i really want you to learn, okay?” he reassures. he internally celebrates that you’re holding still and letting him touch you. 

“okay” you say, nodding your head and letting out a shaky breath. 

“so, you trust me?”


“good, pick up your sticks and lets see if we can get the pattern.” he instructs. once you’re holding the sticks, he leans over you and holds your hands with the sticks. 

“sorry, this is the best way i could think of” he said in an unmistakably sultry voice. he was even surprised at himself for this move. 

“mmm” you respond, totally unable to concentrate with the feel of him pressed up against your back and holding your hands. you try not to shake, but he has you literally trembling with how submissive you felt at that moment. you couldn’t help but imagine him taking you from behind, and it would be easy with how wet you were. he begins to guide you like this, but you’re no longer suppressing your desires. 

“oh my god, josh” you breathe, rocking back in your seat and pressing against him. he lets go of your hands and you drop your sticks, turning around in your seat. he takes your face in his hands and presses his lips to yours and you can feel the lust in his kiss. you’re aware of how he’s standing between your legs, and you happened to be wearing a black leather mini skirt that day. lucky you remembered to wear panties so he didn’t think you had planned this. you moan into his kiss, hands stroking down his sides and to his hips. you tug at the waistband of his jeans and he grunts, pulling away to undo his jeans. the kindness in his eyes was replaced with this dark, brooding stare. he leaves his jeans unfastened and lifts you up from your seat, and you instinctively wrap your arms and legs around him. he carries you back to the storage room. 

“i wanted to fuck you as soon as i laid eyes on you” josh admitted as he pushed you against the wall. you allowed yourself to be pinned and ravaged by his hands all over your body. he groped your tits before pulling your shirt up and burying his face in your cleavage. you lifted your arms so he could pull it off, then fumbled with your bra strap. you chuckled a little at his frustration and reached behind yourself to unclasp it, and he practically ripped it off you. he didn’t hesitate to dip his head down, licking your nipple and sucking it in his mouth almost painfully hard. you moan, running both your hands through his curls and grinding yourself against his knee between your legs. 

“mmm you like that, huh” he growled, that coy smirk returning to his face. you knew it was more of a statement than a question. 

“yes, more please” you whimper, panting from how he’s still groping your tits. almost as a reward, he helps you rub against his knee and you grip his biceps for support. 

“would you like me to eat your pussy?” he murmurs in your ear before leaving love-bites on your neck, holding the skin between his perfect teeth. you swear that was the most beautiful words you ever heard come from anyone’s mouth and give the sluttiest moan imaginable. that pretty much gave him the answer. 

“uuhhhh god josh, please” you beg, squeezing his biceps harder when his teeth clamp down. you feel your heart racing and all the blood rushing between your legs. he gently licks over the teeth marks in your skin and you soften up on your grip, allowing him to pepper quick little kisses down your stomach until he’s kneeling below you. 

“let’s see how wet you are for me” he said, pushing your tight skirt up your thighs to your waist. he was met with lacy red panties. 

“sexy” he complimented, bringing his fingers up to trace along the top. you shudder from his breath fanning against your bare thighs and instinctively spread your legs wider, giving him permission. 

“well what’s this?” josh smirked, fingers tracing from your clit down to a wet spot that soaked through. he put pressure there, massaging little circles until you were crying out and bucking your hips. 

“fuck, josh fuck fuck” you whisper, panting and unable to form any words from how aroused you are.  

“i’m getting to it. i love you moaning my name like that, baby” he chuckled deeply, hooking his fingers into your panties and pulling them down. he’s purposefully taking his time to tease you and knows you’re in too vulnerable of a state to do anything about it. you step out of your panties when he gets them to your feet and he tosses them aside. you feel exposed to the cool air, and he took a moment to look you over. his first instinct is to place sloppy, wet kisses towards your inner thighs to torment you until you’re shaking and spreading your legs even wider. he lifted one of your legs to place over his back and slide his ring and middle fingers inside you. you gasp, the sudden intrusion giving you instant relief and something clamp around. he pumped them a few times before spreading you open with his thumb. he licked from where his fingers were inside you to your swollen clitoris and honed in on it. 

“damn baby, you taste so sweet. and you’re so pink. i could eat your delicious pussy for hours” josh moaned, pulling out his fingers and sucking off your juices. you watch him with your mouth agape and your head rolled back against the wall as he slid them back in you. he sucked your inner labia before flicking his tongue directly over your clit, causing you to twitch involuntarily. that familiar feeling began pooling in your lower stomach as he relentlessly lapped at your clit.

“josh, you’re gonna make me cum” you moaned breathlessly, gyrating against his tongue. 

“fuck, that’s so hot baby. cum all over my tongue” he talked with his mouth to your pussy so you could feel his breaths. his tongue slid into your hole with his fingers and that sent you over the edge, contracting violently around them. he wiggled his fingers inside you, pressing his lips to your clit to suck gently, which intensified your orgasm. it’s so good, you doubled over and he caught you while standing back up. he wrapped his hand around your throat and kissed you, full of tongue so you could taste yourself in his mouth. 

“good girl” he praised while shifting his pants and briefs off his hips to free his throbbing erection. he lifted you up again, backing you to the wall as he guided his cock to your sloppy entrance. you braced yourself, wrapping your arms around his neck as he slowly entered you. your eyes rolled back as he slid deeper, stretching you out until he was pushed all the way to the hilt. you drop your head back, exposing your throat, which he licked and kissed immediately. as you adjusted around his girth, you realize josh’s cock is the biggest you’ve had. when he began humping you, your body became engulfed in flames and your mind shut off.

“fuck me josh, yes, please, harder!” you scream as he bounced you on his cock. you held on to him for dear life, squeezing your legs around his waist to pull him deeper. he was panting against your neck, making these guttural sounds that let you know he was feeling it just as much as you were. 

“damn baby girl, your pussy grips my dick like no other” he whispered, pounding into you to punctuate it. you whined and bit down on his shoulder, digging your heels into his ass. 

“i’m slipping” you whimpered, still grinding your dripping pussy on his cock. 

“i got you, baby. here” he said, pulling you away from the wall and easing you down on the floor. he never pulled out of you, and as soon as he laid you on your back, he was able to fuck you more freely without the restrictions of gravity. your hands clawed at his shirt, trying to pull it off. he supported himself on one arm, pulling his shirt over his head and sitting back on his knees. he wrapped his arms around your thighs as leverage to yank you to him, forcing a strangled sound from your throat at how swiftly he entered you. he resumed his thrusting, watching how you were writhing and arching your back each time he entered you. from the angle, he was hitting all the right spots in you and you were able to drool over his hot chest and abs while he fucked you. that’s when it hit you that your hot drum instructor was owning you right there on the floor and you moaned. 

“h-harder, fuck me harder, josh” you pleaded, and josh grinned at the opportunity to make you beg. 

“oh, you want it rough? how bad you want it, slutty princess?” he asked. 

“so bad, josh, please just give it to me” you begged, bucking your hips the best you could. he held onto your thighs tighter, pinning you down. 

“that’s right. i’m the only one that can give it to you like this, remember that” josh said, pulling back until he was barely inside you before slamming into you. it forced another scream from your throat and you cried for him to keep going, voice already hoarse. 

“you’re the only one” you repeated, bringing your fingers down to rub your clit as you felt your climax approaching. you paid attention to the obscene sounds of his skin slapping against yours and his sexy little grunts. before you know it, another orgasm is rushing through your body and you’re twisting in pleasure with high, needy moans pouring from your mouth. 

“fuck, that’s so sexy” josh huffed, watching you fall apart for him yet again, “where do you want me to cum?” he asked. 

“cum inside me, josh. i want you to fill me up” you answered, and he raised an eyebrow. 

“don’t worry, i’m on birth control” you said, smiling at him and licking your lips. he nodded his head and sped his hips up, thrusting with vigor and purpose. 

“you want it in you, damn, i’m gonna give it to you baby” he said, letting go of your thighs and moving to rest his body back on top of you. a moment later his hips slowed considerably and he was cumming inside you with moans of your name on his lips. you hugged his body tighter to you, running your hands over his back as he pumped you slowly through his own slickness. he remained on top of you, softly kissing your lips and neck until both your breathing went back to normal and his dick softened. 

“oh my god” you said, breaking the comfortable silence. 

“yeah” josh said, laughing. the kindness returned to his eyes and he seemed exactly like how you first met him. only difference was now, he was finally pulling out of you and wiping his cum off your lower lips with your own panties. 

