i like that font

I walked into Hot Topic today to buy a Willam tshirt and was ATTACKED with Thnks Fr Th Mmrs blasting over the speakers and then was convinced to also buy a Pearl shirt because they were buy one get one half off. So now I have a Willam shirt (yay) and another Pearl shirt that looks weirdly scene (like I think it has a galaxy print?). Whoever chose the fonts for these Drag Queen Merch shirts did themselves wrong though. The Trixie Mattel one looks like it belongs in Justice in the worst way possible and I didn’t buy the Alaska one because I was literally scared that it looked like an old Pierce The Veil shirt I used to have

ever seen those themes with beautiful and unique fonts as titles or accented text? welcome to 666rps’ font page! insert a code that is below each of these free fonts into your theme’s css and you will be able to use it to your design’s content. this page was inspired by hailthehelpful’s & galaxias-themes’ font pages, so check out those too in order to find just the font you are looking for. please message me if you have any questions on how to use these fonts, and click here or on the image to visit the page with the codes. please reblog this if you’re planning on using any so as many people can get use of them as possible.


get to know me - 1/5 favourite male characters: Snafu Shelton (The Pacific)

Don’t worry, we got a nickname for you too, Bill Leydon. We call you Ball-Peen Hammer. Like a little hammer, for a little man. Alright, Snafu. Shit-N-Ass… Fuck-Up.