i like that hair on you bb

30 questions tag

i was tagged by @08glitter​ ty bb.

1. how tall are you?
5′6!!! :p

2. what color and style is your hair?
jaw length, and a reddish-brown that’s gonna be dyed soon.

3. what color are your eyes?
dark brown.

4. do you wear glasses?
yes -__-.

5. do you wear braces?

6. what is your fashion style?
a lot of dark colours and patterns. my boots and harrington jacket is like..my signature…look..ok..

7. any freckles/moles/beauty marks?
i have a few moles all over my body and two noticeable ones on my neck, a lot of freckles on my arms and face..and i have a birthmark on my thigh does that count???

8. when were you born?
august 8th, 1998.

9. how old are you?

10. where do you live?
yorkshire, united kingdom.

11. do you have siblings?
yes!!! an older sister who’s 20!!!!

12. do you go to school?
yeah, college hell hole -__-

13. what kind of student are you?
a very hard working one?? like i try really hard with everything and i literally..aim to please everyone honestly.

14. what are your favorite tv shows?
scream, stranger things, the returned, degrassi next class, brooklyn nine-nine and community.

15. favorite pastime?
drawing and writing, or making videos.

16. what is your dream job?
idk i wanna be a professional equestrian but lol.

17. would you like to get married one day?
yes… 👀 👀 👀 👀

18. would you like kids one day?
idk man at the moment im not really into the idea of having kids.

19. girly girl or tomboy?
neither really???

20. do you like shopping?
not really omg..

21. what countries have you visited so far?

22. what’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had?
i cant actually say because it’d be pretty triggering for a lot of ppl if i put it out like this omg..

23. do you have enemies?
yes..oh my god.

24. do you have a s/o?
👀 yes 👀

25. if not, do you want one?
👀 👀 👀 👀

26. are you open about your feelings?
i try to be??? but my words get jumbled a lot. 

27. what’s your family like?
pretty close? i guess. stressful sometimes but /:

28. would you date someone your family didn’t approve of?
my family is rlly open so!!! idk if they’d disapprove of anyone.

29. any pet peeves?
people?? who crack their knuckles or anything like fdkgmdf Stop. know it alls kinda bug me like..if they belittle other peoples efforts and stuff.

30. do you believe in astrology?
ye like im into but like..not so deep that id let it determine my friendships and stuff lmao.

i tag: @exosbf @softkais @snapbacktaehyung @ahbaek @subinas 

pinkattics  asked:

Hi, sorry to bother you but where did you get the bucket hat and hair from your latest post?

listen, pinkattics, from what I understand, we are 100% pals ok. you’ll never ever be a bother to me. like, ever.

ok so with that being said, that hat is fkkn gone m8. It was originally made by YoungZoey but they packed up and left and took their downloads with them.

edit: sometimes I read too fast and skip words and I am so sorry I missed where you asked for the hair. you can geddit right here bb

anonymous asked:

angerissues!josh and anxious!ty get in their first fight n ty gets so scared and j holds his hand up (to grab something) and ty cowers and j like breaks bc he made his bb boy scared of him

:( he hides in the corner whimperin “p-please don’t h-hurt me..” n j falls to his knees n pulls at his hair crying “fuckfuckfuck i cant believe this you’re scared of me, you’re fucking scared of me it’s all my fault” n ty looks up n blinks n lightly touches j’s hair “j-j-josh?” n j just sobs n ty hugs him gently “sorry. y-you just scared m-me a little” n j never stops apologizing holding ty close and trying to promise that he’ll try his best to not get angry around ty

anonymous asked:

I wish there were a in-real-life version of my favorite BB guy. I like his long hair, I like his very unique personality. I don't find him to be weird or creepy at all. I like his smile and his fingernails. I could imagine that I could have very a lot of fun with him. I also like the fact that to and for me, he would be an older man. Do you think I've gone crazy, or I lost my mind?

Nah, I think quite fondly of Undertaker….

But I think of Sebastian more atm.

