i like that he comes with a thumbs up hand too

stronger ❖ jongin (6)

❝Watch your mouth, little girl❞

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

fluff, smut (in this chapter/+future), daddy kink, heavy petting, light chocking kink, semi-public smut, dad!jongin au, ceo!jongin,  age gap, if you don’t like, don’t read | velvet


Some minutes after you moved in the living room with two cups of chocolate in hands, trying not to fall with the fluffy slippers on that were making your feet slip on the floor. The scene in front of you was one of the sweetest, the television was on and some cartoons were playing, Jongin was caressing Taeoh’s head that was lying on his strong thigh. As soon as they heard you they turned to look at you, Taeoh snapping up and standing with his little feet on the couch. Jongin smiled sweetly at you.

Here you go, watch out, it’s hot❞ you told Taeoh putting the cup on the glass table in front of him. Nevertheless Taeoh, as soon as you put the chocolate down, ran down the couch and picked the cup up, bringing it to his mouth.

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First Kiss

what up bitches i’m still here postin cockles

based on this terrible nonsense


When Jensen agreed to go out to dinner with Misha, he wrongly assumed that Misha was a normal person. Despite everything Jensen’s seen of Misha - from the bizarre sweaters to the poetry written on napkins and then promptly thrown into the trash at the end of lunch some days - since he met him a couple months ago, he for some reason believed Misha would pick a regular restaurant for them to go out to eat.

As soon as they walked in though, Jensen thought, of course, and wondered how he could’ve ever believed Misha would take him somewhere that doesn’t have succulents planted directly into the bar counter.

“So, uh, have you been here before?” Jensen asks as they sit in clear plastic chairs across from each other.

“Nope,” Misha answers easily. “I’ve been meaning to try it.” He starts to open the menu in front of him but then closes it without even looking at it. He folds his arms over the table and looks intently at Jensen. “You’re more of a steak and potatoes guy, aren’t you?”

Jensen huffs a laugh and doesn’t look up from his menu. So far, he hasn’t recognized a single fucking dish on here. “That’s an easy assumption, I took you to a steakhouse last week.”

“And I enjoyed it immensely.”

Jensen lifts his eyes just enough to see Misha smiling at him. His own smile makes its way to his face as he turns his attention back to the menu. He doesn’t really know what he and Misha are doing exactly. They keep…asking each other out, he supposes. They’re building a friendship, but it’s not going the same way as Jensen’s other friendships. He’s used to sitting next to each other drinking beer at a bar, playing video games at home in the middle of an afternoon - not smiling at each other across the table at a fancy New Age restaurant.

As Jensen is deep in thought and not actually reading anything on the menu, the server comes up and greets them. She asks for their drink order, and Misha snatches the menu right out of Jensen’s hands.

Jensen blinks up at Misha, confused, then watches as he hands both closed menus to the server and says, “We’ll have the three least ordered items on the menu. And bring us whatever the bartender’s favorite drink is.”

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anonymous asked:

I love the Victuuri fluff prompts you post!! The baking vlogger Victor one in particular made my heart all warm and fuzzy (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

aaaaaaaa omg thank you! <3

here’s a little something, then: 

The idea came up when they were done with the season and brainstorming different ways of enjoying each other’s company in their first off-season together in St. Petersburg. It didn’t matter who’d thought of it first, what mattered was that, at some point, they’d both agreed it would be a sweet idea and that they’d have a lot of fun doing it.

After a couple of days of research, they record a cooking video. Yuuri offers to record (still somewhat camera shy, Victor knows, but he dismisses that saying he’s had enough experience helping Phichit record videos) and Victor, with Makkachin’s well-behaved support, are the stars of the show. 

Their video goes viral in a matter of minutes. It’s impressive. 

It starts off very simple: a shot with a happy Makkachin lolling her tongue and a cute little mug cake on the counter with a simple handwritten title overlaid on it. Then, it transitions to a very cozy and domestic Victor Nikiforov, who waves at the camera with a bright smile. Makkachin, at his side, wags her tail.

“Hi! I’m Victor Nikiforov and today I’ll share my personal, homemade mug cake recipe! It’s very simple and quick to make, an ideal snack for a rainy afternoon like today when you want to relax at home and watch some movies,” he winks playfully at the camera. “After I’m done baking, my recipe is going to be judged by the best mug cake connoisseur who is going to give it a score based on taste, appearance and…" 

He waggles his eyebrows comically as the camera zooms in his face - perhaps a bit too close when only Victor’s eyes are in the shot. He hesitates, his dramatic expression breaking when Yuuri bursts out laughing off camera, and it abruptly cuts. 

Victor is smiling on the next shot as if he’s been laughing for the past five minutes, and his clear effort to keep it together is adorable.

“Alright, as I was saying, my mug cake is going to be judged on taste, appearance and overall presentation - ‘is it a mug cake?’ is the question we’re trying to answer here today. With me, I have Makkachin - say hi, Makka!” Makkachin wags her tail vigorously. “She’s going to give me moral support - something of dire importance when you’re baking mug cake. Let’s get the ingredients!”

On a quick little montage, all items are displayed on the pristine kitchen counter. Those with keen eyes can tell that Yuuri is the mastermind behind that staged shot, all ingredients neatly placed and ready to be mixed. Again, overlaid handwritten instructions with cute little arrows point out how many portions are going to be needed.

“I came up with this recipe when I was living with Yakov and Lilia,” he says, and it’s clear he’s not speaking to the audience because he keeps looking at his fiancé off-camera as he beats an egg in the mug. “They were very strict about my diet when I was off-season, and I’d crave sweet things so I ended up making a small-sized cake using the least utensils possible.”

“And what are you doing now?” Yuuri’s sweet voice says off-camera, zooming in on Victor, who looks at him in confusion.

“The mug cake,” he states the obvious, pouring milk into the mug. Yuuri chuckles.

“You have to tell us! You have to talk to the camera, Vitya!”

“Oh!” He laughs. “Right, yes, so… Uh… After you’re done beating the egg you’re going to add oil and milk and mix it well - you know, that wet ingredients and dry ingredients rule. Is it a rule?”

“I don’t know,” Yuuri hums.

“Well, OK. I’m using the same spoon to pour and mix the ingredients because… It’s always the same spoon. And I don’t want to wash a lot of dishes.”

“Sustainable cooking.”

“Exactly,” Victor chuckles as he adds chocolate powder and mixes carefully, all under Makkachin’s curious gaze. “So now we start adding the dry ingredients, but you have to be careful-” the camera switches to his face and zooms comically again, and the shot is all Victor’s eyes, sometimes only his mouth “-because you don’t want the flour to, uh, make bubbles. Bubbles?”

“Yeah, it gets…” Yuuri is very clearly trying not to laugh. “You have to mix it well, got it.”

“Exactly, you don’t want to find flour bombs in your mug cake,” the shot is in Victor’s hands as he adds sugar. “So we’re going to mix these first and leave flour and yeast last. Yuuri?”

“I’m recording.”

“All of me?”

All you can see is Victor’s hand on the screen, with his golden ring shining poetically.


The next shot is serious again, with Victor adding spoonfuls of flour with a tense expression.

“Oh, no.”

“What’s wrong, babe?”

Victor hesitates, with a spoon in one hand and sack of flour in the other, staring at the mug.

“I think I put too much flour.”

“Oh, no!”

“What do I do?” He bursts out laughing. “Oh, no!! I screwed up! It was supposed to be three spoons and I put four full ones? Help me, Yuuri!!” Victor whines, looking at the camera with supplicant eyes as he slowly swirls the ingredients in the mug.

“I can’t, I’m the cameraman,” he says with a chuckle.

“Makkachin!! Help me!!”

“You’re getting flour all over your shirt,” Yuuri laughs, and Victor pauses to look at the mess he’s made.

“Aw, no…”

A quick montage comes up with a close-up shot of Victor mixing the flour in the mug then adding some yeast. The tragedy, it seems, was limited to Victor’s drama, because the mixed ingredients look pretty good.

When it transitions to Victor again, the camera is positioned closer, and it’s clear Victor cannot look away from his gorgeous cameraman.

