i like that hair on you bb

finally hauled ass to draw bnha for the first time!! which happened to be on lil beansprout’s special day by sheer coincidence! happy birthday midoriya ♡


Blond Skywalker genes, the secret’s out thanks to the little Matt the Radar Technician incident…

170524 Hangul Kouza
Female actions and expressions that makes your heart beat

BamBam→You know ladies will walk prettily right? But sometimes, they would forget that and walk a little strangely

YG: Sexy dance~
BB: Pls show
JS: Dance only in front of u? Smthg like this…
YG: U know casually lightly sexy
BB: Not on purpose sexy right

JY- when the girl’s hair falls and the action of putting in behind the ears

JS: How about two block haircut?
MK: in the past, cutting (the sides) was popular among girls
#SupportiveMark 😂😂😂

Youngjae likes girls who wear tight skirts👀🌚

JY: What about Mark?
MK: I’m curious of Jackson’s (answer)
(Me: Do you now Mark😏)
JS: I’m curious about Mark’s

Jackson - When doing yoga and stretching. The flexible body, good at exercising/athletism has a favorable impression

JB - None. If I like her then I like her.
MK- When the girl eats well (c)

it’s already starting to get uncomfortably warm where I live, so here are some hot weather survival tips to help y’all keep looking effortlessly flawless even when your face feels like it’s melting off
  • You want sweatproof foundation? Add a primer and a setting spray to your makeup routine. e.l.f. has pretty decent ones for really great prices (the primer is like $3-5 depending on the store you go to, and the setting spray is like $3-7), and they’re cruelty-free!
  • You wanna wear a skirt/dress, but your thighs are all chafe-y? Rub some deodorant on the inside of your thighs to help eliminate friction. It may sound weird but it really does help.
  • If you live somewhere that has really humid summers, you can keep your hair from getting too crazy frizzy by using a serum (I use Designline’s Silk Drops, but that one’s a little pricey – OGX has a good one that’s way cheaper and smells like coconut). Squeeze a dime-sized amount into your hand, rub your fingers together, and run it through the length of your hair. If you want to go a step further, you can spray some hairspray into your hand, rub your hands together, and then run your hands over your hair to smooth it down. 
  • BB cream is generally lighter and less cake-y than foundation, and in hot weather it’s less likely to melt off. I haven’t found a good cruelty-free one that’s pale enough for me yet, but Maybelline has a decent one that I used to use.
  • Liquid eyeliner is sweatproof, and the really good ones are even pool-proof. You should also make sure your mascara is waterproof so it won’t run when you sweat.
  • DO NOT SHAVE EVERY DAY. Shaving too often will give you dry skin and razor burn, which is super uncomfortable. You should be shaving every 2-3 days AT THE MOST. Also, use conditioner instead of shaving cream (it’s cheaper and works way better) and apply lotion as soon as you finish shaving.
  • If you’re struggling with sweaty skin and summer acne, try using a face wash, scrub, or mask with activated charcoal in it. It sounds weird, but it really works and is gentle enough for sensitive skin.
  • If your face gets all shiny over the course of the day, you might want to look into getting some blotting sheets (or “oil-absorbing sheets,” as they’re sometimes labeled) to keep in your backpack or purse. You just pat them on your face, and they absorb all the extra oil and help you look more matte and less shiny. You don’t even have to buy special blotting sheets – I had a friend who made her own by just cutting some tissue paper into little squares, and they worked really well! 
  • Dry shampoo is a lifesaver, especially if your hair gets greasy and sweaty during the day. You can buy a cute lil bottle to keep in your purse, and use as needed throughout the day. 
  • Every March/April, Walmart starts selling cheap flip flops for like a dollar a pair. I highly recommend going and buying a pair or two, because it’s honestly never a bad idea to have some cheap flip flops on hand, especially if you go swimming a lot.
  • Coconut oil is your best friend. You can put it on your lips to keep them soft and plump, you can put it in your hair as a deep conditioning treatment, you can use it to soften dry, rough skin like on your elbows and the soles of your feet – just do whatever. You can also substitute it for vegetable oil when you bake cookies or brownies; it tastes better and is better for you. 10/10
  • If you’re insecure about wearing revealing clothing because you have scars/stretch marks/ect., Vitamin E oil is really great for helping them fade. I am very clumsy and scar very easily, and this stuff is a life saver. (And of course, scars and stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of – I personally think stretch marks are extremely adorable and love mine a lot – but if yours make you uncomfortable you have every right to use a treatment like this to make them less noticeable.)
  • I know you’ve probably already heard this a million times, but YOU NEED TO DRINK WATER. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S HOT AND YOU’RE SWEATING. Trust me, dehydration and heat stroke are not fun, you do not wanna go there. Drink whenever you have the chance. And yes, it does have to be water. Soda literally just makes you more dehydrated.
  • If you’re going to go to the beach or pool, go in the late afternoon/evening (like 4:00 p.m. or later). It’ll be way, way less crowded, and the sun will already be starting to chill out, so you have way less of a chance of getting burned.
  • If you DO get sunburned, aloe vera gel can save the day. When I was fourteen I got a sunburn so bad that I couldn’t sleep (because my soft, silky sheets were hurting me when they rubbed my skin) and almost had permanent scarring. My friend brought me some of this stuff and not only did it provide instant pain relief, but my burns healed completely and didn’t scar! 
  • If you are out in the sun and start to feel dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseous, or if you develop a headache, get yourself to a cool, shady place (preferably inside an air-conditioned building) IMMEDIATELY. 
  • You can make a really good body scrub by combining sugar, olive oil or honey, and a few drops of lemon juice. You can use it to exfoliate your body or even your face, especially if your skin gets kind of rough during the summer. 
  • I probably sound like such a mom right now, but please don’t forget to sleep this summer. Teens and adults need AT LEAST eight hours a night to function normally, and lack of sleep can lead to heightened anxiety and lack of focus, and can even make you gain or retain weight.
  • Eating is important, too. I know I, for one, sometimes forget to feed myself if someone doesn’t remind me, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting 1200-1600 calories a day at the very least. And obviously you’ll need to eat more on days that you’re walking or exercising a lot, like if you go to a festival or on a hike.  


