i like that effect lol

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yo what did you do to your taz drawings to give them that delicious soft vellum look? bless u

merge all your layers, duplicate, put a gaussian blur on the top layer (the amount will vary with how big ur drawing is, but just make it so it looks all fuzzed out), then set the blurred layer to like 30-40% opacity!


Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

                                                               thunder boy

twenty one pilots phone wallpaper

based on an old poster they used to sell

(photo not mine, twenty one pilots logo not mine, I only cropped and edited it)


Who is She and how do I get ME: Andromeda to release sooner

(I tried to make her match with this drawing)


If anyone was curious, I went and translated these from when SAM was hit with that trojan.

First image:

“System corruption in progress. Please assist.“

Second Image:

“Emergency. Contact Alec Ryder or sysadmin.”

Third Image:

“Welcome to the world. Your name is SAM.“