“Now that Makkachin has saved the day - thanks, Makka! - we are going to put it in the microwave for three minutes. And be careful, it’s going to be super hot when it’s done, so wait a few minutes until it’s cooled down before eating.”

Another quick montage of the mug spinning in the microwave, Victor cleaning up the counter and Makkachin being a good girl plays to the sound of a light, cheery music. Then, the microwave beeps and Victor picks the mug carefully and sets it on the counter.

Back to its original placement, the camera now frames Victor, Yuuri and Makkachin, all looking excited about the mug cake. 

Looking at the camera, Victor announces:

“So now I have here, with me, an authority in mug cakes,” Yuuri hides his smile behind his hand as he gazes at Victor. “A man who has traveled around the world looking for the perfect mug cake recipe and who is going to judge my homemade mug cake with the highest of standards. Isn’t that right, Yuuri?”

Yuuri, blushing, nods and tries to appear serious.

“Should I mouth-feed you the bite?” Victor asks in all seriousness. And Yuuri, apparently forgetting about the camera, smiles and nods at him.

“What am I judging you on?" 

"Oh,” Victor pauses with the fork in his hand. “You have to give me a score based on taste, appearance and is it a mug cake?


“So, please, have a look,” he gestures at the mug and Yuuri steps closer, inhaling a deep breath and humming in approval.

“It smells amazing. And it looks a bit…” Yuuri shakes his head, “I think I can see some flour you didn’t manage to mix.”

“Damn it.”

“But I’m intrigued. Let’s taste it!”

And, in what could possibly be the most romantic scene in all video, Victor takes a forkful of chocolate cake and feeds it to Yuuri, his other hand automatically reaching to caress his cheek. Yuuri gazes back into his eyes, fluttering his eyes shut as he tastes the bite and nods, eyes closed. Victor watches him expectantly, his hand seemingly forgotten on Yuuri’s cheek and grazing the pad of his thumb like it’s a natural instinct. 

“It’s very good.”

Victor sighs with relief, laughing with Yuuri at his own reaction.

“It tastes sweet, but not too sweet, you know?”

“Exactly! I had to fool Yakov somehow - sorry, Yakov.”

“I really like it, this is delicious,” Yuuri pokes him for another bite.

“OK, but the final question…”

“… Is it a mug cake?”

Victor nods, expectantly. And taking his time, Yuuri grabs another bite and chews on it, pondering, raising an eyebrow just to tease Victor. 

“It is a mug cake.”

Victor cheers, asking Makkachin for a high-five and giving Yuuri a gentle kiss on his cheek, wrapping him in a hug as Yuuri chuckles.

“Final score?” He asks, excited.

“I’d give this mug cake a gold medal.”

“Wow! Yuuri!” Victor beams, wrapping his arms tighter around Yuuri. “Alright, and what should we do next?”

Tapping his chin with his finger (a classic Nikiforov quirk), Yuuri takes a moment to think about it.


“Cookies!” Victor echoes, excited. “Do you know how to bake cookies?”

“I do!”

“Perfect! For my next video, we will have a very special guest,” he winks at the camera. “Thanks for watching!”

A Lesson [m]

Genre : Smut

Summary : By all accounts, asking your childhood friend of many years, Baekhyun, to teach you how to give a …. is odd, however in the grand scheme of things, it’s better than learning with a stranger. - a rewrite of ‘teach me’ -

“Baek?” at the sound of your voice he peered up from his phone.

Unbeknownst to him, his ears were about to hear the words that would’ve had him falling onto the floor if it wasn’t for the fact that he was sat down on his bed.


“Teach me how to give a blow job”

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you're still taking headcannon requests, but if you are, can you do one of Sweet Pea celebrating your birthday? Thank you!


  • Waking up up in the morning to a billion texts from toni and fangz on behalf of SP bc they were almost certain he would forget  
  • Getting ready to leave for school and seeing SP leaning against his harley at the end of your driveway with a bouquet of ur favourite flowers and a small teddy bear wearing a leather jacket (with a popped collar, ofc)
  • ‘You didn’t really think i’d forget, did you?’
  • SP making a comment about the birthday outfit with a smug smile
  • Getting a ride to school on his harley 
  • SP planting one on you in front of everyone
  • Definitely got some tongue action 
  • He also probably smacked your ass 
  • Wandering to your locker to get your books for first period - your locker explodes open with balloons and streamers and confetti (getting a text from Sweet pea immediately after this happens with a winky face and it reads ‘it’s hard to sneak into riverdale high after hours jsyk’)
  • Trying to slam your locker closed before too many people notice 
  • Barely making it through the day, excited to see Sweets waiting for you in the parking lot after school 
  • ‘You hungry?’ ‘always’ 
  • Going to SP’s for dinner - seeing the trailer decorated with white christmas lights and balloons, with picnic tables set up outside 
  • ‘What is this?’ ‘surprise?’ 
  • Everyone being invited to the trailer to hang out and celebrate
  • Small gifts and tokens being given 
  • SP and Tallboy cooking for everyone 
  • Awkwardly blushing when everyone started to sing happy birthday 
  • Sweets coming out with a large box carrying your favourite cake 
  • Which he also made from scratch 
  • he’s so damn proud about it too 
  • Pulling you into his lap when you go to blow out your candles bc he’s over you giving your attention to everyone but him 
  • Pressing kisses to your neck to distract you when you’re trying to talk to your friends 
  • Watching your boyfriends friends clear the immediate area of all garbage and the tables faster than you thought possible; Sweet pea all but drags you inside bc its finally his turn to celebrate your birthday 
  • Giving you one more gift bc he’s tired of you always stealing his shirts (he went out and bought another plaid shirt and wore it for a few days so it ‘smelt like him’) 
  • Sweet Pea getting super intimate and mushy; grabbing your face in his large hands, stroking his thumb across your bottom lip, pulling you into his body to leave no space between you. Hot and heavy open mouthed kisses, wandering hands. 
  • Peeling his shirt off over his head, voice deep and husky as he whispers ‘happy birthday babydoll’
GOT7 / College AU - Fake dating turns into real dating 1/2


Hiiii can a request a got7 fake dating to real dating au?

Hiii if you are up to it, would you be open to doing a got7 fake dating college au? With maybe like u guys make out for show but realize you have feelings for each other?

Hi Can I request a got7 fake dating au?            

Thank you so much for requesting this! I hope you enjoy!!! ❤️

P.S. this is long, so i’m splitting it into two parts. there’s mark, jb, & jackson’s reactions in this one. i’ll post the second part soon!

WARNING. some strong language.

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one more time before i fall

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Rating: T
Words: 1833
Summary: This weird tension between you and Dean had to come to a head sometime, and what better time than when you’re trapped in the Impala with him for a long trip? 
Author’s Note: Hi. This  drabble is brought to you by Jensen Ackles’ jaw line.

The last thing you remember before getting knocked over the head was calling Sam and Dean for help. You knew they would kick your ass for trying to take on this hunt by yourself, but you needed some space, and needed to blow off some steam.

You crack one eyelid open, squinting in the bright sunlight and register the low hum of the Impala. Cool, you think, had to get rescued like some teenager. You must make a noise as you struggle to sit up right, because Dean’s head turns to face you. 

He doesn’t look happy. “Stop trying to move.” He says. “You have a concussion.” 

“Why’d you let me sleep, then?” You ask, figuring if he’s already mad at you, you might as well really go for gold, here. 

“You were unconscious when I found you, smartass. What the hell were you thinking?” The muscle on the side of his jaw jumps.

“I was thinking there was a ghoul eating people kind of close to where we live, so I should probably kill it.” 

Dean grinds his teeth together, looking like he’s trying really hard not to say something he’ll regret. “That was stupid.” He says calmly. “You should have told us. We would have gone with you.” 

“Needed some air.” You say quietly, and he makes a incredulous face.

“You serious? What - are we smothering you? In the bunker?” He looks back at the road, eyes dark. 

“I just– I’m not used to…” You trail off, “I’m not used to having people around all the time. I needed to get away for a bit.” 

Not totally a lie. 