“umm…we’ll just hide these back here. so, see you thursday?” josh said, winking. you laughed as you were putting your clothes back on. 

“it’s a date” you said, kissing him on the lips before heading out of the back of the store. 


also here’s this interview of josh talking about drums 😍

Goodbye (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Joe x Reader (Including Caspar, Jack, Conor, Josh,Oli and Mickey)

It has been three weeks since Y/N walked away from Joe. Three really long weeks for both of them. Well for them all actually.

The weird thing is that no only did Joe and Y/N suffer because of this but each and every member of their crew. And Y/N knew that. She hated herself for making the boys argue and fight. She hated herself for making these sweet boys sad and disappointed. It tore her apart. She knew that there was only one thing she could do to make things better. She had to go away.

The first person who she visited was Caspar. As she walked up to his door she could hear him talking to someone.
“Hey there.” She said when he opened the door.
“I’ll call you back.” Caspar said and hang up the phone. Hugging her was so natural and normal thing for them. He’s aware that she is Joe’s ex girlfriend but she was Caspar’s best friend. She was someone who he could talk to no matter what. He knew that would never change.
“I missed you.” He said.
“I’ve missed you too.” She said and took a seat on the couch. “I need to tell you something.”
“Is everything okay?” He asked while sitting down.
“I’m leaving. I’m going back home.”
“But you are home.” He said holding back the tears. “This is your home. It has been for years. You will work this out. You can’t leave.” He said and hugged her.
“I’m not sure about that Cas. But I know that I can’t stay there, not in this town. Not now. You have to understand.” She said hugging him tighter. He just nodded.

The next day she went to Maynard’s house. She knew that Jack, Conor and Josh were there, it was only noon. So they were either sleeping or having breakfast. When she knocked on the door Josh opened it. He had surprise written all over his face yet he greeted her with a smile.
“It’s been a while.” he said and hugged her.
“I surely has.”

“Y/N!” Conor and Jack said when she walked in the kitchen.
“You two need a shower.” She said us she hugged them.
“We’re not planning on going out today so that’s not going to happen.” Said Conor and they all laughed. Y/N missed this. She was aware that it has only been few weeks since they all hanged out like this but she truly missed it.
“So what brings you here?” Jack asked as they ate.
“I came to say goodbye.” She said without looking up.
“What for? You going somewhere?” Josh asked as he took a seat next to her.
“Actually I am. I’m going home.”
“For how long?” Conor asked without that happy note in his voice. For once he didn’t show any emotions.
“I don’t know. I just need a break from this town and this life.” She said and Jack hugged her.
“We understand.” He said. Even though she knew that they didn’t understand. it was clear, they weren’t that good actors. And how could they understand? How could anyone understand this. She didn’t understand it herself, so why would any of them.
“’Ello, ‘ello!” Yelled Mikey when he walked in the apartment. Changing his expression when he saw Y/N. “Hey!!” Yelled Oli when he walked behind him. “Y/N?” He simply looked at his best mate’s ex girlfriend.
“Hey guys.” Y/N said.
“What are you doing here?” Mikey asked.
“She came to say goodbye, she’s leaving London.” Conor said.
“Oh..  Have you told Joe?” Oli asked which made her smile. She found it cute that he care about Joe that much. She knew that Joe would be fine with these guys in his life.
“I’m going to tell him tonight.”
“When are you leaving?” Josh asked.
“Tomorrow. I came to say goodbyes so we don’t have to do this at the train station. It’s easier this way.” She said and took a deep breath. “Take care of each other and please don’t fight because of me or anyone else.” She said and left.

It took him few seconds to open the door for her. He stood there in his sweatpants and t-shirt, looking as handsome as ever. Walking into his apartment all kinds of emotions took over her body. Sadness, happiness, jealousy..
“It’s good to see you.”
“You too.” she said and took a seat by the kitchen counter.
“It’s been a while.”
“I’m sorry about that.. I’ve been busy.” Joe said sill not looking at her. “Do you want something to drink?” He asked.
“No thanks I won’t stay long.”
“Oh.” Was all he manged to say.
“I’m leaving tomorrow. “ Hearing these words Joe looked at her. “I came here to say goodbye.” She looked at him. He didn’t make a move. He just looked at her without saying a word.
“You don’t have to leave because of me.. of us..” He said and took a sip of drink he was holding in his hands.
“You know that’s not true.. this thing.. we’re affecting everyone around us.. I am affecting everyone around me.. and I can’t handle that. I can’t… I won’t be responsible for wrecking your group..”
“For fuck sake you’re not responsible for anything! It’s not your fault any of this happened…”
“Maybe. But I can’t deal with this.” She said and look his hand. Taking long and deep breath she looked at the eyes he once loved. She saw sadness and hurt in them, and as he looked at her they filled up with tears. “Goodbye Joe.” She said and walked away from the kitchen. Taking a last look at the place she once considered home. Looking at the man she loved for the last time. Even though she never said it she hoped he would tell her to say. She hoped he would tell her that he loves her and that he can’t imagine his life without her.
Yet he never did any of those things. He wanted her to stay but he never said it.

Seventeen in a nutshell: Jun

Jun is the next in the svt in a nutshell series! Just a warning it is pretty long because I am 100% junhui trash. Check out the others on my masterlist !

Jun / Junhui in a (very big)  nutshell:

  • okay jun is like my ult bias so here we go
  • 96 liner born in China, ½ of the legendary China Line
  • Korean has improved 10000% since debut
  • basiavlly saved kpop with his very existence
  • on my multifandom blog everything with him is literatly tagged with “jun saved kpop”
  • Member of performance team and can do crazy flips and shit as well
  • was blonde during aju nice era and my soul left my body
  • so all of svt are visuals but jun…he’s like a visual king
  • but the thing is…he knows it?
  • even he agrees with the members he takes the most selfies
  • when asked to name the top 7 visuals in seventeen he just listed his name 7 times in korean, chinese, and english
  • has said two words in english: “so beautiful”
  • greasy boy
  • the mansae part switch version singlehandily caused me to become junhui biased
  • he had blue hair for .5 seconds
  • his smirk is the most deadly thing on this planet I swear
  • other than his long ass legs jesus
  • okay lets move on from his looks god im sorry
  • such a freaking talented dancer 
  • go watch highlight fr
  • like the way his body moves…he can be so fluid yet sharp idek
  • He is such a meme, like don’t get him around Vernon or Josh bc of this
  • actually has such an incredible voice
  • GO WATCH “STILL LONELY” and then come back please
  • okay did you enjoy? did you hear his voice? good
  • luvs / hates / relies on minghao 
  • they did some Chinese interviews and boi he shined! 
  • deserves more lines overall like I know its hard and svt is usually really good about it but let my boy sing
  • so he is a king of dancing and being greasy and serving major looks 25/7
  • often gets covered by logos in tv show interviews plz show him more love and stan him I barley know any jun stans
  • is also like 6 ft tall so theres that
  • okay that’s enough I love Jun in case you couldn’t tell

Thank you if you stuck all the way until the end! Hoshi will be up next :) I am going in age order!

My submissions, requests, ships, scenarios, and MTLs are all open!

I loved you

Warnings: Fluff, angst… THIS IS VERY SAD OK?

A/N: this isn’t a request, i was listening to charlie puth and this came into my mind. SO I RECOMMEND TO LISTEN TO HIS SONG CALLED DANGEROUSLY WHILE READING THIS

REQUESTS HERE!! / Masterlist

You couldn’t be more nervous. It was going to be your first time singing live on TV. The Grammys. Who would have told the 12 year-old you that you were going to sing in the most important music awards. Nobody would’ve believed you.

In the last three month you met a lot of new people, you had new friends. And all because of him.

Joshua William Dun. The boy who broke your heart because he was scared to hurt you. It was so ironic. He left you because he didn’t want you to suffer but you did. He broke you in a million pieces.

This was only four months on from when he said goodbye to you. And it was going to be the first time that you two see each other after all that time. He was there, among the public, waiting to see the next performance. It was yours.

A member of the staff came next to you to remind that you had to be on stage in two minutes.

It felt like a second. When you realised that you were down the stage, you wanted to start crying. The only thing that you needed for the performance was the microphone, no decorations, no dancers. It was just you.

When the applauses ended, you had to start talking. “It’s such an honor to be here tonight.” your voice cracked. “Specially because there’s a lot of important people in here watching me. I feel really lucky.”

The people started to applaud you again.

“I wanted to sing something special tonight. And I have to thank my good friend Charlie for letting me make a version of his song.” you took a breath. “A long time ago I met a person who made me feel the most important person in this world. He made me feel confident and great about myself. But everything ended in a painful way. I was in pain even though he didn’t do that to hurt me.”