Also! Happier note! I just hit 1.4k followers a day or two ago which is just, wild, and since both that and the end of season are happening about the same time, I want to do a celebration for the first time in like seven months so send me suggestions of what you’d like me to do!


Yes those eyebrows are drawn in my friend in the middle of class today said ‘imma give you eyebrows’ and here we are? Expression???? Also do you like my hair it looks fancy but it’s not lol

~dream of bellarke in your grave bbs i’ll see you there~

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A super quick sketch for Viktuuri week!! I can’t let this awesome event pass by without contributing. I did this at work, took me like 45 min in between meetings hahaha I’m the worst. I’ll try to do other ones with a bit more quality time. 

And Yuuri with long hair because YES. Long distance prompt.


Autumn, 1998 ~

Thank you to THE BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING @early-grape for gifting me Neppy and Coleman; the magical unicorn couple sent from the God’s of the grape purple skies ~ sunbeams roll down as angelic voice sings~ 
(*¯ ³¯*)♡

To The Verge With You

Poe Dameron/ Reader

Originally posted by the-return-of-the-imagines

Words: 1,051

Summary: You fear for the future; of how war could erupt and the galaxy with fall under chaos. With Poe by your side, you are assured you two can do this, together.

Prompt: Reader is best friends with Poe and they become friends with benefits and they do this for a while, and then reader ends up pregnant with twins. I don’t know how this is supposed to end so it’s up to you 😁 

Tagging: @kwaiky, @winchesterandpie

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s notes: u cheeky lad, letting me come up with the ending! absolute madman! hello, yes, this is my first Poe fic…so please…be gentle. I hope y’all like the nod to a certain Legend.

“Are you being serious?”

A cold chill goes through your body as the doctor takes another look through her notes.

“Most definitely,” she says knowingly.