I’m waiting for the silver fox ex-reaper to make his return to the manga :)

anonymous asked:

do you like Stef's hair in those flashbacks ?

No lol, poor Stef. She was so style challenged. She just didn’t know who to be, how to be. She looks so much better now that she has accepted who she is and is looking the way she wants to look. Good thing Lena loooved her!

Anonymous said: Tell BB to hand over the test of the delete scenes there has to be more of the short&straight haired duo 

hee, who knows? I knew there had been a Brandon flashback but didn’t know it involved Stef and Lena so that was a nice surprise. I think there are deleted scenes from other episodes though. Usually we get them after the season so I was surprised to see these.

Anonymous said: Early S&L is probably the greatest thing ever. Stef was a helicopter mom jumping to Brandon’s rescue.. Maybe that’s part of his problem now 

Yeah, clearly Stef was working out her issues through her son. She probably felt guilty for not giving him the heterosexual parents she thought he needed. let’s remember Stef was full of internalized homophobia. It’s wonderful to see these flashbacks, we’ve waited a long time but it was worth it. I just can’t wait till I have time to write more fanfic because the early years are now so exciting…

Anonymous said: Oh my God… Francesca Adams Foster! I miss her so much too. One day you said Frank’s death was the biggest mistake the show ever did, but Killing Frankie was a mistake too. Do you think they could still try to have another baby ? Lena’s forty but being realistic is not really a priority in The Fosters. And it’s even possible anyway. Last question : do you know a fanfiction where Stef and Lena actually have Frankie ? 

I agree with that. Frankie… I think they have said they didn’t want to work with a baby which is probably why we didn’t get the storyline. I am still hopeful for a baby for them. I think I would love it if they tried again. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how low rated all of Freeform is right now that they need to keep the Fosters around for 7 seasons!

I think there are fics that have Frankie. I can’t think of a particular one right now but I do know UK has written AU with her. I just can’t lol. Maybe someone can give us a title. I am blanking.

I have had 2 friends over 40 have babies btw. It would not even be remotely unrealistic.

Anonymous said: I feel like old Callie would have taken the blame for Jude with the pipe. It was Noah’s but Jude was smoking it to. He isn’t being nice to her but he had his points. She was hurt. She offered to get drug tested just to prove its not hers. She also could have told on him. I feel like she wanted moms to find out on their own. She  technically told on Noah not Jude. So she did keep his secret.

It’s tough now, she’s not mom but sister.

Anonymous said: would you say that Stef and Lena are good parents ? In the way they educate their children, the way they look after them. I’m surprised they didn’t realize for Mariana. The worst is yet to come and they don’t even know. They just found out about Jude, they don’t know about Callie’s secret life. And all of that is going to explode in their face in the next episode. 

I mean the show makes them be the type of parents kids would want. It’s not necessarily the best parenting. They’re a little too lenient for my taste, but I do recognize that they are very loving and supportive. It’s probably exactly what kids who have such issues around rejection need.

Anonymous said: Do you know if Jesus is still taking his pills ? Is it normal  he hasn’t noticed missing ones yet ? 

He went back on them after wrestling so I am assuming he does. I don’t know.

Anonymous said: It’s funny how Callie is trying to help someone we don’t even get to see. I know he is in jail but still… how do they want us to care ? Who even remembers his name ? 

No one remembers his name. no one cares. this is one of the worst plots they have had on the show.

Anonymous said: Isn’t Mariana dating Mat ? not that I wanna see him but why  people keep disappearing like that ? Instead Aaron gets screen time I still don’t know what for.

I think the actor was busy or something. I would much have rather have had Mat than Aaron. He’s so smarmy. I just watched that deleted scene, DJ, really? Asshole.