My eyes started to tear in the same moment that his eyes caught mine. Josh was there, standing up next to Tyler and he looked as sad as I was. He knew that every word that I’d say was about him.

“But maybe this is what happens when you love someone dangerously.”

Then, the song started.

Every single word reminded you of him. You couldn’t stop thinking about the most beautiful moments that you lived with Josh. Fights, makeups, kisses… You were reminding everything.

“Knew we would crash at the speed that we were going. Didn’t care if the explosion ruined me.” That couldn’t be more true. Maybe your relationship went a little bit too fast, but it was enough for you. You felt loved by someone and that was amazing.

“It was a matter of time.” It was? Yeah, probably.

Everybody in the public seemed to be feeling the sadness in you voice. You could even saw some people crying. And one of those persons was Josh. Tyler was rubbing his arm trying to comfort him, but it wasn’t enough.Josh wanted to jump into the stage and hug you until the end of the days. Tell you that he regretted everything that he said and did in the same moment that he crossed your house’s door. Josh just wanted you to be with him again.

When you finished the song, the whole crowd erupted in applause. In any way, that comforted you a bit. You smiled when a lot of people started shouting your name and some others were crying even more than you.

“Thank you so much!” your attempt to sound happy didn’t went really well, your voice cracked again.

While walking out of the stage you cleaned some tears that were rolling down your cheeks with your hand. The first person that you saw in backstage was Charlie, whose eyes were red.

“Please, tell me that you haven’t cried.” you smiled while hugging him.

“I’ve cried with my own song, (Y/N). It wouldn’t be that sad if I didn’t know the story behind your tears.” he put a hand on your face. “You’ve done it. And you’re here. Alive.”

“Just on the outside.” Charlie shook his head. “It sounded very dramatic. Forger it.”

Your friend kissed you in the forhead. “Go to your dressing room and get relaxed. You deserve it.”

“I love you.”

“Not as much as I do, little one.”

His words made you smile. He was right. You just needed to get relaxed in your dressing room, forget about everything just for a couple of minutes.

Some other people congratulated you while they saw you walking down the backstage. Fortunately your dressing room wasn’t too far from the stage. The first thing that you did once you were all alone was take your shoes off and throw them away.

“You look so beautiful.” a voice said behind you. His voice.

You turned around instantly and your eyes met his. “What are you doing here, Josh?”

“I couldn’t stay there and act like nothing has happened. I needed to see you. And god, you’re so beautiful (Y/N).”

“Josh, don’t. Please.” you turned away from he. “Not now, after all this time.”

“Baby, I’m so sorry about what happened. I didn’t want to do it, I promise.”

“Then, why you did it, Josh?!” you screamed. You had just exploded. “You left me all alone, with my heart completely shattered by something so stupid! Why, Josh?”

“Cause I was scared! I was scared to hurt you and scared of – not being the man that you deserve.”

The tears started to roll down your cheeks again. “Why would you think that? You’re the best person that I’ve ever met. And I loved you, Josh! More than everything.”

Loved?” he sounded sad. “That means that you don’t love me anymore?”

“No. It doesn’t mean anything. I still loving you.”

Josh tried to grab your hand but you pulled back. “No. I just can’t forgive you. Not after all this time.”

“Why? (Y/N) I regret everything! I love you and you’re the one who I will always love.”

“If you love me that much – Why didn’t you just came back? I waited for you for more than a month! Sleeping with my phone on my hands just to get sure that if you called me I could answer the call. I was willing to forgive you, Josh.”

He put his head down. “But not now. All this fucked my head up. And now I just want to be alone. I’m sorry Josh, but this is the time when I’m the one who’s scared.”

Saudade: Ch2

Sure, you knew Josh leaving for tour would be bad, but you never thought it would be this bad. The apartment was so empty and quiet without him. Everything felt so sad and gray, as if every bit of sunshine within your life was swept away, leaving you all alone. The bed felt so much bigger without him there to cuddle you and there was an ache between your legs that your fingers just couldn’t seem to satiate no matter how hard you tried. Every time you called Josh, more than half of the time, it went straight to voicemail. You blamed it on bad luck, knowing very well it was just the time zone changes and his busy schedule, but secretly in the back of your head, you worried if maybe he didn’t even miss you at all. The only time you were able to see him was through the old photos in your phone, and the only chance you could get to hear his voice was through that stupid cheesy voicemail of disappointment.

“Hey,” you greeted a little to overexcitedly one time a call actually got picked up. “How are you doing baby? I’ve missed you so much.”

“Tired,” a weak, miserable, quiet voice responded. Josh must’ve been exhausted. “I’ve had a super busy day.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” you mumbled, instantly picking up on the way he wasn’t nearly as excited to talk to you as you were with him. “How have things been going?”

“It’s great,” his voice perked up and you frowned a little bit at his sudden show of enthusiasm. “Tyler and I have been selling out almost every show. It’s so much fun and our fans make us the coolest art, I swear. The merch has been going like crazy, life’s been good on the road, it’s insane.” There was a pause and you waited for him to tell you the part where he wished you were there with him or how much he missed you or that he wanted more than anything for you to be there in his arms, but it never came.

“So-” you began to ask another question when you got cut off.

“Ty is going to bed and I am too, it’s really late,” he yawned. “I’ll talk to you later. I love you.”

“Love you,” you murmured back before promptly getting hung up on. That had been the last call you had with Josh in two weeks.

It was a late Friday night when it all began. Josh had been gone for about a month now, and you were sitting on the couch wrapped up in a blanket, watching your favorite TV show and trying to take your mind off things. But it didn’t help. You missed the way Josh would wrap his arms around you or kiss your neck or play with your hair or try to distract you from the screen. You closed your eyes tight before staring at your phone. You knew he probably wasn’t even awake right now but you tried to call him. Of course, he didn’t pick up. You bit down on your lower lip and pressed the button again, and again, and again, and before you knew it, you had ten missed phone call attempts.

“I hate this,” you groaned, angrily tossing your phone to the ground and feeling frustrated and exhausted and sad. Tears began to form in your eyes and so you took a deep breath, heading to the kitchen. Maybe all you needed was a little wine. You opened up the cabinet where you kept the drinks, bottles that you had received for holidays but never touched since neither you or Josh drank often, and picked up a red wine. You fumbled in the drawer for a corkscrew and then began to get a glass when you decided fuck it, you probably needed the entire thing. So you walked over to the couch, wine bottle in hand, and began to drink.

Vision growing hazy, more than half of the bottle gone, you tried to fix your eyes to the television. That’s when you started to think over things. Just because Josh was gone shouldn’t have meant that your life should go downhill all of a sudden. You could be independent and happy and confident without him. You didn’t need him in order to have a good time. So you took several more gulps of wine, feeling a nice buzz, switching off the television and picking up your phone, switching it to one of your favorite songs and dancing around the house, singing at the top of your lungs. You pranced into your bedroom, not really thinking right, and slid open the closet, picking out a fancy dress and changing into it, then admiring yourself in the mirror. As the final notes of your song played, you switched off your phone, deciding to leave it home and go for a nice stroll, stepping into a pair of heels and fixing up your hair, then walking down the street.

It didn’t take but less than ten minutes before someone stopped you. “Woah there!” a lady laughed. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m feeling great!” you tried your best attempt to cover up your overzealous bubbly behavior. “Just super excited.”

“Okay,” she gave a small smile. “Just wanted to make sure you’re fine.” She began to walk away and you put on a confident smile.

Quickly, your eyes were drawn to the street signs, bright lights, the way the city seemed so much more alive at night time. A small bar caught your eye. You hadn’t really been to a lot of bars before, except for a couple occasions with Josh, which were usually just small celebrations with friends or for business. Then again, you didn’t drink that often either. But with Josh gone and the aftertaste of red wine on your tongue, you decided to push open the door and walk in, smug smile on your face, strutting towards a chair and ordering a shot of tequila. “Just you?” the bartender raised an eyebrow.

“Yes sir,” you nodded. “I’m a lone ranger tonight.”

“I admire that,” he chuckled, pouring your drink. You downed it, instantly wishing you hadn’t. Unlike the wine, this was much more strong, and you forced yourself to swallow it, feeling the odd sensation tingle down your throat.

“Hey there beautiful,” a gentleman sat beside you in the bar, lips tugged up in a smirk. You eyed him carefully, noticing he looked somewhat familiar. He had his hair gelled back, dress shirt and pants, and a fancy tie. Wide lips, handsome face, dangerous eyes, everything about him looked like trouble. You loved it.