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Big bang reactions when you have a habit to run your fingers through his hair

[GIFs not mine]


I wish someone would do that to me for valentine’s day -_- (tmi hahahha) Hope you like it. I had another test today and it was pretty easy (i hope it was)  I think they would all love being touched on their hair if you wanted to do it tho ^.^

Ever since he fell asleep on the couch next to you, you always run your fingers through his hair. When they had the last comeback you liked his hair even more, because it was very pink. He loved it when you massaged his head and touched his hair, but sometimes when you were too obsessive he stopped you. He hated it if you did that in public, because he thought it is a personal thing you can do only at home.
“Aii… That’s so gooooooodd… BUT if you ever do this in public I won’t give you our posters anymore…”

Originally posted by hell-ogoodbye

He was the first one to start this habit and you just fell for it too. He went through your long brown hair a lot, saying how soft they are and how nice they smell. You did that to him when he wasn’t busy and when you were in the back seats driving to the airport or somewhere far. It relaxed him a lot and when he was stressed he just came to you to talk and you would run your fingers through his hair.
“But, do you this song? I feel like it’s not complete and it just feels boring, right? I don’t know…” [this gif tho]

Originally posted by ceokwons

He would do that to you every day and would want you to do it too. He loved the feeling when you went through his hair and complimenting it, although he knew his hairstyles are often criticized [I personally love his hairstyles bc they are awesome af] and you would give him more sweet words to make him feel better. He always felt even more loved by you when you went through his hair giving him a massage.
“prrrrr…*cat purring sounds*”

Originally posted by biqbanqisvip

He always knew you loved his hair secretly (ever since he saw all of the pictures of him and his hairstyles on your phone), but you never had the courage to really touch them so he told you to do it and he loved it. When he felt your fingers in his hair he was feeling like he’s in a paradise and an angel was touching him. ( he told you that same words way too much). He hated it when you were too busy to give him that much attention and he just had to wait.
“I am in paradise. Where am I? In paradise.Woahhhhhhhhh…”

Originally posted by imcomingtoyounow

There was no doubt that he wouldn’t like being ‘petted’ or just skin-shipped in general. Skin ship he loves. He never hid that and neither did you. You were touching each other’s hair a lot and sometimes he had to make you massage his hair before the make up before the concert. It was the best massage of anyone for him and he enjoyed even if you just touched his hair and complimented him.
“But when I come home your gonna be like that to my hair too, right? RIGHT? *intense look*”

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The Last Jedi Poster #5 (Probably Not)

“Tale As Old As Time
Song As Old As Rhyme
Romance Starts On
Starkiller Base!

C3PO is beside himself with shock! His ship has just become canon! Thank the maker!

‘Cause you know he shipped Han & Leia for a long time, too.

Anyways, yeah, decided to jump on the Beauty & The Beast bandwagon this week.

Decided to badly do this cover, cause it’s actually been colder this week than Christmas.

Thank you to all the original artists, nothing is mine, I just mashed it together, like those cauliflower mash potatoes my mom was telling me about last week. Which aren’t potatoes.

But, yeah, probably not.

The Last Jedi poster won’t be like that cause 3PO prefers to look stoic in posters.

And BB needs an oil bath. That’s like not combing your hair on picture day.

And, yeah, we’ve already had a snow setting.

‘Sniff, probably won’t be a Reylo holiday special either…

A Reasonable Conclusion (Derek/Stiles/Lydia)

gingerqueen-lydiascream Prompt 2: Derek/Stiles/Lydia bringing a third person in

I know this is the triad that you wanted the most, so I decided to write it for you. I hope you enjoy it, bb! Fic #49 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge

A Reasonable Conclusion. Derek/Stiles/Lydia. Teen. Also on AO3.

Lydia has done her research and analyzed their current situation for months. She’s now come to a reasonable conclusion, and it’s time to share her findings with Stiles and Derek.

“It isn’t like this would be a hardship for me, you know?” Lydia studies Stiles intently, and he squirms in his chair because he’s not entirely sure what she’s seeing in his expression.

