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i got really carried away but I LOVE WINGS!!!! I love birbs and wings and i don’t know why i don’t make more characters with wings. 

Fanart of avian Keith and Shiro from @fishwrites’s Watercast fic! Outfits based on @marchingspace’s design with my own twist! I love designing fantasy outfits with functionality for weird anatomy i also love halter tops with a firey passion.

i’d like to take this moment to say that harpy eagles are my favorite species of eagle. o<-< They’re so cute and silly looking with their poofy crests but so badass. 

“nb!alex at pride or maybe the gang at pride and alex being nervous and everyone being super supportive” from @agent–danvers​ and “Love, love, love NB Alex and would love them going to their first pride since coming out and having the super supportive Superfam with them <3 <3″ from @supertworld​ and @hazingblur@therentalspace@haughtshotnerd@bamboo72498​ who all asked for nb!Alex at Pride

“Did you pack your sports bra, babe?” Maggie is calling from the living room, sifting through the drawstring backpack she and Alex are bringing to the festival.

Alex’s tightest sports bra comes flying out of the bathroom at Maggie’s face. She catches it with a chuckle.

“Nice, Danvers. Real nice.”

“How do I look?” Alex steps out of the bathroom with a tight voice.

Maggie turns, and her breath abandons her.

“You’re breathtaking,” she tells them, because it’s quite literally true.

Alex blushes and glances down at their body. 

A simple black tank top, pretty flat over their binder. Blue board shorts. Converse. All their ear piercings filled with sparkly studs. Golden glitter dabbed like stars all over the sky of their arms, their face. Rainbow sunglasses courtesy of Maggie’s swag bag from her last Pride resting on top of their head.

Nerves dancing across their face.

“Yeah?” they ask, and Maggie forces herself to breathe.

“Yeah,” she assures Alex, stepping forward to take both of their hands into hers, to press her lips against each of their knuckles in turn. “You look perfect, Alex Danvers. You always look perfect.”

“Do I look like… do I look like I’ll fit in?”

Maggie smiles and tilts her head as she looks up at Alex. “You look extremely gay, if that’s what you’re worried about,” she invites, and Alex chuckles with another blush, but shakes their head and sighs and leans on the edge of the couch.

“No, I mean… yeah, that’s what I mean, but like… I’d been thinking about wearing a halter top. Instead of my binder and um… and guyish clothes. That’s what I was planning to wear, with these really short shorts you haven’t seen yet, but I think you’ll really like…” 

Maggie licks her lips and rakes her eyes up and down Alex’s body, but says nothing.

“But then I woke up this morning, and I didn’t… I wasn’t feeling…”

“You were feeling this kind of outfit instead.”

Alex nods like they’ve done something wrong, and Maggie shakes her head and kisses their glittery forehead. She comes away with gold specks on her lips, and they both smile.

“Alex, you’re right. That outfit sounds amazing. It sounds hot. But this outfit is also amazing. This outfit is also hot. They’d have to both be amazing, and they’d have to both be hot. Because you, Al, are amazing, and you are so. Damn. Hot.”

Maggie pulls back and drags her eyes up and down Alex’s body again, and Alex squirms and pffts and reddens and swoons.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” they offer slyly, and Maggie licks her lips.

“That so, Danvers?” Maggie flirts, and Alex bites their own lip as they lean in for a kiss.

Maggie’s lips part and her tongue flits across Alex’s, and they both sigh into each other as they melt into each other, starting with lips, continuing with hands, roaming hands, eager hands, needy gasps and desperate whines as their kisses deepen, as they begin to calculate just how much time they have before –

“Happy Pri – again? Seriously? Alex, you’ve already scarred me for life – “

“I’m sorry, Little Danvers, but look at them. Look how how your sib is! I couldn’t help myself,” Maggie tosses her hands back in mock surrender as she turns in Alex’s arms to face the door, to face Kara and Winn and James and J’onn, Alex shaking with shy laughter behind her.

“The lady has a point, Kara; Alex, you look bangin,” Winn compliments, and Maggie does her best to look grave.

“What did you just say to my partner, Schott?” she teases, and Winn stammers before Maggie winks – just because it’s Pride, only on Pride – and he laughs while he hugs her, and she laughs with him.