“You talking to me?” you inquired.

“I did say beautiful, didn’t I?” he reminded.

“Charming,” you rolled your eyes.

“We’ll take two margaritas,” he told the bar tender. “And her previous drink’s on me.”

“Definitely charming,” you chuckled.

“It’s what I do,” he winked. “Brendon, by the way.”

“Y/n,” you introduced yourself.

“Lovely name for a lovely lady,” he nodded. “You come here alone?”

“Lucky for you, I did,” you replied.

Just like that, the two of you struck up a conversation. You talked for what seemed like just a couple seconds, when really, hours were passing between the both of you. Brendon gave off a nice vibe, the sort of quirky yet handsome guy everyone would want to be friends with, and he was even kind enough to pay for you. He showed you some of his tattoos and you both talked about one of your favorite TV shows, the time flying as you conversed between each other. Several drinks, a lot of laughs, plenty of flirting, until finally, the long waited question was presented. “So, you single?” Brendon inquired.

“Nah,” you shook your head. “My boyfriend’s out of town.”

“Is he now?” his eyes lit up, his lips parting slightly to let out a dark chuckle.

“Yeah we’ve been dating for a couple years now,” you explained. “He’s really nice. But he’s been gone for a really long time.”

“How long?” Brendon wondered.

“A little over a month,” you sighed. There was a couple seconds of silence that passed, as if he was thinking hard about the next thing he was going to say.

“Well if you ever get lonely…” he flickered his eyes up to you. “I’m always available.”

“Are you now?” you gave a sly smile at the sound of his offer.

“Well, only for you,” he admitted.

“I don’t have any plans tonight,” you mentioned. “Wouldn’t want to be lonely either.”

“I’m sure,” he chuckled. “Mind if we take this back to my place?”

“Not at all,” you replied. “In fact, I’d love to.”

Honestly, you never intended to meet anyone at the bar, especially anyone half this charming and good looking, but you did. Even more so, you wouldn’t ever have thought yourself to be the kind to continue the night with the mysterious stranger back at his home, getting even more drunk than you already were, cuddling up with him on the couch and listening to chill music, a blanket wrapped around the two of you, his arms loosely wrapped around your waist. “So you’ve been all alone lately,” he murmured, glancing at you, casually placing a hand on your knee. “Do you ever take care of yourself?”

“What do you mean?” you raised an eyebrow, looking up at him.

“Do you ever have a little fun?” he rephrased the question, sliding his hand up your thigh, leaning in closer to you. Brendon’s voice dropped low. “I bet you do.”

“Maybe,” you admitted, flickering your eyes up to meet him. “So what?”

“I could offer a little assistance perhaps,” he smirked. “I mean, with you being all by yourself these days.”

“I think I’d like that,” you bit down on your lower lip, studying his eyes, your entire body still buzzing from the amount of alcohol in your system. You leaned in closer, lips barely pressed against his. “I think I’d love it.” Before you could even process what you were doing, you kissed him and closed your eyes, it instantly heating up as you grabbed handfuls of his shirt and began tugging it off, his tongue slipping into your mouth, his hands getting a firm grip on your thighs, kissing you passionately.

“Y/n baby, get on your knees for me,” he murmured and you nodded your head, sliding to the floor and working at his belt buckle, sliding off his pants before palming him through his boxers, causing him to let out a moan. You tugged down the waistband and widened your eyes, then flickered your gaze back to Brendon. “What? Too big for you, sweetheart?” You returned your attention back to the task at hand, grabbing onto his hips and kissing the head of his cock before taking it into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down, closing your eyes and hollowing your cheeks. You hummed, making a moan spill out from his mouth, his hands tugging tight on your hair. “That’s right baby, suck me real good.” He jerked at your hair, fucking your face roughly before pulling out, lifting you up to your feet and sloppily kissing you again.

“Fuck,” you gasped when you felt his hand squeeze one of your tits, and he trailed his lips down your neck, nipping and sucking hard at your skin. He trailed his hand down your stomach, then below your dress, snaking up towards your underwear and higher, lifting the dress up your stomach and then pulling away to tug it up off your head and throw it to the ground. He then unclasped your bra skillfully, sliding that off and tossing it aside, using both hands to grab your breasts, rubbing small circles over your nipples with his thumb, then kissing his way down to suck on them, moving his hands towards your stomach and hips, hooking his fingers around your panties and tugging them down your legs, helping you step out of them.

“So beautiful,” he mumbled, kissing you and grabbing your ass tight, pressing up closer to you and causing you to wrap your legs around his waist. He slid his tongue into your mouth, carrying you to his bedroom and kicking closed the door, laying you down on the bed and kissing your breasts, your stomach, your thighs, but before even pressing his lips to your folds, he glanced up at you, sensing the desire and desperation in your eyes, smirking and then lifting himself up.

“Please,” you begged. “Don’t tease me like that Brendon.”

“Why? What do you want?” he continued, his soft breath brushing against your core.

“Fuck me,” you pleaded. “I need it.”

“Need, huh?” he raised an eyebrow, chuckling softly. “You stay right there, spread those legs for me, and don’t you dare even think about touching yourself.” You did as told and watched as he quickly opened the drawer of his nightstand, fumbling for a condom, ripping it open and sliding it on in no time before climbing on top of you and kissing you again. His hands and lips seemed to be everywhere all at once, his rough, quick, desperate movements making adrenaline rush through your veins, his intense eyes luring you in and filling you with lust. Brendon seemed to have the magic touch. Every time his skin came in contact with yours it was as if being ignited, engulfed in flames, melting and burning and incinerating all at once. It was so reckless and amazing and dangerous and you loved it. Then again, you were drunk as fuck, so you didn’t even process half of what was happening, but all you knew was that you never wanted this feeling to stop.

“Holy shit,” you moaned, scratching your fingernails into his back as he rocked in and out of you, thrusting harder and faster each time. The feeling was overwhelming, each inch sinking into you making your entire body shudder, and he was gasping as the two of you came, clinging onto each other desperately. Your hips rolled upwards in perfect syncopation as you rode out the waves of your orgasm, and when he pulled out, you were both struggling to catch your breath.

“That was fucking amazing,” he breathed. He rolled over to the side of the bed, leaving you to try and slow your heartbeat, your entire body still shaking from the intensity. He returned to your side several short moments later, wrapping you in his arms, tugging up a blanket and wrapping it around both of you.

“Brendon,” you whispered, rolling over to face him and kiss him again, sliding your tongue in his mouth. When you pulled away, he smiled at you. “That was one of the best fucks of my entire life.”

“Same here,” he smirked. “I don’t think I want it to end.”

“Me either,” you sighed, hugging him tight. The entire room smelled like alcohol and sex. The lights were off, moonlight filtering through the blinds, the whole room calm and still and peaceful. Just to think that moments ago you were both noisy as hell, fucking each other relentlessly, causing all the ruckus in the world, and now it was so silent and quiet, it sent a shiver down your spine. He must’ve sensed your uneasiness, because he let out a soft exhale, tilting his head slightly.

“Take it easy, babe,” he reassured, kissing your forehead. He rubbed small circles on your back, calming you down. “It’s probably just the alcohol in your system. Just get some rest.”

“Thank you,” you mumbled sleepily.

“It was my pleasure,” Brendon chuckled. “Believe me.”

“I don’t know,” you yawned. “I mean, I had quite the night.”

“I think we both did,” he laughed softly. There was a pause. “You don’t have to leave right away in the morning, uh, if you don’t want to.”

“I don’t think I’m going to leave anytime soon,” you giggled, placing a kiss to his lips.

“I like the sound of that,” he grinned. “But it’s late baby, you should get some sleep.”

“Goodnight, Brendon,” you murmured, nuzzling up to his chest, closing your eyes.

“Sweet dreams y/n,” he replied.

“Nice to see you again“

Request: “Can you do an imagine where Josh’s high school girlfriend gets pregnant before he goes on his first tour and she doesn’t tell him anything cause se didn’t want to ruin his dream of being a drummer? And then they run into each other years later and stuff. That was kinda specific lol (I love your writing so much ❤)“

(A/N): I had some serious difficulties but I was determined to finish this thing, so I hope you like it. Thank you for requesting x

Words: 2,272 

Originally posted by sailormoomins

“Mommy!“ an agonisingly voice cries, as you walk through the door.

