i like that he comes with a thumbs up hand too

Blood Stains (Moriarty X Reader)

Type: Slightly psychopathic Moriarty fluff

Warnings: Mentions of blood/violence

Summary/Prompt: Jim has his own ways of showing affection

Word count: 481

Requested by @deadlydreams01 but I’ve lost the actual request so sorryyy

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The night was cold and dark, just the way you liked it. Walking hand in hand with your lover, one of the world’s most notorious criminals, feeling like nothing could ever break you apart.

That is, until you come across a group of collage boys, who’ve had slightly too much to drink.

“Hey gorgeous, nice ass!” called one of them, laughing as his friends wolf-whistled.

Jim’s grip on your hand tightened like a vice, and you could hear his breathing speed up. You rubbed your thumb on his hand comfortingly.

“Babe.” you said, pecking him on the lips. “Don’t listen to them, they’re just drunken assholes. I’m yours.”

He didn’t say anything more, only changed the course of your walk and headed for home. As soon as you crossed the threshold, he had you pushed against the wall, lips sucking dark purple bruises onto your neck.

“You’re mine.” he growled, pushing back from the wall and releasing you.

“All yours baby.” you whispered soothingly. “Come on, it’s late. Let’s get some sleep.”

*the next afternoon*


You heard the front door slam shut as Jim called you. He’d had to go out to take care of some business, and so you put a marker in your book and quickly headed downstairs to greet him.

You raised your eyebrows as he turned to you, grinning manically. There were small spots of blood across his face and his white shirt, and you tutted.

“Jim, this was brand new! These blood stains are never going to come out now.” you sighed, taking his blazer off him.

“I was only trying to help babe. Could’ve gotten Seb to do it, but I went and took them down myself, especially for you.” he pouted, an expression on his face like a kicked puppy.

Smiling slightly, you leaned in to kiss him, playfully capturing his bottom lip in between your teeth as the metallic taste of blood invaded your mouth.

“Thanks baby, it means a lot to me.” you whispered.

Jim picked up a small remote from the table next to the door, and after pressing a few buttons, ‘I Want To Break Free’ by Queen began to play through the various speakers in the house.

He intertwined your hands with his, your soft innocent fingers wrapped around ones with so much death connected to them.

“Would you care to dance, princess?” Jim smirked, wrapping one arm around your waist as he began to sway you from side to side.

“Of course, my darling.” you chuckled.

Neither of you were even attempting to move in time to the music, and yet your rhythm was perfect, the two of you moving as one, beautifully in love.

“What music are you dancing to love? Because it’s certainly not Queen.” you giggled, and he grinned.

“It’s the music in my head, babe. It only plays when I’m with you.”


Reader x Newt

You love your alone time with Newt, so does someone else..

(Something short because I was bored in class ;) Send me suggestions or prompts!)


Dating Newt Scamander was wonderful but sometimes troubling. You were 80% sure that he loved that Picket just slightly more than he loved you and let’s just say that Picket wasn’t too fond of you. The two of you had come to a mutual agreement that Picket was good for being cute and making Newt happy whilst you were good for cooking, cleaning and taking some work away from Newt’s back. That didn’t mean that Picket liked when you had some alone time with Newt and poor Picket was left to rest on Newt’s coat. Sometimes though he wasn’t content with that, just like today.

The two of you were lying in bed. You were propped up next to Newt with a hand on his stomach. Your thumb was gently slipping in under his white dress shirt, gently untucking it from his pants. Newt was panting gently against your lips. He was so easy to arouse. With just a few strokes from your fingers he was all yours.

Newt’s hands were shaking as he grabbed at your shirt, pulling you over him. You smirked lightly and let him take control. He wrapped his arms around your waist, tugging you down and trapping your hand between you. You propped yourself up gently with one arm, not once breaking from his lips and using your other hand to explore his thin waist more. Newt didn’t have bulging muscles. He was lean with hardened hands and a strong upper body that he had achieved from all the work he had done over his life.