Anonymous said: I think Lena is a bit surprise of the vulnerability in Stef’s voice when Stef told Lena she loves her.  Lena’s look is one of surprise that flows into a happy smile.  Stef is vulnerable even asking Lena if Lena thought/wanted a divorce for real.  They’re absolutely great in their reactions to each other & so in tune, sometimes one forget they’re acting.  Great acting, when actors are able to draw their audience in, & make them forget they’re acting [so believable].  Bravo!! to Sherri & Terri 

That’s why I loved giffing that scene, their faces, their acting. It’s so beautiful. You know what is awesome? You can see in the panel that Teri has a weird vulnerable vibe to her, and now I know why. She was either just filming or about to fil that scene. That must be something to shoot. They work so well together because they are so comfortable showing all those emotions to each other. They feel safe and it shows. We are so lucky. Honestly, in lesser actors these scenes would fall flat. And I saw it, they need so little direction. They just understand these characters.

Anonymous said: I feel like Callie and AJ really care about each other. He could a blown up about Brallie sex and Aaron kissing Callie but he didn’t. He was so calm. I think he felt bad for Callie because of what Mike said. He also looked to hurt when Liam mom was dissing Callie. When was so upset when he ran away but understood. Pretty sure he came back because of her. 

I agree. I think they have properly setup a relationship for Callie. AJ is having a plot with Mike again, it rounds him out. I do think AJ and Callie are headed for trouble but that’s what makes a couple worth shipping. They need a little antagonism and they’re getting it from all sides. They understand each other because their backgrounds are so similar but they react in completely different ways.

Anonymous said: Of course Jude’s not gonna listen to anyone about Noah being a bad influence. I want him to learn it the hard way. Not as far as getting arrested but he pressured into something and Jude doesn’t know what to do. 

It’s a good story. Jude was vulnerable to the influence of a boyfriend. This makes sense to me and they can take it a lot further.

anonymous asked:

hi just wanted to let you know your hair looks so good i mean SO good. you mentioned on snapchat that you were given many expensive (hair?) products from bumble and bumble. which did you get, if you don't mind me asking?

hey! yeah well i just said i could noooot afford all the product they gave me on my own! i would never pay $35 for conditioner haha. i was given their entire new sublime line which is their like summer/heat protection line (invisible oil shampoo, invisible oil conditioner, pre-shampoo shea hair masque, UV protective dry oil finishing spray) and their bb curl line (bb curl conditioner (you can use as a co-wash) + shampoo, pre-style primer, defining creme & anti-humidity gel) they also were so so kind enough to give me GHD blow dryer (!!!) which was so cool. they gave me all that so i can kind of figure out what i like best and make my own routine, i can share with you what i do with it in a couple weeks!

artmoonie  asked:

Your Angelina is magnificent!!! and your hair is beautifull, and you are 24 and INFP like me, asdafwadqw.

(( OOC: You are so sweet! thank you so much bb! ))

(( Also For some reason this made me think of that scene from Stardust when (spoiler alert) all the dead brothers’ ghosts see their long lost sibling and then they all just say “sister” in unison so wistfully. It’s my fave, and that movie is tippy top. ))

(( Anyway, I couldn’t fin a gif of that so have this other gif from that movie with Robert De Niro crossdressing instead. ))

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Simblr Survey and 10 Facts About Me

I was tagged by @onegiantsimlover to do both of these! Thank you so much for tagging me. I always want to do them but I never get tagged. 

1) If you could control EA, what would the next pack contain?

Some type of family life expansion that included toddlers and pets. 

2) What is your most abused cheat/hack/mod?

Probably the Pose Player for a mod, and bb.moveobjects on for a cheat.

3) What sort of CC can you never, ever say no to? 

Any clay hairs that @wildlyminiaturesandwich recolors. I seriously love her palette.  

4) If your simself could take only one thing to a desert island, what would it be (no boats, etc.) 

Sims 3: My little dog Juno 

Sims 4: Plant seeds so I can plant them and have food

5) What color/pattern are you never sick of seeing in your game?

I really like neutrals with splashes of color, so no specific pattern.

6) What’s your favorite life stage of the Sims?

Young Adult

7) What’s your favorite lot type/venue?

Parks with lots of flowers.

8) What’s your favorite room type in the Sims?

I like to do studio apartment like builds, but other than that probably bedrooms.

9) What one object from previous Sims franchises would you want to see in your game now?