“What‘s wrong, buttercup?“ you panic, wrapping your arms around the little 6 year old and pull her close, gently rubbing her back. She tries to speak, but the words coming out of her mouth are barely understandable by the sobbing sound. She sobs into your chest unceasingly, hands clutching at your jacket. You hold her, rocking slowly as the tears soak your chest. After a while she pulls away, blinking lashes heavy with tears, that make tracks down her face and drip from her trembling chin, while clear watery snot streak from her nostrils down to her slightly open quivering lips.

“Do you wanna tell mommy why you‘re crying, Lia?“ you ask softly, voice filled with concern, while wiping away her tears with both of your thumbs.

“L-lucas made f-fun of me b-because I don‘t have a d-dad. I told him I do, b-but he called me a l-liar!“ 

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I’ve just come off of watching “A Dog’s Purpose” [f u Josh Gad for voicing a corgi at one point…] and now I’m thinking…

“Imagine if Gaston had a dog from the start…”

I mean I know it’s a long shot but imagine:

Gaston having come back from the war, he’s clearly suffering a little PTSD, so LeFou suggests maybe Gaston get himself a dog.

Hell, further, LeFou will bring home– I mean to Gaston’s home a dog. He gives little throwaway lines like “I know he’s small, but he’ll be a good hunting dog when he’s bigger” or “Gaston, look at her! She already adores you… I mean, it’s hard not to see why because you’re you!”…

It takes a while for Gaston to warm up to the runt [and it is a tiny thing, but LeFou insists that sometimes the smallest of the litter will grow to be the biggest and best one], but then one day Gaston and LeFou are walking through the down square [with their Gaston’s dog] and they come across the Headmaster [walking with his students], who makes a remark to his boys about being leery of growing up to be like Gaston… and suddenly the Headmaster yelps because the little scamp of a dog pees on him.

LeFou is proud af but he tries to act horrified and gently reprimands the little dog. He looks at Gaston, a bit afraid of his reaction until he sees the smirk and the gleam of pride in his eyes. When Gaston started to walk away, he paused and gently snapped his fingers, calling for his dog with a fondness LeFou has never heard before. From that moment on, Gaston is never without both his most faithful companions; his dog and his LeFou.

It was the best idea LeFou has ever had.

[more so during the times that their Gaston’s dog always growls at anyone – male or female – that gets too close to Gaston… except LeFou, naturally] 

anonymous asked:

do a imagine were you get in a car crash and he's worried sick or something like that

here u go!! hope you like it xx. 


Josh’s smiling face lit up your screen.  You slid to answer, quickly pressing the speaker button so you could continue to navigate your way through the city.

“Hey baby,” you chirp.

“Hey there,” Josh says, “just checking in to see how far out you guys were.”

“We’re literally less than a block away,” you say, “but with Y/B/N driving it might be another fifteen minutes.”

“Excuse me if my only goal is to get us there in one piece,” your brother says slyly, his knuckles white on the steering wheel.  “Columbus drivers suck,” he says to Josh.

Josh laughs through the line.

“Take the next right,” you instruct.  “So are you nervous for tonight?” you ask your boyfriend.

“I’m always nervous, but you being there will definitely add to that,” he chuckles.

“I’ve seen your shows before,” you protest.

“Yeah and I was a wreck for all of those too,” he says.

You’re about to respond, but you’re cut off by a loud horn honking.  Your head whips in the direction of the noise, and as it’s as if your life turns to slow motion, because in that split second, you suddenly notice so many things.  The blinking stop light, the venue just down the road, the sun reflecting off from the red car about to smash into you.  Then everything goes black.  

You wake up and your head is pounding, like built up pressure, ready to pop at any second.  You hope it doesn’t explode.  You can hear muffled cries around you, people talking.  You try desperately to move, you try to cry out for help but your entire body seems to be paralyzed.  You inhale sharply, air finally filling your lungs, and you peel your eyes open with force.  Something bright stares back at you.  Maybe this was heaven.  How cliche.  But then there’s a stabbing pain in your back and the first thing you think is that death should not hurt this bad. You try to move your head to look around, but there’s a pair of hands squeezing your head, preventing it from moving.  

“Baby” someone whispers, keeping your head on their leg as they kneel behind you.

Everything is so blurry.  Your head is so foggy.  You squeeze your eyes shut harshly, and when you open it, Josh’s worried face comes into focus.

You quickly begin to panic.  Your breathing is shallow, choppy hitches that don’t satisfy your lungs.  The pain radiates through you, it’s full impact finally coming into effect.  You don’t remember what happened or how you ended up on the pavement, but Josh is here.  Josh is here and for that you’re relieved.

“Josh-“ you sob, but your voice sounds all bubbly and unnatural, which scares you even more.  

“It’s okay. Everything’s going to be fine. Don’t worry, baby.“

You try to swallow, but your throat feels so blocked.  Random shots of pain hit in various spots.  Throbbing in your back, knives in your chest, you try to wiggle your toes, and fear shoots through you when you realize you can’t.  

“Josh,” you cry, trying to find a part of him to hold, “I can’t move my legs. I move my legs. Oh, no. Oh, please, no.”

You try to lift your head up, needing to know how bad this really was, but Josh pushes your shoulders down, forbidding you from moving.  He’s shaking his head sharply.  

“No. No. Don’t. It’s okay, everything’s going to be okay.” He says, trying to force a small smile.

You start to shake violently, your body convulsing. Josh notices, and starts rubbing your hair with his fingertips. He’s mumbling quiet “You’re okay”’s under his breath and leans down to press a soft kiss to your forehead.

But you’re not. You could see it in his eyes.  You’re not okay.  

With Josh distracted and stroking your hair, you lift your head up slightly, and look down at your body.  Blood.  There was so much blood. Road-rashed skin and red stained clothing.  Your heart beat pounds in your ears for a moment and the rest of the world stops.  Your head feels light and your eyes widen.  

“Oh God! Oh God!” you start to sob, screaming as loud as you can. “Josh,” you’re pleading, gasping.  “Am I gonna die? Am I gonna die?”

Josh grabs your hand and helps you lay your head back on his lap.

”No, Y/N. No. You’re going to be alright. The ambulance is going to come any second and they’re going to get you out of here,” his voice is shaking.  But you try to believe every word he says.  

“It hurts” you whimper, your face scrunching as a violent sob escapes your lips.

“I know baby, I know,” Josh cries, bending his face over yours.  He presses his forehead to yours and closes his eyes.

You stay like that for a while.  Josh’s sweet voice forcing you to calm down.  

And then, suddenly, you hear the ambulance in the distance and you let out a shaky breath of relief.  It was almost here.  You could hang on until then.  

When you open your eyes, Josh is smiling.  

“Hear that?” he whispers, “You’re gonna be fine I told y—“

But Josh’s words are cut off by a scream.  One that doesn’t even sound human.  And it’s coming from you.  The feeling has returned to your legs.  Feeling you wish you could give back.  Because it hurts.  More than anything you’ve ever felt.  They feel like they’ve been crushed.  Wrecked and broken and dislocated.  There are knives sticking out of your calves and a chainsaw running through your thigh.  You want it to stop.  You can’t handle this, any of it.

“Baby—” Josh whispers, “Just hang in there, alright?”

You feel your eyes growing heavy.  

“Y/N, look at me,” Josh’s voice is broken and choppy and you ache for him, but it’s all too much.  You hope he understands.  You let your eyes close, wishing for sweet release.  

“Baby, no!” he’s pleading.  “Look at me, now!”  He shakes your shoulders roughly and you can’t help but pry your eyes open a second time.  He’s gazing over you, tears streaming down his face and you try.  You try so hard to focus in on his eyes.  “Hold my hand,” he instructs.  “Squeeze, you can do this, the ambulance is almost here, you can do this.”

You groan and try to nod.  You’re biting your lip so hard, trying not to scream out again.  Josh reaches down to your hand, it takes you a moment to realize that the liquid feeling between your fingers is blood.  But Josh interlocks your fingers anyway.  

“Just keep looking at me, okay?” he whispers, “they’re here, the ambulance is here.”

You sigh in relief and Josh gives your hand a soft squeeze.

But then suddenly, there’s an intense pressure on your chest, and you can’t breathe.  You choke slightly, trying to inhale but the pressure intensifies.  You release the pressure on Josh’s hand, using your energy to try to grab a breath.  It isn’t working.  You panic.

When Josh notices, his eyes widen with fear.  

“Baby, breathe—“ he instructs, “Breathe!”

You gasp and choke but your chest feels like it’s on fire.  Things start to grow fuzzy, and Josh’s face is fading.  

“Help!” he screams, “I need help!”