You then sat up over his hips and went to the top button of his shirt. You gently let it came undone as Newt laid back and watched you, his eyes darkened with lust. You smirked gently, popping up another button. You were taking it extra slow, teasing him..

Suddenly there was an angry squeak as your fingers trailed over his exposed collarbone. You stopped what you were doing to raise an eyebrow at Newt.

“Why’d you stop?” Newt asked and eased up on his elbows. “Did I do something?”

“No, it wasn’t you.” You replied and then began undoing another button, watching him flush bright pink again. “Unless you squeak.”

You folded down the lining off the shirt to reveal Pickett. He was residing inside of Newt’s shirt, looking fairly pissed off.

“Pickett?” Newt gasped. “I forgot that you were here, I’m sorry.”

“How could you forget that he was there?” You asked and sent Pickett a sour look. “Your skin is so sensitive, you must have felt him.”

“I don’t know..!” Newt let out. “A-Are you angry with me?”

“No.” You said and managed a smile. You leaned down to peck his lips. “Never.”

He smiled cautiously against your lips but the kiss didn’t last long before you felt something pinch your hand.

“Oww!” You let out and broke the kiss. “God damn it Pickett!”

dear john (movie) sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “i can at least give you a beer for the walk home.”
  • “you shouldn’t make fun of a guy that can kill you with his bare hands.”
  • “i’m sorry about him. he thinks he likes me.”
  • “you’re probably everybody’s type.”
  • “it doesn’t matter where it is in the sky or you are in the world. if you lift your hand up and close one of your eyes, the moon’s never bigger than your thumb.”
  • “tomorrow night is chicken. i don’t think you wanna try it.”
  • “for the record, if you do anything to hurt _____, i’m gonna have to break something. something in your leg, you know, one of the bones in there.”
  • “nice? i wanna go somewhere good.”
  • “i’m just curious about where you come from.”
  • “i’m starting to think you’re too good of a person for me.”
  • “there’s a never ending stream of curse words that i’m thinking at all times.”
  • “i have faults, trust me, i have plenty of them. you’ll see.”
  • “where’d you get your scar?”
  • “so you used to be tough.”
  • “a lot can happen in twelve months, ____.”
  • “two weeks. that’s all it took. two weeks for me to fall in love with you.”
  • “i’m just glad you made it home safe.”
  • “if i knew ____ was gonna stay with you, i wouldn’t have treated you that way.”
  • “your boyfriends need to know these things.”
  • “i guess the worst thing you can say about your father is that he tried to protect you too much.”
  • “don’t ever tell me i don’t understand.”
  • “you’re all that matters to me.”
  • “she found somebody else.”
  • “stay awake, okay?”
  • “i guess you must wanna kick my ass, huh?”
  • “she still loves you, you know. it’s clear as day, you can see it all over her face.”
  • “i was alone and i had no idea what i was doing!”
  • “eventually, time runs out.”
I think I handled it
  • INTP and INTJ are in the car, with INTJ driving. INTP just received a snapchat and is freaking out.
  • INTJ: What?
  • INTP: So Richie just sent a SC with us in a snow globe and I like it but like how do I tell him I like it without coming off as if I want him?
  • INTJ: *starts chuckling*
  • INTP: OMG it's too late I replied but like I had a seizure while trying to ask how he did it all while giving a thumbs up that looked like a claw.
  • INTJ: *can't hold back and starts laughing*
  • INTP: So you know that meme involving the hand slapping the red button? Yeah that's going on in my head right now. That's why my hand does this weird three fingers E thing when I have to involve emotions. I'm literally showing you that my mind has aborted the conversation and it's all ERROR from there.
  • INTJ: *dying from laughter*
  • INTP: OH SHIT HE REPLIED. I'm throwing my phone out the window I can't deal right now.

anonymous asked:

Erik: 1, 9, 10, 11, 13, 16, 17, 20 (Sorry its alot)

Nope, there’s no such thing as too many headcanon questions! :)

1. Something this character is truly proud of

There are very few things Erik is proud of when it comes to himself, but he is immensely proud of Christine and the way her voice has evolved.