10) EA did Frog wall stickers in the last pack. What animal would you have preferred? 

Dogs or Cats

10 Facts About Me

1. I’m getting married next year, and I’ll be 19 years old.

2. I always finish my pinterest projects.

3. Thanks to @dani-paradise and the inspiration she gave me, I am pursuing a career in 3D and animation.

4. I’m a clean freak.

5. I bought my first house when I was 18.

6. My cousin hit me in the head with a shovel when I was 4, and it was only an inch from my eye. Now I have a really cool Harry Potter scar on my eyebrow.

7. I’m getting a new puppy in 7 weeks.

8. I play the guitar.

9. My favorite video game other than sims is Skyrim (and I really want to play No Man’s Sky but it won’t work on my computer!).

10. I recently just bought a bus!

Simblr Survey Tag

Thank you @lollipopsimblr for tagging me!
1) If you could control EA, what would the next pack contain?
Seasons, Animals or something family oriented
2) What is your most abused cheat/hack/mod?
3) What sort of CC can you never, ever say no to?
Skins and hair!
4) If your simself could take only one thing to a desert island, what would it be (no boats, etc.)
A friend :)
5) What color/pattern are you never sick of seeing in your game?
Pink :D
6) What’s your favorite life stage of the Sims?
I like all stages! (And I’m really hoping for toddlers.. And maybe preteens?)
7) What’s your favorite lot type/venue?
Clubs, parks, restaurants, pools and all other types!
8) What’s your favorite room type in the Sims?
9) What one object from previous Sims franchises would you want to see in your game now?
10) EA did Frog wall stickers in the last pack. What animal would you have preferred?

I tag: @anthracite-camelies @mallmarr @cherryzsims @mi-kin @furiouslydecaffinated @nadinemaee (sorry If you done it already!)

cupcakeblake  asked:

post 10 facts about yourself + pass it onto 10 faves!

Alright!!! (and thank you sm bb♥)

1- I have curly hair

2- I need to change my nail polish in two days cause i can’t stand the same color for more than 2 days

3- I had keyboard lessons for 10 years

4- I own so many notebooks that I can’t even count. And pens and ALL STATIONARY REALLY, i’m a maniac

5- I have specific artists i like to hear at each stage of my studying. Coldplay when i’m beginning to study and still wanna learn everything and be serious about it. New artists after that. High School musical and One direction when I’m completely desperate and sleepy and need something to distract me and make me happy.

(that is when I used to study cause now my brain is a huge mess of NAAAh)

6- I have caught 100 zubats on pokemon go as of today

7- I LOVE jumpsuits so much. All kinds: supercolorful, all black..just GIMME ALL OF THEM

8- I want to have a cat one day. Or two. Just gimme cats too.

9- Once i performed a CPR on someone that was on cardiorespiratory arrest for quite some time, it was the last heart massage cicle before they would call time of death and then the person came back to life :)

10- God is everything is my life.


Isobel Wheeler for @prettylilsimmies

so i made a sim for my babe’s new legacy (coming soon) & i hope you like her! sorry it took so long i honestly totally forgot to make her.

anyway she’s outgoing, hot headed, a foodie, & she aspires to be a master mixologist! 

CC: skin1/skin2/hair/eyeshadow/blush (whispers blush)/lips/jeans/sleepwear/swimsuit

download: dunno how you want it so just message me bb

justalilwriterblog  asked:

(Okay, I can't resist match-up thingies. I'msosorry,bb, you must be swamped. *gives cookies*) Chelle, 5'5", bleach blonde&blue hair, medium build, pale af with a few tattoos + a preference for winged liner. Pretty laid-back, folks say I'm nice, but kinda shy. Am a total flipping goofball. Loves to help people, but can be a little short tempered. During sexy times stuff: prefers to give than receive, loves biting my partner, idea of dirty talk, prefers reverse cowgirl, would like to try edging.

Mun: …
Raph: (stares intently) me, it’s me, it better be me… ME.

Mun: -3-; Mikey or Raph