Maybe this was death.  It wasn’t so bad.  The pain was fading, and Josh was still in sight.  Until suddenly, he’s being pulled away from you, his face replaced by those of strangers in blue scrubs with stethoscopes.  You search with what little energy you have left, desperate for Josh to be with you again.  You didn’t want to die alone.  You wanted him with you.

“We’re losing her!” someone shouts, and you hear a sob in the distance.  Your vision is tunneled as you let your head fall back.  A single cloud floating in the sky is the last thing you see before you black out again.

There’s this annoying beeping sound ringing in your ears and all you want is for it to stop.  You were sleeping so soundly.  

But then suddenly you exhale sharply and all that pressure in your lungs you felt before is gone.  Your eyes open slowly, the natural sunlight you saw before replaced with annoying fluorescent ones.  

“Y/N—“ you hear someone gasp lightly.  

You can’t turn your head in the direction it’s coming from, but you know it’s Josh.  By your side, yet again.  You sigh a breath of relief.  He didn’t leave you.  He was right here.

“Josh—“ you start to sob, panic setting in, yet again, as you slowly remember the accident.  The fear you felt once you saw the car coming at you.  The pain you felt laying on the pavement.  You were sure that you were going to die.  

“Shh,” he coos, suddenly at your side.  You feel his hand grazing your forehead, his warm lips pressing themselves against your forehead.  “I’m right here, everything’s okay, you’re gonna be okay.”

You exhale again sharply at the feeling of his touch.  

“Where’s Y/B/N?” you suddenly ask, remembering that he was driving.

“He’s okay,” Josh soothes, “He’s in the waiting room with Tyler and Jenna.  They’re all here, everyone’s okay.”

You take a deep breath, sighing out in relief.  

You scoot over then, the pain intensifies, but it’s manageable.  You just want Josh next to you.  

He takes the hint and climbs carefully into bed beside you, wrapping an arm around your frame and stroking your hair.  It feels nice.

“Can you sing?” you whisper softly.

Josh chuckles, “Maybe I should get Tyler in here for that.”

“No—“ you protest, “Please, your voice calms me down.”

Josh nods then and clears his throat lightly before singing the words to some song you didn’t know.  But it sounded so good.

Your eyes start to feel heavy by the time he’s done, and you make an effort to speak before falling asleep, “I love you.  Thank you for being here.”

Josh kisses your head again before whispering, “ I love you so much, baby.  I’ll always be here.”

Stay with me and pretend the world doesn't exist

Josh Dun x reader
Requested: nope
Warnings: none I hope, except for like shitty writing
Words: 1.172

Sum.: Where you are Josh’s best friend but you want to be more and you finally get your chance as he feels self conscious.


“ I can’t do it, I just I don’t know I feel like I don’t belong in this world. This is not me! ”, his voice was low and drenched with emotion, mostly doubt. “No Josh, you will listen to me! That is not true! You belong there, you deserve this! You have worked so hard for everything and you deserve everything this has brought.”, you moved your arm off of his shoulder and stood up. He looked a little puzzled, as if he thought you would leave; you would never. “Get up, I am going to distract you and show you how great you are. I swear to you with everything I have I won’t stop until you believe me.”

As soon as he sat in the passenger seat of your car he stared out of the window. It appeared as if he was chewing on the inside of his lips, you knew it was a sign of his anxiety. “So what do you want to eat, pizza? Burger? hmh?”, you nudged him with your elbow trying to get his attention back on you. “Oh I…I don’t know. You know what I like I mean…Pizza? Only if you want it.”
“Pizza it is”, you said back with a smile hoping he would smile back.

You sat on the little bench you sat on so many times. The one at the top of this little hill that is behind the old grocery store in your town. It was perfect for viewing the sunset, exactly what you were doing right now. You and Josh talked about aimless things until both of you had finished your food. “ Do you remember the first time I got you up here? ”, you asked, facing Josh again. You remembered it vividly, you had to basically drag him up there because he thought it would be too cold to go outside. That evening in 12th grade you were ready to tell him how you felt, to tell him you loved him. “Yeah, it was so cold”, he interrupted your thoughts. “C'mon it wasn’t that cold, anyway I think the sunset is just as beautiful as then”, you stared straight ahead at the rest of the sun that was left. Casting a golden but also purple hue over the sky you felt a shiver run down your back. “Are you cold?”, surprisingly there seemed to be a hint of concern in his voice instead of mock that you expected. “No, I just thought of a memorie…”, you said shaking your head slightly. “Y/N….why do you still do this? You still hang out with me even if I’m only here every few months and..”, he looked at the ground while playing with his fingers. “Josh”, you sighed before continuing to speak. “I do this because, do you even remember? Last year of high school, on this exact bench, we made a promise we said that we would stay friends no matter what would happen after school. You did your thing, I did mine but I never wanted to forget you! Our friendship, you Josh, you mean so much to me that I never wanted to give it up. And I never, we never did. Both of us were and are busy but this was one thing that helped me through many hard times. Just knowing I could talk to you whenever and I always looked forward to seeing you again.”, you took his hands into yours and brushed over his knuckles with your thumb. “I might have never told you directly but Josh you mean so much to me. You were always there for me, you were the support I needed but you also pushed me to be a better person. I swear to you, without having you Josh I would not be where I am right now and I would certainly be not as content as I am now.”, he stared at you wide-eyed, his mouth opening and closing without a sound coming out. “I just wanna say that I really, really appreciate you!”, your eyes connect with him, hoping he would finally understand the message you were trying to give him. “I can’t believe you! I can’t believe how incredible you are. How…how in this world do I deserve you? How do I deserve you as a best friend! I come here every few months, not talking to you nearly as much as I should and as soon as I am unhappy you are ready to spend time with me and just have a best friend speech ready that anyone could be jealous of”, he removed his hands from yours just to pull you close in a side hug you didn’t expect. Best friend speech, exactly… It sounded aweful to you at this point, why did he not see that you were not planning on being his best friend forever. Stupid you, no stupid Josh, stupid world. After sitting in a hug for a while you speak up: “There is one thing you could do to make this all even” One of his eyebrows rose and he looked at you with a questioned look on his face.
“Tell me what you feel?”, but before he could even open his mouth you take his face in your hands and softly press a kiss to his lips. He looks startled for a moment after you pull back, but then his face softens and now he is the one holding your face with his hands. “This is what I feel”, it’s nothing more than a whisper but his lips touching yours was answer enough. Your arms find their way around his neck and you deepen the kiss slightly. The kiss was more than you ever thought it would be. He was so careful, his lips fitting perfectly on yours they moved in a sort of trance. When you finally pulled away you leaned your forehead against his, breathing in heavily you smiled widely. “The night of the promise I brought you out here because I wanted to tell you I loved you. In 12th grade…guess I’m gonna do it now. Josh, I am madly in love with you and I am sick of hiding it”, your breath quickened as you suddenly were unsure of his reaction. You watched him carefully but to your delight his smile widened even further. “Y/N I can’t believe I could have had all of this so many years ago. I loved you too, I still love you”, he pressed a short kiss on your lips before engulfing you in a hug.

When you looked up again it had already become complete night but you didn’t want to leave, because leaving meant leaving Josh, it meant that time was going by faster than it should be. You turned to Josh again, “Stay with me tonight. Stay with me and pretend like the world doesn’t exist”

Miles and States | Josh Dun |

Plot: Josh is feeling anxious and you comfort him

Imagine: Reader x Josh

Words: 1273

Warnings: Anxiety


Upon hearing a buzzing sound from the small table by my bed, I felt my body rolling onto its left side. This caused me to face the constant, bugging sound and open my eyes. What immediately caught my eye was the lock screen of my phone. But instead of the usual picture of Josh planting a kiss to my forehead as I laugh, it’s covered with a series of unread messages and missed calls. 2 missed calls from Jenna, 5 unread messages along with 4 missed calls from Josh and 2 messages plus 4 missed calls from Tyler! What was going on!

My hand flew across the table to grab the phone and unlock it. I read all of Josh’s messages first.

01:16 AM
Joshua: Hey, I miss you. Let’s talk

01:28 AM
Joshua: I really need to talk. Just talk. I’m not feeling well

01:35 AM
Joshua: My brain is playing tricks with me again. I feel like I can’t breathe. Please call me asap

01:42 AM
Joshua: I need you, please

I instantly felt a small pain in my chest, like guilt, when I looked at the time and saw it said 2:13.

His last message had been received half an hour ago! What had happened since then? I felt myself panicking as I clicked to see Tyler’s messages.