“It wouldn’t?” Stiles drags his fingers through his hair. “I mean, it doesn’t matter, does it? You’re still suggesting this to make me happy, and that’s not how relationships work. It’s not just about me. Same way it isn’t just about you, either.”

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Justice for Cheese Hair Tag, created by @wackysimmer

I was tagged by @geek-trait (thanks sweetie!)

To be honest, I always hated this hair color, and whenever I download a cc clay hair, I remove this swatch on s4studio before I put it in my mods folder. So, this is why I used on my pics a hairstyle from a game pack and not a cc one.

I refer to it as pee yellow actually ( @bowl-of-plumbobs, fight me bb!!!!)

So….If you strongly dislike this hair color like me, if you love this color, or if you just wanna give it justice, consider yourself tagged! I dare you to embrace it :D

sicksolo  asked:

could you do some cute cuddly tythan headcanons please? (i love your blog by the way!!)

of course i can bb!! sorry this is so late I was at school!! and thank you so much aah!!

  • Ethan likes to sit on countertops, and Tyler will come and stand between his legs and kiss him.
  • Sometimes Tyler will pick him up off the counter and Ethan will giggle and bury his face in Tyler’s neck. 
  • Tyler will fall asleep on Ethan’s chest and Ethan will play with his hair, and sometimes it’ll be the other way around
  • Ethan steals Tyler’s beanie all the time. Tyler would be mad if Ethan didn’t look so cute in it
  • They basically share a wardrobe. Although Ethan claims all of the comfiest, biggest hoodies and looks swamped in them
  • No matter where they’re sitting at first, they will always end up sitting literally pressed up against each other. And eventually Tyler will throw an arm around Ethan and pull him impossibly closer.
  • Tyler finally lets Ethan actually sit down and teach him how to edit, like for real. And by sit down, I mean he sits in Tyler’s lap and ends up doing all the work while Tyler just kinda watches.
  • Tyler calls Ethan ‘baby boy’– oh wait, that’s cANON–


**Not my usual “selfie as self care”**

I’m incredibly self conscious about my stomach. Its big and lumpy and jiggles when I don’t want it to. But here’s the thing: it’s part of me and I am learning to love myself which means learning to love my tummy. So here it is, big and jiggly, but above my favorite pair of underwear and my cute chubby legs and under a BB-8 tank top, both of us round and happy.

Please be kind and I hope all of your journeys towards body acceptance/love are going well!

Travel Essentials

I’ve had more than my fair share of flights in my life and, after comparing my in-flight essentials to the unrealistic items many YouTubers suggest, I’ve decided to put together a list! Since it’s Summer in the Northern parts of the world, many people are travelling so hopefully this will be useful.

1) Backpack. This is non-negotiable for me. If I want a handbag with me, it usually goes into my backpack because life is so much easier when your hands are free. 

2) Entertainment. This includes an adult colouring book (with pencils and a sharpener of course), a novel to read and maybe a light magazine for long flights. If you have a tablet then that’s great as well. I don’t usually travel with my laptop (even though my laptop is a physical extension of my self tbh), but if you need it for some reason that’s also cool. Keep some non-electronic entertainment with you anyway because batteries die and there are times when you can’t use electronics on a flight (not even in flight mode).

3) Headphones and a killer playlist. I try to download new music and make a playlist before going on a trip, simply because I get sick of the music I listen to very quickly and it’s not always easy to download new music while travelling. Headphones are more comfortable than earbuds when travelling so I recommend using them if you have a pair.

4) Snacks. I sometimes get motion-sick on aeroplanes and I am physically unable to force myself to consume aeroplane food (even when the food actually tastes good). I always carry some dry snacks, like cereal bars and nuts, to keep me filled without making me nauseated. 

5) Journal + pen. I always have a notebook and a pen with me anyway, but it’s nice to have one as a travel journal. 