You aren’t used to having people around all the time; much more comfortable to have your own space and do things on your own. It’s not what’s been bothering you so much, though. You can feel yourself starting to develop feelings for Dean and you know if you let yourself, you’ll be head over heels for the guy. It’s better to get away now, before you make things awkward. Besides that, you can’t help feeling that you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Do you really get to have this? Friends who care about you? A kick ass place to live? It seems impossible that this could last.

Dean shakes his head. “Whatever. Look, I’m not going to tell you what to do. You’re a grown ass woman. But that was dumb.” 

You roll your eyes, turning to watch the scenery out the window. It’s going to be a long trip.

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Starry Night - Harry Styles

A/N: first ever Harry Styles imagine, hope it’s not too bad, feedback would be appreciated. Also it jumps around a bit from scene to scene. If people like it I might do a second part, also if anyone wants more info on the fake dates they go on I could write separate things for how they go (like spin off things) xx

Originally posted by fallenangelsl

 "I wish the sky looked this amazing all of the time" y/n spoke to Harry as they lay on top of her bed sheets looking up at the ceiling. 

Harry had both arms propped under his head, his hair sticking up in all directions. All the lights were off and y/n had hundreds of glow in the dark stars adorning the ceiling and walls of her dorm room. She often found herself laying there when things got too much, turning the lights off and admiring how peaceful it could be.

 "Yeah, it would be amazing to find somewhere clear enough to actually see them. Bloody light pollution" Harry spoke making her turn her face to look at him and chuckle.

 Harry and y/n had been best friends for years. From the first day they met; when Harry sat down next to her in science class, to the day they went to the same university. 

 "I forgot to tell you earlier" harry spoke suddenly perking up. He sat up slightly on his side to face her. “But you know that girl I was telling you about the other day”

 "Yeah" she encourage him now looking straight at him.

 "She smiled at me today" Harry said smiling happily at the thought, replaying it back in his mind again and again.

 "That’s great! She knows you exists now!“ Y/n spoke excited for him. Harry seemed to really like this girl, always talking about her even though he had never spoken to him before, y/n just wanted him to be happy. He did deserve it after all. 

She was only a little worried for him. This girl - Carla ran with a different crowd than Harry and Y/n. She was a cheerleader, popular and always surrounded by a large group of friends. 

 Whereas Harry and y/n couldn’t be more of the opposite, their group just consisted of the two of them. But they liked it that way. University didn’t have specific cliques. No one really knew anyone except for those who were cheerleaders or played on sports teams. 

 "Yeah, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the lecture” he laughed at himself “pathetic right?“ 

 "It’s kinda sweet” she replied smiling although she couldn’t fully see him in the dark, she knew he would be blushing. 

 "I can dream” he spoke sadly. 

 "Hey..“ She said softly, sensing the sadness on his voice. “Don’t say that, I know for sure your dreams will come true”.

 "Thanks” he smiled smally, not believing her, but he knew she wouldn’t let it go if he disagreed. 

 Y/n was the best person he knew. She had the kindest heart, there wasn’t a word that came out of her mouth that was bad. Sometimes he worried about her. She seemed so full of hope for the world- he was worried that one day she would see the world for what it truly was. He never wanted that day to happen.

 "I’m not her type" harry spoke “I have absolutely no experience of anything like that!“ 

 "That doesn’t matter” she spoke.

“I’m never going to make the first move when I’ve never asked someone on a date before or even been on one!” Harry exclaimed, sighing at his lack of experience and understanding.

 "I believe you can if you really want to” y/n spoke in concern at the state he was getting himself into. He had fully sat up, a hand running through his hair in stress.

“w-why don’t you teach me?” Harry spoke his hand stopping. He looked at y/n eyes pleading with her. 

 "What do you mean?“ She asked hesitantly, shocked at the thought. Her face had frozen, the thought of going on a date with Harry- even if it was just a pretend one, scared her to bits.

 She didn’t think she could handle that. Going on dates with him but it all being an act. It would hurt her heart beyond repair knowing its not real.

 "Don’t be silly” she laughed playing it off “you don’t need my help, you can do it yourself Harry" 

 "Please y/n, I’m begging you, it will make me feel more comfortable and it will build up my confidence, please” harry begged desperately. She sighed deeply, closing her eyes momentarily. 

 "Okay okay, fine" she spoke faking a laugh, she always gave in so easily to him.

 "Thank you so much" he sighed collapsing back on her bed to look up at the ceiling. “So where would you want to go on the first date?“ 

 "That’s your job to decide” she spoke glancing at him amused.

 "This is why I need your help, help to decide where I would take her once I ask her out” he spoke.

“Fine, um…” She looked up at the glowing stars in her room thinking if her ideal first date. Truth is she had never been on dates to places she would want to go. In fact she had never been on a successful date, they all ended in a somewhat disaster. “We could go see real stars, find somewhere we can actually see them”

 "How cliche" harry chuckled. 

 "Isn’t that what dates are meant to be?“ She said raising an eyebrow.


 "Holy shit, it’s … Beautiful” harry spoke softly.

 It was the first fake date they had been on and they were sitting on the bonnet of Harry’s car, parked at the highest point in the city giving a view of all the houses and roads below; a shared blanket around their shoulders while they looked up at the pitch black sky.

 They were further away from the city out here meaning they could see the silvery stars littered across the night sky.

 Y/n admired how it looked like scattered fairy dust; it was magical. She turned to admire Harry watching the sky in amazement, his mouth parted in wonder. She traced her eyes across his jaw line, imagining what it would be like it this was a real date. Would she be allowed to trace her fingers across his cheek and down to his lips before kissing him softly?

 She mentally shook herself out of her trance, knowing the more she thought about if the more it would hurt. This wasn’t a real date, this was her helping a friend gain experience to take some one else; someone who was not her out.

 "Do you think she will like this?“ Harry asked suddenly turning to look at her.

 Y/n quickly looked up so she wouldn’t be caught staring. 

 "I think she’d be silly not to” she smiled softly at him, meeting his eyes.

 —————————————————————————————————–  The fake dates continued over the weeks. Harry and y/n had covered a lot if their city; bowling; drive in cinema; laser tagging; fancy dinners at fancy restaurants; shitty dinners at shitty diners. 

Tonight they were going to the beach. A picnic next to the sea.

 They had a red tartan blanket laid on the sand, cans of cider in their hands while they talked about everything. Maybe they had drunk a little more than they planned but they were having fun, that’s all that mattered.

 "Let’s go skinny dipping!“ Harry said energetically, standing up quickly and nearly staggering over. Y/n drunkenly laughed at him. 

 "It’s too cold harry! You’ll get hypothermia or something!” She giggled standing up to try and stop him. But harry had pulled his top off, working on his trousers.

 "Harry..“ She spoke as her voice caught in her throat. She sudden felt sober, taking In every detail of her best friend, she admired his beauty until he started running towards the sea.

 "Come on!” He shouted while running straight into the water. 

 "Harry!“ She shouted over at him ” oh fuck" she called as she watched him fall over into the sea. She ran after him, throwing her top off on the way, leaving behind a trail of clothes. 

 The water was freezing and she let out a small scream as she swam her way over to harry who was now standing up, admiring the reflection of the moon in the water.

 "Jesus Christ Harry" she spoke as she reached him, her hand touching his arm gently, gaining his attention. He looked at her smiling softly as she shivered.

 "You look beautiful you know" he spoke. Y/n let out a shocked laugh.

 "Shut up" she spoke looking away almost shyly. 

 "Honestly..“ He spoke, his voice soft.

 "Harry..” She whispered as his hand cupped her cheek. His thumb tracing over her bottom lip, eyes flicking down to them. He leaned forward, brushing their lips together, she leaned in slightly which was all harry needed to press his lips more firmly to hers. His hands found their way to her waist pulling his flush against him while the water from the sea hit their bare skin.

 "We should probably go" she whispered when they pulled away. She was met with an intense stare from Harry and he watched her walk out of the sea, picking her trail of clothes up as she went. He followed after her doing the same.


  They hasn’t spoken about that night since. 