01:32 AM
Tyler: Hey have you talked to your boyfriend tonight? He seems off

Tyler: Call me!!!

I frantically clicked into my contacts and immediately hit Tyler’s name. Doot. Doot. Doot.

“Pick up, pick up, pick…” I mumbled as I nervously nibbled at my thumb.

“Y/N! Finally!” I heard Tyler’s voice from the other end of the line aka. Multiple states and thousands of miles away.

“What’s going on? Is Josh okay?”

“He’s having one of his bad nights. Jenna is sitting with him right now, but he’s being all fidgety and on edge. Jenna, Mark and I are the only ones who can approach him right now. We asked the other guys to go back to their busses while we try to help him.”

You frowned.

“Back to their busses? What were you all doing on your bus at 1 in the morning?”


“Not playing Mario Kart, that’s for sure…” He tried, but his voice was far from convincing.

“Nice, Tyler. I don’t know how you guys put on a show like that every night when you never sleep.”

You heard Tyler chuckle, which definitely lifted your mood, but then it hit you that you had a anxious boyfriend to take care of.

“Please hand me over to Josh.”

“Oh yeah! 2 seconds!”

I heard Tyler take a few steps, before I heard the phone being handed over to someone else.


Nothing could destroy me like the sound of Josh’s trembling voice. I knew how hard he battled with his demons sometimes – especially at night. I should’ve been more cautious.

“Josh, love? It’s me, Y/N! Tyler told me your head has been messing with you. Are you okay?”

“Y/N? W-why didn’t you answer my text or calls? Did I do something wrong? Are you mad at me?”

“Oh baby, no no no! Don’t say that! You haven’t done anything wrong! I’m sorry I didn’t answer any sooner. I was just asleep and had forgotten to take my phone off-silence after my late night meeting. I would’ve answered right away if I’d heard it any sooner!”

I felt horrible. I usually never silence my phone at night when Josh is out of town! It’s not like this hadn’t happened before, but apparently I hadn’t learned from my stupid mistakes.

“O-okay. I just- We were playing Mario Kart- like all of us, maybe too many, because suddenly I couldn’t breathe! So I went to my bunk to lay down, and then I wanted to roll over and tell you, b-but then I remembered that I wasn’t home with you!”

I heard him gasping. He was talking so fast that he breathed like he’d just ran a whole marathon. That couldn’t be good for him. I decided that I had to stop him. He had to shut up and listen for a second, because he was only making matters worse.

“Josh, baby.” I cut him off. Silence.

“Are you listening?”

You could hear him gulping. Good, he was still there.

“Good. Now where are you?”

“Eh- I’m in my bunk?”

“By yourself?” I waited for an answer.

“Yeah, I think Jenna and Tyler went back to their own bus to sleep.”

“Okay then…” I took a deep breath and lied back down on my back, rubbing my temple with my free hand. I couldn’t say that I wasn’t tired, but I’d always be there for Josh. Even at 2 AM.

“Lie down. Like you’re going to sleep.”

“No! That’s when my mind starts buzzing and freaking me out! Don’t leave me!”

“Shhh shhh,” I soothed. “I’m not leaving you. I’m gonna stay on the phone with you. Even if it takes all night.”

There was a pause – a silence. I could feel Josh’s thoughts thumping from states away.

“I love you.”

He’d said it a thousand times before but every time, whenever and wherever, it would make me smile all over again.

“I love you too, J. Now lie down and close your eyes. Get yourself tugged in and we’ll chat a bit. Okay?”

I could hear him move around, obviously getting ready. I simply waited, trying to relax myself.

“So how’s tour?” I started off with a simple question, which could easily lead to many kinds of conversations. I just needed something, anything, to take his mind off his- well his mind.

“Apart from right now? Pretty awesome. I know we’ve toured these states and cities before, but every time I come back, it kinda feels brand new. Like us.”

A smile crept onto my face.

“Well that’s nice to hear. Did you go to that pancake house in Louisiana I told you about?”

“Haven’t yet. But I told Ty we’d have to stop by before we leave town tomorrow.”

I chuckled at the thought of Josh forcing Tyler to get pancake at 6 in the morning. They always left early, when they had to head to another state.

“Poor Ty,” I smiled. ”Please get the Reese’s-banana pancake for me! It’s the bomb, I promise you.”

“I will. Just for you, my love.”

He was definitely starting to calm down.

“Thank you. And… Remember how we’re going to see each other again very soon. In 5 days you’ll be home again. Then I can hug you and kiss you all you want. Even when you aren’t feeling down.”

“Sounds nice… I’m sorry for all of this. I don’t mean to be a burden. Especially when I know that you have work tomorrow morning.”

“Don’t apologize. I’m always here for you. There are no excuses or burdens, okay? I love you.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank you…”

I heard him yawn.

“Feeling better?”

“Yeah… But would you mind staying on the phone until I’m asleep? Just in case…”

“Tyler is gonna receive some phone bill,” I chuckled.

That must’ve been when it hit him that he was using Tyler’s phone.

“Oh, shit…”

“Don’t worry. We’ll just have to pay him back,” I smiled at my idiotic humor.

“Yeah, we will.”

“Now try to sleep, okay? I have my phone right by my pillow, so you can always just speak up and I’ll be there. No hanging up until you’re asleep.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem. Sleep tight, babe.”

“You too, Y/N. I love you.”

“I love you too…”

I just had the most amazing thought:

Joshua Burrage as Jared in DEH. Just think about it. HE WOULD BE AMAZING. He’s like the perfect combination of nerd and sass and he has such a unique voice, I just really think he would be perfect for the part honestly.😭

asshole (josh dun x reader)

request : josh dun g21

summary : josh is a bean UR a bean. bean bean beans

warnings ; cussing LOADS OF ANGST bad spelling and no proofreading bc im lame

a/n - sorry y'all wifi is spotty I’ll try to write also I love Debby to death I feel bad for worrying her as an asshole

g : High school
21 : “I’m in love with you, asshole”

“josh!” Tyler called, swinging his arm around his best friend. josh turned around, face in a scowl.

“what do you want?” he growled, running his hand through his hair.

“oh shit what happened jishwa? wait let me guess. y/n.” Tyler chuckled. “the sexual tension between you is so thick I could barely cut it with a fucking samurai sword.” he laughs at his own shitty joke and josh rolls his eyes.

“she’s an asshole. you know what she said today? you wouldn’t even-”

“hey josh. I don’t care.” Tyler smiles innocently before running away, knowning josh would chase him. but before josh could start running, you walked in. you were smiling before your eyes narrowed down onto josh, your grin turning into a frown.

“josh.” you nodded as your friends giggled around you.

“y/n. slutting around with your friends?”

“you wish” you scoffed. “I’m way out of your league.”

“by OUT you mean under. because damn I’d have to have low ass standards to-”

“the irony is your probably always under tyler.”

josh gaped at you, then turned on his heels. why did everyone always think him and Tyler were hooking up? they weren’t, they were just very close friends. he walked to his house, Tyler joining him halfway there.

“you know she probably has a crush on you.” Tyler chimes, holding the straps of his backpack close.

“that’s the most disgusting thing I’ve heard all day.” he pauses. “after her voice”

“the fact you knew who I was talking about gives evidence to my claim- you like her!”

“I do not!”

“well you were thinking about her.”

“because you were talking about her? Tyler your logic is just-” again he was interrupted by you. and some guy. holding your waist and kissing your neck. a strange feeling he has never felt before bubbled in his chest.

“who’s that?” josh says through gritted teeth.

“oh my god you’re jealous!”

“I am no-”

“and that’s Brendon Urie. he’s this new kid. kinda hot if you ask me.” Tyler looks at Brendon with lovey-eyes and josh rolls his eyes at his gay ass friend.

“you’re so fucking gay.”

“don’t you know it.” Tyler shoots back, watching Josh’s jaw clench at Brendon’s lips on yours.

“you are so totally jealous. I mean-look at that! your fist is like white from how tight your holding it! also you’re-”

“Shut the hell up Tyler.”

you spot josh and roll your eyes. “yo! pictures lasted longer! stop stalking me and get a life!” you yell, kissing Brendon’s lips before eating your food.

josh couldn’t formulate an answer quick enough, earning a scoff from you and josh walking away. was he jealous? he has never felt jealous before, about anything. except maybe when Tyler hung out with those jocky kids who were losers. but that was diferent, this camefrom a different place. it rose from the depths of his stomach right up to his throat.

he looked at Tyler, and Tyler stared back. “I think I like her.” he blurted.