6) Hoodie and socks. Fun fact about aeroplanes: they’re human freezers. Hoodies can also double as a makeshift pillow if you want to catch some ZZs. Pro-tip: if you want to sleep on the plane, get the window seat so you can rest your head against the wall. If not, take the aisle so you can regularly get up and stretch your legs. Middle seats are from Hell they literally have no advantages avoid at all costs.

7) Toiletries. Travel toothbrush + toothpaste. Mini baby-powder to freshen up. Pads and extra hair-ties and scarf-pins just in case. Contact lenses for when I get off the plane and eyedrops . *maybe* some lipstick, eyeliner pencil and concealer/BB cream if I have to be somewhere after the flight and feel like a total zombie. Some hand/face lotion. Please don’t take your entire make-up kit on the flight. You won’t need it, it will make your backpack unnecessarily heave, you’ll feel super uncomfortable and it will get smudged onto your clothing/the seat at some point. 

8) Cellphone and powerbank/charger. I don’t even need to explain this. 

9) Wallet + travel documents. Check that you have these things *before* leaving your home to go to the airport.

That’s about it! I hope that this post is helpful. I usually make lots of study-related posts so this was something different. Let me know if you’d like to see more posts like this. As always, my ask is always open if you have any questions.

Happy travels!

xx Munira

anonymous asked:

Do people try to influence you about your LoBB posts? Like, "please, draw more of..." or "you shouldn't draw"? I'm an artist and sometimes, I feel pressure from my followers and idk what to do. Thank you and sorry for my English ❤

Hi anon

Thank you so much for your message ♥

Do people try to influence you about your LoBB posts? Like, “please, draw more of…” or “you shouldn’t draw”? 

Oh yes but the funniest thing is that they don’t even have the courage of their opinion: as you can’t contact un-anon at The Life of Bucky Barnes, they contact me anonymously here, at petite-madame, to tell me I shouldn’t draw this or shouldn’t draw that. You shouldn’t draw so much Tony, Clint and Natasha aren’t together, Bucky isn’t a smoker, Steve and Buck with body hair is gross, etc…

As if I cared. The Life of BB is like a fan fiction but told through art and short captions, and like a lot of fan fictions, it’s canon-divergent because the author is telling the story through their eyes. I don’t have to cater to the vision of random anons who whine in my inbox once in a while. I mean, if you don’t like where the story is going just…don’t read it! When I read a fic and when I don’t like the plot or the writing, I just stop to read it.

Sometimes, it’s plain ridiculous. I had someone telling me I was erasing Bucky’s disability because I didn’t draw him with his metal arm…on A WORLD WAR II PICTURE. Somebody is not “on point” when it comes to the mythology or even the timeline. xD Same with Clint. I’m a “horrible person” because I’m erasing his disability. Clint is supposed to have a hearing aid…A HEARING AID HE’S BEEN WEARING SINCE HIS FIRST APPEARANCE AT THE LIFE OF BUCKY BARNES AND THAT HE ALWAYS HAD SINCE. Seriously, buy a new pair of glasses and leave me alone.

The latest trend is “You would have more followers if you would draw less about Civil War”. Oh yes, maybe but 1) I’m not interesting in drawing cute stucky pics all the time. I think the blog would become boring pretty fast. In addition, The LoBB is not a “curtain fic” where the boys will adopt a baby and care about baby’s bottles and diapers. Nope. Not my cup of tea. I’m too cynical for that 2) The events of CW, Bucky losing his arm, what happened with Tony is a BIG part of Bucky’s life and I consider it’s important to talk about it and going through these traumatic events. And you know, some posts in May are gonna go pretty far in the “dark humor” category…before having Buck all depressed about it because..yeah, it’s not funny. Basically:

I’m an artist and sometimes, I feel pressure from my followers and idk what to do. 

Just bake a cake:

Your art, your blog, your rules. And for 2 people who won’t like you art will try to influence you to draw what they want, 20 people will love it and will follow you for it. Don’t change anything, carry on your path, block them if needed (particularly people who will try to manipulate you emotionally)  and draw. Yup!

Thanks again for your message and don’t worry about your English, it’s great ♥