 Harry had just dumped his books onto the lunch table y/n was sitting at, making her jump. She looked up greeting him before hurriedly writing in her text book. They sat in silence for a bit before y/n went to speak. 

 "I was thinking about going to prom" she said casually only soaring a quick glance at Harry before looking back to her work.

 "You? At prom" he laughed stopping his work and looking at her amused.

 "Yeah" she spoke. She was building up the courage to ask him to go with her. “I was thinking-”

 "I’m going to ask Carla Tomorrow" he spoke not meaning to interrupt her “I’m going to walk straight up to her and ask” he had a new found confidence within.

 "Oh… that’s great Harry!“ She spoke trying to sound enthusiastic.

 "So you’re being serious about going?” He asked her still amused at the thought, leaning back in his chair to look at her.

 "We’ll- probably not, I don’t know “ she mumbled looking interested in her work.

 "I could set you up with someone?” He said.

 "Nah, that’s alright.“ She spoke “I’ll probably do something else”


  “I did it!” Harry announced loudly as y/n walked over to Harry’s car to get a lift home.

 "Done what?“

 "I asked Carla, and she said yes!” He spoke proudly. 

 "Oh wow, that’s-harry that’s great!“ She spoke trying not to let any emotions slide. 

 "I’m taking her on a date tomorrow” he said.

“Where to?” Y/n asked curiously. 

 "Like the first fake date we went on, to see the stars” he said excitedly not knowing or realizing how much it hurt her to hear him say.  

She knew it was bound to happen one day, but she didn’t think it would be so soon; she thought she still had time, that things between her and Harry were progressing into more than friends. 

But y/n only had herself to blame. Harry had made it clear from the start that the end goal was not her.


Harry was extremely nervous. His hands were sweating and he was rubbing them against his trousers while trying to keep his focus on driving. He could see the sweat on the steering wheel from the tips of his fingers. 

Carla was sat in the passenger seat making small conversation. But Harry was too nervous to hear what she was actually saying. 

What if this date was a disaster and she told all her friends and then he would never have the chance to date some one again, he would have to drop out of uni in humiliation. 

Pulling up to the same spot y/n had showed him, they both stepped out of his car, sitting themselves on the bonnet to look over the city.

“this is amazing Harry, I never knew it existed! how did you find this place?” she asked. 

Harry’s mind flickered to y/n. 

“my friend showed it me once” he said with a small smile as he pictured the excitement on y/n’s face when she first brought Harry here. His thoughts moved on to the image of him and y/n laying on her bed and looking up at the glow in the dark stars on her ceiling. 

“what? that girl ’you’re always with around uni?”

“yeah, y/n. She’s my best friend” he spoke smiling. 


“she loved it!” Harry spoke as soon as y/n stepped into his car. 

“that’s great” she spoke not really interested. She had about 3 hours sleep and couldn’t take the energy in Harry’s voice, it was too early.

“someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today!” he said shooting her a charming smile as he pulled out of the car park.

The ride was silent as y/n leaned against the window ready to fall asleep.

“she invited us to sit with her and her friends today” Harry spoke once he parked on the campus and turned the engine off. 

“what do you mean us?” y/n frowned. 

“she invited you too” he spoke as if obvious. 

“why would she do that she doesn’t know who I am”

“she asked about you last night” Harry said.



“im taking her on the beach date today” Harry spoke as soon as he sat down next to y/n once he spotted her on the campus.

y/n looked up not hearing him sat down next to her.

“oh, that will be nice” she spoke turning back to her book.

Harry hadn’t seen much of y/n the past few weeks. She had suddenly become more interested in getting her work done, spending evenings in the library or reading. He missed her.

“what’s up?” he asked nudging her playfully but he got no response. “y/n?”


“what’s up and don’t avoid my question” he spoke concerned. 

“just tired” she mumbled straining a smile. “anyway, tell me about what you have planned then? she said putting her book down and pretending to be interested now to get him off her back. “don’t tell me you’re going to go skinny dipping” she chuckled at the memory. 

“well, i’m not against it if she’s not” Harry smirked suggestively, laughing. Y/n fake laughed along. 

“well i’m sure you will have a great time” she spoke looking at him, tracing her eyes over his face and seeing his genuine smile. 


Harry was having a moment of deja vu. Here he was sitting on a red picnic blanket on the sand, chatting about anything and everything with a girl. But the only difference was that it wasn’t y/n sat next to him. 

Instead it was the girl of his dreams. Or so he thought. 

He couldn’t help but compare the two girls. 

He knew he shouldn’t. But he couldn’t help it. He just didn’t seem to have as much fun on these real dates than he did with y/n. 

He found himself uninterested in the topics Carla spoke about. He didn’t care about her friends who were sleeping with her other friends. Harry didn’t like gossip and that’s one of the reasons him and y/n got on so well. 

Harry couldn’t help but feel like maybe he had fucked up somewhere along the line. 

The girl in front of him now just wasn’t the girl for him. 

He couldn’t imagine her standing in the sea just several meters away from where they sat. He couldn’t imagine pressing his lips against hers while the water surrounded them. It was wrong. He shouldn’t have even brought her here in the first place. 

In fact he shouldn’t have even asked her out.

“harry?” Carla spoke “Harry?”

Her voice brought him out of his train of thought.


“are you even listening to me?” she spoke a tone of annoyance in her voice. 

“sorry, you were saying?” he said now turning to face her to pay attention. 

“forget it. Why don’t you just take me home?” she spoke

“w-what?” Harry asked surprised

“oh come on. you know this isn’t working.” Carla spoke. “honestly, it’s okay. I see the way you look at her” 


“your so-called best friend” she spoke

“what do you mean?” Harry said panicked. 

“it’s okay to fall in love with your best friend you know” Carla spoke, her voice soft. 

“i’m not in love with y/n” Harry spoke uncertainly making Carla laugh. 

“friendship can be an excuse Harry” she spoke. “and you don’t sound too certain about that”

Harry had gone silent. 

“come on” she laughed standing up “lets go” 

“I - shit” Harry spoke running his hand through his hair. 

“I can’t believe it took you this long to figure it out” Carla laughed at the brown haired boy. At the end of the day she understood that you never expect to fall in love with the people you do, but when you know; you know. You would be silly to let anyone or anything stand in your way of love.

Powder Keg - Ch 3

Happy Monday, Everlarkers! Last week’s episode of EYOA’s Powder Keg left our Katniss with a dilemma - call in Grumpy Gale on his day off, or spend an entire day with archnemesis Peeta, who somehow broke her heart.

You chose for Katniss to throw caution to the wind and spend the day with Peeta. What happens next? Our own @burkygirl continues the drama (hang on to your hats, kids, this one’s a doozy!)

As always, you have 48 hours to vote, until noon, Wednesday, November the 22nd. Remember, vote in the comments or reblogs, not in the tags! And as always, share with your friends, more voices = more fun! Ready? Here we go…

The door to the staff room slams behind me as I storm away. I have got to get some fresh air. I need to be alone for 10 seconds or I’m going to scream. Fucking Johanna. She might as well have stuffed us into a get-along shirt like a couple of bratty kids. And what kind of choice is that anyway? As if I’m going to drag Gale up here on his day off to deal with a bunch of kids just because Dickwad is doing a tap dance on my very last nerve. That’s not fair to Gale. He works two jobs to help his mom take care of his brothers and sisters and this is the only day he gets to sleep in. And anyway, I definitely don’t need him running up here and trying to save me.

The cold air slices through my lungs the minute I step outside. I close my eyes and breathe deeply; each sharp, frosty inhale forcing the red haze just a little bit farther away. When I’m calm, I go back inside and find Peeta in the staff room packing up his gear to go home for the day.

“What are you doing?”

His expression is flat, emotionless as he methodically packs his bag. “What does it look like? I’m obviously not going to get any work here today. I might as well go home and help Dad at the bakery if I’m going to work for free.”

My attempt at another calming breath comes out like an impatient huff instead. “We have a class, like, any minute.”

His eyes snap to mine. “You didn’t call Hawthorne?”

I throw myself in a scruffy armchair that must have gotten dragged in here when it was no longer presentable for the guest area. “No. I am not going to do that to Gale on his day off. Just stay away from me, Mellark, and it’ll be fine.”