And Alex, god, does Alex laugh into their sister’s arms.

“You do look quite handsome, Al,” J’onn murmurs to them, James nodding sincerely next to him.

Alex fights not to cry and fails, and laughs when Kara cautions that their tears might be made of glitter.

She has a point: because their tears certainly are made of hope, of love.

Of family.

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What are art hoe clothing essentials? I know it's like striped shirts, yellow cardigans, and stuff. I feel like an idiot for asking but yeah (-:

no no don’t! I’m not the “typical” art hoe if that’s what people call it but I can maybe give u some help?

»mom jeans (distressed or not)
»boyfriend jeans (distressed or not)
»thick knit cardigans and sweaters
»jean jacket w/ pins (maybe?? idk)
»mustard coloured things
»(cropped) turtlenecks
»jeans w/ paint splatters
»big, baggy, thrifted t-shirts
»oversized, collared button ups with tights
»high waisted denim shorts
»sunflowery things
»birks (I personally don’t think they’re worth it but go for it if u like them)
»platform shoes (heels maybe?) in white or black
»long fall coats
»doc martens
»mary janes
»oxford shoes
»stripes (like u said)
»art socks (my advice is don’t buy the Frida Kahlo ones bc I really don’t think she’d like it but that’s just me)
»halter tops

stuff that’s not exactly very “art hoe” but that I would wear (this is just for inspo):

-light, small-printed floral skirts
-flowy short shorts
-plain black & plain white tees (pun intended)
-off the shoulder (crop) tops
-crochet net cardigan (hard to describe, but if u want I’ll post a pic)
-fitted (ish) combat boots
-jelly heels
-army green flowy pants (also hard to describe, but I can post a pic)
-lightweight dresses (possibly w/ a sheer bit or a collar)
-plain black highwaist skirt
-lilac things
-cropped spaghetti strapped tank tops
-midi skirts
-oversized sweaters
-and you’re never fully dressed w/o a smile☺️

hope that this was helpful😌💓


 Now you might be asking “why didn’t you include something about fit” because I couldn’t, in an image, explain how rope halters work with fit. Yes, they need to be up on the actual bony area of the face - but rope halters like to “relax”, and what I mean by that is that you often have to keep adjusting a rope halter through a work session because knots tighten and thus, give more length in the poll area, causing the nose piece to slide down. I haven’t run into a rope halter that won’t do that yet… so yeah, always keep adjusting as need be.

I hope you enjoyed the spicy meme at the end, but rope halters are so easy and quick to tie that there’s no reason to be lazy and/or ignorant about it. 

Even Rick Gore knows how to tie rope halters. The standard is incredibly low.

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Edward, with your long body type that crop top is very flattering. Ossy, May I suggest a sleeveless crop top with a high neck like a halter top. It'll show off your nice neck and arms. You both look stunning

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How is training going with Toto? He's too cute with his Roman nose!

Great! Right now he’s just getting Pasture Therapy TM like when I first got Zeke, letting him get nice and comfortable in there. Like I posted earlier, we’re just practicing haltering and leading, and going in and out of the gate, and taking him out and getting him used to being away from his friends. His table manners are terrible lmao. So our next steps are table manners, hand walking at greater distances, then ground tying/default stay, hoof handling/good trimming manners, tolerating fly spray, tolerating blankets and so on on his back. We’ll probably go slow with all of that because I’m working more intensely with Zeke. Come spring we’ll prob speed things up for the Toaster and see how he feels about lunging and saddling.

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speaking of bras though. i hate the fandom theory of like. the fabric torso-wrap. if only because i dislike the aesthetic. i mean why not cute bandeau's or like a halter top of something? (or since she's already been established as a lace hoe, why not a lace bralette that she can just pull on over her head? like racer back or haltertop or like one with a high neckline? BECAUSE THEN WHEN IT GETS HOT OUT SHE CAN LOUNGE AROUND IN JUST THAT AND LOVELY LIGHT LAYERED SWOOSHY SKIRTS)

I’m with you on the torso wrap. If Lexa owns something like that nightgown no way that extra hoe wears a wrap. Besides, we’ve seen the coat open. That earth cleavage wouldn’t happen with a wrap. She totally has lace bras.