9. What calms them when they are upset

I like to think that Erik has some comforting, solitary coping mechanisms that he developed after living so much of his life alone. He tries to stay away from the more dangerous ways of calming down, like alcohol and narcotics. His go to cool off habits include tying and untying knots, touching the tips of his fingers on one hand to his thumb in a quick rhythm, pacing, making a card disappear and reappear in his hand, and rocking if it’s really bad. After Christine joins his life, he adds curling up beside her to his list. 

10. How they deal with pain

Are we talking physical or emotional? Physical pain wise, Erik has a high pain tolerance that he earned through his awful life. If something particularly painful happens to him though, he fights hard not to make noise. Sometimes he’ll bite his tongue to keep from crying out, and once after a nasty fall from a tall building he almost bit his tongue off.

Erik is not the best at dealing with emotional pain, in fact he’s pretty awful at it. His way of dealing with emotions is to bottle them up and pretend they don’t exist, and eventually that leads to him lashing out in explosive ways. 

11. This character’s favorite piece or pieces of clothing

Embarrassingly, Erik loves socks. He hates when his socks have holes in them and he keeps great care of his socks, because it’s such a luxury to have socks on your feet instead of nothing at all for years.

13. What kind of parent they would be

I truly think that after getting over his shock and terror over the thought of him getting someone pregnant, Erik would actually be a very protective father. He spent his entire childhood abused and hated, so he goes to great lengths to keep his children happy and safe.

16. Their sexuality

Ahahaha, after all the Newsies Fandom discourse over headcanons and sexuality I don’t think I’m gonna answer this one. Sorry pal : ( 

17. What they’d sing at karaoke

Erik would burn the building down before he sang karaoke. 

20. Household chore they hate the most

Dishes, the water and soap make his hands dry.


Enid squeezed his hand, her frown deepening.
Was it stupid that she’d never even realized that she could matter enough to him that he’d cry for her? Probably; and yet, it still left her reeling. Not too long ago, she’d been prepared to leave everyone behind, firmly believing she didn’t even belong in the community. Sometimes it still left her stunned that people like Maggie and Carl genuinely cared for and about her.

“I miss you too,” She admits softly, her thumb moving back and forth across the back of his hand and she can’t quite meet his eye, “but Maggie needs me.”

Carl knew that. He was aware of their bond and how important they were to each other and he never expected Enid to come home with him like he wished but he just wanted to express his desire. Being separated meant never knowing for certain that the other was safe. Both of them were good at putting up a front and pretending everything was okay which only made it harder to know what really was going on. 

“I worry about you. You’ve got to play it safe. We need you. I need you.” 

okay but aph france

 - francis getting super happy/practically lighting up when people want/offer affection because he’s a super affectionate bby (and tends to come on too strongly a lot, because of that) (*´▽`*)

 - francis being totally down for platonic cuddling because he just loves being around another person (*≧▽≦)

 - francis being huge on hand holding (and running his thumb over their knuckles) or nuzzling into someone’s neck or hair (∩˃o˂∩)


 - Francis knowing to give people space when they need it, but making sure they know he cares ⌒°(ᴖ◡ᴖ)°⌒

 - francis handing flowers to random people who look like they’re having abad day o((◕ฺ∀ ◕✿ฺ))o

 - Francis always having the best intentions in mind (even if he may go about it the wrong way, sometimes) (︶ω︶)

 - just aph france being a cute lovey bby tbh

Without giving too much away, I was on the phone with one of our executive producers telling me the obstacles we have to face in order to bring Torchwood back. I don’t like to see things as obstacles because my feeling is that it’s a good show that deserves to come back, and being told that it can’t come back until it’s got approval from certain people involved with Doctor Who… and I don’t understand why one show has to have the approval of another in order to come back. It might change when, um… somebody leaves… and somebody new and wonderful comes in… get what I’m saying?
—  John Barrowman @ HNLCC 2016 [x]