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anonymous asked:

may i please request a mileven fic where el gets very hurt physically and has to go to the hospital while mike is freaking out and crying (maybe a car crash or she gets shot?) 🌻🌻

“Mike, Mike!”

Mike opens one eye, groans loudly and rolls over. He wants to hibernate for a year until he’s allowed to see Eleven again. He’s been told that isn’t an option but not for lack of trying on his part. He’s still shocked though when Nancy turns on the lamp next to his bed and rips the blankets off of him. He’s outraged too. He’s about to give some kind of excuse when he looks over at the clock.

“It’s four am,” he says.

“No shit, sherlock,” Nancy says rolling her eyes, “Chief Hopper called, he says you have to be downstairs in five minutes or he’s not stopping.”

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Wrapped Up (Heechul)

Originally posted by thesuperjunior

Type: Fluff

Request: Maybe just some Weekly Idol or knowing bros. Could you please do a weekly idol or knowing bros where you surprise Heechul on set with your guys daughter and he just cuddles her the whole time and gives her most of the attention and the other people there are sorta making fun of him for being wrapped around her finger

G/N: group name

“You like my bag?” you joked to your group mates as you came over in a school uniform and your one year old daughter, Hyena strapped securely in her over priced baby carrier as your husband refused to get a cheaper one to carry around his precious daughter in. Her mouth was occupied by a pacifier and she was busy looking around everything curiously.

 “You look like a teen mom” your leader Geumsuk told you “gah” you shoved her lightly “who has the diaper bag?” you asked as your maknae Inhye turned around and revealed the designer diaper bag on her back as you smiled largely giving thumbs up. Your 8 member group was making a comeback for the first time in 6 years. Your group had amazingly been at this for about 18 years as you guys did individually do things in the past 6 years but only took pictures together mainly. Obviously a lot has changed since you were 16 but you guys were happy to be back at your passions together again. You offered a smile as you got the signal to get ready to come onto set. You let out a sigh as you guys soon made your way towards the class room.


Your group leader slid the door open and Heechul instantly sat up straight as he recognized her with ease. You walked in awkwardly as you didn’t want to ruin the surprise on your back of course the camera could see the little one on your back on one side but the other side you just looked like you were walking silly for laughs. You held the straps tightly as you stood in the front of the room smiling “hello guys” Geumsuk spoke calmly as everyone made a sound. “Let me introduce our group, we are G/N. We are normally a 8 member group but today we have a 9th member” she comments as all of soon do a side pose and stick your hands out. Hyena saw this and she decided to do the same thing making the moment more perfect. 

“Ah look at her” Hodong comments as Heechul was already out of his seat. “Where are you going?” your rapper Sojeong asked as he was soon behind you guys. You made a face as you stood still allowing Heechul to undo your little one from your back. As he soon came out from behind you holding his prized daughter “this is my child. I made this” he comments proudly as he moved close to the camera. She was the perfect she looked like the two of you mixed together but of course her features leaned more towards her father’s than yours. She smiled behind her pacifier as Heechul laid his head on her’s “I predicted this” you comment out loud as Heechul soon made his way over to his seat with his daughter. 

“You guys were a big deal in the late 90′s before and after your debut”  Soogeun comments as you all nod. “I remember not being able to go anywhere without hearing you guys-” “stop making us sound so old” Inhye told them all. “What brought you guys to a halt?” Youngchul asked “my marriage and child” Sojeong spoke “then Y/N got in a relationship with Heechul. Geumsuk got engaged” “life got in the way” you told them as they nodded.

“I’m amazed you haven’t said anything smart yet Heechul” one of the other girls in your group spoke as he looked up “what?” he asked as he was distracted by his baby girl. “Y/N” Kyunghoon called as you looked at him “is Heechul a good father?” he asked as Heechul looked up at you for your answer “I think he’s a good dad, just way too much at times” you comment as Heechul made a sound “this is the quietest he’s been in a long time” Janghoon comments as Heechul simply rolled his eyes as he really couldn’t deny he wouldn’t be as playful as normal because of Hyena being here, the pair were practically inseparable and cuddling at the moment as you guys soon moved to seats to continue.


Each group member went up to do the Guess about Me segment before it was your turn. You had a plan to embarrass your husband slightly but also just wanted to be interesting for the group. “So as you know, Heechul and I have a child” you state first “Heechul doesn’t seem to be aware of this but what member of Super Junior does Hyena love the most?” you asked “it’s her father” Heechul straight up says “it’s gotta be me. She’s too young to like men” he continued “are they really cute together?” “oh my gosh they are so cute together” you continue “I’m going to kill whoever it is then” Heechul continued as he rested his hand onto the back of Hyena’s head as he looked down at her. 

“He’s so protective” Hodong comments as eyes were on the scene of Heechul and his daughter. You and Heechul began a stared sown as he was trying to figure out who his daughter loved so much “Leeteuk” Heechul says as you shook your head no. “Donghae” he continued as the others were sitting there listening to him list off each member of the Super Junior wanting to know who his daughter loved. “Yesung?” he says as you smiled right at him. “She loves his face. She touches his face so much when he comes over” you tell as your husband’s face was tense. “Calm down man” Kyunghoon teased Heechul as he sent you a glare while you gave him your charming smile before moving on to your next question.

“After Heechul and I had our daughter, he became even pickier with products. How much did he spend on a single diaper bag for our daughter?” you asked as your maknae lifted the bag high up. “1,000″ Janghoon calls “if he spent that I would have divorced him” you say as Heechul chuckled bringing your daughter closer to him making sure she was comfortable on him. “He spent more on her the whole 13 months she’s been on this Earth than he has on me” you tell them as they soon were on him again about being too much for her. He agreed 100% patting little Hyena bum as she was nearly sleeping in his arms “we have many designer clothing for her but Heechul spent $280 on that bag right there” you say pointing to it “what?” your leader asked as she looked at the cartooned patterned bag “you spoil her too much” your leader told him “I want the best for her” he told everyone. “My socks cost less than her’s too” you tell them as she had designer baby socks that Heechul proudly showed off. 


Through out the filming, when your daughter was waking up more Heechul and her shared real cute moment. She stood up in his lap and kissed him or would make a sound while he was talking and he would tell her something like “yeah?” “I know” “Is that right?” before going back to his comments. She giggled when attention was on her and made sure she was leaving a good impression on everyone which she was. It was very different from when she wasn’t with him. But the best part to you was when he called you “honey” and was teased about it because he was embarrassed that he said that while recording. Once the filing was over he received genuine comments about his parenting as they were being truthful about his parenting skills as he really was very great dad. 

Better late than never.

Eggsy had invited you to a ball that Tilde and her parents were hosting for some charity event. You two were so close, even out of work you went everywhere together, and people always asked if you were a couple. Unfortunately your answer was always no, especially now he’d found Tilde, the princess of his dreams it seemed. Still, you stuck with him, being the supportive best friend you’d always been, even though it killed you a little inside every time you saw them together. You stepped on your long dress, the waist down made of black tulle, with a black short dress underneath it, and cursed underneath your breath as you held on to a chair to steady yourself. An arm snakes around your waist, another holding on to your wrist. Eggsy leant in to your ear, a little closer than he should have.

“You okay?”

“I’m fine,” you gulp, your hand automatically resting on top of his on your waist, “just this silly dress.”

You laugh it off and sort yourself out, then he slides his arm away.

“I don’t think it’s silly. You look stunning,” he smiles as he walks away, back into the crowd and to an angry looking Tilde. You smile back at him and let out a breath you didn’t realise you’d been holding since he put his hands on your body. Tilde’s eyes bore into yours, her face scrunching up as if she’s sucking on a lemon, and you can’t help but laugh out loud at the sight. You carry on circling around the room, talking to various diplomats and other members of royalty from different countries. With each movement you make, you can feel someone watching you, and every time you turn around, it’s Eggsy that’s looking at you, his eyes suddenly darting around the room to avoid your questioning gaze. You start to move towards each other, pausing for conversations along the way, both of you checking how far the other is away from them. Whenever you catch each other’s eye, you can’t help but smile across the crowd. The small talk with these people was killing you, and Eggsy knew you’d be hating it, but he desperately wanted to keep you here all night.