“HA I FUCKING KNEW IT!” Tyler screams, jumping in the air. why was he so goddamn energetic?

the next day josh could only stutter in response everytime he saw you. ever since his realization, he saw you in a different light. you weren’t a bitch, you were opinionated. you weren’t a smart-ass, you knew how to hold your ground. you weren’t ugly, goddamn, you were gorgeous. josh hated it. it was like someone had implanted contacts into his eyes and he couldn’t see anything but how great you were.

he didn’t know it, but something very similar had happened to you. a few days after you and Brendon started your very public relationship, you caught him cheating on you. this boy you had spent years pining over was in love with someone else. that hit you right in the heart. then guess who shows up, a stuttering awkward nervous josh asking you to move out of the way.

you couldn’t think up a response, only how hot he looked in a snapback. what the fuck? you slid to the side and he walked up the stairs and you watched his retreating figure. again- what the FUCK? then the next few days josh and you slowly start to maintain your previous relationship- only now it was different. you guys were almost friends? it didn’t make sense, but every exchange of words was more a joke than actual insults.

“josh, looking ugly!” you laugh, messing up his hair.

“well you’re looking absolutely outstanding today. and by outstanding i mean you’re standing out because that is the ugliest shirt I’ve ever seen.” josh replies, snapping your hair tie.

“id be offended but I can’t when your shirt is literally brand Nike.” you roll your eyes as you tie your hair back. for some reason, josh was absolutely captivated by this process, and doesn’t say anything back. “josh! stop staring at me! it’s almost as creepy as mr. Corbett”

“oh-uh-sorr-” then he sees her. Debby Ryan, the new girl, trying to pick up her stuff. he runs towards her and helps her out, and you clench your fist. you were jealous, oh so jealous. over the next few days it didn’t get any better. he got closer to Debby, and started to almost completely forget about you, at least you thought. in reality he was trying to use Debby as a distraction from how deep in love he was with you.

love? where did that come from? he assumed he just really liked you but damn, did he love you? he shook his head and wrapped his arm around Debby. she smiled at him and he smiled back. he definitely liked her.

it was a birthday party. of all things to trigger emotions, it was a four year old’s birthday party. because behind the smiling girl blowing out her candles, the people gathered around the table, there was josh and Debby. josh was happy with her. you weren’t happy with them. god did it kill you to see him smile in her direction. you couldn’t stand it, and ran up the staircase. josh caught your hair and tears from the corner of your eyes, getting up from Debby.

“stay babe!” Debby whined, rubbing his knuckles.

“no I gotta go! baby something’s happened with y/n I need to see-”

“god with her again? I thought you wer over that slut!” She rolls her eyes.

“what?” josh was so suprised. she’d never been like this before.

“you heard me, all that slut does is eat up your attention, your time you should be spent with me! me! your girlfriend! instead you’re with this, this- this”

“get out.”

“what?” it was Debby’s turn to be surprised.

“I said get out. you were just a distraction. is that what you want to hear? get out. I don’t want to ever see you again. ever. get away from me.” josh said, no emotion in his voice

“josh don’t be like this. ba-”

“don’t call me that” he flinched. he walked up the stairs and heard your unbelievably loud sobs. he opened the closet door and revealed you, a sniffling vulnerable mess crumpled up in a small mess on the floor.

“oh Jesus y/n what’s wrong?” he asks, concerned.

you peek through your arms, your puffy eyes staring at him. “you.” you gasp, getting out.

“what do you mean?” he was thoroughly confused.

“fuck josh! you! you’re my problem, you’re what’s wrong! you were my least favorite person! and then” you snapped your fingers “you’re suddenly all I can think about! god! FUCK! and then you go out with that Debby! SHIT JOSH! she’s a wonderful person and you deserve her and she deserves you but” you look up at him. “don’t I deserve you too?”


“I don’t want to hear if josh! You probably hate me JESUS! I don’t care! you just need to know, that I am completely in love with you.”


“josh you don’t understand DO you? you’ve destroyed my life- I can only think about you and how you look at me and how you laugh and your smile and that cute little chuckle and-”

“JUST HEAR ME OUT GODDAMIT! I’m in love with you, asshole! I’m so deep in love with you that no one else was able to distract me from the fact that you are the most beautiful person in the whole world-”


“no, now you listen!” before he could finish you pressed your lips to his. he immediately kissed back, grinning as his fingers intertwined into your hair. everything made sense in that moment

Aight so some shits going down in the Voltron fandom

And apparently some of you motherfuckers have made a petition to get Josh Keaton, the voice of Shiro, replaced..

..because he ships Shiro and Keith?


Are you people that fucking sensitive that you wanna destroy a man’s career for him thinking “oh! This is a nice pairing! I’ll ship it!”

Now, I don’t particularly ship Sheith, or any Shiro/Paladin relationship. I’m more of a Lance/Keith, Lance/Keith/Hunk and Shiro/Matt kinda guy. But I won’t go knocking down people’s doors with death threats for having a different opinion!

Like could you be so kind as to take into consideration that:

A) it’s a fucking TV show.

B) it’s a fucking TV show for KIDS

C) it’s a fucking TV show for KIDS who DONT SHIP THINGS YET

The target demographic for the first two seasons? CHILDREN! Yep, mhm! Children! Not bastarts obsessed with every single detail from a characters race to a characters age

Because newsflash sunshine!!


For me this show is about *SHOCKER* diversity! Showing that you don’t have to look a certain way or be a certain age or height or race to be a great person!

It’s a show about coming together and.. you people are tearing it apart..

So please. Don’t ruin it because your precious Klance isn’t shipped by someone, or you antis are getting pissy over people thinking about ships. It’s just fiction. No one’s gonna die over it.

hyruliaa  asked:

I'm not sure if you done this, but can you please describe how would the boys voices sound like? :) Btw, love everything you've been doing! ❤

Thank you so much! And just in case some don’t realize,the bold words are links :)

Nathaniel’s voice is very mellow and it just kind of flows along. He has a way of putting some kind of authority into everything he says. Not like, bossy but like, people would definitely listen to him if he were the boss at some huge company. It’s always very pleasant sounding and you just feel at ease when you listen to him, very appealing. He speaks very properly out of habit. Sounds like Grant Gustin, but he doesn’t drag his voice out like he does.

Castiel’s voice is very low but not extremely deep like you would think. It’s not very smooth but it’s not rough either, just kind of in between I guess. He kinda sounds like this guy right here. Except his voice is way less cheery sounding and slightly deeper. And when he whispers in your ear it’s so hot omg.

Lysander’s voice is very soft and low but firm. He’s not forceful with his words of course but like Nathaniel, he also has this way of just making people listen to him when he’s speaking when he wants to get his point across. He’s a bit monotone but when he’s interested in a topic he raises his voice just a tiny bit. I can’t really describe his voice but sometimes I imagine him having the voice of Jesse Rutherord, from The Neighourhood when he sings and it kills me

Armin’s voice is very cheery and not very deep but it’s not high pitched or anything. He has a way of making you smile whenever he speaks cause he just seems so happy. I can totally see him sounding like Josh Hutcherson. Watch this video cause I mean, idk if it’s just me but his voice screams “ARMIN”

Kentin’s voice is like your typical teenage boy voice if that makes sense. You know what; just listen to Dylan O’Brien’s voice because I don’t even know how to describe it with words. But, when he’s angry his voice does have a tendency to crack a bit but it’s not all that noticeable.

Storm (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Can i have a BellamyXreader scenario set in season 1 where the reader is independent,strong,skilled,wise and caring over the youngest members of the 100. She is Bellamy’s unofficial co-leader and is constantly saving everyone else and they fall in love. They don’t tell each other until they are trapped in a cave in a storm and the reader admits that her father used to beat her so she got herself arrested on purpose and that’s why she constantly takes care of everyone else first-fluff ensues. 

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warning: mentions of abuse & violence

 Watching the little boy struggle past the teenagers to get food, you stand up. You walk over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder, “Hey Joshy,” you greet lovingly, he turns to you and smiles, “Having a bit of trouble?” You question, seeing his eyes travel to the food. He nods sadly as his stomach rumbles. Josh is only three but he isn’t one to talk much, though he knows that you’re his best friend. 

You treat all the young ones in camp as if they’re your siblings. You can’t help but care for them deeply. Chuckling at him, you pick him up by his tiny waist and rest him on your hip. Walking to the food table that has many different items resting on top of it, you squeeze into small spaces to get to the front and Josh points out what he wants and you give it to him, laughing as he attacks it.

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