“So, when are you going to get engaged?” One of Tilde’s uncles asks Eggsy.

“Umm, actually, we haven’t spoken about that,” he says, looking around the room to check where you are, “(Y/N) and I are taking things slow at the moment.”

“Who’s (Y/N)?”

“Oh, sorry! Tilde, of course!” Eggsy corrects, still scanning the room as he looks around Tilde’s uncle’s head.

“Are you okay? You seem distracted,” Tilde’s uncle frowns, unimpressed with Eggsy’s behaviour.

“Yes, sorry, um,” Eggsy starts, then suddenly sees you, nearer than he thought you’d be and his eyes light up, “I must go, I’ll catch up with you later.”

Eggsy pushes his way through the crowd, reaching out to touch your arm when he’s close enough, but is stopped by Tilde standing in front of him, eyes like daggers.

“Oh! Hey!” He smiles, snapping his hand back to his side.

“Come with me, now,” she orders, storming off through the crowd. You turn around just as Eggsy runs after her, and your heart drops into your stomach. There he goes with the woman he’s sure to marry after all this. And here you are again, enticed in by his cheeky smile, working your way towards each other through the crowd, and now completely dejected, stuck talking to some distant relative of the Swedish royal family. You make your excuses and slowly wind your way back through the crowd, not paying any attention to the people you pass.

Out in the hall, Eggsy stands with his fingers pressed firmly against his forehead frustratedly.

“I need to get back in there,” he says exasperated.

“No! You need to explain to me why you’re staring at her all the time!” Tilde yells.

“What are you on about?!”

“Eggsy, you clearly have feelings for her. I’m not putting up with this any longer. It’s me or her. You need to decide now,” Tilde frowns, hands on her hips defiantly. Eggsy looks up, his hand falling down from his face as your name immediately pops into his head, no hesitation about it whatsoever. How had he been so stupid? He’s probably lost you now if you’d seen him running after her. Tilde’s eyes widen at his silence, and the realisation that now covers his face as his mouth opens a little to try and speak.

“Don’t say it. I know. Get her and leave as soon as possible, or I’ll call security,” Tilde orders, stomping away to the toilets. Eggsy takes a deep breath and runs back into the ballroom to find you, pushing people out of the way without care. He spots you, head hanging down as you slowly walk towards him unknowingly. His hand reaches out and grabs yours, pulling you towards him, and you bump into his chest with the force.

“Woah!” You breathe, looking up at his face.

“We need to leave. Now,” he says seriously, dragging you through the crowd and out into the hall.

“Eggsy, what are you-?”

“You’re welcome to him, bitch!” Tilde then shouts out from behind you, as Eggsy doesn’t even look back, pulling you out of the venue as quick as he can.

“Eggsy, why did she-?”

“Just hold on,” he says, bursting through the front doors and looking around for his car.

“Eggsy! Stop! What the fuck is going on here?!” You call out, stopping in your tracks, and pulling on his sleeve to slow him down.

“I love you, okay?!” He yells, turning to face you, his heart skipping a beat when he takes in your wind swept hair, figure hugging dress, and shocked face. You feel as if you’ve had the wind knocked out of you as you stand there looking at his worried face, his suit lopsided from running with his arm connected to yours behind him, face slightly red from his outburst.

“Eggsy,” you whisper, closing the gap between you both as your heels crunch on the gravel, trying to keep your balance. You fix his suit, straightening out his jacket and tie, then smooth the arms down and look up at him with a calm smile.

“That’s better,” you sigh, “now, what did you say before?”

“I love you,” he exhales, feeling instantly calm from your touch. You smile wider, reaching a hand up to his face and placing it gently on his cheek, your thumb stroking over the soft skin just beneath his eye.

“Tilde told me to choose between you or her, and it was only then I realised that I couldn’t live my life without you. I’m so stupid, I wouldn’t blame you if you walked away right now, it’s taken me so long to realise this. I’m so sorry,” he explains, voice barely above a whisper.

“Don’t be sorry, Eggs. Better late than never, right?” You smile, his face now mirroring yours, “and for the record, I love you too.”

Ready or not (Young! Sirius Black x reader)

A/N: wrote this imagine this morning in school. I really hope you like it. Kind of proud of it to be honest. I was so happy to read the request and I started writing it right away bc I just have nothing else to do except to study.

Request: Heyy could you write a Sirius x reader in which there’s some months before school finishes and she finds out she’s pregnant and is so scared but Sirius is excited and so over protective and all but only the guys and lily know??💜

Warning: My English and I was a bit drunk writing this. Comma addiction.


You were sitting on a toilet, tears rolling down your cheeks and holding on a pregnancy test. “Positive.” you mumbled under your breath.

You heard a knock on your door and a familiar voice spoke. “(Y/n)? Wha- what is it?” asked Remus, who was waiting for your response. He was your best friend out of all the marauders so you trusted him with everything. “Is it positive?” he asked quietly through the door.

“Is what positive?” you heard James come into the dorm.

“James, Peter! Umm…nothing.” responded Remus turning towards them.

You opened the door and all eyes were on you. Your cheeks were wet and your eyes were red and buffy.

“(Y/n)?” asked Peter, wondering what the hell are you doing in the boys bathroom.

James, who was like a brother to you walked over and brushed your tears with his thumbs. “What’s wrong?”

You hugged James tightly and started crying. “It’s positive.” you sobbed. “How can it be positive? We were careful and-and…” you stuttered, tears rolling down your cheeks.

James looked at Remus confused. He didn’t know what it was about so Remus showed him, using his hands, and started pesturing an imaginative baby. James’ eyes widened and he grabbed you a bit tighter. “Oh, (Y/n).”

“What am I going to do? It’s our last year and I- I…. How do I tell him? What will..how will he react?”

“Shh…” whispered James, hugging you even tightly. “Don’t worry,okay.” he tried to comfort you.

“Don’t worry!Don’t worry!!!!” you pushed yourself out of his grip. “What do you expect me to do?!? I get knocked up just before the graduation and you expect me not to worry!! How will I take my O.W.L.S or my Newts!! Do you know how stressed will I be!! What will my parents say?! What will Sirius say!?” you started panting from all the screaming.

Remus’ arms wrapped from behind you. “Calm down, (Y/n). Take one step at the time.”

“And what is step one excatly?”

“Step 1: Calm down.”

Three weeks had passed and you still haven’t told Sirius about the baby. It was almost a month and still you were procrastinating in any way possible. Remus was nagging you about telling Sirius but you just snapped at him everytime he mentioned it.

You were sitting at the Gryffindor table with your boyfriend’s arm around your shoulder. Remus, like always, was giving you the stare. The stare he started using since you all found out and to be honest you wanted to punch that staring face so bad.

“ So I was thinking, Hogsmeade this weekend, you and me, and maybe something else later.” Sirius winked at you.

just as you were about to come up with an excuse you suddenly smelt Peter’s tuna sandwich, making your stomach turn upside down. You quickly got up and ran to the bathroom.

Sirius looked at his friends whose stare quickly moved away from him to something else. Peter back to his tuna sandwich, Remus back to his book and James stared into his cup of tea. “Do you think she wants to break up with me?” Sirius asked all of a sudden.

James choked on his tea and Remus on his coffee. Peter just stared at him and tensed up. It all felt too suspicious to Sirius. Peter always tensed up when he was holding something from him. “Peter?” he asked suspiciously.

Just before Peter could babble it all out, James immediatelly jumped in. “Why would you think that? That girl loves you.” he said and wiped the spilled tea off the table.

“Does she love me? Because I feel like we are drifting apart. ” he looked at his friends, who didn’t say a word and kept staring at him. Sirius leaned closer. “And…and…well…” he hesitated for a bit. “We haven’t. You know….slept together for a month.”

James choked on his tea again, spilling it all over Sirius face. Remus and Peter started laughing and soon Lily, who was talking with few of her other Gryffindor friends to avoid Sirius, started laughing along.

“Really?” said Sirius glaring at him.

“Sorry.” was all that James could say. He was a great liar, all of them were. But when it came to lying to their own friend, now that was a problem.

Sirius was pacing in front of your dorm and you knew it. You knew that those were his steps and he wasn’t sure if he should knock on the door or not. ‘What if she breaks up with me?’ he thought just before he was about to knock.

You walked over to the door and opened it. You placed a smile on your lips, pretending everything was normal, where clearly it wasn’t . “Are you going to actually knock or were you waiting for me to open the door? ” you teased.

“Are you going to break up with me?” he asked all of a sudden, your smile dropped and your eyes widened.

You wrapped your arms around his torso and laid your head on his chest. “No. Of course not.” you mumbled quietly.

You felt him relax and he let out a deep breath. He hugged you back and leaned his chin on your head. “Than why do I feel like you are slipping through my fingers. ”

You took him into your dorm and sat him down on your bed. “I have some huge news and I have no clue how to tell you.” you let out and put your hands on his.

He started playing with your fingers and his gorgeous grey eyes were gently looking at you. “I swear if you tell me that you will dye your hair green I will cut it untill your beautiful (y/h/c) shiny hair grows back.”

You chuckled and looked at his breathtaking smile. “No. ”

“Not that you wouldn’t look hot in green. I just prefer your natural color because well-”

“I’m pregnant.” you cut in, immediatelly shutting him up.

His eyes drifted from yours to the wall. He stared at the photos of your friends and family, which were all over your wall and on your nightstand. You started to panic. Noone stares at the wall for six minutes straight and what the hell was happening in his head. “Sirius.” you said quietly, rubbing your thumbs on the back of his hand.

He immediatelly snapped back into reality, looked at your interlaced fingers and slowly looked up into your eyes. “I’m gonna be a dad?” he asked quietly at first. Since the words didn’t want to come out, you just nodded. “I am gonna be a dad!” he yelled with a huge smile on his face. A big rock rolled off your chest as you saw your boyfriend jumping around the room and screaming: “I AM GONNA BE A DAD!!” he yelled even louder. He jumped in front of you and put his hands on your belly. “Hello Sirius Jr. I am gonna be your dad. And I thought she was breaking up with me. Do you believe that? ” he looked up to you and saw that you were crying. “Why are you crying?” he asked.

“I am just so happy that you are happy.” you cried out and threw your arms around his neck.

He lifted you up and spunn you around. “I couldn’t be happier! ” He slowly put you down and leaned his forehead against yours. “ We are going to be a family.”

“We are.” you smiled at him and gave him another hug.

“Wait till I tell James and the others!” he yelled and sprinted out of the door. “James! You are gonna be an uncle! ” you heard him yell down the common room.

You came down to the breakfast, still wearing your pijamas and your hair put up in a big mess. You walked over to Sirius and sat down. “Good morning.” you yawned and stretched you arms.

“What are you doing up? You should be in bed, resting.” worried Sirius. “And put on a sweater will you. You will freeze to death.” he said and took off his jacket. “Here.”

You chuckled and took his jacket only to put it on your lap. “Sirius. Calm down. It’s been only few months and I’m fine to walk and do stuff on my own.” you explained as he was clearly not familiar with all the baby stuff.

“Yeah. Wait till the hormones kick in, that’s when the real challange lies.” said Lily grinning at the two of you.

The only people that knew about your pregnancy were the four marauders and Lily. Since she and James are dating and the fact that she is one of your closest friends, you trusted them enough to keep their mouth shut. You didn’t want to tell anyone else but the belly is already growing and you knew that the big sweaters won’t help that much after another upcoming months.

The morning passed rather quickly, but even though you loved him, you were so annoyed by Sirius right now. He kept insisting to carry your books, he got really upset if someone accidentally bumped into you and he made sure to yell at anybody, who stepped in your way. It was cute, but it was also a bit annoying.

After lunch all six of you were studying for your Newts and you couldn’t stop to notice, that Sirius was glancing at you from time to time. He glanced at you again and this time you cought his glance only to disappear back into the book and pretend to read it. “Sirius.” you said annoyed.

“ Yes, love.” he slowly closed his book and looked at you.

“Why are you staring at me?” you asked.

“Because you are so adorable.” he beamed at you.

He let go off his book and wrapped his hands around you. Your back was pressed against his chest, your hands holding a book and your eyes carefully reading it. Suddenly you felt his warm hands slid under your sweater and around your belly. You closed the book and looked up to his grey eyes. “What do you think we should name him?” he smiled down at you. “ I like Tobias.”

“What makes you think its a he? What if its a girl?” you said and put your hands on his, which were still placed on your belly.

“How about Norah?” he spit out the first name he thought of.

“Norah?” you chuckled. “I am not naming our daughter Norah.”

“If it is a daughter.” he corrected you.

“What if its a boy you call him James and if its a girl you can call her Jamie.” said James looking up from his book.

“Or if its a boy you call him Peter and if its a girl, Petra. I like that.” added Peter.

“I prefer boy as Remus and girl as Remi.” continued Remus.

“How about girl as Lily and boy as Louie?” said Lily closing her book.

Both you and Sirius started laughing. “Clearly you gave a lot more thought in naming our child, than we did. ” said Sirius interlacing his fingers with yours.

“Yeah lets just name a boy James Remus Black and what…a girl Petra Lilly Black?” you continued to laugh.

“That would be so awesome.” said all four of them at the same time.

“His or her surname would be Black?” asked Sirius, looking down on you. He didn’t know if he would either be happy, that his kid will carry his last name, or if it will only be a burden.

“Of course. After his or hers brave and handsome father.” You said giving him a quick peck on the lips and turning back to your book.

“But my family, (y/n).” you felt him tense up so you sat back up and turned to him. You took his hands, which immediately turned cold.

“We are your family.” you said putting his hand on your belly. “You, James, Remus, Peter, Lily, me and this baby. ” you said quietly, feeling his hand grow warm again.

He gave you a light smile and you both put yourself in the same position as you were before. He started running his fingers through your hair and you tried to focus back on the book. Everything was so quiet, so perfect.

“But what if you had quadruplets? ” said James breaking the silence. You all groaned and threw a pillow at him. He blocked few of them with his books but he got some to the head. “But just imagine. Three boys and a girl. Then you would have no problem naming them.” said James,again, getting pillows thrown at him.

Tripping Over the Blue Line (39/45)

It’s a transition. That’s what Emma’s calling it. She’s transitioning from one team to another, from one coast to another and she’s definitely not worried. Nope. She’s fine. Really. She’s promised Mary Margaret ten times already. So she got fired. Whatever. She’s fine, ready to settle into life with the New York Rangers. She’s got a job to do. And she doesn’t care about Killian Jones, captain of the New York Rangers. At all.

He’s done. One more season and he’s a free agent and he’s out. It’s win or nothing for Killian. He’s going to win a Stanley Cup and then he’s going to stop being the face of the franchise and he’s going to go play for some other garbage team where his name won’t be used as puns in New York Post headlines. That’s the plan. And Emma Swan, director of New York Rangers community relations isn’t going to change that. At all.

They are both horrible liars.

Rating: Mature
Content Warnings: Swearing, eventual hockey-type violence
AN: Welcome to Los Angeles, hotbed of NHL drama. At least in this version of the NHL. It gets real dramatic guys, but Roland Locksley is here to be painfully adorable in front of media hordes, so there’s some give and take. We’re closing in on the end of this whole story and your continued feelings and thoughts and clicks just absolutely blows my mind. You’re all incredible. Screaming the praises of @laurnorder, @distant-rose & @beautiful-swan forever and ever. 
Also on Ao3, FF.net & tag’ed up on Tumblr

“Is it always sunny here?” Will asked, squinting up at the sky like he was actually in pain.

Killian rolled his eyes and Roland laughed softly next to him, tugging on the bottom of his jacket and while he certainly wasn’t about to complain about sunshine, it was fairly hot. And they couldn’t take the jackets off.

He wouldn’t complain.

He’d just sweat to death. Probably.

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Yuuri paced the room, bottom lip worried red by his teeth. His hands were fisted, nails digging into the meat of his own palms.

Across the room, Emil was henched over Victor’s bedridden form. The ship’s doctor let a damp cloth rest on Victor’s forehead, in hopes of soaking up the heat of his fever.

“Yuuri, come here.”

Yuuri rushed to the bedside, rather helpless in his abilities. Victor had barely stirred in over a day, his skin burning against Yuuri’s when touched. Emil had made a light joke about Yuuri potentially commanding Victor to get better, but the siren had not found it amusing. Because he had already tried and it had not worked, to his ultimate frustration.

“Wait here with him. I’m going to grab my medicine chest. If you can make him eat a little, do so.”

When Emil left, the cabin settled into uneasy silence, save for the steadiness of Victor’s breathing. Yuuri sat beside him, at the edge of the bed, his fingers curling around one of Victor’s hands. Too warm to be comfortable.

A minute passed and the silver of Victor’s lashes fluttered, his thumb stroking over Yuuri’s delicate hold. “Oh… I must be feverish, because I see an angel beside me…” Victor’s voice was hoarse, lacking its usual commanding strength and spirit. But a weak smile twitched to his lips as Yuuri scowled at his words. “No? You didn’t like that?”

Yuuri snatched up the salted meat that Emil had left behind, holding it to Victor’s mouth in lieu of a response. The pirate did not take it, even when Yuuri pushed it closer.

“…Not now, Yuuri.”

As if Yuuri was going to let him refuse. He tore a chunk off with his teeth and chewed it, swooping down with his fingers pinching at Victor’s jaw. Lips pressed together, he pushed the food into Victor’s mouth with his tongue, determined to follow doctor’s orders.

Victor promptly choked, coughing and sputtering it out onto the floor. “Ohhh, Yuuri, noooo, that’s disgusting,” he protested, sticking out his tongue. “You’re making this worse.”

Not amused, Yuuri prodded at the blankets covering Victor’s chest, tracing words into it.

Victor’s expression remained unchanged, unable to keep up with Yuuri’s quick scolding through his fever. When the siren rewrote it slower, Victor chuckled weakly. “I wouldn’t say that, lovebird, I very much enjoy having those parts of you in my mouth.”

Cheeks flushing unfairly pink, Yuuri made to speak, stopping because Emil re-entered the room. Both Victor and Yuuri gave him sheepish looks when Emil eyed the spat out meat on the floor, but he said nothing, rolling his eyes as he handed Yuuri something resembling bark to hold.

The siren examined it curiously.

“It’s supposed to reduce fever,” Victor explained, scrunching his nose in displeasure. “You need to–” He cut himself off as Yuuri bit off a piece, laughing when the siren jerked back, repulsed at the bitter tease flooding his mouth.

“That is not the best way of doing that,” Emil said, taking it back from Yuuri to grind some of the bark with a mortar and pestle.

“I think he’s trying to mama-bird me everything.”

“How sweet.”

Yuuri watched, curious, as Emil then mixed the powder into some wine.

“Help me get him up.”

Yuuri supported Victor’s back, aiding him to sit forward so Emil could tip the cup to his lips without fear of choking. Victor drank, leaning back into Yuuri’s arms when Emil seemed satisfied with the dosage.

“Stay with him until the fever breaks.” Emil instructed Yuuri, setting the medicine aside once finished. “If you’re here, maybe he won’t be so foolish as to try getting out before he’s recovered.”

Nodding, Yuuri laid Victor back down and smiled when Victor turned to rest his head against Yuuri’s lap. Yuuri was happy enough to curl up with his sick captain, giving a command of “stay” when Victor did indeed attempt to leave before his skin had cooled.

BTS replaced you. - pt.3

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.END]

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“Ah… they did? What did they say?” Hongseok passes my phone to me as I read the messages I haven’t opened for the last few hours. Seeing them still hurt because it still feels insincere, as if I was alone in this friendship. 

“Are you going to reply?” Hongseok asked while taking one of my hand in his from under the blanket. It was barely even 6am and I wasn’t down for the drama just yet. 

“Not yet, let’s have cake.” I say smiling, and dragging him with me over to the kitchen still with my phone in one hand.

I took the cake out from the fridge and set it on the table between Hongseok and I. He placed a candle in the centre and lit it, turning the light off before he took his seat. The room was dark and the winter sun hasn’t yet risen and so all that was left to light up the room was the moonlight seeping through the gaps of the blinds and the orange candlelight. A few seconds after, the room was filled with his voice - he sang happy birthday and I couldn’t help but wear a smile on my face. His voice was pretty and I honestly couldn’t thank him enough for doing all this for me. When the short song came to an end we both clapped, I clapped to applaud his singing and he clapped to applaud me fo coming to life twenty-one years ago.

“Make a wish Y/N.” 

“Wishes don’t come true Hongseok.” 

“I’ll make sure this one does, as long as it’s realistic and I can afford it.” He laughed as I smiled. 

“There’s nothing I want.” 

“But there is, I can tell.”

“I just want a shoulder to lean on and not be a burden to people.” 

“Done!” I laughed at his enthusiasm.

“I’ll always be your shoulder to lean on, and you’re never going to be a burden to me.”

“It makes me feel as though I’m replacing them because that’s exactly what they said to me five years ago.” 

“I’m not asking to take their place silly, but just know that I’m always going to be here for you.” He grabbed my hand again from across the table and rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand. I wanted to cry in this moment because I was so grateful of him and his words. 

“I don’t deserve someone like you in my life.” 

“Idiot, I told you this already. You deserve more and better but you’re stuck with me now.” 

“I like the sound of that though.” We both laughed and enjoyed one another’s company. Until my phone dinged, showing a notification from the group chat. I un-muted the conversation but didn’t think they’d be up to say anything.

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Blue Blood

“Prince Jimin was born with blue blood. His coronation is rapidly approaching, but there are two requirements he must fulfil before becoming a king. He must have the skills to fight in battle, and he must have a Queen with blood as blue as his. You, a member of the royal guard, are assigned to teach Jimin the ins and outs of combat. You are not scared of death, of blood, or of battle. What you are scared of however, is falling in love with Jimin, the one man your blood decrees you can never have.”

pairing: jimin x reader
genre: royalty ausmut, angst
wordcount: 26k

❀ 1 / 9 of my oneshot requests ❀

** warnings: this is angsty!, jimin is a light dom, slow burn, violence, mentions of blood, heavy themes, lots of drama, character death

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Sloth (M)

Deadly Sin: Sluggishness of the mind which neglects to begin good… [it] is evil in its effect, if it so oppresses man as to draw him away entirely from good deeds.

Pairing: Demon! Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, Demon au!

Warnings: riding, overstimulation, (slight) degradation, oral (giving), sadism, masochism

Notes: For my halloween collaboration with bulletproofwhalien ! Gif isn’t mine! 2k Words

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Paid Relationship Study

I’m obsessed with the fake relationship trope and I saw this post and got inspired

“Have you gone insane, Potter?” Draco told his roommate, who was holding up a flyer excitedly in front of him. Written across the top in bold, capital letter said “PAID RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY” and just under than “Romantic Couples Study”.

“What? We’re both over eighteen, we both live together, and we get paid six thousand pounds! That’s three thousand pounds each!” Harry replied, reading off the criteria from the paper.

Draco snatched it from his hand and examined it. “Potter, we are not in a committed, monogamous romantic relationship, nor have we been dating for six months!”

“Yes, but six thousand pounds! You and I both know we need the money. It’s only a two week study, so we just have to pretend to be a couple until it’s over.” He explained. Draco crossed his arms, looking conflicted. It was bad enough that he had to share a house with the guy he fancied, but pretending to be in a relationship with him? Could he go back to being just his friend after this was over? “Come on, Draco.”

The words softened him. Of course he’d do anything for Harry bloody Potter when he was looking at him like that. “Fine.” He gave in, handing the flyer back to Harry. “But you’ll owe me, Potter.” Pointing a finger at him accusingly, Draco walked out of the room.

“More than giving you half of the money?” Harry shouted after him.

“You better buy me a present with your half!” He shouted back, hearing Harry chuckle.

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